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Craft Brewery Uses Equity Crowdfunding to Finance Startup

Serious Beer Not for Serious People

Sori Brewing, a Finish – Estonian startup craft brewery, is going the equity crowdfunding path to finance their small company.  Following the lead of pioneer trailblazer BrewDogs – who famously could not find money to expand their business,  the young company raised over €100,000 their first week.  In a recent update that number had surpassed  €360,000…. Read More

Michigan’s First Investment Crowdfunding Candidate Is Tecumseh Brewing Co.


The Michigan Invests Locally Exemption, or MILE for short, has its first potential benefactor. Tecumseh Brewing Co. will seek cash from the crowd in exchange for a revenue share in a bid to launch operations in Tecumseh, Michigan. The two cofounders, Tim Schmidt and Kyle DeWitt, were profiled in the Tecumseh Herald. The two met while working… Read More

BeerBods: Fastest Pitch Ever on Crowdcube

Drink Better Beer BeerBods

Crowdfunding in 36 Hours, BeerBods Raises £150,000 Mostly From Customers. BeerBods is an online beer club and subscription service, based in Worcestershire, United Kingdom. They have now claimed the title of the fastest pitch to fund on Crowdcube equity crowdfunding platform. 101 investors put in £150,000 in 36 hours, overfunding the pitch by 150%.  The… Read More

BeerBods Raises £100,000 in First Day on Crowdcube

BeerBods Team

BeerBods, a company that delivers 12 beers to subscribers every 12 weeks, quickly raised their £100,000 crowdfunding goal in just one day and then continued over-funding hitting £150,000 in the next twelve hours. Launched in 2012, BeerBod’s original intent was to offer 15% equity in the business but ended up selling 22.5% of the small… Read More

BrewDog Sells Out #EquityForPunks Shares, Raises £4.25M Total

Equity for Punk BrewDog Founders

Like furbies and turtles toys before them, our #EquityForPunks shares sold out the week before Christmas. To all our new punks – welcome! — BrewDog (@brewdog) December 21, 2013 Our own JD Alois wasn’t kidding when he said last call. Less than 48 hours later BrewDog reported that all remaining shares in their #EquityForPunks campaign… Read More

Last Call for Equity for Punks in BrewDog Brewery

DogWired from BrewDog

BrewDog’s investment crowdfunding campaign “Equity for Punks” is nearing a close. BrewDog has issues a last call for investors as they are down to the last 2% of shares available for this funding round. The Scottish craft brewery raised their funding amount in November to £4.25 Million from £4 Million as demand for shares, along… Read More

BrewDog Approaches Open Of Tokyo Bar, Issues Open Letter To Chinese Knockoff Pub

Love the Beer Own the Company BrewDog

BrewDog is in the midst of an extremely aggressive period of growth now that the Scottish brewery has managed to raise millions of euros via equity crowdfunding raises. The latest expansion project for the brewery is a BrewDog bar in the Roppongi district of Tokyo, which is slated to open in March of 2014. This… Read More

Arran Brewery Will Follow BrewDog’s Lead, Plans Equity Crowdfunding Raise

arran brewery

BrewDog may have started a trend among Scottish breweries. Arran Brewery is now planning an equity crowdfunding raise to launch sometime this month. Arran Brewery wants to turn to the crowd to raise capital in order to fund a push that would include a hotel, brewery and visitor center in Perthshire. Eventually the group would… Read More

Brewdog Brewery Raises Crowdfunding Target To Keep Up With Demand

Love the Beer Own the Company BrewDog

The Scottish beer craftsmen at Brewdog Brewery are currently in the midst of a £4 million equity crowdfunding campaign, offering 3.6% equity in exchange for funding from the crowd. The brewery recently announced that they have raised £3.7 million of that and the campaign is on it’s way to being oversubscribed. In response, BrewDog is extending their… Read More

Emerald City Beer Company Offers Equity via Crowdfunding Platform CrowdBrewed

Emerald City Beer

First Ever “Equity” Crowdfunding Campaign for USA Brewery CrowdBrewed has announced their first equity offering for a brewery – Emerald City Beer Company (ECB) located in Seattle, Washington.   Founded in 2010, ECB is fanatical about creating a Seattle style lager.  Founder / Brewmaster Rick Hewitt has been brewing since 2005 during his years at… Read More

BrewDog A Case Study In Hopes For JOBS Act, Crowdfunding

Love the Beer Own the Company BrewDog

We’ve been reporting on BrewDog brewery ever since the Scottish brewery startup launched a hybrid equity/rewards crowdfunding effort in June of this year. That effort, entitled “Equity for Punks,” netted BrewDog over £1 million in capital in 24 hours. If you’re a clever canine and are doing your Christmas shopping early, how about buying someone… Read More

PicoBrew Successfully Raises Funds for Beer Brewing Appliance

Pico Brew

With more than two weeks left in their crowdfunding campaign on KickstAfter, the team at PicoBrew have a solid success.  With the initial goal set at $150,000 they have more than doubled that amount.   The product has been over 3 years in development for the first automatic all-grain beer brewing appliance, called the Zymatic…. Read More

CraftFund Crowdfunding Platform Prepares Site for Equity Offerings


CraftFund is a niche equity crowdfunding platform focused exclusively on the craft beer and food industries. Breweries and food companies may now being building their profile pages on the CraftFund crowdfunding platform.  As CraftFund continues in their holding patter while the SEC continues to delay final regulation on “popular” crowdfunding, the site hopes to capture… Read More

CrowdBrewed Crowdfunding Campaign J Wakefield Hits Goal in Less than 2 Days

Team J Wakefield Brewing

Johnathan Wakefield has been making unique craft beers since 2007.  Now he wants to take his passion to the next level and he has launched a crowdfunding campaign to achieve that dream. The J Wakefield Brewing campaign is crowdfunding on CrowdBrewed, a crowdfunding platform dedicated to beer.  The campaign to raise $55,000 was launched on September 9th… Read More

BrewDog Crowdfunds Equity of £3 Million out of £4 Million Target with Months Remaining

BrewDog Sells Shares to Beer Fans

In just over two months Scottish brewery BrewDog has raised £3 Million on Goal of £4 Million.  Crowdfunding Round Closes in January. Craft brewery BrewDog started in 2007 with just 2 employees and a dream.  The firm was driven by two young fearless entrepreneurs determined to create a different type of company.  A brewery that… Read More

Crowdfunding on Equity Platform Crowdcube, Fleur Emery from Green & Pleasant (Video)

Crowdfunding with Crowdcube

Below is a brief video from Fleur Emery from Green & Pleasant, brewers of all-natural, craft-brewed lager and lemon shandy.  Fleur shares here experience with crowdfunding on Crowdcube.  Earlier this year the campaign raised over £122,000 in equity on the investment crowdfunding platform. The crowdfunding campaign raised the funds from 56 investors which will now own 30%… Read More

Brewdog Brewery Reported to Have Raised £1 Million in First 24 Hours

Buy Shares Now Brew Dog

BrewDog Brewery which has launched a crowdfunded equity offering on their web site attempting to raise £4 Million in new equity has been reported to have raised £1 Million in the first 24 hours of the campaign.  The offering, titled “Equity for Punks” is scheduled to run until January of 2014 but if this pace… Read More

BrewDog Brewery To Offer Shares Direct to The Public in Crowdfunded Offering

Punk IPA

“Equity for Punks” Targets £4 Million in Equity. In 2007 BrewDog, located in Aberdeenshire in the United Kingdom, had two employees – not counting the dog.  The two founders, James Watt and Martin Dickie (and sole shareholders) were dedicated beer aficionados who were tired of the industrially produced lagers and ales – and they decided… Read More

Crowdfunding Eases Cash Crunch for Arkansas Startups


The Internet is profoundly democratic, lowercase “d.” Anyone with computer access can publish a book, hawk his collection of vintage duck decoys, provide advice on holistic healing. Crowdfunding, enabled by the Internet, promises as profound a shift: Anyone can become a venture capitalist and anyone can solicit those would-be capitalists to support his startup dreams…. Read More

Brewery Investment Crowdfunding – CraftFund


CraftFund Launches New Website  to invest in Breweries with Crowdfunding CraftFund, announced the launch of a new website that seeks to form a disruptive community of craft beer investors. The craft beer industry has experienced double digit growth the past several years during a time when the overall beer market has contracted. Despite this growth,… Read More