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SyndicateRoom: £7 Billion in Wealth Creation for Investors in Early Stage Companies in 2017


SyndicateRoom has released research that indicates up to £7 billion in wealth creation will occur in 2017 for individuals investing in early stage companies – undeterred by Brexit fallout. Of course past results are no guarantee of future returns but the findings are positive for… Read More

Beauhurst: UK Crowdfunding Platforms Experience “Record Drop” of 20% in Q3


UK research firm Beauhurst is out with their Q3 report on equity investment  in non-listed UK firms. The authoris state that equity funding rounds continues to fall delivering three consecutive quarters of decline. According to the Deal report, there are three different reasons for the… Read More

British Business Bank Report: £3.5 Billion Goes to Equity in SMEs During 2015

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Access to capital is imperative for SME growth. Small companies need debt and equity finance to hire employees and pursue strategies to expand operations.  A vibrant equity ecosystem is imperative for early stage companies as typically it is more challenging to access debt finance. In… Read More

Seedrs Dubbed No. 1 Investor in UK’s Private Companies By Beauhurst

Jeff Lynn

Earlier this week, Beauhurst released its latest study on the equity investment into UK startups and high-growth companies. Although startup investments fell 44% in Q1 2016 compared with the same quarter in 2015, the research firm explained that total amount invested grew slightly to above £1bn in a… Read More

Beauhurst’s UK Equity Investment in Startups Study Reveals: “Data Shows The Future is Unclear” (Infographic)

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On Tuesday, UK research firm Beauhurst released its research about equity investment into UK startups and high-growth companies. The company reported the data, which was conducted from January 1st to March 31st of 2016, shows the future is unclear for startup investment in the UK. Total deal numbers… Read More

Brief: Beauhurst’s New Report Reveals the Number of UK Private Equity-Back Fundraisings Fell By 11% in 2015

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Last week, UK research firm Beauhurst announced that its latest research revealed that the number of UK private equity-backed fundraisings fell by 11% in 2015 with yearly deal figures reportedly dropping from 488 to 441. The company stated: “Looking at our data, we can see that private… Read More

Equity Crowdfunding Now Most Active Investor Type in UK High-Growth Company Funding

Crowdfunding  vs PE & VC UK

Beauhurst, a leading provider of data on high-growth UK companies, released “The Deal” its 2015/2016 report on equity fundraising for UK private fast-growth companies. Crowdfunding emerges as a leading force in seed investing and is expected to become one in growth investing as its average… Read More

Brief: Beauhurst Dubs Crowdcube “Most Active Investor” of 2015

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UK research firm Beauhurst announced this week it has named equity crowdfunding platform Crowdcube most active investor of 2015. According to the latest independent report The Deal 2015/2016, Crowdcube reportedly saw its crowd make over 63,500 investments to the tune of 83 million, funding 166… Read More

Cheers! Seedrs CEO Jeff Lynn Celebrates £100M Invested in Early-Stage and Growth Businesses

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“As the first regulated equity crowdfunding platform in the world, Seedrs has always focused on doing equity crowdfunding the right way. Our mission is to build a sustainable industry with a business approach focused on a combination of scale and professionalism. We create a world-class… Read More

How Risky is Equity Crowdfunding? Beauhurst Has Answers

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UK research firm Beauhurst has compiled some interesting data regarding the success, or failure rate, of issuers raising capital via equity crowdfunding. The UK is the most developed country in the world when it comes to raising capital online.  But the real results will inevitably… Read More

Brief: Beauhurst Names Crowdcube Most Prolific Investor

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On Tuesday, UK equity crowdfunding platform, Crowdcube, announced that it was named most prolific investor by research firm, Beauhurst. The website stated: “According to Beauhurst’s recent report into the growth the e-commerce sector, Crowdcube have made the most investments, by deal numbers, into this sector during 2015…. Read More

Brief: Beauhurst Dubs Crowdcube As Top Equity Investor

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On Thursday, equity crowdfunding platform Crowdcube announced that research firm Beauhurst has dubbed it top equity investor. The UK platform stated: “In their review of equity investment in the third quarter of 2015, Beauhurst, the provider of deep data on growing companies, have declared Crowdcube… Read More

Crowdsurfer Data Released: Crowdcube Leads UK’s Investment Crowdfunding Market

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Crowdcube Shares 2015 Highlights To Date: Closing in on both £100M Successfully Invested and 200,000 in Investor Community As Crowdcube inches closer to £100m successfully invested through the site and an impressive £45M invested so far this year, new data from Crowdsurfer, an independent crowdfunding… Read More

Report: If You Crowdfund Your Company, You Keep More of Your Equity

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According to a report published by Beauhurst, companies that utilize equity crowdfunding end up selling a smaller stake in their company to shareholders. The document compared equity crowdfunding platforms in the UK to their counterpart Angel and VC groups.  The difference between traditional finance and… Read More

The Big Boys Say Crowdfunding is a Drop in the Ocean: And They’re Right

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Crowdfunding ­is ‘hot & happening’. So ‘hot & happening’ in fact, that a lot of valid criticism, however badly formulated at times, is discarded. One of the points made that is taken as an outright insult, is the mention that “Crowdfunding is just a drop… Read More

Beauhurst: UK Equity Investments Set New Record for 2014

Beauhurst Record Breaking Quarter

UK Research firm Beauhurst has tallied up another record breaking quarter for equity investments in companies.  Beauhurst has been compiling data on non publicly traded investments – thus largely early stage investments from PE, VCs, angels and investment crowdfunding platforms.  According to their data, 2014… Read More