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P2P Lender Lufax Valued at $10 Billion as Ping An’s Stake Declines

Greg Gibb Lufax

Peer to peer lender Lufax raised equity late last month. Crowdfund Insider reported the China based direct lender raised approximately $483 million or 3 billion yuan. Now a report in places a valuation of the P2P lender at nearly $10 billion making it one of the most valuable online lenders in the world.  China… Read More

European Peer to Peer Lending: Has it Gone Mainstream or is the Opportunity Still There?

Thousands of Euros 500 Money

Earlier this year the Centre for Alternative Finance at Cambridge Judge Business School, in co-operation with professional services firm E&Y, released a pan-European study of the alternative finance market. The study, titled “Moving Mainstream”, can be considered the most comprehensive study on the subject released to date. The researchers studied the peer-to-peer consumer lending sector (a… Read More

Professor Oliver Rui Talks P2P Lending in China (Video)

Oliver Rui

China is the largest peer to peer lending market in the world today and is home to the largest platforms in the world as well.  While exact estimates vary, most followers put the number of China based P2P lending platforms at an incredible number of 1500 or more. Unregulated and thus risky, P2P has been… Read More

GLI Invests in Spanish P2P Lending Platform MyTripleA

Jorge Anton MytripleA and Geoff Miller GLI

GLI, a UK based firm that is heavily invested in alternative finance, has invested in the first regulated peer to peer lending platform in Spain – MytripleA.  According to a company release, GLI lead a € 1 Million funding round, kicking in € 445,500 for a 9.9% ownership stake in the young firm. GLI has also committed… Read More

SmartAngels and Global Insurer Allianz Launch €10 M Crowdfunding Investment Fund 

Allianz SmartAngels

French equity crowdfunding platform SmartAngels and the French arm of global insurer Allianz announced today the launch of a crowdfunding investment fund. Allianz’s customers will be able to use SmartAngels’ crowdfunding platform to invest in startups and high-growth companies. Allianz France will co-invest in the very same companies by matching euro for euro the investments… Read More

SEC Commissioner Gallagher: International Financial Stability Board “The Height of Regulatory Hubris”

Daniel Gallagher Title IV

In a world of growing governmental over-reach it is rare to find a regulator who wants to do less not more.  But it makes sense. Budgets are made, and funding allocated, based on predicted needs of tomorrow not the reality of last year. Legislators make rules and then push to implement them all in the name… Read More

Mini-Bonds Start to Payoff: Investors Receive £93,000 in Interest from Chilango and River Cottage

Chilango Mini Bond Successfully Funded

The advent of min-bonds in the UK has been an interesting financial phenomena and nice option for investment crowdfunding platforms.  Investing in mini-bonds allows individuals to receive an annual return with a lower level of risk.  Crowdcube has been the leader in the mini-bond space with high profile, consumer face issues  that typically deliver not… Read More

Global Commodities Company Setién Lists Campaign DarcMatter: Touts Efficiency of Liquid Sugar


Setién, an international commodities trading company headquartered in New York City with operations in Mexico, Chile, China, UA, Brazil, Venezuela and India, has patented a process for the production of liquid sugar that generates 30-40% savings on production costs compared to the traditional process for obtaining liquid sugar.  The commodities company has listed its equity crowdfunding campaign… Read More

gamesGRABR First Tech Firm to Receive LCIF via Crowdfunding: Crowdcube Selected to Seal the Deal

Crowdcube LCIF Fund London

gamesGRABR, the social network for gaming, has successfully raised more than £450,000 in its second round of funding on the Crowdcube platform, smashing its initial £250,000 target by over 80% and attracting 221 investors, including the London Co-investment Fund. “We are so proud of this latest round of funding and the attention gamesGRABR has attracted. Our unique approach of… Read More

GOOOOAAL! Food4fans Partners with Companisto: The Sweet and Salty Snacks of the German Bundesliga

food4fans snacks 1

Founded by Matthias Graf Lambsdorff, Hamburg-based food4fans specializes in the sale of sweet and salty snacks for soccer/fussball fans. Licensed by soccer clubs such as FC Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, Hamburger SV, and FC St. Pauli, the start-up sells its products via established retail chains like Edeka, REWE, and Metro.  Seeking to raise at least 50,000€ by 14 August on… Read More

Crowdcube: We Will Have a Record Breaking Year (Infographic)

Crowdcube on Taxi

Investment crowdfunding platform Crowdcube is predicting a “record breaking” year following the success of Q1 funding.  The first quarter of 2015 saw 36 businesses raising £17.5 million.  During the quarter total investments topped £24 million (some offers are still crowdfunding). Crowdcube touted some of the high profile successes including; JustPark, which raised £3.7, Pocket and… Read More

IoT Sandal Launches Equity Campaign on SyndicateRoom: Investors May Tap ISA


Currently listed on the ISDX, a London investment exchange, Sandal is comprised of PowerConnections, an established cash generative division, and Energenie, which is at the centre of the rapidly expanding Internet of Things market. Founded in 1996, Sandal designs, develops and manufactures consumer electronics products, seeing £3m of turnover in each of the last 3 years.  Seeking to raise £500,000… Read More

CannaFundr Forms Partnership with Deutsche Cannabis AG

Carsten Siegemund

Investment crowdfunding platform CannaFundr, one that targets the nascent cannabis industry, has formed a partnership with Deutsche Cannabis AG. The agreements is described as facilitating investment into the Cannabis industry internationally while boosting entrepreneurship and the infrastructure to support it. Deutsche Cannabis is said to be Europe’s first publicly traded investment firm focused on legal… Read More

GLI Finance Publishes “Alternative Finance Manifesto”. Explains How to Keep New Finance Growth Momentum

British Pounds Money £10

The UK has become one of the hottest markets for FinTech startups in the world. In fact the George Osborne has made the FinTech industry a tentpole in his policy initiatives. At the Innovate Finance launch last year the Chancellor declared “I want the UK to lead the world in developing FinTech”. Some politicians in the UK… Read More

Aussie Fintech Platform Stone & Chalk Appoints Alex Scandurra as CEO: Preps for June Launch

stone & chalk

New Sydney fintech hub Stone & Chalk has appointed Alex Scandurra as its CEO to lead the platform as it garners startup clients seeking to disrupt banking.  The London Business School MBA Scandurra was Head of Strategic Partnerships & Barclay’s Accelerator Program, which is powered by TechStars.  Stone & Chalk’s new office is set to open in… Read More

Scottish Video Streamer Beamshare in Previews on Crowdcube: Will Showcase at Film City Glasgow

scottish flag

Scottish film industry members will come together today for the launch of Beamshare, a product which aims  to revolutionise video production workflows. Crowdfunding to raise £100,000 investment in return for 9% equity in Onecodec Ltd on on Crowdcube, the Aberdeen-based video streaming experts, Beamshare, will showcase their video review and collaboration technology at Film City Glasgow, one of… Read More

Google and Manos Accelerator Select Spring 2015 Accelerator Class: Startups by Latino Entrepreneurs

Mary Grove

Manos Accelerator, a startup accelerator  in Silicon Valley targeting global Latino entrepreneurs, and Entrepreneurs for Google has announced the selected startups that have joined the Manos Accelerator program for the 2015 spring batch.  Manos Accelerator, an organization that is supported by Google for Entrepreneurs, is a mentorship-driven accelerator that provides education, resources and guidance for promising… Read More

P2P Lender CreditEase & Wellington Management Partner to Invest in Pre IPO Companies


CreditEase, a China based peer to peer lender and wealth management company, has partnered with US based Wellington Management to invest in pre-IPO stage companies, according to a report in the China Daily. The agreement is described as one where CreditEase will provide the capital for a fund which will be managed by Wellington. The… Read More

Securities Commission Malaysia Opens Up Applications for Equity Crowdfunding Platforms

Malaysia Coin Ringit

The Securities Commission Malaysia has opened the application process for prospective investment crowdfunding platforms according to a statement from the regulatory entity. Malaysia has been one of the more proactive countries in the Asian region to push forward with researching the crowdfunding space and moving forward with a regulatory approach.  Last August SC Malaysia organized a… Read More

Perspective: 5 Challenges to the Progress of Peer-to-Peer Lending 

Foot Race Sprint Competition

  The various forms of peer-to-peer (P2P) financing have emerged as valuable sources of funding for small companies and vehicles for investment among lenders around the world in recent years. In fact, progress in the field of late has been remarkable to say the least and it is radically changing the way small business financing… Read More