Lomo’Instant Camera Hits $507k During Kickstarter Campaign

Lomo'Instant Camera

Setting out to bring the next generation of cameras to the market, California-based  Lomography launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for the Lomo’Instant Camera. The company originally sought out $100k for the camera, and has excitingly raised $507,828 from 4,139 backers. The brand new device is considered the world’s most creative instant system that has… Read More

Realty Crowdfunding, Helps Non Millionaires Invest in the Luxury Real Estate Markets

Realty Crowdfunding, LLC

You no long need to be a multi-millionaire to invest in the nation’s premier luxury real estate market. Through Realty Crowdfunding LLC, labeled as the first investment vehicle of its kind, investors can now own a piece of beachfront mansions that have defined the most prestigious and profitable real estate market in the Northeast for… Read More

“The Lizzie Project” Surpasses $180k Goal on Kickstarter

Lizzie Velasquez

With less than two day to go, director and producer Sara Bordo’s crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for her upcoming documentary “The Lizzie Project” has surpassed the initial $180k goal and raised $206,799 from 3,370 backers. The film features Elizabeth “Lizzie” Velasquez, who was labeled as “The Ugliest Woman in the World.” When Lizzie was born… Read More

Ansa Syncs with RockThePost for its Crowdfunding Pitch: Go Safely Off the Record

Ansa Self Destructing Media

Currently listed on RockThePost, San Francisco-based Ansa pitches itself as the safest place for personal conversations on iOS or Android operating systems. According to its pitch, Ansa is a pre-revenue/seed-stage product targeting the college-aged demographic in the $32 Billion Consumer Products industry. Ansa Founder Natalie Bryla and Co-Founder Evgeniy Altynpara have industry expertise and have… Read More

Bindo Raises $1.8 M. Helps Small Businesses Beat Amazon

bindo logo

New York ­based retail startup Bindo, founded in 2011 by Jason Ngan and Brad Lauster has raised $1.8 million in an over-subscribed seed round for international expansion. The round is co-­led by well known investor Gary Vaynerchuk, and Singapore/Tokyo­ based East Ventures. Other investors include NYC ­based Metamorphic Ventures, and other private angels with decades… Read More

iFunding Introduces Three New Senior Members To Its Crowdfunding Team


iFunding, known as America’s number one real estate crowdfunding platform, welcomes three new senior members to its team. Bill Madden, formerly of Goldman Sachs and McKinsey, will serve as Chief Strategy Officer. Ken Tse, a real estate originations, sales and investment expert, will head Business Development , responsible for real estate partner relations. Scott Lichtman,… Read More

21 Draw Art Book Scores $127k Through Indiegogo Campaign

21 Draw

With less than three days until its crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo closes, the 21 Draw art book project has surpassed its goal of $40,000 and has brought in $127,190 from 1,971 backers. It was launched at the beginning of May and managed to receive the $40,000 within three days. According to the campaign’s website, the… Read More

CrowdTilt Helps Bring Hot Tub Cinema to New York City

Hot Tub Cinema

Movie theaters, couches, beds, cars… these are some of the places most people enjoy watching films. But what if you could watch your favorite movie in a hot tub on top of a roof in New York City? Well, Crowdtilt is ready to bring a whole new meaning to the phrase “Movie Night.” The crowdfunding… Read More

“Reading Rainbow” Hits $1 Million Crowdfunding Goal Immediately

Reading Rainbow

Just eleven hours after the launch of its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, former PBS children’s series “Reading Rainbow” surpassed its initial $1,000,000 goal. LeVar Burton, who hosted the show from 1983 to 2006, decided to launch the campaign through the crowdfunding giant to bring the show to a whole new generation of kids. Urging fans of… Read More

HealthiosXchange Founder Explores How Crowdfunding Alters Equity Investing


Scott Jordan, founder of the equity-based crowdfunding portal HealthiosXchange (H/X), has published a White Paper titled “How Does Equity Crowdfunding Resemble the Discount Brokerage Revolution?” which explores how the Charles Schwab & Co. discount brokerage phenomenon has altered the financial services industry for individual stock-trading investors and makes a strong comparison about how crowdfunding is… Read More

Solar Roadways Sets Record for Number of Contributions to Single Campaign

Solar Roadways

First there were electric cars, now there are Solar Roadways. This revolutionary initiative to change the way we utilize the nation’s millions of miles of roadways, by turning them into power sources, just set the record for the highest number of individual funders during its crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. More than 35,000 backers from 42… Read More

Odyssey Airlines Announces New U.S. Equity Crowdfunding Offer on Crowdfunder


  Odyssey Airlines, the new UK-based business-only carrier, announced today the unveiling of a crowdfunding campaign on U.S. platform Crowdfunder. It will run concurrently alongside with a similar funding on the UK-based platform Crowdcube, which launched earlier this month, with the combined initiative targeting £5 million to support the company’s new phase of development. The… Read More

FCA Chief Executive Martin Wheatley Shares Details About Project Innovate

Financial Conduct Authority FCA

Innovative firms, particularly smaller startups, will be offered the change to work with the FCA while developing new technologies and approaches to ensure they are compliant with regulations from the moment they go live said FCA chief –executive Martin Wheatley earlier today. While speaking at Bloomberg, Mr. Wheatley said the initiative, Project Innovate, was designed… Read More

Dana.io Officially Launches Crowdfunding Platform


Vancouver-based Dana.io, the crowdfunding platform that charges entirely by donations, officially launched on Tuesday morning (May 27th).  Described by founder Alan Clements, a former Buddhist monk in Burma, author and lifelong activist, as a “radical experiment in global transformation,” Dana.io is the world’s first platform to operate exclusively on a voluntary payment model, charging no… Read More

Highway1 Provides a Road to Hardware Success

Highway1 We Build Hardware

  I know I am in a cool place when I ask Brady Forrest, VP of Highway 1, what one of the two 3-D printers in their workshop is printing, and he casually responds “robot parts.” The best way to describe Highway 1 is like Santa’s workshop if Santa only made awesome stuff for people… Read More

Canadian Family Turns to Crowdfunding For Dying Girl’s Bucklist


Turning to others for help, a Canadian family launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to raise funds for medical bills and to grant wishes from their little girl’s bucklist. Just four weeks ago, the family realized three-year-old Hadlie wasn’t as healthy as everyone thought she was. It all started out as a little girl just… Read More

Front Row Society Raises Equity On Seedmatch: Chic Label’s Fashion Democracy Unfurls

front row society model

Walking the crowdfunding catwalk looks easy for the nascent global sustainable fashion brand Front Row Society.  In their third crowdfunding round on Seedmatch, the fashion label quickly raised €28,000 with the help of thirty three investors, reaching 56% of their €50K goal.  The funding limit for the current campaign is  €150,000. In September 2012, and… Read More

UK Funding For Lending Scheme Fails to Boost Loans for SMEs

£1 one pound coin

The Bank has today published updated data on the use of the Funding for Lending Scheme (FLS). Today’s publication shows the net quarterly flows of lending to UK households and businesses eligible under the Scheme up to the second quarter of 2013. The aim of the FLS is to encourage more lending to the UK… Read More

Cashing in: Crowdfunding bars, bees, booze and cures

Double Decker Bus England UK

According to the UK Crowd Funding Association, the world’s first online crowdfunded project was believed to involve British rock band Marillion. In 1997, the group was struggling to afford a US tour and asked fans to help pay for it. Now, 17 years later, crowdfunding is said to involve thousands of groups and individuals and… Read More

Crowdfunding Startups Thrive in the U.K., Where Anyone Can Play Angel Investor

10£ Queen Elizabeth British Pounds

While I sometimes pine for the sunny beaches of my native California, it’s on the shores of Blighty that my entrepreneurial career, and those of the individuals whose startups my company has helped finance, has taken off. I came to the University of Cambridge Judge Business School to fuel my entrepreneurial drive, and almost immediately… Read More