Massachusetts “Dismayed” & “Shocked” Over Regulation A Proposals


Filed on the exact same day that the request for comments were open on the Securities and Exchange Commission platform, the state of Massachusetts posted a comment letter regarding proposed regulations for the new Regulation A under Title IV of the JOBS Act of 2012. In a blistering missive, William F. Galvin, Secretary of the… Read More

Update: Jamaican Bobsled Crowdfunding Campaign on Crowdtilt Now “Official”

Devon Harris

The crowdfunding campaign to fund the Jamaican bobsled team so they can make it to the Winter Olympics in Sochi has now become the official olympic campaign.  The project on CrowdTilt has a new administrator – Devon Harris who represents the bobsled team. In a campaign update the shift was explained: This campaign is now… Read More

Craft Beer Club Raises £100,000 on Angels Den

Good Girls Good Beer

Hybrid Crowdfunding Campaign Easily Hits Crowdfunding Goal. The UK’s fastest growing craft beer club, Beer52, has raised £100k from the crowd to grow their online community to 10,000 members in 2014.  The Edinburgh-based startup launched on the Angels Den crowdfunding platform in December 2013 and raised £100k in 38 days from 23 investors (they had… Read More

Will Ferrell on Prizeo Crowdfunding for Cancer for College Charity

Will Ferrell Super Hot Tan

Superstar comedian Will Ferrell is the next big name celebrity using the Prizeo crowdfunding platform to raise funds for his favorite charity.  Ferrell has launched a campaign to raise $100,000 for Cancer for College.  Ferrell is listed as the “celebrity spokesman” for the organization. Cancer for College was founded in 1993 by one of Ferrell’s… Read More

Outlook for Debt and Equity Crowdfunding to be Discussed at Crowdfund Global Expo

Crowdfund Global Expo

Crowdfunding Leaders Gather in San Diego at The Crowdfund Global Expo January 30-31. The securities crowdfunding industry is leading the charge for huge changes to capital formation, wealth building and investing. In September 2013, the SEC implemented rules governing Title II of the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act, which allows for companies to advertise… Read More

Crowd-funding Poses ‘Significant Liability’ For FAs, Expert Warns


Crowd-funding poses a “significant liability” for financial advisors, said University of Mississippi law professor and investor advocate Mercer Bullard on Thursday. Advisors should tell their clients that investments put into crowd-funded start-ups should come from their fun money, Bullard said, since up to half of those new businesses can expect to be wiped out in… Read More

Penn State Team Taps RocketHub To Crowdfund Lunar Mission, Seeks Google Lunar XPRIZE


The United States, The Soviet Union, China and… Penn State University? If one crowdfunding campaign can find funding, the above statement might become the list of entities that have made it to the moon. Only three of them would have had a standing army. (Nittany Lion football fans don’t count.) A RocketHub campaign is seeking… Read More

Airtame Joins Crowdfunding Million Dollar Club, 7th Most Funded on Indiegogo Today

Airtame Wins CES Award 2014

Wireless HDMI Device Stands at Over $1.1 Million in Final Hours of Campaign. As of this morning Copenhagen, Denmark based Airtame has raised $1,143,668 which is more than 7 times their initial crowdfunding goal of $160,000. Over 11,000 backers from more than 80 different countries contributed to this campaign on Indiegogo during the past 60… Read More

Some Thoughts on the Success of Lending Club


(inspired by a recent article in the economist) — as it has grown, lending club has morphed from a peer-to-peer lending platform into a platform for institutional investors (along with some retail investors) to refinance consumer credit card debt at rates attractive to both the borrower and lender. — at first glance the opportunity to offer rates that are attractive to… Read More

Double Fine’s “Broken Age” Hits Steam, Kickstarter Backers Get Early Access

broken age

Double Fine Adventure was a bit of a turning point in crowdfunded video games. When Double Fine Productions launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter seeking $400,000 in funding from the crowd, they couldn’t have imagined netting over $3 million. The road wasn’t easy from there despite raising over 800% of their stated goal. Eventually Double… Read More

How to save tax when investing in startups

British Flag

But before investors fall obediently into line yet again, they should pause and look closer at the full scope of the taxman’s generosity, as ISA tax breaks are a very long way from the best on offer now. People investing in startups through crowdfunding platforms or the old offline way through angel investor networks, are often… Read More

After Crowdfunding Success, Lumo BodyTech Giving Back To Charities


What do you do when you’ve raised almost $500,000 on a goal of just $200,000? Lumo BodyTech wants to pay it forward to a few of their favorite charities. A self-hosted crowdfunding campaign for the Lumo Lift launched earlier this month amidst the Consumer Electronics Show madness. The Lift was poised for success thanks to… Read More

Crowdismo Partners with Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce


Crowdfunding Platform for the Latino Community  Announces New Strategic Arrangement. Crowdismo announced the launch of a strategic partnership with the Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce to further its mission of fueling innovation, creativity, social impact and entrepreneurship within the Latino community. The Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce is a business to business membership-based business association focused on providing tools and… Read More

Spontaneous Crowdfunding Raises Funds for Jamaican Olympic Bobsled Team

Official Photo of the Jamaican Bobsled Team

Sometimes reality is better than fiction.  In an interesting twist of events the Jamaican Bobsled team has just qualified for the Sochi Winter Olympics. Yes – that was a movie.  Cool Runnings hit cinemas in 1993 in a film about the first Jamaican Bobsled team trying to make it to the Winter Olympics.  It starred… Read More

520,000 New Businesses Started in the UK in 2013 (Infographic)

10£ Queen Elizabeth British Pounds

Smarta, an advice and networking service in the United Kingdom that targets anyone starting or operating a small business has created an interesting info graphic on job creation in the UK.  As they say people start a business for “freedom, money and creativity”.  Well in 2013 520,000 new businesses were launched.  That in itself is… Read More

Crowdfunding for the Institutional Set

The Happy Crowd

What is the easiest way to raise thousands of dollars, or even a million, to open a restaurant, produce a film or benefit a charitable cause? All the current buzz points to crowdfunding. It’s friends-and-family financing for the Facebook age. Post project details on a website built for the purpose, offer contributors some eventual perks… Read More

Watch by William Shatner Closes on Indiegogo Raising Over $680,000

William Shatner Egard Watch Passages

Asteroid Dusted Watch Blasts Crowdfunding Goal. Crowdfunding on Indiegogo, “Passages” watch by Star Trek star William Shatner and partner Egard Watches closed on Indiegogo this past week having raised $681,721 on a goal of $75,000.  This represents a 900% beat of the original fundraising objective.  Backers numbered 2034 with the majority reserving one of the… Read More

Stella English, Apprentice Winner, Hosts CrowdBox TV Show on Sky

Stella English

CrowdBox TV is a multi-platform service, the concept gives entrepreneurs a chance to promote themselves and their crowdfunding projects across web, mobile and television. There will be a weekly campaign video pitch on Sky Broadcast. Today’s 30-minute show is the first in a monthly series which will see the half hour format extended to a… Read More

Crowdfunding Platform EarlyShares Boosts Leadership Team with New Hires


Crowdfunding platform EarlyShares, announced that it has added two executives to its senior leadership team. The new hires are Salomon Wancier, Chief Marketing Officer, and Jonatan Alava, Director of Engineering. Wancier joined EarlyShares as Chief Marketing Officer on January 2, 2014. An accomplished, creative senior executive with more than 17 years of experience, Wancier was previously… Read More

Washington State’s Crowdfunding Exemption: Everything You Need To Know


I’ve started businesses in Washington. I’ve raised money here and hired folks here. My testimony focused on my entrepreneurial story. I talked about the various businesses I have started, ran, and sold. I talked about my experience raising angel and institutional capital in Seattle very recently. The thrust of my testimony was to tell my… Read More