Funding Circle’s New Risk Tiers are Live

Funding Circle UK

Peer to peer lender Funding Circle has fired up their new risk tiers that were previously announced this past May.   Funding Circle connects accredited investors with small business owners in need of funding.  Traditionally these borrowers have had greater difficulties in finding loans.  The new tiers are expected to boost growth in their business further…. Read More

Fundrise: Poised to Alter Real Estate Finance Forever.

Fundrise Real Estate Investing for Everyone

Recently I was attending a real estate finance conference on crowdfunding and I was fortunate to hear Brandon Jenkins, the Fundrise Director of Product, speak about the future of real estate from the perspective of Fundrise.  His comments were coming off the exciting announcement that Fundrise had just raised $31 million (no idea on the… Read More

Snoop Dogg is Crowdfunding on Crowdtilt. Better Hurry.

Snoop Dogg and James Beshara

Yes it was inevitable.  Snoop Dog (AKA Snoop Lion – according to his website), a well known crowdfunding proponent, as well as being a rapper and YouTube star, is crowdfunding on Crowdtilt.  It’s possible that he was in the Rose Garden during the signing of the JOBS Act. The eloquent Snoop has launched a T-shirt… Read More

Accredited Investor Verification (Infographic)

Ben Franklin $100 Bill

The infographic below comes from VerifyInvestor – a company that is in the space of verifying accredited investors who may participate in private placements. As part of Title II of the JOBS Act there are verification requirements to participate (you just can’t promise to be wealthy).  The information below is a great high level description… Read More

Harmonix Gives Kickstarter Backers an Update on “Amplitude” Project


Just a few weeks after the closing of its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, Harmonix announced over the weekend its already hard at work on the new version of the game “Amplitude,” which is set to hit PS3 and PS4 in March 2015. Art director and project lead of “Ampltiude” Ryan Lesser released more details about the… Read More

Oval Medical Technologies Turns to SyndicateRoom to Raise Funds for Auto-Injectors

Oval Medical Technologies

UK-based Oval Medical Technologies has developed a unique solution: a self-injector that’s small and easy to use, especially by patients suffer from Trypanophobia, a fear of needles and injections or those with limited dexterity A revolutionary needle lock-out system ensures the needle is always hidden and eliminates the threat of needle stick injury. The unique design… Read More

Record Breaking May in UK for Companies Being Funded


Data company Beauhurst has published a report on United Kingdom equity investment activity for the month of May and apparently it is a record breaker.  For this past month, 74 deals valued at over £270 million has “surpassed all records for recent years”. Beauhurst, which began keeping records only in 2010, believes that Q2 will… Read More

Kickstarter Publishes New “Creators Handbook”, Offers Tips & Tricks for Crowdfunding Entrepreneurs

Kickstarter Creator Handbook

Kickstarter has launched a brand new “Creator Handbook” to help more entrepreneurs successfully hit their campaign goals. On Monday (June 9), the crowdfunding giant announced the new tip and tricks handbook that offers advice on campaigns, including what sort of rewards should be offered to backers and advanced feedback on the most effective ways to… Read More

Patch of Land Infographic

Patch of Land World

Patch of  Land is part of the fast moving real estate crowdfunding sector.  The founders have positioned there company to fill a funding void that has been largely ignored by larger investors but promise substantial returns.  There is a significant opportunity in innovating the funding process for property valued at less than $10 million. The… Read More

Ringly Launches Jewelry Pretail Campaign: The Wearer of the Ring Stays Connected


New York-based Ringly launches its pre-sales crowdfunding campaign today after raising its million dollar seed round this past September.  The tech start-up aims to solve the recurring frustrating problem of missed calls and texts with its chic line of smart jewelry that caters to a woman’s simultaneous need for connectivity and independence.  The alerts are… Read More

‘Kiva’s aim is to make microfinance easy’

Premal Shah, President and Co-founder of Kiva

Nine years ago Premal Shah co-founded crowdfunding microfinance site Kiva, we ask him about its progress. How did you came up with the Kiva concept? I was raised in Minnesota, but my parents are from India and I have been visiting family there since I was five. What really struck me on my visits was the inequality… Read More

Brief: Sensibo Passes $70,000 Crowdfunding Goal


  Sensibo, maker of a smart air conditioning system, has surpassed their $70,000 crowdfunding goal on Indiegogo.  The project became memorable due to the excellent pitch video that described a mundane product in a highly entertaining fashion. Co-founder and CEO of Sensibo Omer Enbar shared his pleasure in funding the campaign; “We are thrilled by the… Read More

P2Binvestor Signs Funding Deal with Natural Beverage Company Bhakti Chai


P2Binvestor, a Denver-based crowdfunding platform, recently added another Colorado company to its funding portfolio: Boulder-based natural beverage company Bhakti Chai. Founded in 2007, Bhakti Chai offers an array of spice-infused chai beverage products. P2Binvestor’s working capital line will provide important support for Bhakti Chai’s expansion plans by bridging the gap in cash flow related to… Read More

Crowdcube Launches “Mini-Bonds”: Chilango Burrito Bond is First Offer

Chilango Burrito Bond Crowdcube

Crowdcube, the UK based investment crowdfunding platform, has announced a new type of assert for the crowdfunding platforms investors: the Crowdcube Mini-Bond.  Crowdcube now offers three paths to investing online:  equity, venture fund and the mini-bond. The investment crowdfunding platform that has offered only equity offers up to now is moving into the debt markets… Read More

Crowdsourcing for Translating & Copywriting Company; TexMaster Raises €1,000,000

TextMaster Logo

Online crowdsourcing solution for translation, copywriting and proofreading firm, TextMaster has raised €1,000,000 in funding from Alven Capital, eFounders and Cédric Siré (founder of Webedia group) who joins the company’s existing business angels Fabrice Grinda (founder of OLX), Thibaud Elzière (founder of Fotolia) and Geoffroy Bragadir (founder of Empruntis). This new investment will allow TextMaster… Read More

Rooster Teeth’s “Lazer Team” Rockets Past $1M in Just Three Days

Rooster Teeth

Just three days after the launch of its crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, popular YouTube channel Rooster Teeth’s first feature length film “Lazer Team” has zoomed past $1 million as over   13,600 supporters quickly funded the project. Rooster Teeth is the magic responsible for creating famous online shows including “Red vs. Blue,” “Achievement Hunter,” The… Read More

Milaap Talks Global Sustainable Giving


Since it’s founding in June 2010 to fundamentally change the way people fund and impact communities in need, Milaap has facilitated more than 8,000 loans impacting close to 50,000 of India’s working poor, empowered them to break out of the vicious cycle of poverty. On June 16th, its fourth anniversary, Milaap invites change agents from… Read More

SyndicateRoom: 6 Months & £6 Million in Equity Crowdfunding

Gonçalo de Vasconcelos

While SyndicateRoom was not first out of the gate to join the equity crowdfunding revolution occurring the United Kingdom being late to the party has not meant they are behind the game. The crowdfunding platform that pairs experienced Angel investors with members of the “crowd” recently shared they have facilitated over £6 million in funding… Read More

RollerScoot Cruises Past £200K Equity Crowdfunding Goal


The RollerScoot is an award-winning, patented powered mobility vehicle which creates a new, much needed concept in the mobility market. Invented by Ian Gray, a physiotherapist with design and retail of mobility equipment experience, and backed by an advisory team with experience in international business development, growth acceleration, intellectual property and the mobility market, Rollerscoot… Read More

Wise Business Plans Targets Entrepreneurs Seeking Crowdfunding

Wise Business Plans

“Crowdfunding websites are the purest illustration of the American dream in action,” explains Joseph Ferriolo, director of Wise Business Plans, which helps businesses in every stage of development plan for sustainable growth. “It’s the democratic process turn toward supporting one another goals and accomplishments, and it empowers us to help each other in a way… Read More