Prosper Announces Aaron Vermut as New CEO

Aaron Vermut

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) lending platform Prosper has recently made some changes in the executive offices. The San Francisco based P2P crowdfunding company has announced that Aaron Vermut will become the company’s new CEO replacing his father, Stephen Vermut, who will become the Executive Chairman focusing more on strategy.  Ron Suber will be taking Aaron’s place as… Read More

Legislation Authorizing Intrastate “Crowdfinancing” Filed in Florida

State of Florida Seal

Bi-Partisan Leaders in State of Florida Want to Facilitate New Form of Financing.  Ideal for Fostering Economic Growth.  The Florida Crowd Finance Association (FCFA) held its inaugural meeting March 5 at the law firm of Becker & Poliakoff in Coral Gables in support of a bipartisan initiative filed in the Florida House and Senate authorizing… Read More

Brief: Deal on AgFunder Gets Closer to Funding Goal

OnFarm Logo

AgFunder, an equity crowdfunding platform that targets the global agriculture industry, launched their first investment opportunity last month with big data company OnFarm.  In a recent update, AgFunder has shared that funding has now surpassed the halfway mark standing at 58% having raised $230,000 on a goal of raising $400,000 in a convertible note.  There… Read More

Star Citizen Hits Milestone, Backer Total Creeping Up On The Population Of A US State

star citizen

Wow. $40,000,000+ in crowdfunding cash from 400,000+ backers for Star Citizen. To put that in perspective, the 2010 census placed the population of Wyoming – the smallest state by population – at somewhere around 560,000 people. At what point should Star Citizen get a couple of Senators and a handful of Representatives? OK, I jest… but to put… Read More

SHAREIGHT Raises £350,000 on Seedrs in 17 Hours


Crowdfunding on equity platform Seedrs, SHAREIGHT has generated a new record for the platform for amount raised  and speed to funding.  Outside of the Seedrs self-crowdfunding campaign which took place late last year, the campaign, that is now at  £463,430, is the largest amount ever crowdfunded on the platform.  Pre-money valuation for the company stood… Read More

Updated: Is SOAP’s Kickstarter A Scam? It Is A Complete Mess, And Here’s Why


If you want a case study in how a Kickstarter can go horribly wrong, look no further than the campaign for SOAP, a touchscreen home automation router. The campaign is fully funded despite bleeding almost $4,000 since we caught wind of scam allegations surrounding the campaign this weekend. Assuming the team behind the campaign can make… Read More

Crowdfund Bookie: Video Game Crowdfunding Continues Cold Streak Into 2014

Kingdom Come Warrior

Joystiq’s monthly Crowdfund Bookie report is out and it isn’t pretty. For the quarter beginning in December 2013 and ending February 2014, just over $6.1 million was contributed to video game-related crowdfunding campaigns. That is down more than 50% from the $12.5 million contributed between September and November of 2013. February was a bit of… Read More

Seven UK Crowdfunding Power Players Team Up On New Web Portal, Outreach Initiative


Seven of the UK’s largest crowdfunding platforms have teamed up to launch, a new web portal aimed at providing SMEs with “a free and easy way for SMEs to find alternative business funding.” Crowdcube, Seedrs, Zopa, Funding Circle, MarketInvoice, Platform Black and are all part of the initiative. We are focused on making… Read More

Wells Fargo Backpedals On P2P Lending Ban For Employees


Wells Fargo has reversed a ban on employees participating in the peer-to-peer lending arena after the announcement of the measure garnered international attention. Related – Wells Fargo To Employees: No Peer-To-Peer Loans According to the San Francisco Business Times, Wells Fargo spokesman Ruben Pulido clarified that “The original guidance given to team members was based on investing in… Read More

Fitness Tracker That Measures Calories is Over $300,000 on Indiegogo


Healbe GoBe Triples Goal of $100,000 in First Few Days of Crowdfunding Campaign. The GoBe launched their campaign on Indiegogo on March 5, 2014.  Seven days later the funding total has surpassed $321,000 with 35 days left on the campaign. Over 1790 backers have signed up to support this product to date.  There are plenty… Read More

Turkish Democracy Group Now Crowdfunding for NYT Ad for Berkin Elvan

Berkin Elvan

Last summer the world was mesmerized as the nation of Turkey rose in dissent against their political class.  What started as a simple protest, grew into a national movement of democracy and a demand for civil rights.  Crowdfunding became part of the movement when some of the leaders organized a campaign on Indiegogo. Quickly over-funded,… Read More

Kinoma, Part of Marvell, Launches Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign


A team of people within publicly traded company Marvell, has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.  The Kinoma Create campaign, a “javascript internet of things project”, immediately surpassed their $10,00o goal and stands just shy of $20,000 today.  The group organizing the project on Indiegogo are self-described as passionate product people at the semiconductor giant… Read More

Updated: PonoMusic Live on Kickstarter, Crowdfunding $800,000

Neil Young

Crowdfund Insider reported earlier today that Neil Young was preparing to launch their crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter later this week. Well it appears that we were a bit off as the campaign has just launched. Young and his team just launched on Kickstarter and they are crowdfunding $800,000 for the PonoMusic device and service.  The… Read More

Disclosure Dragon Aims to Burn Through Crowdfunding Costs

Disclosure Dragon Logo

SeyfarthLean Consulting, a sister company associated with Chicago based global law firm Seyfarth Shaw, is entering a new business.  Recognizing the dynamic changes the future holds with the advent of the JOBS Act and crowdfunding, the firm saw opportunity in a new emerging type of securities law. The IPO market has been stagnant in recent years,… Read More

Tivitas Interactive Does The Right Thing In Canceling Their Kickstarter Campaign


Could you imagine having raised over $100,000 on Kickstarter only to cancel the campaign with less than 48 hours to go? That is precisely what Tivitas Interactive has done, and they deserve a lot of credit for it. The campaign was for the Sinister multi-platform game pad, pictured below… They shared the reasoning for the… Read More

Neil Young’s PonoMusic to Launch on Kickstarter This Week

Yellow Pono in hand

Perpetual rock musician Neil Young recently announced his new music device and service Pono.  He is presenting tonight at SXSW to share his vision for the future of high fidelity streaming music.  Young has been vocal about current streaming music services and their inferior audio quality. Young has decided that instead of just moaning about… Read More

WATCH: Google And Facebook As Giants In Financial Services?


In this video Motley Fool analysts David Hanson, Tyler Riggs, and Matt Koppenheffer debate peer-to-peer lending. Interestingly, about halfway through the video the trio begins to discuss Google and Facebook getting into the peer-to-peer lending space. Will they? It bears mentioning that Google Capital is an investor in Lending Club, so it’s unimaginable that Google would… Read More

Rob Ford’s Rough Go With Crowdfunding Continues: A Billboard On Rabble

Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 10.21.46 AM

Embattled Mayor of Toronto Rob Ford’s relationship status with crowdfunding? It’s complicated. You may remember from last year that Gawker editor John Cook spearheaded a crowdfunding campaign – affectionately called “Crackstarter” – that aimed to crowdfund the money necessary to purchase a video allegedly showing Ford smoking crack. The campaign was successful but didn’t directly… Read More

GradePayments is Social Funding for Grade Achievement


Florida based GradePayments announced today it has launched its online portal that powers social funding for grade achievement. The GradePayments social funding portal is designed as cloud based service intended for use by students and their sponsors (family members, friends, and local businesses). The GradePayments platform allows Students to determine the type of project they… Read More

Naval Ravikant Presents Framework For Unregulated Crowdfunding


AngelList co-founder and CEO Naval Ravikant took to his blog over the weekend to outline what could be a new paradigm in funding startups. It melds the crowdfunding model with a novel cryptocurrency that in theory could allow a company to “go public” without the accompanying red tape. The bullet points are as follows… Write… Read More