One Card to Replace them All: Coin. Crowdfunding Now. (Updated)


Single Card Replaces All Credit Cards, Debit Cards & Loyalty Cards. As hard as I try to minimize the number of cards I lug around in my wallet the number continues to grow.  Yes I have an app for loyalty cards which I regularly use, but to date I have not been aware of a… Read More

Quirky, Unique Crowdsourcing Platform Raises $79 Million in Series D

The guys from Quirky

Quirky is an online community for inventors that allows people to submit an idea and then community members vote of the concept.  If viable, Quirky will manage the creation from start to finish while the person with the idea benefits from royalty payments – which can be significant. The interesting crowdsourcing, collaboration site which has… Read More

Metropole Capital Group Holds Next Generation Entrepreneurship & Global Crowdfunding Forum

Metropole Crowdfunding Event 2013

The 2nd Annual Next Generation Entrepreneurship & Global Crowdfunding Forum will be held this Friday, November 15th, in Santa Monica. “I am truly excited to participate in this year event. I look forward to collaborating with peers at this game-changing inflection point in our industry, ” enthused Jeff McCarthy, Managing Director at Lending Club and… Read More

Top Ten Technology Campaigns on Indiegogo


Indiegogo has experienced some pretty phenomenal success in tech crowdfunding. Their largest campaign to date  for any category – remains the Ubuntu Edge.   This next generation smartphone raised almost $13 Million but fell far short of their $32 Milllion goal.  While their crowdfunding campaign was not a funding success there are plenty of other… Read More

Real Estate Crowdfunding Platform RealtyShares Emerges From Beta


RealtyShares has announced the public launch of their accredited-only real estate crowdfunding platform. The site joins a growing cadre of platforms active in the real estate niche including Prodigy Network, Realty Mogul, Fundrise and others. RealtyShares has been in beta, testing the market with five previous deals in three states. All five were successful, and… Read More

PR Firm “Deliver the Crowd” Acquires Marketingworks

Deliver the Crowd

Marketing / PR firm Deliver The Crowd, which specializes in generating accredited investor interest in financings for small to large equity and debt offerings via crowdfunding has acquired Marketingworks a social media influencer firm. Rand Bleimeister, CEO of Deliver The Crowd, made the announcement today.   “We are delighted to acquire the team, talent, resources and tools of… Read More

Samahope Crowdfunds Medical Treatment for the Poor

Samahope Give Hope

The non-profit donations based crowdfunding site Samahope, has announced a change to their crowdfunding model.  As of today their donation based platform will shift to funding doctors that deliver care as opposed to funding for individual patients. Samahope funds life-altering surgeries and medical treatments for women and children in poor regions of the world.  After analyzing feedback… Read More

Agenda, Panelists Announced for SEC Small Business Forum


The Small Business Forum is an annual event, open to the public, which is held at the Securities and Exchange Commission.  The SEC has announced this year’s official agenda and current list of panelists. The Government-Business Forum on Small Business Capital Formation will begin on November 21, 2013 at 9AM.  The event will be opened… Read More

#Crowdfunding News Roundup: November 13, 2013


Real Business | The regulation of crowdfunding In this opinion piece by Simon Deane-Johns, he explores the recent effort on the part of the FCA in the United Kingdom to regulate various forms of crowdinvesting. In his words, “the proposals still do not strike the right balance between protecting consumers and fostering innovation and competition.”… Read More

Kickstarter Alum SmartThings Closes $12.5 Million Series A


Minneapolis-based SmartThings Kickstarted their way to $1.2 million, closing their campaign in September of 2012. Over 5,500 backers pitched in for the home automation system. SmartThings makes it easy to connect the things in your physical world to the Internet. You can monitor, control, automate, and have fun with them from anywhere – at home,… Read More

Rolling Jubilee Crowdfunds, Buys And Abolishes $14.7 Million In Medical Debt, More To Come

Occupy Wall Street Rolling Jubilee

The Rolling Jubilee launched last year with hopes of buying and abolishing medical debt for pennies on the dollar. Born from the Occypy Wall Street movement, the organization generated $600,000 in funding through a telethon and variety show, as well as through donations collected through their web site, Debtors whose accounts are purchased and… Read More

#EdSpark: One Spark To Include Competition For Funding In Education


At this year’s One Spark Festival in Jacksonville, Florida, a section of the grounds will focus on innovation in education, giving teachers and students alike the chance to compete for a slice of the $300,000 slated to be awarded to participants. One Spark is a crowdfunding-focused event that takes place over five days. Call it… Read More

Gil Silberman On What He Hates Most About Equity Crowdfunding

quora logo

A recent question on Quora asked respondents what they “hate most about equity-based crowdfunding?” The incindiary question produced some really interesting responses, not the least of which was the most-upvoted response by Gil Silberman. Silberman is a San Francisco-based startup lawyer. His response is as follows… Read Quote of Gil Silberman’s answer to Crowdfunding: What… Read More

Victims Of Backer Scam Vent On Kickstarter Forum, Allege Over 150 Campaigns Affected

Kickstarter K

The same individual backed over 150 projects. We have been in communication with a number of project owners, all of whom have been duped out of money by this scammer. This scam has been going on for months; one project backer lost over $5000, and my team lost $1200. Here’s the sticking point: Amazon /… Read More

Webinar Today: Maximize Retirement Growth With P2P Lending


The Kingom Trust Co., NowStreet and Prosper Marketplace are teaming on a webinar scheduled for 1 PM Eastern this afternoon. The focus of the webinar: P2P lending as a method of investing from tax-free retirement accounts. With high volatility and low interest rates driving retail investors away from public stock markets and conventional banks, more… Read More

On DonorsChoose: Crowdfund A MakerBot For A Classroom


DonorsChoose is a crowdfunding platform focused on closing a funding gap for teachers and their classrooms in the United States. MakerBot has now teamed with DonorsChoose in order to afford teachers the opportunity to request a crowdfunded “MakerBot Academy Bundle,” which includes a MakerBot Replicator 2, three spools of filament and a warranty. MakerBot makes… Read More

Social Entrepreneur Group – Center for Social Innovation Opens in NYC (Video)

CSI Catalyst Crowdfunding

Center for Social Innovation (CSI), a Toronto based social enterprise with a a mission to catalyze social innovation in Toronto and around the world, has opened an office in New York City as part of their expansion plans.  CSI operates a crowdfunding platform called Catalyst, where they fund innovative projects on a global basis. The… Read More

Scanadu Raised Over $1.6 Million on Indiegogo, Now They Have Raised $10.5 Million in Series A


Medical “tri-corder” device Scanadu raised $1,664,574 on Indiegogo this past July.  Their goal of raising $100,00 was crushed as 8523 backers rushed to support the medical device and their crowdfunding campaign.  Scanadu was Indigogo’s highest grossing campaign at that time. Now with a proven success in hand, the company has raised $10.5 Million in a… Read More

Kickstarter Launches in Australia, New Zealand with Over 1700 Projects

Discover Australia Kickstarter

Kickstarter, the leading rewards based crowdfunding platform, has officially launched their site in both New Zealand and Australia.  The expansion was announced this past August and is part of an ongoing strategic move to extend their brand and application across the globe.  Australian and New Zealand offerings will be viewed side-by-side with projects from around… Read More

#Crowdfunding News Roundup: November 12, 2013


The Guardian | The problem with anti-rape underwear AR Wear’s crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo has certainly sparked a lot of controversy. Here The Guardian‘s Women’s Blog likens these anti-rape garments to a “modern-day chastity belt.” The piece goes a long way toward describing some of the vitriol that has met this campaign. Forbes | Kickstarter And The Shipping… Read More