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Apple Products Crowdfunded on Kickstarter Have Big Presence at Macworld


BiteMyApple.co is a unique e-commerce site.  Basically they take all of the super cool products for   Apple (Mac, iPad, iPhone, iPad) and bundle them all together on a single e-commerce platform and offer them up to the faithful following.  In a release posted on their site (mystery date), the company stated they had more… Read More

Moov Crowdfunding Now, Wearable Personal Trainer Promises Rich Featureset


The Moov is crowdfunding now in a self-hosted effort, and it has seen some pretty impressive early success. The wearable fitness tracker surpassed a $40,000 crowdfunding goal in just 90 minutes. The device promises to be more than just a tracker, though. This actually plays coach. If you watch the video above, you’ll see the… Read More

CUFF Makes Wearable Tech Fashionable

Cuff Links

Pretail Crowdfunding Campaign Launched that Adds Fashion to Function. Cuff is a startup company that wants to lead the revolution in wearable technology by providing a stylish, fashionable alternative to today’s current portfolio of drab offerings. Cuff unveiled today a first-of-its-kind selection of fashion wearables that incorporates smart-technology that people will actually want to wear…. Read More

On Indiegogo: thingCHARGER Universal Device Charger Over 20 Times Funding Goal


The thingCHARGER is currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo and it is on an absolute roll. The device has crossed the half-million dollar threshold with a week left in the campaign. So why is the device doing so well? As with so many hardware items in the crowdfunding world, it solves a serious pain for many smartphone… Read More

On Kickstarter: myLIFTER Smart Winch For Garages Makes Use Of Ceiling Space


A new Kickstarter campaign aims to make use of unused space in the garage in an effort to help people get organized. The myLIFTER promises to turn your garage ceiling into storage, and it’s almost fully funded with plenty of time left to go. The smartphone-controlled, bluetooth-enabled winch mounts to the ceiling of the user’s… Read More

CrowdWatcher Hits Apple App Store, Helps View Campaigns Across Platforms


An app called CrowdWatcher recently launched on Apple’s App Store. CrowdWatcher wants to put all of the notable platforms in one environment and allow users of the app to keep up-to-date with the most recent happenings with each app. The Amsterdam-based team behind the app has included popular platforms active in the European market including… Read More

Crowdfunding Mailbox: The Sim+, Nuke Venom Sunglasses, Declan Squared & Ironthread Wallet

Sim+ with iPhone 5

Happy Holidays to everyone from Crowdfund Insider.  We will be the first to suggest that you consider giving the gift of crowdfunding this season.  Yes for most items being crowdfunded you may have to wait to actually receive the gift but there is something very cool about backing a unique idea and then being the… Read More

Oculus VR Nets $75M In Series B Round Led By Andreessen Horowitz

oculus vr

Oculus VR has turned Kickstarter success into what is fast-becoming one of the most interesting startups in the US today. Following a $16 million series A round, the company has announced that they have now closed an additional round of funding led by Andreessen Horowitz. The round also includes venture capital firms Spark Capital, Matrix Partners and Formation 8,… Read More

iQi Extends Campaign on Indiegogo by 30 Days

iQi Mobile Chargers

Wireless Apple iPhone charger iQi crowdfunding on Indiegogo was scheduled to end their campaign this weekend but organizers have decided to extend the campaign by 30 days.  The funding goal was originally set to raise $30,000 but that was easily passed and stands at over $76,000 today. iQi Mobile is a wireless charging receiver with… Read More

Brief: Crowdfunding Alum iSmartAlarm Hits Apple Store


Remember the iSmartAlarm? If you were reading Crowdfund Insider in January of this year you probably do. We featured the project in a roundup of tech projects crowdfunding at the time and had an in-depth interview with Zac Sutton, the man who led marketing efforts for the campaign. The deluxe iSmartAlarm kit is now available… Read More

Play-i Approaches $750K In Funding With A Week Left In Campaign

Bo and Yana Play-i

A crowdfunding campaign for the Play-i robot is approaching $750,000 in funding after seeking a goal of just $250,000. The campaign still has a week left to go and could hit $1 million before all is said and done. Play-i is creating a visual programming environment for its robots on touch devices for kids, that… Read More

Five Hot Technology Products Crowdfunding Now

Tellspec Scan Your Food

Crowdfunding technology has brought to market many cool and innovative products.  But beyond the Pebble Smartwatch or Oculus Rift there are many more products which will deliver new features which will make your life better than it was before.  You just don’t know it yet.  Most integrate with your iPhone, iPad or Android device because… Read More

Homebrew Computer Club, Where Wozniak & Jobs Demonstrated Their Apple I, Crowdfunds Reunion

Apple 1 wikipedia

When Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak wanted to share their revolutionary creation back in 1976 – they did not organize a press conference.  They went to the only place they new (or could afford to go to) to show off their iconic Apple I – the Homebrew Computer Club.  Their presentation was an important waypoint… Read More

Structure Sensor Will Blow You Away with 3D Image Capture

Measure a room with Structure Sensor

The Structure Sensor, from Occipital in San Francisco, is crowdfunding on Kickstarter.  Their initial goal of $100,000 is a distant memory as they approach $1,000,000 raised.  After only 7 days crowdfunding they were at 7 times their initial goa and after watching their pitch video you will see why. This hot marriage of technology and… Read More

iSketchnote Targets Raise of $35,000, Hits $346,127 Instead on Kickstarter

Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 3.07.46 PM

Perfect Match for Apple iPad. As soon as we watched the Kickstarter pitch video provided by the ISKN team you could see the product was going to be a crowdfunding hit.  This smart iPad cover does everything you want it to do.  Their goal was hit in the first 13 hours of the campaign. Using… Read More

Crowdtilt Goes Mobile, Releases Crowdfunding App For iOS


San Francisco’s Crowdtilt has just released an app for iOS devices that allows users to create or contribute to crowdfunding campaigns right from their smartphones. Click here to get the app. Features of the app include the following… Quickly start, contribute to and/or manage campaigns on the go; spur-of-the-moment, everyday campaign ideas can be quickly… Read More

WATCH: German Club Claims Win In Crowdfunded Contest To Hack Apple’s Fingerprint Scanner

apple iphone

Germany’s Chaos Computer Club is claiming victory in a contest to see who’d be the first to hack Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint scanning system. The system provides an extra layer of security for Apple’s new iPhone 5S and 5C. A crowdfunded bounty was offered for the first party to hack the system. The bounty was… Read More

Crowdfunded Bounty Offered For Apple Touch ID Hacker


@nickdepetrillo and @ErrataRob on Twitter have written a script that is amassing crowdfunding pledges made via tweets. The goal: incentivize hackers to hack the new Apple iPhone’s fingerprint scanner. All I ask is a video of the process from print, lift, reproduction and successful unlock with reproduced print. I’ll put money on this. — NickDe… Read More

iDoorCam Crosses Half A Million In Funding On Indiegogo For Smart Home Doorbell


The iDoorCam has raised over $500,000 on Indiegogo for a smart home device that alerts owners when a visitor is at the door and allows them to interact with visitors from their smartphones. The flexible funding campaign has five days left before ending. Over 3,700 backers have chipped in to date, and all but 81… Read More

On Kickstarter: iSketchnote For iPad Links Pen And Paper To Your Tablet


The iSketchnote for the iPad launched a Kickstarter campaign today seeking $35,000 in funding, and the campaign has already reached over $20,000 in pledges. With one look at the device it is easy to see why. The iSketchnote is a drawing pad that links directly to an iPad via an app. The device promises the… Read More