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Brief: Zopa Signs up C4L to Boost Network & Security


Peer to peer lender Zopa has contracted with the C4L network for fast and secure circuit connectivity between Zopa’s Data Centres and headquarters. Zipper’s CEO Matt McGuire, was quoted on the arrangement: “We are very pleased with the service we have received from C4L and the solution they have created for us. Our customers’ data is extremely secure… Read More

Seedstars World Fund: Crowdfunding an Investment Fund for Top Emerging-Market Startups


Imagine playing a part in TV competition shows like “Top Chef” or “Project Runway”—but without having your best charred octopus recipe critiqued in front of a live studio audience, or your model’s dress described as “something a Teletubby would wear to a party.” Instead, you’d sweep in at the end of the show and award… Read More

The Good Egg Quickly Overfunds on Crowdcube: Sunny Side Up in the UK

The Good Egg 3

The Good Egg has successfully raised over £216,400 with the help of over 205 investors through its Crowdcube equity crowdfunding campaign, overfunding by 120%. As previously reported by Crowdfund Insider’s Samantha Hurst, The Good Egg which was inspired by Californian deli Wise Sons, has not only drawn the attention of London brunch lovers, but also has received positive feedback… Read More

Oliver Gajda, Co-Founder & Executive Board Chairman of the European Crowdfunding Network, Creates Transparency and Accountability in EU Crowdfunding Market

Oliver Gajda Featured Quote

As many Crowdfund Insiders know, when The University of Cambridge teamed up with EY and launched the European Alternative Finance Benchmarking Survey, the largest study to date on crowdfunding, peer-to-peer lending and other forms of alternative finance in Europe was initiated. This benchmarking survey, which closed on 6 January 2015,  seeks to capture the size, transactional volume and growth of the alternative finance markets across… Read More

Peer to Peer Lenders & RBS Join Forces to Fund UK Businesses; Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne Welcomes P2P Partnership

Royal Bank of Scotland RBS

The Royal Bank of Scotland has struck an arrangement with leading peer to peer lenders Funding Circle and Assetz Capital that should give UK small business a boost.  RBS announced it will now formally refer small business borrowers to P2P lenders.  The strategic shift is expected to give “thousands of small British Businesses greater access… Read More

Crowdfunding Asia Prepares for Thailand Summit

Crowdfunding Asia Vorapol Socatiyanurak

Following a highly lauded crowdfunding event in Singapore in August of last year, Crowdfunding Asia is preparing for a summit in Thailand scheduled to take place on February 10th and 11th in the capital city of Bangkok. The theme of the conference is “The Ardent Alternative: Crowdfunding Democratizes Capital & Unearths Asian Potential”. The event has… Read More

Bragi Dash Has Successful Trip to CES, Pushes Back Shipping One More Time

Bragi Dash CES 2015

Bragi Dash, one of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns from 2014, has once again pushed back their shipping date for their wireless smart headphones.  The young German company announced the delay in an post to crowdfunding backers.  The update came after sharing a highly successful trip to International CES where they demoed a working prototype of… Read More

Unilend & Groupama Banque Partner Up to Aid French SMEs

Groupama Banque Crowdfunding

Unilend, a leading peer to peer lending platform based in France, has formed a partnership with Groupama Banque to channel € 100 million to small and medium businesses over the next four years.  The arrangement is the first of its kind in France. Unilend has loaned over € 7.5 million to date. Groupama Banque will have… Read More

Alessandro Lerro, European Equity Crowdfunding Association General Counsel & AISCRIS Board Member, Apprises European Alternative Finance Market

Alessandro Lerro Featured Quote

As many Crowdfund Insiders know, The University of Cambridge teamed up with EY and launched the European Alternative Finance Benchmarking Survey, the largest study to date on crowdfunding, peer-to-peer lending and other forms of alternative finance in Europe. This benchmarking survey, which closed on 6 January 2015,  seeks to capture the size, transactional volume and growth of the alternative finance markets across Europe…. Read More

FCA Advocates Consumers Look at Alternatives to Bank Savings Accounts. P2P Lenders Pick Up the Call.

telephone hang up communication

These days it may make sense to keep your money under your mattress as opposed to placing it in a bank savings account. After you get through the miscellaneous fees, a savers rate of return can easily go negative.  At least the mattress won’t charge a fee. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK… Read More

ArchOver: Ignorance & Risk Aversion Impede SME Investment

Peer to Peer Blue

Peer to peer lending platform ArchOver recently signed up Wriglesworth Research to dig into consumer awareness and the acceptance of crowdfunding. From November to earlier this month (January) 500 adults were polled as to their opinion regarding new forms of investment.  The results, provided by ArchOver, were described as indicating “crowdfunding ignorance, combined with huge public aversion to… Read More

Raizers Targets Ambitious Pan-European Equity Crowdfunding

Raizers Featured

  The 28 countries of the European Union are a very long way from offering a homogeneous regulation environment for crowdfunding. This is particularly true of equity crowdfunding which touches on multiple heavily regulated areas of finance such as investment advice, securities trading, retail banking and corporate finance. Few European countries have, like France, issued… Read More

Bitcoin Crowdfunding Application Lighthouse is Now Available for Public Download

Lighthouse Bitcoin App

Lighthouse Bitcoin crowdfunding App is now available for download for Mac, Linux and yes even Windows.  The Alpha version was released by Mike Hearn, based in Zurich, last September and after many bug fixes and a reported 18 updates the public beta version is ready to go.  Olivier Jansens was acknowledged for contributing $40,000 for… Read More

UK Start Up Loan Program Funds 25,000th Business

startup loans Nicola Weeks

The UK government has announced the 25,000 loan provided to a small business as part of its Start Up Loan program.  The program provides capital and mentoring for small businesses.  The Start Up Loan initiative was created in 2012 and since that time it has provided almost £130 million for small firms creating an estimated… Read More

Jason Best Talks Crowdfunding with Malaysian Securities Commission (Video)

Jason Best SC Malaysia

Jason Best, one of the founders of Crowdfund Capital Advisors and a staunch advocate of investment crowdfunding, recently visited multiple countries in Asia spreading the crowdfunding gospel. During this trip he spent some time in Malaysia, a country that is pushing forward with investment crowdfunding as a method to boost jobs and the economy. Best shares… Read More

Incredible: Candle Heater Raises Over $125,000 on Indiegogo

Egloo several

Marco Zagaria, a student of the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo mid December.  Crowdfund Insider picked it up for inclusion in the Crowdfunding Mailbox that same week.  Since the campaign’s launch the candle heater, called Egloo, has raised an astounding $125,000.  Yep for a candle heater. Zagaria has… Read More

OurCrowd CEO Jon Medved Talks Venture Capital & Crowdfunding (Video)

Jon Medved

OurCrowd founder and CEO Jon Medved practically has a regular gig at Bloomberg.  He recently did several sessions at the financial news network tackling a diverse group of topics such as the price of oil and self-driving cars.  In this discussion with Trish Regan on the “Loop”, Medved is more on his home turf hammering… Read More

Crowdcube Hires CFO: Former & MySpace Exec Bill Simmons Joins Equity Crowdfunding Leader

Bill Simmons

Exeter based Crowdcube has just boosted its executive bench with the hire of Bill Simmons. The new Chief Financial Officer will be assisting the young company in managing its growth as it looks towards the crowdfunding future. Simmons actually quietly came on board at the tail end of 2014.  Crowdcube stated  this is the first of several… Read More

HSBC Tackles Retirement Planning & Finds it Lacking. Again.

British Pounds Money £10

Global banking firm HSBC has published its 10th version of the Future of Retirement report. Started in 2005, the annual revisiting of why everyone needs to save more “or else” has become a predictable tome of financial nagging.  The fact that across the globe too many people save too little money in preparation for their… Read More