Crowdfunding Platform Swarm Announces Its First Class of Startups

Swarm 1

Bitcoin-powered crowdfunding platform Swarm announced its first class of startups that will be featured on its website earlier this week. According to its description, Swarm is “Kickstarter powered by Bitcoin technology.” It allows regular people to fund the startups they like, while entrepreneurs raise more by engaging with more people. The platform is considered perfect for… Read More

UK Government Announces New Consultation on Peer to Peer Loan Inclusion in Individual Savings Accounts

Budget 2014

The United Kingdom government has announced a new consultation seeking input from peer to peer industry participants or views from any other individuals or business as they look to create the most efficient method of including peer to peer loans within Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs).  The HM Treasury announced earlier this year their intent to… Read More

LendInvest’s Co-Founder Christian Faes Interviewed: UK vs US P2P Equity (Video)

LendInvest Logo New

Christian Faes, LendInvest Co-Founder compares Silicon Valley with the London FinTech scene and shares his view on peer-to-peer equity in the UK versus the US. In the video below, Faes expresses the importance of investors being aware of the risks involved in equity lending and discusses the different risk profile that LendInvest holds.  ___________________________________________________________________

Atlas Wearables Takes Talents to SeedInvest after Indiegogo Pretail Success: Quickly Secures $1.1 M


Atlas Wearables, a wearable device that tracks the user’s body on the x-, y- and z- axes as well as detects and logs exercises performed by users, has listed on SeedInvest.  After successfully raising over $629K on its pretail Indiegogo campaign, the Texas-based startup has already secured $1.1 Million of its $1.4 Million seed funding… Read More

Orchard Platform’s CEO Matt Burton Discusses P2P Lending Market Development: Invest in Loans with Intelligence, Speed and Scale

orchard lendscape

An Interview with Orchard Platform’s CEO Matt Burton Founded in 2013, the tech company Orchard Platform enables Direct Lending originators and institutional investors to optimize and scale Direct Lending at a global level. The Orchard Platform Advisors, LLC (a wholly owned subsidiary of Orchard Platform (Orchard App, Inc)) is a Registered Investment Advisor with the SEC… Read More

AIM’s 2014 Technology Celebration Award Winners Announced in Omaha, Promoting Tech in Communities

AIM Tech Celebration

AIM’s Tech Celebration was held last night at the Holland Center in Omaha. According to AIM CEO, Kandace Miller, “This was truly an important night, a red carpet night. It’s our way of honoring tech brilliance in the community.” AIM’s 2014 Technology Celebration Awards honor the tech brilliance in our community and is one more way… Read More

Germany: Top 10 Equity Crowdfunding Campaigns


The top 10 largest equity crowdfunding campaigns in Germany have had some interesting changes this year.  There is a new number one leading the group.  Weissenhaus, a campaign that is still crowdfunding on Companisto, has surpassed €5 million (about $6.4 million USD) and extended their funding goal to €7.5 million.  For Companisto this is by far the… Read More

“Night of the Living Dead” Director’s Son Launches Indiegogo For Zombie Prequel


Just when you thought George A Romero’s The Night of the Living Dead was finally put to rest, his son, G Cameron Romero, has hit Indiegogo to crowdfund $150,000 for a prequel to the classic horror film. Origins, the next feature film of the “Romero Zombie,” is told by two generations of Romero. It is set in the… Read More

WiSEED Announces its New Crowdfunding Platform Approval from the French Government


WiSEED announced today that “after months of discussions with the French Government, regulators and stakeholders in the financial sector, France is adopting a single regulation system and wants to foreshadow the future European law which is expected by the end of 2016,  at the earliest. WiSEED, who forced the proposal the first time, actively participated in… Read More

CoAssets Partners with Alternaty Real Estate in Push to Grow in Emerging Markets


Real Estate Crowdfunding Platform Sees Opportunity in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Other Emerging Markets. Southeast Asia’s first real estate crowdfunding site CoAssets, has partnered up with Alternaty as it expands its footprint into other Asian countries. Altneraty, a real estate company based in Vietnam, specializes in the implantation and operation of “alternative real estate structures”…. Read More

Your Music Company’s “Fanvestors” to Receive Their First Royalty Check for Artist Investment

Your Music

“Fanvestors” will officially be earning some royalties from their investment in French artist Georgia Jane’s music crowdfunding campaign listed on Your Music Company (YMC). Those who backed Georgia Jane will collectively receive 5% of their total investment in the form of a check or an account credit on YMC’s website. Primed to turn the music industry and… Read More

Blook Launches Digital Community for Book Lovers: Choose Your Own Adventure

blook 1

“The publishing world is about to be challenged by the small start-up company, blook, a creation of uservox limited, UK. blook will deliver a new digital community for book lovers to collectively read, write and share stories, before publishing books to an already engaged fan base.” blook is a new digital community launching in 2015,… Read More

GoFundMe Campaign for Ebola Patient Amber Vinson Has Been Dubbed a Fake

Amber Vinson

Earlier this week, Amber Vinson, one of the Texas nurses that was treating Ebola patient Thomas Duncan, traveled between Dallas, Texas and Cleveland, Ohio before finding out she was positive for the virus. The situation grabbed public attention and caused total chaos in the Cleveland and Akron areas, where she had reportedly stayed for several… Read More

Patch of Land Announces Public Fundraising on SeedInvest: CEOs Jason Fritton and Ryan Feit Comment

Patch of Land Growing Communities

Patch of Land, one of the fastest growing debt-focused real estate crowdfunding platforms, today announced that it is now publicly fundraising its seed round on SeedInvest, a leading equity crowdfunding platform with over 5,000 registered and accredited investors.  “SeedInvest continues to provide qualified investors with access to vetted startup investment opportunities and a few months… Read More

LendingTree Says Borrowers Can Save Big by Comparison-Shopping Personal Loans (Infographic)


Online loan marketplace LendingTree has launched an ongoing study to track the range of Annual Percentage Rates (APRs) on personal loans offered to prospective borrowers on its marketplace, highlighting the money-saving benefits of comparison shopping for loan products. In the third quarter, borrowers with a ‘good’ credit rating (as measured by a credit score between… Read More

Designer Vincent Pilot Ng Launches Kickstarter For Bomber Barrel Bag; Raised Nearly $47,000 in Two Days

Bomber Barrel Bag 4

Vincent Pilot Ng, founder of Halo Belt, and his Bomber Barrel design team have hit Kickstarter to raise $15,0000 to create a timeless and stylish everyday bag suitable for carrying anything. Within only two days, the project surpassed its initial amount and have so far raised $46,730 thanks to 605 backers. The Bomber Barrel is known to redefine style… Read More

CrowdRise Is Launching “Worlds Largest Charity Effort” for #GivingTuesday

CrowdRise is launching Something Crazy

Charitable crowdfunding platform, CrowdRise, is gearing up to launch the “worlds largest charity effort” to raise money for #GivingTuesday commencing on December 2, 2014.  Co-founded by actor Edward Norton, producer Shauna Robertson, and entrepreneurs Robert and Jeffrey Wolfe, CrowdRise has announced that it is also creating an app that will allow the world to watch… Read More

Volpit’s Co-Founder Patrick O’Flaherty Shares Startup Experience During UK On The Line Event


Last week, Virgin Media Pioneers (VMPs), an online community for entrepreneurs that aims to support British business, hosted an award-winning web show, On The Line. As a valuable member of the VMPs, Volpit, a startup investment platform was delighted to speak about their journey as a startup in Tech City. The event took place in Bold Rocket,… Read More

Raspberry Pi-Powered Pi-Top Hits Indiegogo; Raises $66,000 in Three Days

Pi-Top 5

Earlier this week, UK-based Pi-Top decided to turn to global crowdfunding giant Indiegogo to raise $80,000 for its new self-titled raspberry pi laptop. According to the campaign, the Pi-Top provides a platform to expand your knowledge in hardware creation. Its kit takes you through each of its components and their functionality, so that you can… Read More

Experiment, a Scientific Research Crowdfunding Platform, Trends on AngelList: Enables Seed Stage Research


Science for the people, by the people. Experiment, the crowdfunding platform for scientific research, is currently trending on AngelList, and for good reason: researchers from over 150 institutions and universities are using Experiment to fund important seed-stage research that would otherwise go unfunded.  The new platform seeks to fix how research funding today is currently… Read More