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Chime for Change Crowdfunds Girl’s, Women’s Empowerment

Frida Giannini Chime for Change

Founded By Gucci, Funds 210 Projects In 81 Countries Hosted on crowdfunding platform Catapult, Chime for Change, a global campaign for girls’ and women’s empowerment has announced  that the Sound of Change Live  concert raised $3.9M USD to support projects in the three key focus areas of the  campaign: Education, Health and Justice. Launched in… Read More

Don’t just fret about women’s issues, ‘catapult’ your wallet too

Catapult Where People Fund Real Solutions for Girls and Women

We have all been outraged about violence on women . Question is if we are outraged enough to do something about it.  Arguing about what the government should do and can do is a good intellectual exercise, but perhaps our wallets can also do some talking. Serendipitously enough,  a startup can help you be a… Read More

A Crowdfunding Platform To Boost Organizations Serving Women And Girls

Catapult Change for Women

There is no shortage of quality organizations working on issues related to women and girls, but many are in danger of closing; they raise under half the average amount of what other charities and nonprofits are able to raise. Now there’s a place for these organizations to get some real help from the public–and instead… Read More

Forbes Focuses on Women of Crowdfunding

Candace Klein

In an article from Forbes highlighting 6 Women Entrepreneurs empowering through Crowdfunding the author focuses on six names: Andrea Lo – Founder & CEO of Piggybackr Candace Klein – Founder & CEO of SoMoLend plus Bad Girl Ventures Danae Ringelmann – Founder & COO of Indiegogo Desiree Vargas Wrigley – Co-Founder  & CEO of GiveForward… Read More

Bill and Melinda Gates Advocate Crowdfunding this Holiday Season

Bill and Melinda Gates with Warren and Azim Premji

In an article on The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Blog – called the Impatient Optimists –  the erstwhile “Bill and Melinda” have selected the 5 “Tech Savy”ways to give this Holiday Season.  And as we all know – no Holiday Season could be complete without a dosage of Crowdfunding.  At least the Charitable sort…. Read More

Donate on the New Crowdfunding Site for Women and Girls

Have you heard of Catapult? It’s a new crowdfunding web site where all dollars donated go specifically to programs that benefit women and girls; not to overhead or salaries, but to the specific programs you choose to donate to. I have been periodically giving to projects in Africa and Asia found on Catapult that accommodate and care… Read More

Crowd funding: a new site directs money towards women’s rights

Catapult Change for Women

Catapult is the first “crowd funding” site – where people make small donations to ideas they like – dedicated to helping young girls and women. Four weeks in, Emma Sinclair looks at the growth of the financing concept which says goodbye to the millioniare backer. Crowd funding has completely changed the start-up financing landscape. It… Read More

Catapult: Crowdfunding for Women

  A new crowdfunding platform Catapult, will launch later this month to finance projects for the advancement of women and girls around the world. Since accountability is big a concern in development work, Catapult aims to remedy this by channeling 100 percent of donations directly to the registered projects. For the sake of transparency, projects will… Read More