Could Crowdfunding Power Unseat Scotland’s Lying MP Alistair Carmichael? Over 5,955 Indiegogo Backers Pledge Yes

The People Versus Carmichael

The People Versus Carmichael Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign continues to gain momentum as it swiftly passed the £106,140 mark with the help of over 5,955 backers. Fiona MacInnes and Tim Morrison’s original campaign was 102% funded on June 24, 2015. The purpose of the continued crowdfunding campaign… Read More

Denied: North Carolina Fails to Pass Investment Crowdfunding Legislation. Again.

Missle Destroy Crowdfunding

The North Carolina  JOBS/PACES Act, an investment crowdfunding bill, has died in committee as NC legislators ignored a bill that garnered the support of the Governor and advocates of the local economy. According to a report in WRAL TechWire; “this represents a huge missed opportunity… Read More

FCA Has Particular Interest in P2P Lending & Crowdfunding in Mortgage Sector

Hogsmeade Village Town

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) announced a “Call for Input” (CFI) today regarding the massive mortgage industry in the UK.  The FCA is seeking input from interested parties to “identify potential areas where competition may not be working well and could be improved”.  The FCA… Read More

17 Funding Initiatives Providing Alternative to Traditional Banking Endorsed by Catalan Government

catalonian flag

In the days since the 27 September vote, Catalonia’s call for independence and regional election results have reignited debates against the Spanish government’s longstanding refusal to allow an independence referendum.   There has also been a call for freedom in finance, specifically a call for… Read More

Australia’s Innovation Minister Christopher Pyne: Crowdfunding Is A ‘Highest Priority’

christopher pyne

Australia’s Innovation Minister Christopher Pyne recently stated that governments had procrastinated on crowdfunding changes, and it was now a top priority, according to Australia’s Financial Review. Pyne said, To me it’s not that complicated, but that’s one of our highest priorities. There are things you can do quickly, there are… Read More

Renaud Laplanche: Our Ability to Embrace Transparency as an Industry is Really Important

Renaud Laplanche 2015

  As the Marketplace Lending industry begins to mature, awareness is growing across the population.  More and more consumers realize they may be able to save time, and money, by doing a greater portion of their banking online. Lending Club, the largest Marketplace Lending platform… Read More

Coming Up: Indonesia’s Financial Services Authority (OJK) To Announce Crowdfunding Regulation

indonesia map

Indonesia’s Financial Services Authority, or OJK, will announce a countrywide crowdfunding regulation next week, said OJK Chairman Muliaman Hadad, according to DealStreetAsia. The regulation will be simple and allow startups open access to funding, he added. The upcoming regulation would lay out plans for promoting VC businesses and for establishing new… Read More

What Does the UK Think of the US Marketplace Lending Sector? They Tell Us Here

Sam Ridler

Online lending is undergoing a bit of an introspective period.  The US Department of Treasury published a request for information which posed multiple questions to industry participants and interested observers.  The UK P2PFA took the opportunity to share their point of view from across the… Read More

Lending Club Submits Comments to US Treasury as Interest in Marketplace Lending Grows

The Changing World of Banking

Lending Club (NYSE:LC), the largest marketplace lending platform in the US today, has submitted their opinion to the US Department of Treasury request for information (RFI) on the eve of the deadline for comments of September 30th, 2015.  Lending Club, the first publicly traded online lending… Read More

European Commission Publishes Action Plan on Capital Markets Union

EU EC Europe Growth European Parliament

As expected the European Commission has published its “action plan” on the Capital Markets Union (CMU) initiative.  The basis of the European Community has been economic integration. The reality has been far different as individual nations are loathe to submit to the vagaries of policy… Read More

China Promotes Greater Support Of Crowdfunding For Startups To Encourage Entrepreneurial Economy

China Boat Junk Featured

China recently noted that it will promote greater use of equity crowdfunding for startups to encourage entrepreneurship, according to a Cabinet document posted on the central government’s website, writes the South China Morning Post. Repeatedly, the Chinese government has stated its interest in stimulating employment in the state-dominated… Read More

CMU is a Good Thing Says PwC, But it Needs Some Help as Market Based Finance is Underdeveloped in Europe

European Market Fruit

PwC has recently published an interesting report on the European Capital Markets Union (CMU).   The European Commission has an objective to diversify and improve access to capital.  Knocking down barriers and streamlining processes to accomplish this goal should be good for the entire EU… Read More

SEC Commissioner Gallagher: Commission Should Provide Written Responses to ACSEC Committee Recommendations

Daniel Gallagher ACSEC Committee

Outgoing SEC Commissioner Daniel Gallagher presented a statement at the opening of the SEC Advisory Committee on Small and Emerging Companies (ACSEC).  Gallagher lauded the group’s commitment, energy and dedication over the past two years calling the members work “critical in helping to bring forward… Read More

Mary Jo White: Comments on Crowdfunding Rule-Making

Mary Jo White

Last week the SEC Advisory Committee on Small and Emerging Companies convened to take up several important issues that impact SMEs and economic growth.  SEC Chair Mary Jo White has made it a habit of opening this meeting – indicative of the import she has… Read More

SEC Renews Advisory Committee on Small & Emerging Companies for 2 More Years

ACSEC 2015

The SEC has renewed the mandate for the Advisory Committee on Small and Emerging Companies (ACSEC) for two more years.  The committee’s charter is to  provide the SEC with advice on rules and policies that protect investors while aiding in capital formation, specifically with SMEs…. Read More

Advisory Committee on Small & Emerging Companies Submits Recommendations to SEC

ACSEC 2 September 2015

The Advisory Committee on Small & Emerging Companies (ACSEC) convened today (September 23, 2015), submitting their recommendations on three different areas regarding securities regulations. The three items include: Modernizing Rule 147 under the Securities Act of 1933 (impacting intrastate investment crowdfunding) Expanding Simplified Disclosures for Smaller… Read More