GroundBreaker Transitions to Full SaaS Company for Real Estate Crowdfunding

GroundBreaker Crowdfunding is the Future of Real Estate

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Real estate crowdfunding platform provider Groundbreaker has announced they are transitioning their white label service to a full SaaS (software as a service) product.  Stating their decision to shift their approach was due to client demand, beginning May 1st, they will be offering their proprietary white label software to real estate deal sponsors, syndicators, placement agents,… Read More

OfferBoard’s Founder Set To Speak At Canadian Equity Crowdfunding Tour

ECFA Canada

The Equity Crowdfunding Alliance of Canada (ECFA Canada), which was created to raise awareness of equity crowdfunding, is hosting the 2014 Canadian Equity Crowdfunding Tour. The tour’s events will take place in Toronto (April 24), Calgary (May 27), Vancouver (May 29), and Montreal (June 4). President/CEO of OfferBoard and Chairman of Chris Tyrrell will… Read More

Micro Phone Lens Campaign Doubles Its Goal on Kickstarter

Micro Phone Lens

Sharing an exciting update about its recent crowdfunding campaign with Kickstarter, Creator of the  Micro Phone Lens Thomas Larson announced it more than doubled its $50,000 goal. The Micro Phone Lens is known as “the world’s first device that makes your phone or tablet comparable to a professional or laboratory microscope.” The lens’ features include… Read More

Japan Puts Crowdfunding in Abenomics Bill

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Hoping to move forward with the legalization of crowdfunding, Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzō Abe and his cabinet approved a de-regulation of equity campaigning to the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law, which will help companies, especially startups, with raising crowdfunding equity. “Abenomics” encourages small and medium enterprises (SMEs) growth and development, along with encouraging domestic demand and… Read More

Crowdfunder Hits £500k Goal in Three Hours on Crowdcube


Just three hours into its equity crowdfund campaign on Crowdcube, Crowdfunder announced with over 200 investors, it reached its goal of £500,000. The website launched its fundraiser on Wednesday morning and was blown away when  £230,000 was pledged within 15 minutes. Crowdfunder’s  managing director Phil Geraghty stated, “It’s been an awesome day – a massive… Read More

Don’t Miss the Boat: BoatSetter Sails to over $1M in Funding on EarlyShares

Boatsetter Charter Example

EarlyShares launched its first equity crowdfunding campaign with Miami-based BoatSetter, a pier-to-pier boat rental and boat services venture. To date, seventeen investors have provided anchor funds totaling just over $1 million of BoatSetters’ $2,225,000 equity and rewards-based campaign goal. Unlike Boatbound which connects boat owners to renters, BoatSetter also links customers to captains and captained… Read More

CrowdBoxTV Shares this weeks Lineup Including Mi.Mu Glove for Music

Stella English

CrowdBoxTV looks at what’s hot in crowdfunding across the globe.   Stella English, presenter of CrowdBoxTV, shared an update on this week’s crowdfunding campaigns: “This week’s pitches on CrowdBoxTV show a real array of talent, imagination and innovation. From smart gadgets like the CutterPillar paper trimmer to initiatives like Reload Greece, the hub of Greek entrepreneurship… Read More

Chupamobile Closes In On Crowdcube £400,000 Crowdfunding Goal


Closing in on the £400,000 goal of its equity crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube, Chupamobile Limited announced its website Chupamobile has reached £354,060. The site is described as the “Amazon for buying and selling Apps and Games.” According to its idea statement, Chupamobile is “an online marketplace where people can buy professional apps and games built… Read More

Canadian Microbiologist Looks to Crowdfunding to Aid New Cancer Therapy

Elizabeth Bent

Canadian microbiologist Elizabeth Bent has an idea that just might transform cancer therapy and she is looking for help by crowdfunding on RocketHub. About five months ago, Bent came across an intriguing study showing that certain types of bacteria in the human gut can reduce the risk of diseases like lymphoma. She contacted the study’s… Read More

American Homeowner Preservation Schedules Webinar on Impact Investing for Homeowners

American Homeowner Preservation

American Homeowner Preservation will host a webinar to explore the company’s 2014A impact investing opportunity utilizing real estate crowdfunding. Jorge Newbery, founder and CEO of American Homeowner Preservation, will host a webinar Thursday April 24 at 3 PM EST detailing AHP’s latest investment opportunity, 2014A. AHP purchases pools of nonperforming mortgages at significant discounts to… Read More

Crowdfunder Gets £150,000 From NESTA via Crowdcube Campaign


Only a few days before UK’s leading crowdfunding network Crowdfunder launched its own £500,000 campaign on Crowdcube, the website announced that charity NESTA is the first to pledge towards the equity fundraiser with £150,000. NESTA previously provided grand funds towards Crowdfunder as an early stage partner and has supported the development of the organization since 2012… Read More

Crowdfunding Campaign on Pozible China Smashes Goal Immediately

Geyenno One Wristband

One of Pozible’s first crowdfunding campaigns from China smashed its target within a minute of launching.  Within 25 minutes the project creators behind the Gyenno One wristband were half way to selling out of their current stock. The base reward for a single watch was set at ¥399 (about $64), an affordable price point for interested… Read More

Ben Affleck Helps to Raise Funds For “LADDIE” on Kickstarter

Ben Affleck

Lending his hand to help the film industry, Ben Affleck signed on to appear in the film “LADDIE.” The documentary made headlines earlier this month when it announced the launch of its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. It is an “exclusive look at the most influential movie mogul you’ve never heard of.” The documentary explores the… Read More

Proposal on Crowdfunding Delivered to Danish Parliament

You Guys Rock Airtame

A proposal to allow crowdfunding in Denmark has been delivered to the Danish Parliament hoping to recognized the new form of capital formation.  The resolution was sponsored by multiple politicians including; Jakob Engel -Schmidt , Kim Andersen, Hans Kristian Skibby , Joachim B. Olsen and Mike Legarth The intent is to increase funding for entrepreneurs and… Read More

National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers Responds to Bank Lending Report

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The Bank of England just released their periodic Trends in Lending report. In brief; “The annual rate of growth in the stock of lending to UK businesses remained negative in the three months to February. The stock of lending both to small and medium-sized enterprises and to large businesses contracted over this period. Mortgage approvals by all… Read More

Mobile Printer Raises Over $430,000 on Kickstarter

Mini Mobile Robotic Printer

With  several more weeks to go in its crowdfunding campaign,  ZUtA Labs‘ ”Mini Mobile Robotic Printer” has raised $430,521 on Kickstarter. The new device is “a printer that goes where you go and prints from your phone on any size page!” The company states, “Our printer is entirely fitted for our day to day life. It has… Read More

OurCrowd CEO Jon Medved Speaks at SDSU (Video)

Jon Medved speaking at San Diego State University

OurCrowd founder and CEO Jon Medved spoke at San Diego State University earlier this year.  This falls under the recently discovered category as it was just posted on YouTube the past week. Medved actually was born in San Diego.  His father was a professor of physics at SDSU so this was a bit of a… Read More

Brief: AgFunder CEO Rob Leclerc Named “Up & Comer”

Rob Leclerc Co-Founder of ExplorationFunder

Agfunder investment crowdfunding platform CEO Rob Leclerc has been labeled an “Up and Comer” in a recent Forbes article.  Noted as an innovator who is finding ways to improve life on the farm, Leclerc’s work with his Agricultural industry crowdfunding platform was noted  for their accomplishments to date – and the future potential. To quote… Read More