Investors Prepare to Use Self-Directed Funds for Venture Capital

Nest Egg Next Generation Trust Services

Next Generation Trust Services is gearing up for growing interest from investors to purchase equity in private companies.  On July 10, 2013, the SEC lifted its decades-long ban on “general solicitation”—the public advertising by startup companies that are seeking seed money. Jaime Raskulinecz, CEO of Next Generation Trust Services, LLC, said that this change will make it… Read More

What Does General Solicitation Have To Do With A Jiffy Lube Employee Defrauding A Massachusetts Woman?


Massachusetts Secretary of State William Galvin has taken a public stance on general solicitation, citing it as a risk to potential investors. This is at least in part the reason behind his launching a task force aimed at policing crowdfunding platforms, offerings and their issuers. The task force, called I-CROWD, aims to ensure issuers are… Read More

Crowdfunding’s Slippery Slope

Zach Braff on Kickstarter

Something has gone very right and very wrong with crowdfunding. By now we’re all familiar with it — the open platform that solicits contributions or tiny investments from the 99 percent to fund creative projects, philanthropic endeavors, R&D and your band’s music video. Most people agree that it has been a boon — another solution… Read More

Knox Massey To Ohio Startups: Move To Georgia!

Seal State of Georgia

In light of recent actions taken against Candace Klein and SoMoLend on behalf of the Ohio Division of Securities, Knox Massey has a simple message to Ohio startups: come to Gerogia! Massey is a managing partner of a private family investment partnership, co-chair of the Georgia Venture Capital Coalition and an avid proponent of crowdfunding…. Read More

A Jane Austen Museum Wants Kelly Clarkson’s Ring And They’re Asking The Crowd For Help


Kelly Clarkson is a huge Jane Austen fan. She’s such a fan that she had to have a ring formerly owned by the renowned author, and Clarkson shelled out just over £150,000 to buy it at a recent Sotheby’s auction. The auction house only expected the ring to net between £20 and £30 thousand. In… Read More

UPDATED: PayPal Corrects Error With GlassUp Funding Via Indiegogo


UPDATE: PayPal has admitted an error was made with GlassUp’s account and has released the following statement clarifying the situation… We looked into what was happening with GlassUp and corrected the situation earlier today. GlassUp now has access to all of the funds that they’ve raised on Indiegogo through PayPal. We think they are developing… Read More

Crowdcube Shares Guide to Angel Investing


Successful equity crowdfunding platform Crowdcube has shared a guide on Angel investing in partnership with What Investment magazine.  The document features an introduction from Doug Richard who was one of the original “Dragons” on the BBC show “Dragons Den”.  Richard now works with entrepreneurs by running a school for start-ups.  He has also published a… Read More

Two Crowdfunding Campaigns To Bring Bioluminescence To Your Home


Two campaigns crowdfunding now aim to fund projects that use bioluminescent microbes to light the home. One is called the Biobulb, and it is seeking $15,000 on RocketHub. Three Wisconsin University undergraduate students launched the project as part of the Frontier Fellows program at the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery. At a reward level of $150,… Read More

TubeStart: Four Ways For YouTubers To Crowdfund Money From Fans


Subscription-based & pledge-based crowdfunding models could provide a new & exciting means of monetizing video content for YouTubers YouTube is a disruptive force in the world of video content and has long provided a means by which video content creators can monetize their hard work. YouTube has a partner program that is core to their… Read More

Crowdfunding Oil & Gas: eOilBoom

Oil Rig eOilboom

Texas based eOilboom, the first crowdfunding platform for the oil and gas industry has officially launched their site for accredited investors.  The crowdfunding site enables multiple buyers to purchase a single property and receive their direct proportionate share of the ownership.’s proprietary and patented pending platform takes the entire process from the due diligence of… Read More

GiveForward Partners with WhatNext, Cancer Support Network

WhatNext Helps Cancer Patients

Alliance seeks to Help Cancer Patients Pay Medical Bills GiveForward, a crowdfunding platform helping families and friends raise money for a loved one’s medical bills, has announced a partnership with WhatNext, an online cancer support network that connects those effected by cancer to highly relevant peers, resources and information. “Our mission is to ‘Create Unexpected Joy’… Read More

SunGod Sunglasses Stands Over £65,000 on Goal of £8,700

SunGod Sunglasses

In a partnership crowdfunding campaign  SunGod Sunglasses has teamed with Sightsavers, a charity working to address blindness in developing countries, and has successfully crowdfunded their goal on Indiegogo.  With 6 days remaining the campaign stands over £65,000 raised – long ago passing their two stretch goals of £16k and £25k. The charitable portion of the… Read More

Project Violet: Crowdfunding to Beat Cancer

Project Violet

A little girl who died from brain cancer inspired Dr. Jim Olson to create Project Violet. A spirited, red-headed girl named Violet who died at age 11 from an inoperable brainstem tumor is the inspiration behind “Project Violet,” a “citizen science” drug-discovery project being launched by Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. The project is  crowdfunding to enlist… Read More

Why Title II Isn’t Bad for Angel Investors


Yet again, even prior to the full implementation of Title II (lifting the ban on general solicitation), there has been alarm and concern within the industry. Even the chairman of the Angel Capital Association has stated that angel investors will flee from startup investing due to the potentially ‘invasive’ tactics that will be required to… Read More

Kickstarter co-founder defends Spike Lee and his new model for moviemaking

spike lee

Whether or not you agree with Spike Lee and other celebrities using Kickstarter, they’re doing it and they’re making bank, so perhaps it’s time for everyone else to follow suit. In the past year, Kickstarter cannonballed into Hollywood, becoming a high profile, valuable new source of fundraising for film projects, and what some are calling… Read More

WATCH: Crowdfunding Better Signs For The Homeless (Satire)

above average better homeless signs

I’m an unabashed fan of some of the satirical crowdfunding content that floats around the Internet. It provides a healthy opportunity to laugh at ourselves from time to time. Let’s face it, the crowdfunding space does occasionally get a little ridiculous! The Above Average YouTube channel recently posted a fake pitch video for better homeless… Read More

Treatment for Hair Loss Nails Crowdfunding Goal in 24 Hours

Theradome Helmet

Laser Helmet Shows Demand for Hair Loss Solutions.  Quickly Surpasses $50,000 Goal on Indiegogo.   Theradome, a medical device which created the Theradome Laser Helmet, has successfully crowdfunded themselves on Indiegogo, hitting their goal of raising $50,000 in less than 24 hours.  The campaign currently stands at well over $100,000 raised with two weeks left on… Read More

Kickstarter Cofounder Derides Stretch Goals

Yancey Strickler

Kickstarter cofounder Yancey Strickler recently took to the Kickstarter blog to express his concern over the ever-increasing use of stretch goals in rewards-based crowdfunding. Stretch goals are funding goals set outside the scope of the primary funding goal. For example, a video game might have a goal of raising $150,000. However, perhaps the developer has… Read More

How To Successfully Crowdfund A Project Without Losing Your Mind


At a low point in the campaign, I was trolling Craigslist wondering if I could possibly raise $30,000 by letting fetishists rub my feet. Every cash-strapped entrepreneur (which is EVERY start-up entrepreneur) dreams of successfully crowdfunding the monies for their creative project. A few months ago, I successfully raised a bit over $30,000 dollars to… Read More

Associates Of Candace Klein Speak Out On SoMoLend, Fraud Allegations In Ohio

ohio state legislature

Allegations by the Ohio Division of Securities reverberate through the entrepreneurial class & the crowdfunding industry Candace Klein has been an extremely visible figure in the world of crowdfunding. Beyond her role as CEO of lending-based platform SoMoLend, she is also the former chair and one of the cofounders of the Crowdfund Intermediary Regulatory Advocates… Read More