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Boost Your Credit Score By Playing Online Games? China Rapid Finance, P2P lender, Rates Creditworthiness Based On Social Media Use

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    Boost your credit score by social networking and playing online games? Don’t hit the “Back” button–this isn’t clickbait. Instead, it’s what China Rapid Finance, one of China’s largest peer-to-peer lending sites, believes–they’ve just rated 50 million Chinese consumers for creditworthiness using social networking and… Read More

CoAssets Looks to Expand in Malaysia

Malaysia Coin Ringit

Real estate crowdfunding platform CoAssets is looking to set up shop in neighboring Malaysia.  Earlier this year Malaysian securities authorities announced the approval of 6 investment crowdfunding platforms but CoAssets, based in Singapore, was not on the list.  Denied at the time,  CoAssets is currently… Read More

How Will the Global Turmoil Affect Crowdfunding?

China Boat Junk Featured

Hold the front page – the Chinese economy is slowing down. Who didn’t see that one coming? In an age of intertwined economies, extreme volatility in China is being exported globally. Calamity across the Chinese commodity markets this week is having largely foreseen global consequences…. Read More

P2P Lender Dianrong Receives $207 Million Investment led by Standard Chartered

Dianrong Bank of Tomorrow

Dianrong, a Chinese peer to peer lending platform, has received a new funding round in the amount of $207 million led by Standard Chartered with  participation from China Fintech Fund and Bohai Leasing.  The Series C funding was declared the largest ever for the direct… Read More

Chinese 3D Printer Maker Zhuhai CTC Electronic Pulls the Plug on Kickstarter Initiative


Chinese 3D printer manufacturer, Zhuhai CTC Electronic Co., Ltd. (CTC), has announced the cancelation of its Formaker all-in-one project on reward-based crowdfunding platform Kickstarter despite the initial success of the project, creating a big buzz across the industry. The Formaker, which debuted on Kickstarter at a… Read More

China Looks to Crowdfunding to Finance Clean Energy

Sun Solar Sunset Boat

Developer of solar projects Kong Sun Holdings based in Hong Kong went to the banks to finance a project in Mongolia.  Banks said no thanks so Kong Sun went online and raised a $161 million loan from Solarbao.  This is according to a recent report… Read More

China P2P Lending Said to “Surge” in First Half of 2015

China Yuan Renmibi

According to a recent report, transaction volume from internet lending platforms, including peer to peer lending, has surged to a record 300.6 billion yuan (approximately $47 billion) in China.  This number tops a comparative total for all of 2014 that was tallied at 252.8 billion… Read More

CoAssets’ Singapore Domiciled Crowdfunding Deal “Mountbatten Lights” Successfully Raises S$500,000


Australian listed crowdfunding platform CoAssets Limited (“CoAssets” or the “Company”) (NSX code: CAX), confirmed on Monday that it has successfully crowdfunded the platform’s first Singapore-based real estate project.  Launched on July 1st, Mountbatten Lights, a boutique cluster bungalow development, managed to raise S$500,000 from more than… Read More

OurCrowd Sees Several Chinese Delegations Each Week Looking to Invest (Video)

Jon Medved China

Global investment crowdfunding platform OurCrowd is apparently a bit of a magnet when it comes to Asian money seeking investment opportunities.  OurCrowd CEO and founder Jon Medved visited the studios of Bloomberg this past week and stated “we are seeing in our offices alone several… Read More

Brief: Migang & Tianan Property Insurance Form Partnership

Migang China

Chinese peer to peer lender Migang has formed a strategic partnership with Tianan Property Insurance to provide additional security to customers. According to a report in China News, Cao Xiaofeng, Chairman of Migang, said; “Risk control has been a challenge for P2P sector, and we… Read More

In China, ‘Finding The Right Balance Between Financial Reform And Risk Prevention Will Be One Of The Most Important Issues Of Our Time’

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  “Finding the right balance between financial reform and risk prevention will be one of the most important issues of our time,” writes Ruizhe Zhang of Dagong Global Credit Rating Co Ltd, in a recent China Daily op-ed on ECNS. Following the release of Internet finance guidelines… Read More

China Supreme Court Weighs in on P2P Lending Liability


The China Supreme Court released a judicial interpretation regarding liability for loans gone bad originated on peer to peer lending platforms. The court has stated that while borrowers receive funds via the platforms these intermediaries are not required to guarantee the loans and should not be held… Read More

Equitise Launches Equity Crowdfunding Offer for Dongfang Modern’s IPO on the ASX

Dongfang Modern on Equitise

In the fast changing world of equity crowdfunding Equitise, with offices in both New Zealand and Australia, is charting new territory with a “ground breaking” offer to partially crowdfund an initial public offering (IPO) on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX).  This is another sign of the… Read More

Jibo, Inc. Raises $11M in Series A Extension Financing

Jibo 2

Jibo, Inc., the company behind Indiegogo success family robot, Jibo, has closed $11M in a Series A extension round with strategic investors from Taiwan, Japan, Korea and China. Participating investors include: Acer (Taiwan) – Established in 1976, Acer is a hardware + software + services company… Read More

FinTech Investor Renren Endures Period of Turmoil as it Attempts to Go Private

China Lion

Renren, a Chinese social media platform and significant investor in disruptive finance, is going through a period of turmoil.  On July 31st acting Chief Financial Officer, Mr. Ashley Law Kwok Wai, resigned from his position at the company to “pursue another career opportunity”. Around the same time… Read More

China Central Bank Defends Online Payment Rules, Critics See Rules Stifling Industry Innovation

China Yuan Renmibi

“China’s central bank has moved to defend draft rules that would force online payment processors to channel large payments through traditional bank accounts, a requirement that industry observers say will stifle innovation while protecting the interests of incumbent banks,” reported FT’s Gabriel Wildau. “The People’s Bank of China… Read More

Global Real Estate Crowdfunding Site Wealth Migrate Looks to Asia for Rapid Expansion

Wealth Migrate China

Scott Picken is based in South Africa but he clearly thinks big when considering the addressable market for his real estate crowdfunding platform Wealth Migrate. It is his opinion that banking, insurance, real estate – basically all aspects of finance –  will be revolutionized by… Read More

Alibaba Hires Former Goldman Vice Chairman as President of Alibaba Group

Michael Evans

Alibaba continues to expand its strategic push into financial services with the significant hire of Michael Evans as President of Alibaba Group. According to the company, Evans will direct international growth strategy for the fast growing internet conglomerate.  Evans was already a member of the… Read More