Identifying “Bad Actors” In Private Offerings under Rule 506

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This article part one of a two part discussion on Identifying Bad Actors for private placements. In 2010, as part of the aftermath of the Global Financial Crisis of 2008, Congress adopted the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. While most of the Act addressed the financial services industry, one significant provision targeted… Read More

Kickstarter Alum Braxton Brewing Co. Announces Grand Opening Date of Its Taproom

Braxton Brewing Co 1

Nearly six months after finding success on crowdfunding giant, Kickstarter, Cincinnati’s Braxton Brewing Co. has announced exciting news to its backers: Its opening date. As previously reported, Braxton Brewery hit the crowdfunding giant to raise $30,000 to create what the brewhouse called “the Taproom of the Future.” The project not only hit its initial goal within just 34 hours and… Read More

Fairway America Announces $1 Million Capital Commitment to Colonial Impact Fund-II

one dollar money

Fairway America, a small balance real estate (SBRE) pooled investment funds company, announced on Friday (March 6th) its $1 Million commitment from one or both funds, Fairway America Fund VI, LLC and Fairway America Fund VII, LP, to Colonial Capital Management’s new $100 Million Colonial Impact Fund-II (“Colonial”). In addition, Colonial will be listed on… Read More

Lendico Receives Institutional Investment of “100s of Millions” for Loans

Lendico Founders

Lendico, a peer to peer lender that has not let national barriers get in the way of expansion, has announced that two German banks, along with “international hedge funds” will invest hundreds of millions of dollars in loans from Lendico.  The names of the funding institutions were not revealed. Since the funding platform was launched… Read More

Brew Lovers: DrinkTanks Return to Kickstarter With the “World’s Largest” Growler

DrinkTanks 6

Attention devoted beer drinkers: your prayers have been answered! DrinkTanks, an Oregon-based startup has unveiled the self-titled “world’s largest” growler on Kickstarter. This isn’t the first time that DrinkTank has used the crowdfunding method for its projects. Back in 2013, the company launched a campaign on Kickstarter for its 64oz Classic Growler. During its time on… Read More

Canada’s CTV Announces Production For New Reality Series Pilot “Dream Funded: Let the Crowd Decide”


The customer is always right! CTV announced today from Prime Time in Ottawa the start of production on the new one-hour reality series pilot, Dream Funded: Let the Crowd Decide, produced by CTV in association with Entertainment One (eOne), Highway Entertainment, and United Artists Media Group. The pilot is the first project from Bell Media’s partnership with United Artists Media Group… Read More

Smackdown: Steve Case on Mark Cuban “His View is Skewed by the Circles He Runs in” as Cuban Criticizes Crowdfunding

Steve Case

Steve Case, a staunch proponent of investment crowdfunding and advocate of access to capital for SMEs, called out billionaire pundit Mark Cuban on CNBC this morning. Ostensibly the discussion was on the Tech Bubble “Yes or No” polemic but discourse ended up being a bit of a backdrop for a discussion regarding the efficacy of crowdfunding for SMEs…. Read More

Brief: LeVar Burton to Be Honored at 35th Annual Los Angeles Times Book Prizes Following Kickstarter Success

Levar Burton

Earlier this week, the Los Angeles Times Book Prizes announced LeVar Burton will be honored with the Innovator’s Award at the University of Southern California’s Bovard Auditorium. The event will take place during the 20th annual Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, one of the nation’s largest public literary festival, which will be held on USC’s campus April 18th and 19th. Times… Read More

Scottish National Party Debuts Crowdfunder UK Initiative For General Election 2015 Stand Candidates

Alex Salmond 1

The Scottish National Party has launched a campaign on crowdfunding platform Crowdfunder, a UK rewards-based crowdfunding platform, for prospective MP’s to fund their candidate seats for the upcoming 2015 General Election. Sixteen SNP candidates have already launched their projects, reaching out to the community to gather support and raise the funds they need to stand as MP’s –… Read More

AgFunder Reports $2.36B in 2014 Investments


AgFunder, an equity crowdfunding platform for agriculture technology, today announced the release of its AgTech Investing Report 2014: Year in Review, covering $2.36 billion raised across 264 deals in the AgTech industry for 2014. From precision agriculture to biotech to drones, venture capitalists made investments in companies across the agriculture value chain. Co-founder of AgFunder,… Read More

Forte Gelato: Healthy, High-Protein Gelato Crowdfunding on CircleUp


“But it has protein!” may be the sole health-redeeming trait of delicious treats such as ice cream and gelato. Of course, the protein often comes with a hefty side of fat and added sugars. Throw in a few preservatives and artificial coloring, and it takes a skillful mind to rationalize the health benefits to a pint… Read More

Taiwan Investment Crowdfunding Platforms to be Operated by Brokers

Flag of Taiwan

The National Development Council (NDC) of Taiwan is pushing forward with investment crowdfunding. According to a report in the Taipei Times, crowdfunding platforms will allow investors to purchase stakes in startups and small companies as soon as May of this year. “Startups are the fruits of innovation,” stated Woody Duh NDC Minister. “They benefit our… Read More

People’s Bank of China to Lead Regulations on Internet Finance

Peoples Bank of China

Online finance has been booming in China.  Today the country claims to be the largest market in the world for peer to peer lending with an estimate value of $18 billion for 2014. The Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) opened their meeting in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing earlier this week… Read More

Massachusetts Schedules Hearing on Crowdfunding Exemption, Solicits Comments from the Public

George Washington Boston Massachusetts

The state of Massachusetts, under the Office of the Secretary of the Commonwealth, enacted “emergency” crowdfunding regulations this past January. Secretary William Galvin, previously identified as highly skeptical of investment crowdfunding having vocally criticized the new form of finance, surprised industry followers when the rules were released.  One commentator called the released regulations as a“breath… Read More

Prequel, the First DC Equity Crowdfunding Offer, Closes Fully Funded

prequel first DC offer

Prequel, a new restaurant concept raising capital on EquityEats. successfully crowdfunded $220,100 from 339 investors closing over-funded.  The original target was to raise $200,000 for 10% equity for the startup firm. The funding round was all or nothing so the funding needed to hit the designated amount for the company to receive the funds. Prequel… Read More

Inboard Action Sports Launches Kickstarter For Skateboard with Motors Inside the Wheels

The Monolith 6

Say goodbye to electric skateboards that ride like mush and don’t glide. Inboard has created, the Monolith, an electric skateboard that has the motor built inside the rear wheels and rides smooth – whether you’re riding powered or not. The patented “Manta Drive” technology was born out of the idea that an electric skateboard should… Read More

GE FirstBuild’s Connected Paragon Induction Cooktop Set to Be Featured at 2015 International Home + Housewares Show

Paragon 2

FirstBuild, GE Appliances’ new global co-creation community, will showcase its Indiegogo project Paragon Induction Cooktop along with Chantal cookware at the International Home + Housewares Show on March 7th-10th at McCormick Place in Chicago. FirstBuild and Chantal have partnered to bundle cutting-edge mobile technology with elegant induction cookware that together allow anyone to achieve professional… Read More

Indiegogo’s Slava Rubin to TrustedReviews: Expect the First $1bn Crowdfunding Project By 2020

Slava Rubin DLD14

Revealing what he expects in the future of crowdfunding, co-founder and CEO of Indiegogo Slava Rubin stated that he believes a single project using the funding method will generate more than $1 billion by end of this decade. During his recent interview with TrustedReviews, Rubin stated that crowdfunding services and project will continue to grow… Read More

Indiegogo’s UK Film & Creative Miranda Fleming Reveals Crowdfunding Secrets at Aesthetica Short Film Festival

Miranda Fleming

Offering up some advice on how to receive crowdfunding success, award-winning producer and UK film and creative at Indiegogo, Miranda Fleming sat down with Aesthetica Short Film Festival to discuss key strategies to earning the cash filmmakers need for their projects. During her interview, Fleming revealed why crowdfunding is so important: “Crowdfunding in film not only… Read More

Brief: City A.M. Teams Up With Crowdnetic to Launch a Website Dedicated to UK Crowdfinance data

City AM

On Thursday (March 5th), media outlet City A.M. announced it has partnered with Crowdnetic to launch a new website, CityAmCrowdwatch, which is dedicated to UK crowd finance data. According to City A.M., CityAMCrowdwatch features information on private UK-based companies that are publicly raising capital online through crowdfunding portals. Through the website, investors are able to… Read More