Six Rules for Investment Crowdfunding Success

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Crowdfunding is a new source of entrepreneurial finance allowing a wider audience to invest in startups for equity in the venture.  While investment crowdfunding as a vehicle for financing early stage ventures is gaining momentum on a global basis it remains in its infancy.  Our research on crowdfunding has been augmented by information gleaned from… Read More

Scaramouche & Fandango Hits £150K Goal on Crowdcube: UK Men’s Skincare Line Will Sell in US

scaramouche and fandango 1

Scaramouche & Fandango has reached its £150,000 goal for the 12.50% equity offered on its Crowdcube crowdfunding campaign, securing funds from 77 investors.  Breaking into the £21Billion market largely dominated by international conglomerates, London-based Scaramouche & Fandango designs and manufactures high quality body and skincare products for men. According to Scaramouche & Fandango’s website, the company currently retails its bold… Read More

New Crowdfunder Campaign Set to Transform UK Voting Scene

Vote for Policies 3

Over a third of the UK didn’t vote in the last general election, for young people it was over a half. Worse still, almost two-thirds didn’t vote in the recent European elections.London-based online voting support service, Vote for Policies, is crowdfunding to change these stats. Vote for Policies is looking to raise £20,000 on Crowdfunder in order to… Read More

TouchPico Hits $50,000 Crowdfunding Goal in 24 Hours on Indiegogo

TouchPico 5

Creators of the all-in-one gadget TouchPico launched its crowdfunding campaing on Indiegogo on Sunday (July 27th) to raise $50,000 for the innovative handheld projector that turns any surface into a giant 80” interactive touchscreen. Within one day, the project reached its goal and today (July 29th), its hit over $61,000 from close to 230 backers…. Read More

The Infinity Boxes Art Exhibit Crowdfunds for its US Tour: BNN Funding Brings Art to New Venues

KCRW Halloween Masquerade 2013 - Elson Infinity Box Photos

The Infinity Boxes is a series of ten works of art created by Matt Elson rooted in social experience,  as it takes at least two people to ‘activate’ them. Focusing on the elements of play, fun, interaction, aliveness, and conscious awareness, according to campaign “the ultimate goal of The Infinity Boxes series is the creation… Read More

Crowdnetic and UC Berkeley to partner on Crowdfunding Research


Over a year ago, Crowdnetic and UC Berkeley began collaborating on the launch of UC Berkeley’s Program for Innovation in Entrepreneurial and Social Finance, headed by Dr. Richard Swart, who serves as its Director of Research at the Coleman Fung Institute for Engineering Leadership. Through this role, Dr. Swart heads efforts to study policies, best… Read More

Crowdfunding Now: Top 5 Projects For Your Home


Every year, startups have been bringing many innovative and super cool products to the market. Most of these products are making their ways to the consumer house to create a new state-of-the-year environment. With just one push of a button, these products turn a home into a place of relaxation and fun. Below are five… Read More

Neil Young Helps With Save the Rainforest Kickstarter Campaign

Rainforest Connection 2

A little over four months since his Pono Music campaign on Kickstarter came to an end, famous singer Neil Young is once again making his way to the crowdfunding giant’s platform for another campaign but this time it is for the Rainforest Connection. According to Rolling Stone, the music legend has teamed up with the Rainforest Connection… Read More

The Wrong Step: Increasing Accredited Investor Thresholds (Infographic)

Ben Franklin $100 Bill

The team at Crowdentials have been on a creative roll these past two weeks. Perhaps they should add investment crowdfunding advocates to their mission of compliance solutions for equity crowdfunding sites.  Crowdentials has now put together a very informative infographic on what will happen if the regulatory Mandarins decide to make it more difficult to… Read More

Sleep Monitor Sense Skyrockets Past $1M Five Days Into Kickstarter Campaign

Sense 4

Just five days after Sense’s crowdfunding campaign made its debut on Kickstarter, the project has raised over $1.1 million dollars from close to 9,000 backers. Sense is a simple system that keeps track of the user’s sleep behavior, monitors the environment of their bedrooms, and has even reinvented the alarm. The project’s team wrote, “We… Read More

Future Oxford Grad Student Reveals Why Haters Should Back Off Her and Her Crowdfunding Campaign

Emily Eastop

She has been dubbed a “posh brat” following the launch of her crowdfunding campaign “Get ‘er to Oxford” on Hubbub, and now, Oxford grad student hopeful, Emily-Rose Eastop, is standing up to her critics and is now ready to explain her decision to ask the crowd to give £26,000 towards her education. According to her… Read More

Famous Ladies Gather to Online Girls’ School During Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign

School of Doodle 2

Portland, Oregon’s School of Doodle has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to remain a free online high school for girls. The project is seeking to raise $75,000 and within a few days, it has reached nearly $50,000 from over 174 backers. Not only has it attracted supporters of the arts, the school has received… Read More

Crowdfund Capital Advisors Report: Crowdfunding is Powerful Tool for Women & Minorities

ROI investment graph

Women & Minorites Traditionally Shunned by Private Capital Markets See Huge Potential for Investment Crowdfunding and Access to Capital. Crowdfund Capital Advisors has published a report to highlight crowdfund investing as a powerful new tool to fuel the underserved women and minority markets.  The document is titled; “Crowdfunding’s Potential for Minority and Women Owned Enterprises” The research… Read More

Horror Video Game “Caffeine” Makes Third Crowdfunding Attempt

Caffeine 2

They say,“third time’s a charm” and hopefully this is the case for sci-fi horror video game Caffeine. Australian indie developer Dylan Browne made the first attempt to raise funds for the game on Indiegogo in May, but only raised close to $3,200 of its $80,000 goal. The second attempt was made on Kickstarter, but the game… Read More

Jon Stewarts Reveals Mock CNN Crowdfunding on Kickstarter Has Raised $150 Billion

John Stewart

Last week, “Daily Show’s” Jon Stewart announced the “launch” of his $10 billion Kickstarter campaign to buy CNN from Time Warner before famed billionaire Rupert Murdoch gets his hands on it. As previously reported, Although Murdoch has been unable to purchase the company so far, reports reveal if the deal is successful, Murdoch would have… Read More

Indiegogo Shares Maker Challenge Winners

Indiegogo Maker Challenge Winners

In celebration of the White House Maker Faire, after a trip to DC, Indiegogo  fired up their very own Maker Challenge sponsored by Amazon and Autodesk.  The crowdfunding project commenced on June 18th and it finished on July 16th.  The winners were announced this past Friday. The innovation of crowdfunding has been a huge boon… Read More

Author George R.R. Martin Responds to Heartfelt Letter from Devoted Fan During Prizeo Campaign

Songs of Ice and Fire

It seems no matter what, it seems fans of the hit show “Game of Thrones” are wanting the author of the book series, George R.R. Martin, to kill them in his upcoming book “The Wind of Winter.” Even young devoted watchers. Last month, Martin launched a crowdfunding campaign on Prizeo earlier this week for support… Read More

Dealflicks Raises $1.7M on Wefunder: Startup Continues to Fill Empty Movie Theater Seats

dealflicks logo

In its concurrent fourth round of crowdfunding in two years, Dealflicks has now raised $1.7 Million on Wefunder.  Investors in this most recent round include 500 Startups, Siemer Ventures, Archer Gray, Rubicon VC, Wefunder, Be Great Partners, Rosepaul Investments, Mogility Capital, Sierra Maya Ventures and Warner Brothers Media Camp. Selected as the Cream of the Crop at 2013’s 500… Read More

Alan Hughes Named Non-Executive Chairman of RateSetter

Alan Hughes

Former CEO of Internet Bank First Direct Sees Huge Potential in P2P Lending UK based RateSetter has announced that Alan Hughes will become the company’s first Non-Executive Chairman.  RateSetter views the appointment as another milestone for RateSetter and is indicative of the growing economic clout of the peer to peer lending industry.  As traditional lending… Read More