Controversial Story Of Racism Nets Red Lobster Server $10K From YouCaring


A server at Red Lobster in Franklin, Tennessee was allegedly the victim of racism thanks to a nasty slur left in lieu of a real tip. Supporters of Toni Christina Jenkins took to crowdfunding platform YouCaring to donate over $10,000 to the girl. She just got the check. (Warning: explicit language) Jenkins had posted a… Read More

The Business Class on CNBC with James Caan Tapes Session with Crowdcube

James Caan

James Caan is one of the United Kingdoms’ most successful entrepreneurs.  Caan made a fortune in the recruitment industry building his companies Alexander Mann and Humana International.  In 2004 he founded private equity firm Hamilton Bradshaw which lists a portfolio of more than 30 companies.  He is also a “Dragon” from the BBC’s hit show… Read More

Crowfunding Present & Future Event Set for Cologne, Germany

European Crowdfunding Network ECN

The European Crowdfunding Network and Osborne Clarke invite have scheduled an event in Cologne, Germany to be held on October 24, 2013.  Discussion will focus on crowdfunding in Germany, along with perspective on current events with the rest of Europe.  The results of a new study on crowdfunding, involving over 20 countries, will also be… Read More

Kiva, Citi Microfinance Partner for Kiva U Summit

Kiva U

Through a partnership between Kiva and Citi Microfinance, more than 150 college and high school student leaders and educators from around the world with an interest in critical issues around financial inclusion are gathering this weekend for the first-ever Kiva U Summit.  Kiva U is an initiative to enable students and educators to reach beyond the walls of… Read More

Crowdfunding Mailbox: Pandora Carryall, 1215 Pen / Letter Opener & Dann Kriss Playing Cards

1215 Homage to the Quill

For this weeks edition of Crowdfunding Mailbox we have three great crowdfunding campaigns to share.  I think rewards based crowdfunding is at the best when products take an old idea and create something new and unique.  Each of these campaigns embodies that spirit today. First of all I would like to share a piece of… Read More

Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator in NYC Looks for Startups

Your Startup Here at ERA

One of the hottest accelerators in the country, Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator (ERA), is looking for ten game-changing startups to join their next program this winter. ERA invests $40,000 in seed funding and will provide follow-on funding for the startups subsequent rounds. The group will also give you access to New York’s leading start-up community which… Read More

Christian Kickstart Crowdfunding Platform Goes Live

Christian Kickstart What They Do

Christian Kickstart will be launching its website this weekend at the National Christian Writer’s Conference and Gospel Expo in Washington, D.C. is an online nonprofit crowdfunding platform used to Kickstart Christian based projects. They are the first and only nonprofit 501c(3) Christian crowdfunding platform. What sets Christian Kickstart apart is that all donations are tax-deductable… Read More

Gap Between United States & United Kingdom Remains Wide for Crowdfunding


Even with Title II the gap between US and UK Crowdfunding remains wide (for now). The media has been all over Title II of the JOBS act and the effect this will have on crowdfunding given that those seeking to raise funds are now able to solicit investment from accredited investors which should have levelled… Read More

Kickstarting government can send the wrong message


Private donors rushing to fill in the gaps caused by axed or shutdown government services are perversely proving small-government libertarians right, argues Paul Karp. First they came for the Queensland Literary Awards. Then they axed the Climate Commission. And in the United States, small government conservatives have caused a shutdown of the US Federal Government… Read More

Wisconsin crowdfunding bill raises concerns

Image courtesy Americans for Tax Reform

Much of the news coverage of a Wisconsin proposal reforming state securities law has focused on the creation of an online equity crowdfunding mechanism, but the bill also lowers the threshold of qualifying as an accredited investor — and that has raised some concerns. The state Assembly passed the bill Tuesday and it appears poised to move… Read More

Oh, How Far We’ve Come: Early Kickstarter Designs

kickstarter early design

In a recent blog post commemorating Kickstarter’s third birthday, Yancey Strickler shared some pictures of early Kickstarter designs that may have helped formulate today’s design. One of Kickstarter’s strengths is their clean, usable design. It is probably one of the top contributing factors to their dominance of the rewards-based crowdfunding space. It is really fun… Read More

On Crowdtilt: “Let’s Thank Noah Glass For Helping Make Twitter”


Anyone who pays attention to tech news undoubtedly saw a handful of headlines this week detailing turmoil within Twitter around the time of its founding. (For anyone that hasn’t read about this yet, this was my personal favorite synopsis.) In light of this news, Matthew Deiters has launched a Crowdtilt campaign aimed at thanking Noah… Read More

Real Estate Crowdfunding Platform PatchofLand Launches First Project

Patch of Land Big

Expects an 18% Annualized Return. Founded in 2013, Patch of Land, a national real estate crowdfunding platform, released its first live investment project today in New Jersey. The new company allows individuals to purchase shares of high end real estate investments for as little as $1,000 by pooling money with other investors. The debut project… Read More

FlameStower Fire Charger Beats Goal on Kickstarter, Forms Partnership in Kenya

FlameStower Needs No Electricity

FlameStower, a device that can charge your cell phone by using fire, has beaten their goal on Kickstarter by raising over $38,000 on a $15,000 goal.  The campaign continues to raise funds and is scheduled to close on October 24th.  With the successful funding round on Kickstarter organizers have decided to initiate a new partnership… Read More

Kickstarter Canada Reports Update on Crowdfunding

Hockey Stick Crowdfunding  in Canada

Kickstarter officially launched in Canada on September 9th – even though they had accepted crowdfunding projects from our friends up North for some time.  The experienced a strong launch out of the gate with dozens of campaigns which quickly grew to hundreds with thousands in the queue.  They reported the biggest project as The Peachy… Read More

Ohio Securities Commissioner Andrea Seidt Named NASAA President… Here’s What That May Mean For Crowdfunding


Ohio Division of Securities Commissioner Andrea Seidt is now acting President of the North American Securities Administrators Association (NASAA), the “oldest international organization devoted to investor protection.” She was previously Vice President of the NASAA. She replaces A. Heath Abshure of Arkansas as President of the Association. The Ohio Division of Securities filed a notice… Read More

iSketchnote Targets Raise of $35,000, Hits $346,127 Instead on Kickstarter

Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 3.07.46 PM

Perfect Match for Apple iPad. As soon as we watched the Kickstarter pitch video provided by the ISKN team you could see the product was going to be a crowdfunding hit.  This smart iPad cover does everything you want it to do.  Their goal was hit in the first 13 hours of the campaign. Using… Read More

“DreamFund” Savings-focused Crowdfunding Platform Goes Live


DreamFund Announces Launch of Their Social Savings Platform. DreamFund wants to be the simplest, safest, most engaging way for people of all ages to save for their personal dreams or support someone else’s. From an iPad for the holidays to a college fund for the future, the platform helps dreamers gather the financial fuel for… Read More

What Obama’s Vision of OFA Means for Crowdfunding


As the field of civic crowdfunding emerges and grows, it is spawning many competing visions of what the field is and where its appeal comes from. Lately I’ve been thinking about questions such as: How much is crowdfunding about community and shared values? How much is it about physical places? How much is it about… Read More

Equity Platform Focusing on Real Estate “CrowdVested” Launches in Georgia

Build your Community with CrowdVested

Platform Operates Under Invest Georgia Exemption Allowing Crowdfunding CrowdVested opens real estate investment up to all Georgians, restoring the input and influence local communities have historically enjoyed while broadening the investment opportunities available to everyone.  CrowdVested, a crowdfunding platform focused on commercial real estate, has officially launched today in Atlanta. CrowdVested offers real estate developers… Read More