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CrowdfundSuite, Funding Solutions for Business, Launched by Former Fundrazr Executive


CrowdfundSuite is a new funding hub that has been launched to enable both existing crowdfunding channel players and interested private capital industry stakeholders to successfully navigate and profit from the exploding Alternative Funding sector. CrowdfundSuite seeks to provide platform access, services and education across the spectrum of rewards, debt and equity crowdfunding models.  CrowdfundSuite was… Read More

Morgentaler Abortion Clinic Beats $100,000 Goal But Will Still Shut Down

Kathleen Pye

Canadian-based Morgentaler Abortion Clinic may have surpassed its crowdfunding campaign goal on Fundrazr of $100,000 to keep its doors open in its New Brunswick location, but the organizers have announced the center will be closing its doors on Friday (July 19th) after all. As previously reported, the Morgentaler Clinic announced in April it would be closing… Read More

Smart Crowdfunding Launches Crowd-Fund-Kids Platform

crowd fund kids

Smart Crowdfunding LLC has brought mainstream crowdfunding to the younger generation. Their new platform, Crowd-Fund-Kids, launched in July 2014, and will initially be available in four countries: United States, United Kingdom, Ireland and Canada.  However, they plan on expanding their platform into more countries in the near future.  Crowd-Fund-Kids will not only give young entrepreneurs a forum for introducing their ideas… Read More

Crowdfunding – Igniting Entrepreneurship in Canada!

 Crowdfunding – Igniting Entrepreneurship in Canada! European Union Chamber of Commerce | Marie Larsson | July 3, 2014   Speaker: Craig Asano,  Executive Director & Founder, National Crowdfunding Association of Canada (NCFA Canada) Crowdfunding is an innovative way to access start up funds for new projects and companies. It shifts the capital-raising landscape for smaller operations and… Read More

GreedyGiver Launches Perk Marketplace for Crowdfunding Campaigns


Canadian-based crowdfunding platform GreedyGiver has launched a new program called the Perk Marketplace. It is estimated that 70% of all crowdfunding campaigns fail to reach their target goal due to a variety of reasons such as the inability to tell a compelling story or lack or reach. But one of the biggest reasons they fail is due… Read More

New Brunswick’s Morgentaler Abortion Clinic Raises Over $77,000 During the First Week of Campaign

Morgentaler Clinic 2

Hoping to stop the closing of the only private abortion clinic in the Maritimes, Fredericton-based Morgentaler Clinic launched a crowdfunding campaign on FundRazr to raise $100,000. Within a week and a half, the project has surpassed half of its goal. According to The Star, the Morgentaler Clinic announced in April it would be closing its… Read More

Fundrazr: Potato Salad Kickstarter Funds Could Be Used to Change Lives (Infographic)


The Potato Salad Kickstarter campaign has quickly become an internet meme and will soon become an urban legend.  The thought that a $10 crowdfunding campaign to make … Potato Salad.. could raise over $40,000 (and depending on the time and day much more) is pretty crazy.  Now I don’t think anyone holds it against Zack… Read More

British Columbia Child Raises $50,000 For Best Friend’s Operation

Quinn Callender

Stepping up to help a love one in need, 7-year-old Quinn Callender has launched a YouCaring campaign to raise funds for his friend Brayden, who has been struggling with a terrible disease known. Although he was only looking to raise $20,000, the British Columbia resident has raised over $50,000 on the platform. Quinn has set… Read More

Indiegogo Pushes New Crowdfunding Mobile App in Canada


Indiegogo has announced a new iPhone app for Canada. This is the first of what is expected to be a global roll out of mobile versions of its funding technology. According to the Globe and Mail, the global crowdfunding company stated Canada was chosen because of the diversity of fundraising campaigns, and the large amount… Read More

Researchers Study Indiegogo’s Flexible or Fixed Crowdfunding

A Crowd of $100 Benjamin Franklin

Every day, entrepreneurs have turned to crowdfunding to fund their new business or product and are given two types of options for the campaign, all-or-nothing and flexible funding, also known as keep-it-all. Both possess great perks, but the key question for each campaign would be which option should it go with? According to Inc., Toronto’s… Read More

Bi-Lingual, Crowdfunded & Radically Mainstream. Ricochet.

Ricochet Judy Rebick

Journalism Crowdfunding Campaign Finds Success on Indiegogo. There have been more than a few crowdfunding campaigns launched in support of independent journalism and frankly many have failed but this one out of Canada just closed and beat their goal on Indiegogo. As most people know, “the media” has been in a bit of a crisis… Read More

Eggshell Resources Selects Optimize Capital Markets to Raise Funds

Eggshell Resources, Inc.

Canada based organic manufacturing company Eggshell Resources, has chosen Optimize Capital Markets to list its equity crowdfunding offering for a total of $3 million in growth capital and product development. Eggshell Resources,  has developed a technology that extracts the protein and calcium from eggshells to produce organic calcium carbonate, a premium quality protein concentrate and… Read More

Kickstarter’s 3D Printing CrowdFunded Projects Shows A Diversity of Locations (Infographic)

3d Printing Projects on Kickstarter

It is an accepted norm that one has to be in Silicon Valley to make it big in an internet startup or New York City to get to the top of the finance industry or Los Angeles for the movie business. One of the reasons for the clustering of industries is because of concentration of… Read More

Crowdtilt Enters Canada Offering Up Their Approach to Crowdfunding


Crowdtilt, a crowdfunding platform that helps users fund experiences, purchases, and causes with help from their friends, family, and extended network, announced today that the San Francisco company is now available to the people of Canada. In just a few weeks, the local Crowdtilt team has seen Canadians tilt (successfully reach their fundraising goal) campaigns… Read More

Kickstarter Campaign Hit’s Goal & Then Fails as Backers Abandon MBLOK

MBLOK Denied on Kickstarter

This is something that doesn’t happen to often. The MBLOK campaign on Kickstarter hit their $120,00 CAD crowdfunding goal last Thursday, June 12th – only to see backers abandon the project as questions arose to the viability of the device. MBLOK, a hardware device we covered earlier this month as it rocketed out of the… Read More

A New Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy – Integrated Corporate Crowdfunding

Corporate Social Responsibility cloud

Large companies operate differently than startups and entrepreneurs, but can still use the same tool – crowdfunding. There is a global push towards Corporate Social Responsibility and creating shared value, which has been embraced by many companies like Cisco, Nestle, and Intel (to name a few), who actually integrate their CSR into everyday decision-making. That… Read More

Mitomics Turns to Optimized Capital Markets for Crowdfunding Round


Mitomics Seeks $5 Million in Equity Crowdfunding on Optimize Capital Markets. Mitomics has positioned their company to be a leaders in the niche market of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) technology. They claim their unique structural and functional characteristic of mtDNA make it a highly sought after system for discovery in biomarking, early disease detection, monitoring, and risk… Read More

Pulsar’s LED Lighting Burnishes Syndicate Room, Quickly Raising 59% of Equity Crowdfunding Campaign Goal

Pulsar  Cambridge Lighting Show

Pulsar Capitalizes on Fast Growing LED Industry. It’s an exciting time for Pulsar, a well-established UK-based manufacturer of LED lighting, which has raised over £356,000 in its equity crowdfunding campaign on Syndicate Room.  A significant portion of funds raised to date, £250,000,  has notably been contributed by Pulsar employees and management. Pulsar seeks to raise… Read More

Canadian Shakespeare Group Seeks Funding After Theatre Fire

Shakespeare by the Sea

Shakespeare by the Sea (SBTS), the Halifax-based theatre group, launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to raise $20k the day after their Point Pleasant Park establishment was damaged by a fire. The unfortunate incident left the exterior and attic completely destroyed and the company is looking to hopefully repair the building before the group’s season kicks… Read More

Dana.io Officially Launches Crowdfunding Platform


Vancouver-based Dana.io, the crowdfunding platform that charges entirely by donations, officially launched on Tuesday morning (May 27th).  Described by founder Alan Clements, a former Buddhist monk in Burma, author and lifelong activist, as a “radical experiment in global transformation,” Dana.io is the world’s first platform to operate exclusively on a voluntary payment model, charging no… Read More