Supporters of Disabled Mugging Victim Alan Barnes Flock to GoFundMe; Raises Over £142,000 in Two Days

Alan Barnes

Last Sunday evening, 67-year-old Alan Barnes was viciously attacked outside his home in Hillside Place in Low Fell. The older gentleman, who was born was numerous defects which include sight and growth problems, was knocked to the ground by the thug who attempted to rob him. In result of the mugging, Barnes suffered from a… Read More

New Jersey Dashbon Debuts Crowdfunding Initiative on Indiegogo For Mobile Projector Boombox

Flicks 3

Dashbon, a New Jersey-based tech startup, recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to raise $50,000 for its new mobile boombox known as Flicks. According to its description, Flicks is a mobile “party powerhouse” that is perfect for indoor and outdoor fun because it’s 100% cordless. Its full-color RGB LED light source delivers high quality… Read More

Largest Kickstarter Campaign Ever “Coolest Cooler” Starts Shipment Countdown

Coolest cooler Countdown

The largest Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign of all time “Coolest Cooler” has created a “Countdown” page for its over 62,000 backers.  Coolest topped $13.2 million last year affirming its place in the crowdfunding hall of fame. Think about it. Pretty amazing for a cooler. We last reported that Coolest had pushed back its shipping date for… Read More

New Entrepreneurial Course Introduces University of Illinois At Chicago Students to Crowdfunding


Seeking to share the ins and outs of crowdfunding with the younger generation, Chicago designer Craighton Berman, introduced a new year-long professional development course to University of Illinois at Chicago students. According to the Chicago Reader, Berman, who successfully launched a series of products on Kickstarter, created the class as a way to impart relevant, real-world skills… Read More

New Crowdfunding Myeloma Initiative Begins With Call For Letters Of Intent


The Myeloma Crowd Research Initiative (MCRI) is calling for research proposals for high-risk multiple myeloma, a rare blood cancer on the Myeloma Crowd. The MCRI is a new way of fundraising for myeloma research, combining the skill and knowledge of leading myeloma specialists with educated “epatients” to together select and fund promising research projects in myeloma…. Read More

Mipow’s Bluetooth Headphones M3 Makes an Appearance on Kickstarter; Captures Nearly $35,000 in Three Days

M3 5

Earlier this week, California-based gadget company, Mipow, hit Kickstarter for its new Bluetooth headphones, M3. Originally seeking only $10,000, the project quickly surpassed the initial goal and has raised nearly $34,000 thanks to over 550 backers. M3 is a Bluetooth wireless headphones that have a built-in retractable cable. It is described as “the beautiful mixture… Read More

Folk Band New Birds of Chicago Return to Kickstarter For Second Album Real Midnight

Birds of Chicago 1

Ready to bring new music to their devoted fans, the New Birds of Chicago bandmates have returned to crowdfunding giant Kickstarter to raise $40,000 for their upcoming album Live from Space, which is set to be produced by Grammy winner, Joe Henry. Explaining the bands history and progress, the singing duo (JT Nero and Allison Russell) wrote,”We started this… Read More

P2P Global Shares Jump 5.75pc on First Day of Trading: Promising Start

p2p global

“PEER-to-peer lender P2P Global Investments yesterday saw its C-shares rise from 1,000p to 1,057.50p, an increase of 5.75 per cent on their first day of trading. The investment trust raised £250m in a heavily over-subscribed C-share issue, giving the rapidly expanding peer-to-peer lending sector a further boost,” reported Joseph Mills in CITYAM. Crowdfund Insider’s JD Alois… Read More

America’s First War Ship Doesn’t Weather Blizzard Juno: Crowdfunding for Tall Ship Providence on GoFundMe

tall ship providence

This week’s blizzard created havoc in the northeast, an in particular for the Tall Ship Sloop Providence which experienced excessive damage during the storm.  To pay for damage not covered by insurance, Tall Ship Providence Captain/Owner Thorpe Leeson and International Performance Artist Nichole Raab looked to raise 900K on GoFundMe to help set sail Tall Ship Providence again. The… Read More

Green Party Revolutionizes Political Party Funding Through Crowdfunder UK

Natalie Bennett Green Party leader autumn conference

The Green Party today launched a Crowdfunder UK campaign to fund standing a candidate in as many seats in England and Wales as logistically possible. Having previously committed to standing in 75% of seats in England and Wales[1], and already being close to achieving that goal, the party is democratizing the decision as to whether the party… Read More

Victory Lap: Indiegogo Touts Sundance Success of Dear White People

Dear White People

We all know that film and crowdfunding are perfect mates. Fans get to be a part of something they believe in and filmmakers get to create the movies they want without a nagging studio trying to turn it into a commercial disaster. While the investment side of the equation is still figuring things out, both… Read More

Update: Indiegogo Success “Night of the Living Dead” Prequel is Now in the Works

Night of the Living Dead Origins 1

Ready to bring his father’s Night of the Living Dead prequel to life, Cameron Romero, son of George A. Romero, announced Origins is currently in the beginning stages of production at Radar Pictures. Cameron hit Indiegogo this past fall seeking to raise only $30,000 for Origins pre-production costs. According to Variety, the film is set at the height… Read More

Jolla’s Alternative to iPad Tablet Returns to Indiegogo With a New 64GB Version & Specs

Jolla 2

Last November, Crowdfund Insider shared details about a new alternative to the iPad known as Jolla Tablet’s Sailfish OS that surfaced on Indiegogo. The device is declared as an operating system that no one has ever experienced. It is independent and has been built the way it has. The tablet’s features are: Multitasking: Sailfish OS shows all the… Read More

Media Dubbed “Zombie Kitty” Receives Nearly $7,000 From GoFundMe Campaign

Zombie Cat 3

They say that cats have 9 lives, and now it looks like Florida kitty, Bart, has lost one of his. The feline, also known as “zombie cat,” hit the media spotlight last week after he apparently came back from the dead. Now, Bart is receiving some attention from others through a GoFundMe crowdfunding campaign. According to… Read More

Brief: Coffee Alternative CogniTea Announces $600,000 Seed Round A Year After Indiegogo Success

CogniTea 1

Back in late January 2014, CogniTea, a Boston-based startup that produces all-natural tea, hit Indiegogo seeking only $5,000 for its growing business. The company ended up raised 250% of its initial goal, thanks to nearly 300 backers. Now its making a returning, this time seeking $600,000 in seed funding. CogniTea’s all-natural tea helps to promote mental clarity… Read More

Giphy is Raising $17 Million in Series B. Now Has $80 Million Valuation

GIPHY Wants to Party

Giphy did a Series A funding round last Spring raising $2.4 million plus a crowdfunded portion via Alphaworks in the amount of $100,000.  The crowdfunding portion was filled immediately.  Well Giphy is at it again and they are closing on a Series B that has given the 2 year old company a whopping $80 million… Read More

Update: Humans of New York Kickstarter Hits $1 Million After New Photo Goes Virtual

Humans of New York

Last week, Brandon Stanton, the face behind the popular photography blog Humans of New York, debuted its crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to raise $100,000 to send the students of Mott Hall Bridges Academy in Brownsville, Brooklyn to prestigious university, Harvard.  Now after only one week, the project has not only surpassed its initial goal, it has raised over $1 million… Read More

Smart Bed Mattress Cover Luna Captures Over $290,000 on Indiegogo in Two Days

Luna 6

Can’t seem to enjoy those 8 hours that medical professionals are always discussing? Tired of sleepless nights? Sleep deprived insomniacs, rejoice! There’s a new crowdfunding project on Indiegogo that might be the answer to your late night struggles. Luna helps to manage your bed’s temperature, tracks sleep and ultimately makes it “smart.” Simply slip it… Read More

Brief: TweelX Music Stock Exchange Completes Series A Funding


TweelX, a Nashville-based startup that launched its patent-pending Music Stock Exchange in 2013, has raised $200,000 in series A funding. Three investors participated in the transaction last month, including La Ragazza & Associates and Atlantic Merchant Capital Investors. Co-founder and CEO of TweelX, Chase Tweel noted, “This funding transaction is part of a broader plan… Read More

Donations Continues to Accumulate for Malawi Disaster Relief Through Reelcause, Inc.

Malawi 2

Nearly 200 people have died and thousands are displaced after a deadly flood swept through the southern portion of Malawi last week. Gift of Givers, an African organization reported on Facebook, “The Malawi Defence Force has already rescued more than 4,000 people with the fear that many more are trapped in inaccessible areas. Thus far 200,000 people… Read More