Command Partners & Enventys Merge to Create Turnkey Product Launch Platform


Command Partners and Enventys have merged to form a one-stop platform to power successful hardware projects. From ideation to funding to broad market roll-out, the combined entity will help entrepreneurs bring their designs to reality and financial success. Command Partners was one of the first… Read More

The Wisdom of the Crowd: How It Can Help You Value Your Company

The Thinker Rodin Duplication Immitation Art

The truth is that for many entrepreneurs valuing your company is one part industry analysis, two parts assessing your traction to date and ten parts finger-in-the-air guessing or back of a beer mat maths. But there are ways to get help – here’s how we… Read More

Kickstarter Explains Project Review Process


In order to help organizers launch their crowdfunding campaigns, Kickstarter unveiled details about its project review process. The funding portal stated the purpose of this process to make sure each project is suitable for its community.  “We check to make sure that each project falls into one… Read More

Smoked: Reg CF Doesn’t Work for Marijuana Industry Entrepreneurs

Marijuana Cannabis Leaf

The budding Marijuana industry has attracted a legion of “ganjapreneurs” seeking the chance to cash in on the US movement to legalize and legitimize Cannabis. ArcView Group, a “hub for investment, data and progress” estimates the industry will drive around $7 billion in revenue during 2016…. Read More

Asian Banks Push Pause on UK Real Estate as Brexit Turmoil Impacts Foreign Buyers

Beware London UK Horses Guard

According to a report by BBC, United Overseas Bank (UOB) based in Singapore has suspended real estate loans for property in the UK. The UK property market has been one of the hottest markets in the world for the past few years.  Asian investors from… Read More

Should You Use An Equity Crowdfunding Consultant?

Chess Strategy

Companies chronically underestimate how much time and hard work is involved in running an equity crowdfunding campaign. It’s often only after they get some way down the track that they realise what is involved, and it’s natural to feel overwhelmed and look for help. In… Read More

From Retail to Pretail – The Case for Building Your Own Crowdfunding Platform

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Crowdfunding introduces a new dynamic to the classic retail business. Consumers have direct access to early stage products, can give valuable feedback and create through their own marketing power the viral reach to new mass market products. Large corporations, such as Sony with their platform,… Read More

Gust to Offer Equity Management for Startups with Acquisition of Sharewave & Preferred Return

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Global entrepreneurial ecosystem Gust has acquired Sharewave and Preferred Return in a push to provide affordable equity management solutions for early stage companies. The new product, named Gust Equity Management, will allow an affordable and “powerful cap table management and audit defensible 409A valuations” for young… Read More

Republic Creates “Crowd SAFE” Investing Vehicle for Reg CF Issuers

Safe Simple Agreemnt for Future Equity

Earlier this month Crowdfund Insider Contributor Robin Sosnow wrote about “Simple Agreements for Future Equity” (SAFEs) and how they were quickly becoming the investment vehicle of choice for Reg CF crowdfunding portals. In brief, SAFEs are similar to convertible debt except founders are not faced… Read More

Crowdfunding for Performing Arts: Opera Di Firenze on Stage

Opera di Firenze Opera Per Tutti

Despite their obvious engagement capacity, crowdfunding projects in the performing arts still have a very low average deal size. While smaller projects such as personal exhibitions, books and documentaries are often successfully funded, grand theaters and organizations don’t use crowdfunding as a financing tool. Only… Read More

SAFEs: The Investment Vehicle of Choice for Reg CF Issuers?

Simple Agreement for Future Equity

  Exploring the emerging role of SAFEs or Simple Agreement for Future Equity in Reg CF offerings.   Examining SAFEs pros and cons to founders and financiers investing in seed stage companies. You’ve started a new business, established your team, and you’ve self-funded all of… Read More

Nesta Report: Good Causes Yet to Fully Benefit from Crowdfunding Revolution

Charity Non Profit Giving

Nesta, a UK innovation foundation, has partnered with the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) on a research document focusing on crowdfunding and “good causes.” By good causes, the authors mean charities and social entrepreneurs.  The report states that while “crowdfunding might be rapidly changing… Read More

Weighing the Risks for the “Crowd” in Equity Crowdfunding

Risk Base Jumping Dive Fall

  Now that the long awaited and much anticipated federal crowdfunding rules under Title III of the JOBS Act have become effective, startup companies can raise seed capital from everyday, non-accredited retail investors through online equity crowdfunding platforms. Many of these investors are excited to… Read More

Crafting A Winning Equity Crowdfunding Pitch

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  A “pitch” is the information about your company, your team and the investment proposition. Founders often find pitching to be difficult and time-consuming. But pitching is a critical and necessary step to successfully raising funds – and equity crowdfunding is no exception. Equity crowdfunding… Read More