TapRaise May Have Created the Purest & Simplest Form of Crowdfunding Yet

Give a Dollar with TapRaise

One tap, one dollar. That’s the core premise of a radically simple new donation/small payment system being opened to the public today by Brooklyn-based startup TapRaise. TapRaise was founded by three tech veterans; Abel Lenz, who was creative director and product leader at AOL’s Patch, Chris Hinkle, a senior software engineer at the ubiquitous Evernote,… Read More

GrowthCap Extends Platform to Ultra High Net Worth Individuals


GrowthCap has announced they have extended their private equity platform to include investment opportunities for ultra high net worth individuals. “We saw a large gap in the private investment market.” said GrowthCap CEO RJ Lumba. “The market offers multiple attractive avenues for individuals to invest in seed stage or angel opportunities, but there are very… Read More

SnoopWall Oversubscribes Target Goal by over 150% on iBankers Direct, Raising $1.285M

SnoopWall Reclaim Your Privacy

Working with iBankers Direct, Las Vegas-based mobile privacy and security software company SnoopWall will imminently close its successful equity campaign, having raised $1.285 Million from 23 committed investors.  SnoopWall’s anti-spyware/anti-malware “counterveillance” patent-pending software detects and blocks remote control, spying and eavesdropping on computers, tablets and smartphones and eliminates data leakage. “Which apps are spying on… Read More

FundersClub Incorporates Investing in Startups via Self Directed IRA’s


FundersClub is rolling out a new feature that that will allow any accredited individual to invest in startups via a self-directed IRA account. A “self-directed” IRA account means that the investor, as the individual account owner, has complete control over selecting and directing his or her own individual retirement investments. FundersClub has partnered with the Entrust Group on account administration…. Read More

Axiona Claims Largest European Equity Crowdfunding Ever at € 10 Million

Courb C Zen Axiona

Over the past 20 years, Axiona’s Senior Leadership has been focusing on assisting, financing and facilitating initial public offerings of high potential SME’s,  defining themselves as ” Accelerators of Development”. Based in France, Axiona has now announced one of the largest crowdfunding campaigns ever to take place in Europe at 10 million euros. Run by Axiona… Read More

Brief: Omni by Virtuix Available for Pre-Order


The Omni by Virtuix launched an incredibly successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter last year. The project raised over $1.1 million as the future of virtual reality gaming came one step closer. The hardware paired with the Oculus Rift allows gamers to enter a virtual, 360 degree world to play games in a realistic fashion that… Read More

Fundable Hits $100 Million Milestone

FUndable Logo New

Fundable, an investment crowdfunding platform that offers hybrid campaigns, announced today that over $100 million in funding commitments have been made through the site. During the past 18 months, startups across all industries have utilized Fundable to move their businesses forward. Different from any other crowdfunding platform, Fundable is dedicated exclusively to helping businesses as… Read More

Renaissance Brewing Preps for Equity Crowdfunding in New Zealand

Back A Kiwi Business Renaissance Brewing

Equity crowdfunding has just been announced in the land of the Kiwi’s, but already companies are gearing up to use the innovative methodology of capital formation. Malborough based Renaissance Brewing has recently announced they are prepping to launch a campaign to raise capital with Auckland based Snowball Effect.  The new platform has joined the growing global… Read More

Charitable Crowdfunding Site Jumbow Partners with Tiger Woods Foundation

Tiger Woods on Jumbow

Jumbow has announced their official launch and partnership with the Tiger Woods Foundation. Consumers can go online and pay as little as $10 for a chance to win one-on-one experiences with iconic athletes, celebrities and more, and get 100% of their donation back. “We are thrilled to bring Jumbow to the masses and rollout our… Read More

angelMD Acquires Investment Matchmaking Software IncLinx


angelMD, the investment crowdfunding marketplace that connects physician investors and medical startups, has acquired IncLinx, a software company developing technology to create matches between investors and investment opportunities. IncLinx, based in New York City and Tel Aviv was created by Brian P. Jacob, MD an internationally recognized hernia surgeon and entrepreneur, and Mr. Mor Swiel… Read More

Seedrs Welcomes New FCA Crowdfunding Rules

Seedrs Revolutionary Platform

Seedrs set the record straight today stating that they “believe the rules the FCA adopted strike an effective balance” and were acceptable. The Seedrs post titled “Welcoming the New FCA Crowdfunding Rules“, states that in addition to being the first UK regulated crowdfunding platform, as opposed to another (unnamed) platform, which operated without such approval,… Read More

ZümXR Experiences Sustained Buzz on its Equity Crowdfunding on RockThePost, Raising $255K of Goal


Denver based ZümXR launched its crowdfunding campaign on RockThePost, quickly raising $255,000 of its $500,000 to $1 million goal.  There is a co-listing on CircleUp but few details are available.  ZümXR’s natural energy drinks contain their patented sustained-released micro-beads which deliver caffeinated elements, vitamins, green tea and other ingredients  over an extended period of time…. Read More

Realty Mogul Offers Up Investment in Hard Rock Hotel in Palm Springs

Hard Rock Palm Beach Image

______________________ Real estate investment crowdfunding platform Realty Mogul is offering up a unique opportunity today.  Individual investors now have a chance to purchase a piece of the Hard Rock Hotel in Palm Springs, California.  The 163 room resorted is located in the heart of Palm Springs – boasting a spa, restaurants and of course year… Read More

On Kickstarter: A Sequel Documentary From The Creators Of “Restrepo”


Sebastian Junger and Tim Hetherington co-directed an acclaimed film called Restrepo, which followed Second Platoon for a year in the Korengal Valley, Afghanistan. It was a sobering look at the things American soldiers faced while on deployment. Junger and Hetherington would shoot about 150 hours of footage over that year, and based on their experiences they produced two… Read More

‘Special Thanks’: How Companies Use Kickstarter As The New Series A

Oculus Rift Coaster Experience

Facebook’s recent acquisition of Oculus revealed some cracks in Kickstarter’s armor. It highlighted a number of issues arising from the way backers view their contributions and how Kickstarter campaigns sell themselves to backers. Coverage of Oculus’ Kickstarter debacle spanned from misunderstanding the issue completely to focusing on the outrage. But much of the conversation missed the disconnect between how… Read More

Kickstarter Continues To Get Flak For “Censoring” Pro-Life Projects, But Is It Warranted?

Kickstarter K

Kickstarter made headlines recently for what boils down to a disagreement between Kickstarter’s in-house curators and filmmakers producing a documentary about Dr. Kermit Gosnell. For those seeking more details, we broke down the situation in an earlier article. Kickstarter CEO Yancey Strickler has since rebutted the claims, explaining that the film wasn’t rejected. Now a… Read More

HealthiosXChange & Cal-X Stars Business Accelerator Partner Up in New Program


Cal-X Stars Business Accelerator, operated by Howard Leonhardt and HealthiosXchange (H/X) equity crowdfunding platform, have announced a new investment vehicle, the “Champions Program”, and has accepted its first Lead Syndicator into the program: Santa Monica, Calif.-based Leonhardt Ventures’ Cal-X Stars Business Accelerator of cardiovascular and social-good-impact companies. In their role as a ‘Lead Syndicate’ investor in the… Read More

Shoplocket Creates Ecosystem for Hardware Startups with Blueprint

Blueprint the Hardware Crowdfunding Ecosystem

PCH International’s e-commerce platform, ShopLocket, launches Blueprint today, a new media resource and email digest targeting hardware entrepreneurs.  ShopLocket has been working with many of the most successful hardware crowdfunding campaigns ever.  Their new site will feature news, daily interviews, resources and guidance from leading industry experts. Compelling information on how to succeed in the hardware space has been fragmented and inaccessible.  Blueprint wants… Read More

“Pantheon: Rise Of The Fallen” Development Stalls As Team Seeks Further Funding

Pantheon Rise of the Fallen Knight with Sword

Game developer Brad McQuaid and his team raised over $160,000 to develop Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen, an MMORPG. The game raised significant money on Kickstarter, but not enough to eclipse a rather lofty $800,000 goal. They raised just over half that. So the team pivoted and launched a crowdfunding campaign hosted on their own domain,… Read More

The Dart Laptop Charger Met A $200,000 Goal In 12 Hours On Kickstarter


The Dart is a laptop charger that aims to save some serious space and weight for those of us that have to haul around enormous charging equipment, and the product is already fully-funded on Kickstarter. The Dart is the world’s smallest, lightest laptop adapter. At a powerful 65W it is a perfect complement to today’s… Read More