The Next British Invasion: Non Registered Securities Via the Crowd Can Succeed in the United States

The Beatles British Invasion

At the end of 2014, Robert Steinhoff, a JD candidate at the University of Colorado Law School, published a comment on the investment crowdfunding environment in the UK drawing a parallel to what could occur in the United States. The interesting thesis recognized the UK as leading the securities crowdfunding space having embraced a light… Read More

Jeremy Rifkin Opens EIB Conference with Presentation on Digital Europe

BW Jeremy Rifkin

Jeremy Rifkin delivered the opening keynote address today at the European Investment Bank (EIB) conference on “Momentum for Europe—Innovation and Competitiveness. Rifkin presented a “new plan” for the next stage of the European evolution that incorporated the build-out and scale-up of an Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure for a Digital Europe. Rifkin has defined this… Read More

Boston Consulting Group: Yes Europe Needs a Capital Markets Union

Funding Hurdle with Finish Line

Crowdfund Insider reported last week on the push within the EU to further capital markets integration in light of the daunting challenges of a fragmented regulatory regime and cross border idiosyncrasies.  The European Commission was envisioned as a seamless market facilitating continent wide economic amalgamation.  The reality has been a bit of a challenge as… Read More

NASAA Continues to Lobby SEC on Blue Sky Review & Title IV of the JOBS Act

The Battle of Blue Sky Review

The North American Securities Administrators Association (NASAA) continues to lobby the SEC aggressively in their attempt to obstruct removal of Blue Sky Review under Title IV of the JOBS Act.  NASAA is a special interest group that represents state securities regulators and advocates on behalf of issues they believe are important to state regulators. Earlier… Read More

SEC Advisory Committee on Small & Emerging Companies Scheduled to Tackle Secondary Markets, Accredited Investor Defintition

Mary Jo White

The SEC has shared the agenda for the next meeting of the Advisory Committee on Small & Emerging Companies.  This committee was recently re-animated by SEC Chair Mary Jo White.  The Committee provides insight and advice to the SEC on privately held small businesses and publicly traded companies with a market capitalization less than $250 million…. Read More

North Carolina’s Secretary of State Elaine Marshall Requests Fee Increases to Regulate Crowdfunding

North Carolina

North Carolina’s Secretary of State, Elaine Marshall, is requesting state legislators’ approval for fee increases that would help support the results of passing crowdfunding legislation, according to the News & Observer. The increases would generate  $2.68 million in new revenue.   Marshall noted that her department needs 12 new positions, many of which include financial investigators. These… Read More

Colorado Lawmakers Seek Support for New Crowdfunding Legislation

Flag of Colorado

Last month, Crowdfund Insider reported that a drafted crowdfunding legistation for Colorado was presented that will facilitate crowdfunding by authorizing on-line intermediaries to match Colorado investors with a state-based business. Authors of the Colorado Crowdfunding Act, have attempted to improve on some of the glaring deficiencies that have pinned Title III retail crowdfunding. The bill covered: Non-accred’s… Read More

Europe Wants a Capital Markets Union. Crowdfunding Can Be A Catalyst.

A Revolution in Finance

The European Union published a “green paper” on Building a Capital Markets Union for the broader European community.  The ambitious goals are laudable but the challenge is high. While in the United States, and other countries around the globe, SME’s are the engine of growth.  The report states that in comparison to the United States,… Read More

UK Funding for Lending Scheme Continues to Fail in Mission. Funding Circle Says “Banks Are Not The Answer”

Dinosaur Old Antiquated

The Bank of England has released its most recent data on the Funding for Lending program, an initiative that is supposed to compel banks to lend to business.  According to the BOE figures, lending is in decline; “Net lending by FLS Extension participants to all businesses was -£6.9bn in the fourth quarter of 2014. The… Read More

UK Government Responds to Report on Groundless Threats Regarding IP, Patents


The UK government has responded to the Law Commission report on the law on groundless threats to bring proceedings for infringement of Intellectual Property rights including patents. The proposed reforms are intended to ensure the “threats provisions” are clearer for businesses. A spokesperson stated this will make it easier for parties to make good faith attempts to… Read More

OTC Markets Tops 500 Companies on Venture Marketplace, Launches OTCQB Composite Index

OTC Markets Venture Exchange

OTC Markets has announced that 500 “verified”  US and international companies have joined the OTCQB Venture Marketplace. The new marketplace was launched in May of 2014 and is designed to improve market transparency for investors interested in early stage, publicly traded, companies.  OTC also announced the creation of a new composite index tracking the performance… Read More

Central Bank of Ireland: Peer to Peer Regulations Years Away

Ireland Where the Blarney Stone rests

The Central Bank of Ireland has been monitoring the evolution of the investment crowdfunding world but they do not seem to be in a hurry to apply any type of regulatory regime.  According to a report in the Independent, there is no time frame on regulations. A representative from the Central Bank was quoted stating;… Read More

The JOBS Act, Crowdfinance & Building Social Consensus: Are Investors Unnecessarily at Risk?

money house of cards dollars 100

Is the JOBS Act Title II ecosystem being built around the art of the “con” by some Internet funding platforms and companies raising money on these platforms?  The answer seems to be yes, judging by investment advice provided by Morningstar, FINRA, psychologists, and business world academics – and newly emerging practices of Internet platforms which… Read More

UK Government: Britain Has Become Business Creating Powerhouse

British Pounds Money £10

In a speech delivered by Danny Alexander, Chief Secretary to the Treasury, presented at the Saïd Business School, the government representative declared “that Britain has become a business-creating powerhouse”. Noting that it is not the government that creates jobs, it is the people.  All the government can do is help. Citing some interesting bullet points, Alexander… Read More

British Business Bank to Research How to Help SMEs Get Loans

£1 one pound coin

Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Danny Alexander, noted today the overwhelming importance of small business to the national economy; “Small businesses are the backbone of the British economy, so it’s only right that the government supports viable small businesses, particularly those struggling to access conventional finance.” “To ensure we help our small businesses as much as possible,… Read More

Moving Mainstream: Centre for Alternative Finance of Cambridge Judge Business School Publishes European Alternative Finance Benchmarking Report

University of Cambridge research Report

Newly opened Centre for Alternative Finance of University of Cambridge Judge Business School reports European Alternative Finance Benchmarking Survey study results.  The European market could top €7 billion in 2015 The European alternative finance market grew 144% last year to €2,957m The UK is the largest European country for alternative finance, at €2.34b (£1.78 b) The top markets in mainland Europe… Read More

OurCrowd Forms Partnership with Maryland / Israel Development Center

Maryland is Open for Business

Global equity crowdfunding platform OurCrowd has formed a partnership with the Maryland / Israel Development Center (MIDC) to boost investment in Maryland companies while aiding OurCrowd portfolio companies.  MIDC will now assist OurCrowd companies with their market entry in the US.  OurCrowd founder and CEO Jon Medved will be discussing the new partnership as part… Read More

Rescheduled: SEC Advisory Committee on Small & Emerging Companies Meeting

Advisory Committee on Small and Emerging Companies Quote

The Securities and Exchange Commission has rescheduled the meeting of the Advisory Committee on Small and Emerging Companies to take place on March 4th at 9:30AM.  The meeting was originally scheduled to take place last week but was cancelled due to the winter weather which forced many federal offices to close. The meeting is of… Read More

Commissioner Aguilar Sets Goals: “The Commission Should Adopt Final Rules..”

Luis A. Aguilar

While SEC Chair presented a state of SEC type presentation, Commissioner Aguilar has jumped in and put some more meat on the bones.  Speaking at the annual Practicing Law Institute gathering, Aguilar set forth his perceived goals for the SEC for 2015. While touching base on Dodd-Frank noting the SEC has finalized 56 out of… Read More

Canada Expects Crowdfunding Rules This Summer

Canada Equity Crowdfunding

In a statement yesterday (Thursday, February 19th), the Ontario Securities Commission shared they expect to release crowdfunding rules this coming summer.  The proposed rules entered a comment period last year and the Commission has been in the process of reviewing the feedback; “The comment period ended on June 18, 2014 and the participating CSA jurisdictions… Read More