Crowdfunding Trailblazer ASSOB Launches First Regional Hub

ASSOB Regional Funding Hubs Cairns

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  The Australian Small Scale Offerings Board or ASSOB has taken a new strategic shift by announcing the first regional funding hub located in Cairns.  Expectations are for this new initiative to be expanded into other regions across the country over the coming months. ASSOB is Australia’s trailblazing investment crowdfunding portal that has lead the… Read More

Phundee Crowdfunding Dedicated to Independent Arts & Entertainment Opens for Business

Phundee Open for Business

Phundee has publicly announced the launch of their hybrid crowdfunding platform.  The site has a mission to help fund creative arts, film and the entertainment business with a rewards and equity platform.  While the rewards portion is operational now the site still  shows “coming soon” on the investment portion. Phundee has a mission to provide… Read More

Battle Systems Ltd. Launch New Kickstarter for Next Dungeon Terrain Game

Battle Systems Fantasy Dungeon Terrain 1

Setting out to be the next big thing on gaming shelves worldwide, UK-based Battle Systems Ltd launched a £21,000 campaign through crowdfunding giant Kickstarter for its new 3D Fantasy Dungeon Terrain over two weeks ago and now has managed to raise close to £86,000 thanks to its nearly 700 backers. The gaming company, which also… Read More

SyndicateRoom Tops £10 Million in Equity Crowdfunding

SyndicateRoom 18 to 10 million

SyndicateRoom, an equity crowdfunding platform that pairs professional Angel investors with retail investors to raise equity for startups and small companies has announced they have topped £10 million in total funding raised.  The funding via their platform has been for 18 different UK based businesses. Simultaneously the site noted that Aeristech, a crowdfunding round that… Read More

Video Game “Brawl in the Family” Returns to Kickstarter in Comic Book Form; Over $18,000 in 24 Hours

Brawl in the Family 5

Hoping to have another successful run on the crowdfunding giant Kickstarter, Gonzales resident Matthew Taranto has launched another campaign for his hit board game Brawl in the Family. Setting out to raise only $56,000 this round, the campaign has already reached $18,000 from close to 160 backers. Brawl in the Family is a parody webcomic… Read More

Wristband Reemo Launches $50,000 Crowdfunding Campaign

Reemo 1

Creators of the Reemo, the bracelet that does EVERYTHING, recently made its debut on Indiegogo to raise $50,000.  Imagine, being able to turn on or off any appliance with just the flick of your wrist. Now the Reemo, you are in control of what goes on around the room without having to move. According to… Read More

Prodigy Network Closes Purchase of 17John for $85.3 Million, Real Estate Portfolio Now Tops $450 Million

17 John New York City Prodigy Network

Prodigy Network, a real estate crowdfunding platform founded by entrepreneur Rodrigo Niño, has closed on their purchase of 17 John Street in Manhattan for a stated price of $85.3 million including over $25 million in crowdfunded equity.  Additional senior financing came from Deutsche Bank with subordinate financing from another institutional investor.  According to a release,… Read More

Elders React to Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Experience (Video)

Olds using an Oculus Rift

As we struggle to fire up all cylinders back at the office after a long weekend of transition from late Summer to early Fall, we thought we would share an entertaining video showing “elders” experiencing the Oculus Rift for the very first time.  This video is brought to you by the creative elves at Fine… Read More

Global Rockstar Promotion Incorporates Crowdfunding to Back Participants

Be a Global Rockstar

Global Rockstar has been labeled the “worlds largest online music contest”.  The online competition is seeking to uncover the next music phenomena.   Any musician may submit an original track until September 30th.  Organizers state that in 2013, more than 2,400 artists from 73 different countries took part in the Global Rockstar pilot project. Over… Read More

Kickstarter Hit Fuel 3D Scanner Signs North American Distribution Deal, Teams Up with Ultimaker


Fuel 3D Scanner found crowdfunding success on global platform Kickstarter.  In September of 2013, Fuel 3D raised over $325,000 for its handheld scanner device.  Fuel 3D went on to raise additional funding in an early stage round led by London based Chimera Partners.  Ben Gill of Chimera said at the time; “The 3D printing market… Read More

2nd Equity Crowdfunding Offer on Snowball Effect is Film by Lee Tamahori

Once Were Warriors

Lee Tamahori rose to acclaim with the critical success of award winning film Once Were Warriors – a production that went on to return more than $6.5 million to Kiwi investors..  Tamahori went on to direct Hollywood blockbusters such as James Bond’s Die Another Day.   New Zealanders will now have the opportunity to invest… Read More

Beauhurst: Chancellor May Have “Backed the Right Horse” in FinTech Push

Beauhurst Finance Deals 2014

Financial research group Beauhurst, a company that has been tracking the boom in UK equity investments has noted that the credit crunch of past is no longer holding back growing companies. To quote the company, growth companies are seeing a “massive surge in popularity among investors in 2014″.  The jump is pretty dramatic too – The… Read More

Peer to Peer Lender SocietyOne to Offer Free Credit Scores to Customers


Australia based peer to peer (P2P) lender SocietyOne will start offering credit scores to customers free of charge this week.  SocietyOne is Australia’s only active P2P lender at this time – although competing companies are preparing to enter the market. According to a report in the Sydney Morning Herald, borrowers will be able to access… Read More

Fitness Venture 1Rebel Tops £1.5 Million Equity Crowdfunding

1Rebel Home Page Image

UK based fitness startup 1Rebel has successfully raised £1,559,370 on equity crowdfunding platform Crowdcube.  The offer was launched this past July and quickly jumped towards their final goal.  A single investor contributed £575,000 in the funding round giving it a substantial boost. The round closed overfunded at 136% of goal. 1Rebel was founded by the… Read More

Growth Capital Ventures Immediately Hits Self-Crowdfunding Goal

Growth Capital Ventures We Are Live

As we reported last week, Growth Capital Ventures was planning to raise capital via an equity crowdfunding campaign on their own platform “GrowthFunder”.  Well the pitch went live and pretty much immediately funded transitioning into over-funding mode.  The initial target was to raise £150,000 but as it stands now the funding round has raised £162,500… Read More

Torch Apparel Illuminates Seedrs: Chic Safety Cyclist Apparel Overfunds

torch 3

Creating stylish safety gear for cyclists, Torch Apparel has ignited investor interest on Seedrs, securing over £87,800 for the 16.33% equity offered.  The campaign is currently overfunding, having swiftly surpassed its initial goal by over 75%. Torch Apparel focuses on stylish safety for cyclists, featuring its hugely-successful 2012 Kickstarter hit T1 helmet and upcoming FLUX… Read More

Investing in UK Startups with Equity Crowdfunding (Video)

Ed Bowsher MoneyWeek

For UK readers this video by Ed Bowsher from MoneyWeek gives a quick overview of investing in startups and SMEs via crowdfunding.  This is a good primer for anyone interested in investment crowdfunding. Ed touches on reward based, debt based and equity crowdfunding.  He admits he is not that interested in rewards (as he has… Read More

Seedrs Offers Opportunity to Invest in “Big App Fund” with Worth Capital

Seedrs App2

“The Big App 2014″ pan-European competition is run by Worth Capital in partnership with Facebook. European equity crowdfunding platform Seedrstoday opens investment into Worth Capital’s ‘Big App Fund’, which will invest in up to four winners of a pan-European competition, supported by Facebook, to find the very best new Apps in retail and e-commerce. The… Read More

Kickstarter CEO Yancey Strickler Talks Crowdfunding & Late Delivery (Video)

Yancey Strickler Kickstarter

Yancey Strickler, Kickstarter CEO and one of the crowdfunding sites founders, recently hit the screen (or pages) of CNN Money to talk crowdfunding. Yancey sticks pretty much to the stump speech on crowdfunding but he does hammer home the point that “Lateness is not Failure” a statement which we could concur (as most rewards based… Read More