FINRA Makes Crowdfunding A Priority For 2014


As they do every year, FINRA has released a letter outlining their priorities for the forthcoming year. Regulatory changes prompted by the passage and implementation of the JOBS Act are featured heavily in the letter as risks that mandate diligence on behalf of FINRA. Issues raised include… General Solicitation General solicitation, which before the amendments… Read More

Mosaic Celebrates One Year of Solar Crowdfunding (Infographic)

Mosaic Logo Square

Solar crowdfunding site Mosaic had a birthday yesterday (January 7) and along with the party that most certainly took place somewhere on the West Coast they provided some interesting information about their platform along with some data regarding the past 12 months. The one year old platform has gone from zero to over 2500 investors… Read More

Beware The Wolves of Spring Street


In 1996, Spring Street Brewing Co. launched the first direct public offering of securities over the Internet.   It was an enormous success, raising millions of dollars for the company.  Spring Street pioneered a new frontier in capital formation that, until recently, was rendered practically useless by regulators who sought to protect investors from the likes… Read More

Gizmodo’s Eric Limer On Oculus Rift: “It is going to change the world”

gizmodo oculus rift

Oculus VR isn’t a stranger to rave reviews of the forthcoming Oculus Rift, a virtual reality headset poised to be really disruptive in the video game industry. However, a recent piece in Gizmodo gives the device some seriously high praise. The title says it all: I Wore the New Oculus Rift and I Never Want to Look at… Read More

WATCH: Canary, Goji Smart Lock Highlighted At CES 2014

CES 2014

Crowdfunding continues to take center stage as the International Consumer Electronics Show, or CES, continues this week in Las Vegas. Last night USA Today released a video of three devices to keep your computer and home secure in 2014. Of the three devices featured, two were successfully funded on Indiegogo. The Canary smart home security… Read More

Satanic Monument Fully Funded On Indiegogo, Statue Image Released


Crowdfunding is certainly used for a variety of endeavors and reasons, some of them quite strange. This one is right up there. We reported on the launch of a campaign to fund a monument to Satan about a month ago. Less than 30 days later that campaign is now fully-funded, having raised over a stated… Read More

Will 2014 Be the Big Year for Equity Crowdfunding?


Will 2014 be the year equity crowdfunding arrives in big way for us? Maybe, if we get our act together. The world’s most popular crowdfunding site is Kickstarter, whose pioneering experience highlights crowdfunding’s huge upside potential, as well as its downside risk. Kickstarter started out as a site for creatives producing artistic works like movies… Read More

Brief: Local Crowdfunding Being Floated In Wyoming


Today the Wyoming Business Report has a story about The Local Crowd LLC and CEO Diane Wolverton. Wolverton has spent 16 years working in the University of Wyoming’s Small Business Development Center. She is now in the process of seeking federal grant money in order to test feasability of a locally-focused crowdfunding model. The plan seems to… Read More

Steps To Take Now To Prepare For A JOBS Act Crowdfunding Campaign


The SEC’s 90-day comment period for the proposed JOBS Act equity crowdfunding rules ends in late January 2014. There is a chance that we could see the first JOBS Act crowdfunding campaigns as early as April, although I am not holding my breath on that happening. But, assuming the stars all align and everything somehow… Read More

Jilliene Helman Founder of Realty Mogul Named in Most Influential List


Co-founder and CEO of real estate crowdfunding platform Realty Mogul Jilliene Helman, has been named to Inman News’ list of the top 100 most influential real estate leaders for 2013.  Inman, a leading news provider for the real estate industry, regularly recognizes real estate industry leaders whose ingenuity, strength, conviction, power and persistence are driving… Read More

Private Equity Group Exhilway Global Moves Big Into Crowdfunding

Find Companies Who Can Win Exhilway

Hedge Fund / Private Equity Group – Exhilway Global has announced a major move into crowdfunding by launching a new platform labeled “Exhilway Link”.  The new crowdfunding portal will facilitate investments into all types of crowdfunding including equity, debt and royalty based.  The first foray will target the US, UK and India markets and will… Read More

Indiegogo Now Allows Embedded Campaigns with Outpost


Indiegogo has announced a new strategic initiative: Outpost.  The new structure gives companies the ability to embed Indiegogo campaigns on their own web sites while maintaining the same benefits of the platforms marketing channels, analytics and network. Recognizing that some campaigners already have large intrinsic audiences, Indiegogo Outpost supports savvy campaigners and brands  allowing them… Read More

Shackleton Banjo Creates New Jobs

shakelton banjo

Privately owned Great British Banjo Company, based in Norwich, Norfolk, UK, which crowdfunded on Kickstarter last year has announced their successful crowdfunding campaign has led to the creation of several new jobs.  The company claims to be the ”first affordable banjo to be manufactured in Britain for more than 60 years”. The company has appointed a full… Read More

Crowdcube Awards Announced for 2013

Crowdcube Awards 2013

Crowdcube, a leading equity crowdfunding site, has announced their awards for 2013.  As one could imagine the competition was challenging as so many cool startups were crowdfunded on the UK based platform during 2013.  There  was one recognition chosen by visitors to the site:  ”The Peoples Choice Award” where over 1500 votes were tallied. Below… Read More

Crowdfunded on Indiegogo, Matterform 3D Scanner is Unveiled at CES

Matterform 3D Scanner

The Matterform 3D Scanner  was shared with the public at CES 2014 with the official launch occurring next month. The Matterform 3D Scanner claims to be the world’s first affordable high-resolution 3D scanner. The device wants to provide designers, small businesses, makers, hobbyists and creative families the ability to capture and manipulate physical objects and… Read More

Would you spend $275 on a spaceship in a game that doesn’t even exist yet?


Star Citizen is a game being developed that should be released in some form this year. It is a game set in space about combat and trading and it is being made by, among others, Chris Roberts, who made the very successful Wing Commander series. This shouldn’t raise too many eyebrows in this day and age of course,… Read More

From CES: Three Crowdfunding Campaigns To Watch For In 2014

CES 2014

Popular Mechanics has provided a short list of three upcoming products that will be looking to launch crowdfunding campaigns on Kickstarter in the coming weeks and months… Solar Cool Tech – A solar-powered cooler that will keep food and drinks (and Coronas!) cold at the beach all day without ice. As Popular Mechanics points out, though,… Read More

What’s the deal with crowdfunding investments?

securities and exchange commission sec

A rule changed in September that transformed the way small business owners can seek investment, but it appears to be flying under the radar. The new rule allows private companies to publicly advertise that they are seeking investment, known as “general solicitation.” Part of the JOBS Act, it aims to make it easier for smaller companies to… Read More

Lumo Lift Launched: Activity Monitor & Appearance Booster Seeks $200K


Lumo BodyTech is a Silicon Valley-based company that specializes in giving people actionable feedback on body position in order to help them improve their lives. They’ve already crowdfunded one product successfully, and today sees the launch of a second  – the Lumo Lift – that is already seeing some impressive traction. The Lumo Lift is… Read More

Kickstarter Up for Best Overall Startup Crunchies Award

Crunchies 2014

Watsi, CrowdTilt Also Up for Awards along with Oculus VR. Rewards based crowdfunding platform Kickstarter is up for the Best Overall Startup of 2013 Crunchie Award. This is the 7th Annual event which is put together by TechCrunch along with partners GigaOm and VentureBeat.  One of five, Kickstarter is competing with heavyweights CloudFlare, Snapchat, Twitter… Read More