Convertible Loans as a Band-Aid Solution to the Valuation Problem in Equity Crowdfunding

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What’s happening: the industry wants equity It’s ironic that crowdfunding makes it possible to set up companies that otherwise never would’ve come into existence, only to ruin them later by postponing the valuation issues that any start up will have to solve sooner or later. Might the positive start of crowdfunding come to a halt… Read More

BitLendingClub Gets Seed Investment for P2P Bitcoin Platform

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BitLendingClub, a bitcoin peer to peer lending platform has reportedly received €200,000 in seed funding from LaunchHub.  BitLendingClub is a Bulgarian based p2p company that was officially launched in 2012.  The site facilitates borrowers to get loans in Bitcoins and claims the “most competitive rates and the lowest transaction fees”.  The process is a “dutch auction”… Read More

:Qounter Launches Equity Crowdfunding Campaign to Bring its Social Cashback Platform to the U.S. Market

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Social cashback integrated platform, :Qounter, has launched a Series A round on  equity crowdfunding platform Crowdfunder to enter the US market. :Qounter is set to “disrupt” the cash back space by enabling businesses to attract not only individuals but also their social network by offering social cash back on both online and in-store purchases. The platform has already… Read More

Canadian Civilians Launch an Indiegogo Campaign for Fallen Servicemen Patrice Vincent & Nathan Cirillo

Stand on Guard

Earlier this week, devastating news hit Canada when two men, warrant officer Patrice Vincent and corporal Nathan Cirillo, were both killed because they were servicemen of the country. Both deaths have shaken the country, and now a group of civilians have launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to help the victims families during this rough time. Vincent… Read More

Indiegogo’s Danae Ringelmann Reveals the Importance of Diversity In Startups

Danae Ringelmann

Earlier this month, Danae Ringelmann, co-founder of crowdfunding giant, Indiegogo, shared her thoughts about importance of diversity at Y Combinator’s Startup Day. Forbes reported that Although she addressed 90% of males, Ringelmann stressed how diversity will help startups achieve ultimate success. The media outlet caught up with Ringelmann afterwards to discuss the topic a little further…. Read More

CircleUp Co-Founder Ryan Caldbeck Crashes Cash Crowd to Fund Nomad (Video)

Ryan Caldbeck Noah Dentzel Cash Crowd

CircleUp co-founder and CEO Ryan Caldbeck crashed the CNBC Cash Crowd party to fund Nomad, a hardware company that is equity crowdfunding on the CircleUp platform.  He made his appearance after the “super panel” of investors had already gone through their brief funding routine deciding whether or not to share their lunch money to help… Read More

Draft Bill: Illinois Intrastate Crowdfunding Exemption

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Well it’s official. At long last my proposed Illinois intrastate crowdfunding exemption has been formally drafted as a proposed bill. It may be without a sponsor at the moment but one step at a time…. For those that are interested in reading the full proposed bill, it is attached below. PLEASE NOTE, my proposed bill… Read More

Brief: The House Crowd Managing Director Frazer Fearnhead Receives Recognition at North West Entrepreneur Awards

Frazer Fearnhead

The House Crowd MD receives One to Watch accolade  The House Crowd, a UK based real estate crowdfunding platform, is celebrating after its managing director received a commendation at the North West Entrepreneur Awards. Frazer Fearnhead was named as a ‘One to Watch’ in the Property Entrepreneur category. Frazer said: “It was already a true… Read More

LendInvest Posts its Buy-to-Let Index (LIBTLI): Includes Infographics

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LendInvest, the world’s largest peer-to-peer marketplace for real estate mortgages has released an interactive Buy-to-Let Index for UK property. According to LendInvest, the LendInvest Buy-To-Let Index will be published monthly with a report featuring Buy-To-Let (BTL) performance indicators, rental demands, Buy-To-Let industry news and information on investing in BTL property throughout the UK. The LendInvest Buy-to-Let Index… Read More

New Zealand’s CarbonScape Looks to Crowdfunding Platform Snowball Effect to build Production Plant

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Marlborough-based CarbonScape, which has the technology that could slash global greenhouse gas emissions is inviting the public to invest, is the latest company to raise capital through the new crowdfunding platform Snowball Effect, to build a continuous production pilot plant. The offer, which has just gone live on the Snowball Effect platform, will be open for 45… Read More

Tipalti Raises $13 Million Series B Funding Round

Tipalti 1

Tipalti, a provider of the cloud pay-outs management automation platform, announced on Friday (October 24th) a $13 million Series B funding round led by Wicklow Capital. Tipalti plans to use the new round of funding to aggressively grow sales and marketing, to invest in product development and R&D, and to expand its business to new… Read More

Insect Europe’s Protein Alternative Buzzes on Symbid: Large-scale Production of Edible Insects Takes Flight

insect europe 1

The saying, “You are what you eat,” may need some tweaking.  To date, over $44K has been invested by more than 37 investors into Insect Europe’s belief that edible insects are the food of the future. The campaign seeks to raise $253,100 for 15% equity offered.  Valued at $1.69M and listed on Symbid, Insect Europe already… Read More

Joan Didion Documentary, We Tell Ourselves Stories In Order to Live, Swiftly Exceeds Kickstarter Goal: Action!

joan didion

With the help of over 2,000 backers, the Joan Didian Documentary, We Tell Ourselves Stories In Order to Live,  easily exceeded its modest $80K goal with over $121,800 in pledges.  Live on Kickstarter, the film’s campaign is led by director, Griffin Dunne, who has known Didion his entire life and co-director award-winning filmmaker, Susanne Rostock…. Read More

Coffee Maker Arist Hits Kickstarter to Become the Ultimate Coffee Maker; Reaches Over $14,000 First Few Hours

Arist 3

Ready to challenge baristas from all over the world, the creators of the coffee maker, Arist, launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise $120,000. According to the campaign’s website, the Arist is considered the “first ever” coffee maker that provides complete control over every single step in the brewing process, from adjusting the grind… Read More

Capitalise Invest Introduces Short Term Property Crowdfunding Investments to Individual Retail Investors

Capitalise Invest

Kent and Sussex based property investment brokerage and development company Capitalise Invest is reforming its business, offering all investors the opportunity to develop a high yielding, secure and robust investment portfolio. Following the huge success of its property crowdfunding business, the firm is now opening up to retail investors for the first time, with a… Read More

Prodigy Finance & Credit Suisse Launch World’s First Education Note


New Bond Facilitates Developing World’s Students’ Financial Access to Higher Education Prodigy Finance, the leader in international student lending, announced the launch of a $25 million Education Note in partnership with the Credit Suisse Impact Investing and Microfinance team, led by Patrick Elmer, Philanthropy Services & Responsible Investment.  Development of the Prodigy Finance/Credit Suisse Education Note was… Read More

Indiegogo CEO Slava Rubin: Apple Pay Already a Success (Video)

Slava Rubin

Earlier this week, Indiegogo announced the immediate integration and  availability of Apple Pay –  incorporating the one touch iPhone payment system in their crowdfunding platform. The popular website joins a growing number of banks, credit card providers and retailers jumping aboard Apple’s spin on a digital wallet. On Wednesday (October 22nd), CEO of Indiegogo Slava Rubin sat down… Read More

Watch Out, Marty McFly! “Back to the Future” Inspired Hoverboard Smashes $250,000 Goal in Less Than Two Days on Kickstarter

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It’s FINALLY happening! On Tuesday (October 21st),  an ACTUAL hoverboard officially hit the crowdfunding giant, Kickstarter! Not only has it become super popular with the Back to the Future fans (myself included), it has also achieved its initial $250,000 campaign goal within only two days! For those who have seen Back to the Future II, the hoverboard has always been a dream that… Read More

Realty Mogul Successfully Crowdfunds Florida Self-Storage Facility with StoreSmart


Realty Mogul, an online real estate capital platform connecting accredited and institutional investors to real estate investment opportunities, announced on Thursday (October 23rd) that it has successfully crowdfunded a Florida self-storage facility acquired by StoreSmart Self-Storage, which is a national developer of, and asset manager for, premier self-storage properties. Realty Mogul’s accredited and institutional investors… Read More

Avi-on Hits Tilt to Raise $80,000 For Simple Bluetooth Home For Everyone

Avi-on 2

Avi-on Labs announced on Wednesday (October 22nd) the launch of its Simple Bluetooth Home ecosystem through a campaign on crowdfunding platform, Tilt. What started as an Avi-on movable and wireless light switch has quickly evolved into a suite of products that communicate using familiar Bluetooth Smart technology. The Avi-on Simple Bluetooth Home ecosystem lets you manage… Read More