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Rory Eakin Co-Founder & CEO of CircleUp Interviewed

Rory Eakin CircleUp

CircleUp CEO and Co-founder Rory Eakin was recently interviewed on Bloomberg West to talk about his consumer goods equity crowdfunding platform. After running the investment crowdfunding platform for about 2 years, Eakin shares some of his insight into the process.  He states that companies that have raised capital on the platform have grown 80% YoY… Read More

CircleUp Raises $14M Series B, New Firm Enters The Mix


CircleUp has announced a $14 million Series B round that will introduce a new venture capital firm into their existing mix. Canaan Partners has led the round, which also includes investment from previous CircleUp investors Google Ventures and Union Square Ventures. This is the second venture investment round for a crowdfunding platform involving Canaan Partners… Read More

Launch Angels “Where Angels Fund” Signs First Investment Deal

Launch Angels

Boston based Launch Angels has announced their first investment for their WHERE Angels Fund (WAF). Klymit, which ran a successful Kickstarter campaign back in 2012 crowdfunding more than $50,000 on the rewards based platform,  has now been the beneficiary of an investment from the angel group. Klymit was raising equity in a series B round… Read More

Watch: CircleUp’s Ryan Caldbeck On Crowdfunding & Private Placements

ryan caldbeck circleup

CircleUp is an early starter in the world of crowdfunding and especially crowdfunding for equity, and the following video interview is an intimate look at why CircleUp was created. Co-founder Ryan Caldbeck says that the idea started with a bad panel at a trade show in a room full of individuals running small businesses. All… Read More

CircleUp, Virgin America Announce Food & Beverage Crowdfunding Partnership


CircleUp, a crowdfunding platform for connecting investors with consumer brands, is partnering up with Virgin America in an initiative that hopes to generate some real-world business for consumer-facing brands and products that crowdfund on CircleUp. According to TechCrunch, Virgin America will use CircleUp as a means of finding new foods and beverages that can be… Read More

America’s Most Promising Companies: Lending Club, CircleUp Make Forbes List


Forbes has released their list of 100 of America’s most promising companies, and crowdfunding is well-represented with two entries on the list and one in the top five. Equity crowdfunding platform CircleUp comes in at #64 on the list. Revenues are cited at $1 million yearly, and that only stands to increase once proposed crowdfunding… Read More

UPDATED: The Top 10 US Equity Crowdfunding Platforms


UPDATE: At least one crowdfunding platform has stepped forward saying they were left off the list. iFunding emailed Crowdfund Insider to clarify that they have raised about $3 million on their platform since launch. RockThePost has shared a top-ten list of equity crowdfunding platforms currently operating in the US. The post clarifies that the source isn’t being shared… Read More

VC Taskforce Hosts Event on Equity Crowdfunding

VC Taskforce

Law firm Dorsey & Whitney is sponsoring an event in Palo Alto titled Ether Dollars: A Tale of Four Sites.  The gathering is organized by the VC Taskforce, a group that seeks to address issues and concerns of the Venture Capitalist community.  The event is scheduled to take place in Palo Alto on November 13th,… Read More

Crowdfunding News Roundup: October 21, 2013


Mashable | Social Web for Good: Crowdfunding Better Communities This article tells the story of Virginia Ramos, who has made a side job of selling her homemade tamales in San Francisco bars. She was banned from doing so by the San Francisco Department of Public Health, but the crowd came to her defense. See how… Read More

WATCH: Baratunde Thurston’s ‘Funded’ Explores Crowdfunding Projects

funded baratunde thurston

In May we tipped the start of Baratunde Thurston’s new crowdfunding-centric web series. Called Funded, the series is made up of five minute shorts that explore crowdfunding success stories. As of today there are five segments available. The five projects outlined are… Ouya: Ouya CEO Julie Uhrman beats Thurston at a video game and talks about… Read More

National Association for Business Economists Gathering to Feature “Crowdfinance Session”


The National Association for Business Economists (NABE) will be holding their 55th annual meeting next week in San Francisco.  As part of the gathering a session has been scheduled entitled, “Crowdfinancing: Can the Revolution in Financial Intermediation be a Catalyst for Small Business?”. This session will be led by LendIt co-founders Peter Renton and Dara… Read More

SmartyPants Vitamins Crowdfunds $2.59 Million on Investment Crowdfunding site CircleUp


 Crowdfunding on accredited investor platform CircleUp, SmartyPants Vitamins has announced they have raised $2.59 million on a convertible note from both current and new investors. SmartyPants, a leader in nutrient dense gummy supplements, has experienced dramatic growth with total sales increasing 1,000 percent since their launch in the fall of 2010.  The new funding will enable them to accelerate their… Read More

CricleUp Crowdfunds WAFU, first ever accredited investor crowdfunding by a Canadian company in the US.


WAFU Inc. has announce that it has closed the first ever accredited investor equity crowdfunding by a Canadian company in the United States via CircleUp, a leading U.S. equity crowdfunding platform for accredited investors to invest in private consumer product companies in the United States. “With the completion of this ground breaking U.S. equity crowdfunding… Read More

Crowdfunding Sites Scoot Around a Regulatory Traffic Jam


These days, you’re unlikely to encounter a story about equity-based crowdfunding that doesn’t come with some form of the following disclaimer: More than a year after President Obama signed the JOBS Act into law, the Securities and Exchange Commission has yet to formalize rules that would allow small companies to sell shares over crowdfunding platforms…. Read More

Crowdfunding Platforms on CNBC’s List of Disruptors

CNBC List of Distruptors

All this week CNBC will be sharing their list of 50 disruptors.  Crowdfunding platforms CircleUp, LendingClub and Kickstarter have made the list of a new companies which are shaking up their sector – financial services.  LendingClub has recently hit front page headlines with the $125 Million investment for tech powerhouse Google. Kickstarter and CircleUp are… Read More

Crowdfunding site CircleUp raises its own $7.5M Series A


In a push to grow their crowdfunding platform CircleUp has raised $7.5 Million in a Series A round of investment.  Led by Union Square Ventures (USV), other participants included Google Ventures, Maveron and Rose Park Advisors. It is notable that Rose Park Advisors participated in this round as this is the investment vehicle for Clayton Christensen, the… Read More

Do you love kale chips and granola? Crowdfunding startup CircleUp helps put them on shelves


Small business owners play a big role in the battles against disease, climate change, and corporate wrong-doing. In the past year, a company called CircleUp has helped them with their fight. CircleUp is a crowdfunding platform for up-and-coming consumer product businesses. In the year since its launch, CircleUp has helped 12 companies raise more than $10 million…. Read More

Valuation “Do’s” and “Don’ts” for Early Stage Consumer


At CircleUp, an equity crowdfunding site, we accept fewer than 2% of the companies who apply to raise capital on our platform. While there are a myriad of reasons why we pass on companies, one that always pokes its head up is valuation—that is, we are pessimistic that the company will successfully raise capital on CircleUp at the… Read More

Why Steve Rattner is Wrong on Crowdfunding


  Steve Rattner, former Obama “Car Czar” and prominent financier, recently wrote an article in the New York Times denouncing the JOBS Act as, “a hodgepodge of provisions that together constitute the greatest loosening of securities regulation in modern history,” saving his most scathing criticism for the legalization of equity based crowdfunding. Mr. Rattner raises many valid concerns, some that… Read More

The Crowd’s Money Can Dominate Early-Stage Investing, But Only If The VCs Get Their Cut


Is angel capital an attractive asset class? Is the crowd capable of being good investors, willing to spend 20-40 hours doing due diligence per investment? These are critical questions to help determine just how big equity crowdfunding will become, right? I say no. Successful startup investing is way too hard, and the wisdom of the crowd… Read More