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An Education in P2P & P2B from Assetz Capital plc

Assetz Capital Booming UK

London based Assetz Capital Shares Insight into Fast Growing Peer-to-Peer Lending Sector. During my time in London, in addition to touring Westminster Abbey and the National Portrait Gallery, I was fortunate enough to speak with Stuart Law and Luke O’Mahony of Assetz Capital plc who explained the state of P2P lending in the UK and… Read More

Bill Introduced To Cement Crowdfunding Individuals & Higher Ed Via Income Share Agreements


Yesterday Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) and U.S. Representative Tom Petri (R-WI) introduced a piece of legislation that stands to redefine the options on the table for students seeking to fund and finance higher education. The bill, entitled the Investing in Student Success Act, has some serious ramifications for crowdfunding platforms – such as Pave and Upstart –… Read More

One Spark Takes Off: ‘The World’s Crowdfunding Festival’ Happening Now in Jacksonville, Florida

Worlds Largest Crowdfunding Festival

Look out, SXSW, because Austin has some competition. Now in its second year, One Spark– a five-day event that brings artists, entrepreneurs, and leading experts together for a celebration of crowdfunding – is putting Jacksonville, Florida on the map of entrepreneurial, creative cities. One Spark 2014, billed as the “World’s Largest Crowdfunding Festival,” opened on April 9… Read More

The Media Is Missing The Point On Crowdfunding, Indiegogo And The HealBe “Scampaign”


At this point, I’ll skip the process of reiterating HealBe’s disaster of an Indiegogo campaign in any detail. In short, HealBe launched a campaign for a device called the GoBe that promised to count calories burned during a workout by measuring glucose levels in the bloodstream. It may not even be possible. That’s just one of… Read More

Rick Chen from Pozible Considers Equity Crowdfunding

Team Pozible with Flags

Australia based Pozible has been on a roll the past few months.  Broadening their reach from their Aussie home base, the company has expanded into Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand and recently China. Not too long ago they invaded the shores of the United States spreading their unique approach to the crowdfunding movement. Pozible was born… Read More

Two Big Questions For Indiegogo And PayPal On The Heels Of HealBe’s Crowdfunding Debacle


We’ve been keeping up with PandoDaily writer James Robinson’s (pictured) digging into HealBe’s Indiegogo campaign. It turns out that Robinson’s search is now leading him toward other Indiegogo campaigns seemingly with similar issues. A recent article dives into claims made during a campaign for the TellSpec, a device whose inventors promised that it would be able to count… Read More

SVCrowdfund Event Looks Towards Future of Crowdfunding

SVCrowdfund Collage 2014

On the eve of Global Crowdfunding Day, many of the industries leading voices gathered for the 2nd Annual Silicon Valley Crowdfunding Expo and Conference, held at the Sheraton Palo Alto in California on April 3-4. Founded and organized by longtime entrepreneur and publisher of Crowdfundbeat,  Sydney Armani, the event featured panel discussions by leading Silicon… Read More

Crowdfunding Mailbox: Shark Kage Ramp, Musaic, Cosy & Spudder

Musaic and iPad

Sometimes you watch a pitch video and you see the creation in action and you think, “this really makes sense”.  And then you wonder why someone else has not come up with this idea and realize that necessity truly is the driver of innovation.  Watching the pitch video about the Shark Kage ramp and you… Read More

Recent Data on Crowdfunding, Alternative Finance & New Markets

Alt Finance Crowdfunding Richard Swart

Crowdfunding Research. At the SVCrowdfund conference on April 3, 2014, Richard Swart, PhD., gave a fascinating presentation on the growing ecosystem of crowdfunding and alternative finance. Dr. Swart is a well known authority in the crowdfunding world.  He runs the UC Berkeley’s crowdfunding research initiative and is also a partner at Crowdfund Capital Advisors Group…. Read More

European Crowdfunding Legislation: What’s Taking So Long?

Should the EU Monitor Instead of Implementing European Crowdfunding Regulations?

As the U.S. is making major efforts to implement the JOBS Act, the European Union seems to be only capable of analyzing the developments, as J.D. Alois’ article “EC Releases Communication on Long Term Financing Including Crowdfunding” shows. The most important conclusion was that the European Union should monitor, rather than develop and implement legislation…. Read More

Indiana Signs Crowdfunding Bill Into Law

Indiana Small Businesses Engine of Economy

Governor Mike Pence has signed into law, Senate Bill 375, the state exemption to allow investment crowdfunding for companies and investors located in the state of Indiana.  The law becomes effective on July 1, 2014. A vital part of the Governor’s legislative agenda, the bill was crafted in recognition of the importance of small businesses… Read More

First Italian Equity Crowdfunding Offer Closes


First Equity Crowdfunding Offering in Italy Closes Overbooked. The equity crowdfunding portal Unicaseed has announced the first ever, successful share offering following the legalization of investment crowdfunding in Italy.  Unicaseed, a subsidiary of Unicasim, is the first Italian crowdfunding portal to be authorized under the Market Supervisory Authority (Consob). The crowdfunding campaign launched on December… Read More

Washington State Has Legalized Equity Crowdfunding

Jay Inslee

Governor Jay Inslee signed HB2023 last week, on March 28, 2014, making equity crowdfunding legal in the state of Washington.  This bill will allow businesses created in the state and doing business there to raise up to $1,000,000 in any 12 month period.  Any investor may participate but there are “investor caps” similar to the… Read More

The Dash Wireless Headphones Raises Over $3.3 Million

The Dash in Hand

Crowdfunding on Kickstarter, the Dash has closed their funding round having raised $3,390,551 as 15,998 backers came together to fund this innovative product.  Dash is a wireless, smart headphone that bests any device in the market today (at least that I know about). The Dash was created by a German company, Bragi, that was founded by… Read More

In Equity Crowdfunding, The Redcoats are Winning

Redcoats WyrdLight.com

Fresh from my trip across the pond, I can tell you I have seen the light. Crowdfunding can and is working and we (the United States) are behind the eight ball on this one. When describing the US regulatory regime to crowdfunding professionals in the UK I would first encounter shock (that the UK system… Read More

Craft Brewery Uses Equity Crowdfunding to Finance Startup

Serious Beer Not for Serious People

Sori Brewing, a Finish – Estonian startup craft brewery, is going the equity crowdfunding path to finance their small company.  Following the lead of pioneer trailblazer BrewDogs – who famously could not find money to expand their business,  the young company raised over €100,000 their first week.  In a recent update that number had surpassed  €360,000…. Read More

Crowdfunding Mailbox: MeMover, SmartMat & FC United Kit It Out

Me Mover at Beach

This first crowdfunding campaign for Mailbox is pretty exciting.  Recently we have seen a wave of new transportation devices using crowdfunding to finance new innovative approaches to moving people.  Today we are sharing Me-Mover the “next step in urban mobility”.  This is project that is crowdfunding on Kickstarter now and they are fast approaching their… Read More

Patch of Land Grows Real Estate Crowdfunding Platform

Patch of Land Growing Communities

The real estate industry in the United States is enormous.  Entrepreneurs who understand real estate finance see an industry that is prime for disruption by incorporating crowdfunding into the financing process – creating a more efficient and transparent model for both investors and developers.  Patch of Land is one of these companies. The LA based… Read More

EC Releases Communication on Long Term Financing Including Crowdfunding

European Union Growth

LONG-TERM FINANCING NEEDS OF THE EUROPEAN ECONOMY The European Commission has adopted a package of measures that it hopes will address the long term financing needs of the European Economy.  As part of the communication the EC put forward a communication on crowdfunding as they monitor the evolving innovation.  As part of the new strategy… Read More