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PUT OUT THE “FOR SALE” SIGN – New Version of C&DI 141.05: Allows General Advertising By Issuer In An Intrastate Offering

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In a prior post “SEC Releases New Guidance On Intrastate Offerings,” I briefly reviewed Compliance and Disclosure Interpretations (“CDIs”)  numbers 141.03, 141.04 and 141.05 released by the SEC in April relating to securities offerings made pursuant to Rule 147 and Section 3(a)(11) of the Securities Act of 1933 (a/k/a the “intrastate offering exemption”). While C&DI… Read More

Inside Crowdfunding Ep. 1: Tubestart’s Josef Holm On Monetizing Digital Video With Crowdfunding

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On this week’s episode of Inside Crowdfunding, we interview Tubestart co-founder and CEO Josef Holm to get more information about his crowdfunding platform for YouTube content creators. We also discuss Tubestart’s new charity-related initiative and Holm’s recent ReelSEO article about MCNs participating in the crowdfunding space. As for the news, we discussed… The end of… Read More

Making Money From YouTube: How Crowdfunding Can Fill The Gap


Imagine netting over a million YouTube views in a month and getting paid as little as $50 for that accomplishment. That is the reality Jack Conte, half of the music group Pomplamoose, spelled out in a recent interview with Upstart Business Journal. Pomplamoose has over 90 million views on its YouTube channel, but Conte says… Read More

Advertising, Social Media and the New World of Crowdfunding

Social Media

Dos and Don’ts of General Solicitation and the Use of Social Media in Debt/Equity-Based Crowdfunding Online crowdfunding used to raise capital through the sale of debt and equity interests in companies has opened a new and much needed financing method for small and startup businesses. Online capital raising is also arguably at its core a… Read More

Brief: Reddit Donates Ad Space For Crowdfunding Campaigns


Reddit has donated ad space to 250 crowdfunding projects via an initiative that was launched yesterday. Space was taken up within 24 hours. 250 campaigns will be allowed to participate in the initiative with each receiving 100,000 donated ad impressions on the Reddit homepage. This is sure to be a boon for some of these… Read More

AHPInvest.com Ruffles Feathers With Private Placement Advertisement


The advertisement at the right was run by a Chicago-based company called American Homeowner Preservation (AHP). The crowdfunding site allows accredited investors to purchase shares of distressed mortgage pools. The irony came when the ad at the right ran on Bankrate.com, a site that specializes in finding the best CD rates among other things. Of… Read More

Captive Media Raises Over £250K For Interactive Urinals

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Captive Media is a startup aimed at bringing the “world’s first contact-free, networked, interactive washroom media system” to market. In a nutshell, they make an interactive urinal system. The group raised over £250,000 in an equity play on UK-based Syndicate Room. Their pre-money valuation was £2,410,000. The raise was in exchange for a total 9.4%… Read More

AngelList Prepares for Public Fundraising


In a message to AngelList members, the accredited investor platform announced that “Public Fundraising” starts on Monday, September 23, 2013.  This date coincides with the SEC designated date when the ban on “General Solicitation” or advertising has been lifted on certain private placement offerings. Companies listed on the AngelList platform will be public as of… Read More

Preparing for (Regulation) D-Day


September 23, 2013, represents an historic milestone for the U.S. securities industry. For the first time since the enactment of federal legislation in 1933, companies will be allowed to publicly solicit investors and advertise the sale of securities without registering the offering with either the SEC or any state if certain requirements are met –… Read More

RockThePost Takes SEC to Task on Proposed Rules for General Solicitation


In a letter posted in the comments section of the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) web site, requesting feedback regarding forthcoming regulations addressing the change in rules impacting “General Solicitation” (Advertising), crowdfunding platform RockThePost takes the SEC to task for excessive regulatory zeal.  The missive politely, but firmly, states the SEC needs to better align… Read More

TubeStart: Four Ways For YouTubers To Crowdfund Money From Fans


Subscription-based & pledge-based crowdfunding models could provide a new & exciting means of monetizing video content for YouTubers YouTube is a disruptive force in the world of video content and has long provided a means by which video content creators can monetize their hard work. YouTube has a partner program that is core to their… Read More

Breaking Down General Solicitation For Private Placements In The US


Mark your calendar. July 10th was a big day in the fight for increased access to capital in the United States, as well as the overarching timeline of the fledgeling crowdfunding industry. Title II of the JOBS Act mandated a lifting of the ban on general solicitation for private placement offerings, creating a new class… Read More

CYBER MONDAY: 10 Cool Products Being Crowdfunded Now


In the spirit of Cyber Monday, here are 10 crowdfunding campaigns that you can contribute to now to support innovative new products. Puzzlebox Orbit: Brain-Controlled Helicopter A toy helicopter you can control with your mind?  A toy helicopter you can control with your mind!  The Puzzlebox Orbit can be controlled from your smartphone, or you can… Read More

Crowdfunding advertising an SEC concern


How much online advertising is too much? That’s one of the questions before the Securities and Exchange Commission as it finalizes regulations to let companies raise money from investors through crowdfunding. The advertising regulations are one of a slew of issues the SEC must address in order to implement the federal Jumpstart Our Business Startups (Jobs) Act,… Read More

MassToMass: When Crowdfunding attacks Advertising

(Staff Translation) Liberty, Equality, Advertising Open for almost one week now, masstomass.com is the latest crowdfunding website. Imported from the United States a few years ago, crowdfunding platforms are now flourishing. A sign in time of crisis, a fashion trend or real craze, crowdfunding platforms represent for many a means to mitigate the detrimental effects… Read More