Title IV of the JOBS Act, Regulation A+ is Effective June 19th

A +

Title IV of the JOBS Act has finally made it over to the Federal Register. According to protocol, the new exemption will become actionable 60 days after publication in the government journal.  This means Title IV, or Regulation A+ as it has become known, may be utilized on June 19th. Recently there has been a… Read More

Humor: An Explanation of Patent Trolls (Video)

Patent Troll Crowdfunding

The embedded video below is courtesy of the team at Engine.is, one of advocacy groups battling the issue of patent trolls.  Last week the FT highlighted one of the challenges with the debate as it contrasted the opposing perspectives of the tech industry with research universities. The convoluted and, at times, confusing issue is distilled… Read More

Tim Cheng of FlyingV on Equity Crowdfunding in Taiwan

Tim Cheng of Flying V

FlyingV may be the largest crowdfunding platform in Asia today.  Based in Taiwan, the platform has led the space in Taiwan, and in many respects Asia general.  Crowdfund Insider interviewed Tim Cheng, CEO of FlyingV, late in 2014 to hear about his viewpoint on the crowdfunding space. So when we heard the Taiwanese government was pushing forward… Read More

Larry Summers: Conventional Finance Has Let Us Down

Larry Summers Signature Keynote

“Regulators should allow new firms to operate, generate data on the outcomes created by novel business models before writing new rules.” Larry Summers, former Secretary of the Treasury under President Clinton and Director of the National Economic Council under President Obama, delivered a rousing speech at the LendIt conference held in Manhattan this past week…. Read More

SEC Commissioner Gallagher: International Financial Stability Board “The Height of Regulatory Hubris”

Daniel Gallagher Title IV

In a world of growing governmental over-reach it is rare to find a regulator who wants to do less not more.  But it makes sense. Budgets are made, and funding allocated, based on predicted needs of tomorrow not the reality of last year. Legislators make rules and then push to implement them all in the name… Read More

Colorado Division of Securities Commissioner Gerald Rome Shares Key Aspects of the State’s New Crowdfunding Law


With Governor John Hickenlooper recently signing the Colorado Crowdfunding Act into law, which will allow the state’s residents to be able to stock in local companies without becoming an accredited investor, Colorado’s Division of Securities Commissioner Gerald Rome shared key aspects of the new bill and what it means to investors and businesses in the state. During his… Read More

gamesGRABR First Tech Firm to Receive LCIF via Crowdfunding: Crowdcube Selected to Seal the Deal

Crowdcube LCIF Fund London

gamesGRABR, the social network for gaming, has successfully raised more than £450,000 in its second round of funding on the Crowdcube platform, smashing its initial £250,000 target by over 80% and attracting 221 investors, including the London Co-investment Fund. “We are so proud of this latest round of funding and the attention gamesGRABR has attracted. Our unique approach of… Read More

Crowdfunding and Global Challenges

Earth from the Moon

    I recently published a report with Mary Milner addressing how crowdfunding models can be used to address global challenges across multi-national networks.   What is fascinating is how rapidly the nature of conversations about crowdfunding is changing among top policy makers, corporate leaders and foundations. At a recent international forum, this paper was discussed… Read More

Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper Signs Equity Crowdfunding Act into Law

Governor John Hickenlooper gives his State of the State speech at the state capitol in Denver, CO.

On Monday, Governor John Hickenlooper signed the Colorado Crowdfunding Act into law which will allow the state’s residents to be able to stock in local companies without becoming an accredited investor. Earlier this year, a drafted crowdfunding legislation for Colorado was presented that will facilitate crowdfunding by authorizing on-line intermediaries to match the state’s investors with a state-based business…. Read More

Securities Commission Malaysia Opens Up Applications for Equity Crowdfunding Platforms

Malaysia Coin Ringit

The Securities Commission Malaysia has opened the application process for prospective investment crowdfunding platforms according to a statement from the regulatory entity. Malaysia has been one of the more proactive countries in the Asian region to push forward with researching the crowdfunding space and moving forward with a regulatory approach.  Last August SC Malaysia organized a… Read More

SEC Chair Mary Jo White on JOBS Act: “Final Crowdfunding Rules is Our Last Major Rulemaking to Complete”

Mary Jo White

SEC Chair Mary Jo White opened up last weeks Investor Advisory Committee meeting with a brief welcome and recap of recent events. She first commented on the final rules for Reg A+ “which are intended to enhance the ability of small companies to raise capital”, highlighting the increased funding cap to $50 million, and the… Read More

Is China Going Through a Peer to Peer Lending Crisis?

Chinese Peer to Peer Lending

According to Guan Jianzhong of Dagong Global, a company that monitors and rates peer to peer lending platforms, of the 1,587 p2p platforms it observes, 393 have been blacklisted and an additional 668 were given risk warnings – a staggering percentage of active peer lenders in the largest direct lending market in the world.  This has… Read More

Arizona Crowdfunding Law Fact Sheet

Arizona State Seal

As covered earlier this year, Arizona has moved forward with an intrastate crowdfunding bill that was signed into law last week.  After being voted on in both the house and senate, without a single negative vote or abstention, the bill was quickly signed by Governor Doug Ducey. The House has put together a decent fact sheet… Read More

Brief: SEC Investor Advisory Committee Meets on April 9th

SEC Securities and Exchange Commission Green

The Investor Advisory Committee is scheduled to meet at the offices of the SEC this week on Thursday, April 9th from 9:30 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.  The meeting will be webcast on the Commission’s website. The agenda, as distributed by the SEC, is published below. Agenda: April 09, 2015, Meeting of the Securities and Exchange Commission Investor Advisory Committee… Read More

NPR Talks Intrastate Crowdfunding in Minnesota (Audio)

Brendan Peterson

National Public Radio in Minneapolis has just published a brief perspective on equity crowdfunding drawing a comparison to rewards based platforms such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo, with the changing environment where individuals will be able to actually purchase equity in small firms. NPR reporters enlisted the insight of Brendan Peterson, a state legislator from Minnesota,… Read More

OTC Markets CEO Cromwell Coulson Shares Insight on Reg A+, Venture Exchanges

Cromwell Coulson at SEC

  In 2014 OTC Markets claimed a record “exchange graduation year” with 83 companies “up-listing” from the OTC marketplaces to a NYSE or NASDAQ listing. OTC Markets also experienced a 92% increase in the number of US companies that qualified for their OTCQX Marketplace and now has over 660 small companies verified for trading on the OTCQB Venture Marketplace, which… Read More

Ireland Strategic Investment Fund to Target Peer to Peer Loans

ISIF Key Principles Ireland

The Ireland Strategic Investment Fund (ISIF) is sizing up the opportunity of investing in peer to peer loans following the lead of other global institutions. ISIF is a sovereign fund that was established in December of 2014 with a statutory mandate to invest on a commercial basis in a manner designed to support economic activity and… Read More

UK to Require Banks to Notify Direct Lenders When Business Loans Have Been Rejected

One Pound UK £

The Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act (SBEEA) has received “Royal Assent” and will be implemented in 3 stages.  Those with the highest impact will be delivered in the final stage, according to the UK Government.  The implementation schedule may be changed following passage of additional legislation in Parliament. The act is designed to improve access… Read More

RateSetter CEO Rhydian Lewis Celebrates Nearly £122M in Q1 Loans & Reflects on “Watershed” Regulation

euros money

Regulation has provided the injection the Peer-to-Peer (P2P) industry needed to take off, according to RateSetter CEO, Rhydian Lewis. As the P2P platform celebrates almost £122 million in loans during Q1 and a year as “number one,” RateSetter cites regulation as a crucial turning point for the sector and an undisputed factor for growth. “While some… Read More

California Legislation for Equity Crowdfunding Climbs Sacramento Once Again

State of California Seal

California, the most populous state in the country, is attempting to legalized equity crowdfunding once again. Last year the Assembly gave it a valiant effort but the bill died ignominiously in Appropriations committee.  The execution was said to be delivered by the AARP, a group that sees crowdfunding as a potential way to defraud senior… Read More