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Ai Weiwei Secretly Shot A Sci-Fi Film And It’s Funding On Kickstarter


Chinese artist and cultural activist Ai Weiwei is at the center of a currently-running Kickstarter campaign seeking funding for an upcoming sci-fi film. Shot in secret, The Sand Storm has already met a goal of $33,000 and seems set to eclipse that by orders of magnitude as funding continues for the better part of the… Read More

HWTrek Asia Innovation Tour Kicks Off

Participating Creators HWTrek Asia Innovation Tour

Taiwan based HWTrek, a global community for digital electronics, has kicked off its inaugural Asia Innovation Tour which features networking opportunities with billion-dollar hardware manufacturers and technology giants in Taiwan and mainland China. Organized with startups in mind, the tour started in Taipei, Taiwan, with visits to prominent manufacturers Pronology, Qisda, Quanta, Wistron and supplier… Read More

P2P Questions in China Indicate Need for Regulation


In a story recently filed by Chinese state press agency Xinhua, questions arose about the growing business of peer-to-peer (P2P) lending. Apparently over 70 P2P crowdfunding platforms collapsed last year, around 60 in the fourth quarter. The dramatic increase in failures has alerted investors, along with regulators, to the enormous potential for default accompanying promised… Read More

Alibaba Enters Entertainment Crowdfunding Arena With New Financing Play


Alibaba.com is a giant in China, and the company has now launched a crowdfunding play for entertainment-related projects. It’s called Yu Le Bao, or “Entertainment Treasure,” and it allows anyone to invest in entertainment projects like films and games in amounts as little as 100 yuan, or approximately $16. According to IBTimes, Alibaba Group is rumored… Read More

HWTrek Hosts Innovation Tour, Offers 15 Creators Expense Free Trip

HWTrek Logo

HWTrek, a crowdfunding site and digital community for digital electronics, is now accepting applications for its HWTrek Asia Innovation Tour, taking place April 8-9, 2014 in Taipei and April 11-12, 2014 in Beijing, China. The tour will offer hardware creators and startup organizations across the globe an opportunity to become better acquainted with the ecosystem… Read More

Pozible Now Crowdfunding in China

Pozible China

Australia based crowdfunding platform Pozible has opened their doors in the most populous country in the world.  Having recently launched country specific iterations of their crowdfunding portal in Singapore, Pozible has now launched a Mandarin version powered by an international team to support project creators in China.  Pozible hopes to facilitate engagement between Chinese based… Read More

HWTrek Supports Hardware Competition in China

HardEggs hardware Developer Poroject

Hardware crowdfunding platform HWTrek (Hardware Trek),  will be participating along with experts from leading global entities at the Hardeggs iFuture Hardware Competition in Beijing, China on March 14, 2014. Focused on the innovative hardware trend and implementing hardware-software combinations, this event integrates world-class resources in the areas of electronic manufacturing, Internet and media to help… Read More

Spicy Horse Taken At Their Word On $1.7 Million Akaneiro Loss


Shanghai-based video game development shop Spicy Horse and leader American McGee are fairly well known in the world of crowdfunding. The outfit has three Kickstarter campaigns under its belt. Two have succeeded while funding for a third was cancelled. The first of these projects to be successfully funded is Akaneiro, an action RPG with a Little… Read More

The Single Most Important Piece Of Advice For A Small-Time Kickstarter Project

yes man watches

For every Pebble or Ouya there are hundreds of smaller Kickstarter projects that fight to be recognized and garner funding. One such campaign launched this week for Yes Man Watches, watches that aim to provide a reminder to relax. Yes Man isn’t used in the context of being that guy or gal that agrees with… Read More

On DemoHour: OneCard Is The Chinese “Coin,” Already Fully-Funded


Edit: two cards to rule them all. Coin aims to be the “one card to rule them all,” a credit-card-sized device that can store info from and act as any credit or debit card in the owner’s wallet. The associated crowdfunding campaign is still active today, and the plan is to begin shipping Coins to… Read More

BrewDog Approaches Open Of Tokyo Bar, Issues Open Letter To Chinese Knockoff Pub

Love the Beer Own the Company BrewDog

BrewDog is in the midst of an extremely aggressive period of growth now that the Scottish brewery has managed to raise millions of euros via equity crowdfunding raises. The latest expansion project for the brewery is a BrewDog bar in the Roppongi district of Tokyo, which is slated to open in March of 2014. This… Read More

#Crowdfunding News Roundup: November 19, 2013


Joystiq | Game dev story: The final, agonizing moments of a Kickstarter campaign Ever wonder what it is like to run a live crowdfunding campaign? According to Steve Swink, the answer is that “administering a Kickstarter was seriously brutal business.” Through a lot of hard work and perseverance he secured over $100,000 for Scale on… Read More

#Crowdfunding News Roundup: November 12, 2013


The Guardian | The problem with anti-rape underwear AR Wear’s crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo has certainly sparked a lot of controversy. Here The Guardian‘s Women’s Blog likens these anti-rape garments to a “modern-day chastity belt.” The piece goes a long way toward describing some of the vitriol that has met this campaign. Forbes | Kickstarter And The Shipping… Read More

HWTrek Set to Innovate Crowdfunding for Hardware

Crowdfunding on HWTrek

Tech is very hot in the crowdfunding world these days.  Devices like the ōllo clip, Pebble Smartwatch and Ouya game console have proven the power of crowdfunding a product – from concept to shipped reality.  Many successful hardware products are conceived and engineered in the United States today. Unfortunately few are actually manufactured domestically as… Read More

Chinese Crowdfunding Site FundingDream Preps for Launch


China has a new entrant in the crowdfunding world. FundingDream, now in public beta, is prepping for launch to join several other Asian crowdfunding platforms targeting the enormous market of mainland China.  The site lists offerings in both Chinese and English to support a wider audience.   China with a population over 1.3 Billion and… Read More

Second Kickstarter campaign is big hit after Minneapolis firm revamps product (Video)

spark devices core

When Spark Devices CEO Zach Supalla launched the company’s first Kickstarter crowdfunding round in November, the campaign failed. Fundraising fell $120,000 short of the startup’s $250,000 goal. About five months later — with a new, simpler product — the Minneapolis-based company began a second round of fundraising, lowering its goal to $10,000. On Saturday, Spark Devices closed… Read More

SeedAsia Powers Asia Wide Equity Crowfunding Platform


In mid – May a party was held in Shanghai, China, at the Hult International Business School.  The event was held in recognition of the launch of SeedAsia – the first Pan Asia equity crowdfunding platform to service the region. Many prominent business leaders were in attendance which also included  a video message from crowdfunding… Read More

Hong Kong students crowdfunding anti-mainlander advertisements

Anti Mainland Advertisement being Crowdfunded

A group of Hong Kong students are raising money online to run full-page adverts opposing the “mainlandisation of HK universities”, according to their Facebook page. The campaign comes just over a year after the Apple Daily ran a full-page advert attacking mainland “locusts” for swarming the city and draining its resources. The HK$100,000 advert was… Read More

Crowdfunding fueling creative projects in China

Demohour China

Selling your dreams to people who have don’t even know you? That’s exactly what’s happening in the Internet age. When Jia Yuhao, the owner of a hostel, thought about furnishing his hostel last year, he posted a fund-raising advertisement on demohour.com. Two months later, he received 146,000 yuan ($23,725) from 3,000 people who he’s never… Read More

A different kind of crowd

Particle Cafe Shanghai (FourSquare)

Small strides help wannabe cafe bosses realize big dreams Owning a charming little cafe/bar/bistro that serves coffee has always been a fantasy in the largely tea-drinking China for decades, especially after the first cup of green-mermaid-labeled coffee made its debut in the bustling metropolises. But change seems to be in the air as a growing… Read More