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Fireman’s Brew Announces New Stock Offering for Accredited Investors, Joins Innovative Equity Crowdfunding Platform FlashFunders

Fireman's Brew 4

Fireman’s Brew, a Los Angeles-based craft beer company founded by two firefighters, today announced that it has released a new private offering of stock, available through equity crowdfunding platform, FlashFunders. In accordance with the JOBS ACT and exempt from registration under Rule 506(C), the company is offering up to 4,803,843 shares ($1.249/share) of Flash Seed Preferred stock, with… Read More

Indiegogo-Success Stone Brewing Company Announces Columbus-Only Beer as a “Thank You” For Welcoming Them

Stone Brewing Company

During this past summer, Escondido, California-based Stone Brewing Company hit Indiegogo to raise $1,000,000 for expansion of its amazing beer. During its run, from July 19th to August 29th, the project raised $2,531,775 through nearly 14,000 backers.  Not only did it become extremely successful, the campaign also became one of the most funded on the… Read More

Renaissance Brewing Equity Crowdfunding on Snowball Effect (Infographic)

Renaissance Brewing Snowball Effect

Equity crowdfunding rifled out of the gate in New Zealand with one of the most popular sectors to utilize the new form of raising capital:  Beer.  Renaissance Brewing, founded by iconoclastic Americans who decided to set up a brewery in the land of the Kiwi made NZ history when they launched their funding round on… Read More

CraftFund is Live with Investment Crowdfunding in Wisconsin

David Dupee

CraftFund is now offering investment opportunities in Wisconsin.  CraftFund has been a trailblazer in the crowdfunding space.  Management set up shop early positioning the platform to offer rewards based campaigns but anticipating the opportunity to offer investment crowdfunding once laws were rationalized.  Now with Wisconsin having finalized their intrastate crowdfunding exemption, CraftFund is opened for… Read More

Stone Brewing Company Ends Indiegogo Run at $2.5M; Breaks Record

Stone Brewing Company

Ending its run on Indiegogo on an exciting note, California-based Stone Brewing Company reached $2,532,211 from 13,979 backers. Not only did it surpass its initial $1M goal, the campaign managed to break the crowdfunding giant’s record for most contributions to any campaign in the platform’s history. During its final update, the campaign’s organizers wrote, “We… Read More

Stone Brewing Company Pushes Past $2M on Indiegogo

Stone Brewing Company

With less than a week and a half left crowdfunding on Indiegogo, California-based Stone Brewing Company has reached another huge milestone pushing past $2 million with the support of over 12,000 backers. The brewery’s flexible funding campaign was launched last month with an initial goal of $1 million for its groundbreaking collaborations. The adult beverage company embarked… Read More

First New Zealand Offer, Renaissance Brewing, Nears Equity Crowdfunding Goal

Back A Kiwi Business Renaissance Brewing

The very first company in New Zealand to take advantage of the new Kiwi exemption that legalized equity crowdfunding – Renaissance Brewing  - has issued the last call for shares.  The offer has been live on Snowball Effect for just over a week and stands at over 90% funded.  In a note to followers Renaissance… Read More

Stone Brewing Company Jumps Over $230,000 in One Week of Crowdfunding

Stone Brewing Company 2

California-based Stone Brewing Company announced the launch of a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to raise a million dollars last week. Stone stated they want to be the first “craft brewer” Within the first seven days, the project has raised over $230,704 from more than 2200 backers.  The flexible funding campaign is hoping to raise $1 million. The… Read More

Stone Brewing is Crowdfunding to Become 1st American Craft Brewer to Operate a Brewery in Europe

Stone Brewing Logo

There have been more than a few crowdfunding campaigns to help finance a brewery.  One of the largest equity crowdfunding campaigns ever was the Equity for Punks campaign that came from BrewDog in Scotland.  Well now the United States may have their very own iconic brewing campaign in the form of Stone Brewing company who… Read More

Daughter of Brewer Launches Campaign to Bring Back Famous American Ale

New Albion Brewery Company

Cleveland, Ohio resident Renee DeLuca has launched a crowdfunding campaign on CrowdBrewed to resurrect the New Albion Brewing Company’s iconic American ale. The project is seeking to raise $75,000 to contract-brew the original recipe. The campaign’s website reads, “The very first American Ale, New Albion has a deep gold appearance. Its subtle malt character complements… Read More

Crowdfunding Mailbox: Discov3ry 3D Print with Anything, Brewbarrel & Mistover Tale

Discov3ry Extruder

Two tech campaigns, and one truly independent film, our part of  this weeks’  mailbox. First up is Discov3y Extruder “Do more than ever with your 3D printer”.  Now I must admit that there is so much press these days on 3D printers that you start to assume every household has one in every room of… Read More

Brewery Becomes First Wisconsin Company to Use Equity Crowdfunding Platform


Madison-based brewer is ready to make history! MobCraft Inc, known for polling and producing popular beer recipes, is now working through CraftFund for an equity crowdfunding campaign. CraftFund LLC was certified as Wisconsin’s very first equity crowdfunding platform under the new exemption that allows businesses to raise money from the public through the Internet. In… Read More

Renaissance Brewing Preps for Equity Crowdfunding in New Zealand

Back A Kiwi Business Renaissance Brewing

Equity crowdfunding has just been announced in the land of the Kiwi’s, but already companies are gearing up to use the innovative methodology of capital formation. Malborough based Renaissance Brewing has recently announced they are prepping to launch a campaign to raise capital with Auckland based Snowball Effect.  The new platform has joined the growing global… Read More

“Bills And Brews” Funded On Kickstarter, Will Interview American Politicians Over A Beer

bills and brews

Bills and Brews is a new web series that aims to humanize American politicians by interviewing them in an interesting scenario, that being over a glass of beer from American craft breweries. It’s been widely-publicized that the craft brewing industry is taking off here in the US, so what better way to get politicians off… Read More

Craft Brewery Uses Equity Crowdfunding to Finance Startup

Serious Beer Not for Serious People

Sori Brewing, a Finish – Estonian startup craft brewery, is going the equity crowdfunding path to finance their small company.  Following the lead of pioneer trailblazer BrewDogs – who famously could not find money to expand their business,  the young company raised over €100,000 their first week.  In a recent update that number had surpassed  €360,000…. Read More

Michigan’s First Investment Crowdfunding Candidate Is Tecumseh Brewing Co.


The Michigan Invests Locally Exemption, or MILE for short, has its first potential benefactor. Tecumseh Brewing Co. will seek cash from the crowd in exchange for a revenue share in a bid to launch operations in Tecumseh, Michigan. The two cofounders, Tim Schmidt and Kyle DeWitt, were profiled in the Tecumseh Herald. The two met while working… Read More

BeerBods: Fastest Pitch Ever on Crowdcube

Drink Better Beer BeerBods

Crowdfunding in 36 Hours, BeerBods Raises £150,000 Mostly From Customers. BeerBods is an online beer club and subscription service, based in Worcestershire, United Kingdom. They have now claimed the title of the fastest pitch to fund on Crowdcube equity crowdfunding platform. 101 investors put in £150,000 in 36 hours, overfunding the pitch by 150%.  The… Read More

BeerBods Raises £100,000 in First Day on Crowdcube

BeerBods Team

BeerBods, a company that delivers 12 beers to subscribers every 12 weeks, quickly raised their £100,000 crowdfunding goal in just one day and then continued over-funding hitting £150,000 in the next twelve hours. Launched in 2012, BeerBod’s original intent was to offer 15% equity in the business but ended up selling 22.5% of the small… Read More

BrewDog Sells Out #EquityForPunks Shares, Raises £4.25M Total

Equity for Punk BrewDog Founders

Like furbies and turtles toys before them, our #EquityForPunks shares sold out the week before Christmas. To all our new punks – welcome! — BrewDog (@brewdog) December 21, 2013 Our own JD Alois wasn’t kidding when he said last call. Less than 48 hours later BrewDog reported that all remaining shares in their #EquityForPunks campaign… Read More

Last Call for Equity for Punks in BrewDog Brewery

DogWired from BrewDog

BrewDog’s investment crowdfunding campaign “Equity for Punks” is nearing a close. BrewDog has issues a last call for investors as they are down to the last 2% of shares available for this funding round. The Scottish craft brewery raised their funding amount in November to £4.25 Million from £4 Million as demand for shares, along… Read More