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In Hawaii, Proposed Bill Would Establish First-Of-Its-Kind Civic Crowdfunding Program For School Repairs

hawaii 3rs

A bill proposed in Hawaii’s House of Representatives aims to establish a pilot program for civic crowdfunding in the island state. HB 2631 was introduced on January 23rd of 2014 and its five sponsors include members from both sides of the aisle, continuing a trend of bipartisan support for crowdfunding efforts at the state level…. Read More

Watch: Rodrigo Davies On Why Citizens Back Civic Crowdfunding Projects

rodrigo davies

Rodrigo Davies writes regularly on the topic of civic crowdfunding at the MIT Center for Civic Media blog, and his most recent post raises an important and interesting question: is crowdfunding participatory citizenship or a sign of institutions in decline? He frames the question in his recent post… “Civic crowdfunding is the beginning of a… Read More

Citizenvestor Offers Phased & Matching Project Types

Citizenvestor logo

Citizinvestor, a crowdfunding platform for government projects in the United States crowdfunding project page, becoming the first platform to offer “Phased” and “Matching” project types to its unique customers. “Even though new crowdfunding platforms pop up every day, the classic crowdfunding project page has changed little,” said Tony DeSisto, a Co-founder of Citizinvestor. “We have re-imagined what the crowdfunding project… Read More

Neighbor.ly Sees What Could Be The Largest Civic Crowdfunding Project Ever For Kansas City Bike Stations


Ten crowdfunding campaigns. $1,420,000 in funding sought. Six weeks to go. One nonprofit with one goal: to put bike share stations all over Kansas City, Missouri. Civic crowdfunding platform Neighbor.ly is currently hosting ten crowdfunding campaigns that represent ten possible future locations for bike sharing stations in Kansas City. MIT research assistant Rodrigo Davies called… Read More

How A Rhode Island Town Used Crowdfunding For A Public Works Project

central falls jenks park

Central Falls, Rhode Island Director of Economic Development Shares Insights For Other Cities Looking To Crowdfund Public Projects In the wake of the financial crisis, budgets at all levels of government have tightened. Words like “sequester” are now a part of our common, everyday lexicon. Because of this, some municipalities have decided to get creative… Read More

BRIEF: Ernst & Young Partners With Spacehive, London Councils To Support Crowdfunding


Ernst & Young is teaming with crowdfunding platform Spacehive and all of London’s 33 local authorities to support local projects. Spacehive just launched to the public after a stint in beta. The platform, which focuses on civic projects, expects to funnel millions of pounds into projects in and around the London area. According to FinancialDirector.co.uk,… Read More

Survive the Streets Crowdfunds to Help Homeless

Survive the Streets

Announces Campaign On Razoo to Improve Technology Platform New crowdfunding site Survive the Streets, piloting in Washington State, wants to help the nearly homeless in the U.S., where the need is immediate and the payoff results in moving people towards self-sufficiency.  Survive the Street focuses on ‘directed giving’, where donors can pick the exact family or… Read More

City of Springfield Crowdfunds for Route 66 Roadside Park

US66 Springfield Missouri

The Route 66 Roadside Park project was announced this past August by local officials, “Bringing New Life to an Old Street“.  The Springfield, Missouri,project claimed to be the first municipality to fund a project like this.  Now the crowdfunding platform which hosted the project, CrowdIt, has announced they have raised $8000 in just two hours… Read More

Rally Saint Louis Recognized for Crowdfunding, Crowdsourced Marketing Platform

Rally St. Louis

Annual international conference The Place Marketing Forum has recognized Rally Saint Louis, the first-of-its-kind crowdsourced and crowdfunded regional marketing platform, for best practices in regional marketing and citizen engagement. Rally Saint Louis was cited as “Best Case” in the category of “New Place Marketing & Citizenship.” Co-founders Aaron Perlut and Brian Cross, partners in St. Louis-based digital… Read More

Crowdsourcing + Crowdfunding Lobbying Platform iLobby Unveils Beta Site


Menlo Park, California based iLobby has released a beta version of its grassroots-lobbying platform. The site describes their application as a  “Political Persuasion Platform”.   Founded in 2012, the site intends on catering to small businesses and trade associations. It offers an open community debate platform and constituent mapping to make it easy for users… Read More

Crowdfunding Community, Uruut Crowdfunding Platform Goes Live


Uruut, a crowdfunding platform that helps transform local communities, announced their public beta launch today.  Simultaneously they acknowledged receipt of $200,000 in seed funding for the crowdfunding portal. Atlanta based Uruut invited individuals, businesses and foundations to visit and contribute to their offerings via their unique crowdfunding technology. “Ten years ago I began contemplating how our country could revitalize… Read More

Community Energy Power Scheme, Harlow Hydro, Hits Crowdfunding Goal

Harlaw Hydro Share Offer Finale

Harlaw Hydro Ltd., located outside of Edinburgh, Scotland, has hit their crowdfunding goal of £313,000 to finance a hydro electric energy plant in a unique twist in community crowdfunding.  The goal was reached via community participation in just 12 weeks. Back in the Spring of this year, the community had initially considered using local banks… Read More

Crazy Hudson River Pool Launches Second Crowdfunding Campaign, Hopes For August 2013 Test Run


Family and PlayLab are two New York-based design firms that happen to share an office space. The two firms have put their heads together to try and build a crazy pool that will float in the Hudson river, clean the river water and allow New Yorkers to swim in filtered river water for summers to… Read More

Santa Monica Crowdfunds Summer SOULstice Events

Summer SOULstice Santa Monica

The Main Street Business Improvement Association (MSBIA) of Santa Monica has launched a fundraising campaign via local crowdfunding website When You Wish to raise $35,000 to support their 13th annual Supreme Summer SOULstice events. Through donations for sale from local businesses as well as generous monetary donations from strangers and community members alike, the MSBIA… Read More

Gotta get a gig? Crowdfund your broadband network

From Gigabit Envy to Gigabit Deployed

Kickstarter has made quite a name for itself turning the business of fundraising on its ear. And made a lot of money as well for various projects — $119 million in its third year that ended in April of 2012. A Kansas City, Mo. company expects to similarly turn the process of raising funds for… Read More

Online startups are rallying citizens to revamp their neighbourhoods

Spacehive project

NAMES, wedding dates and declarations of love cover the Luchtsingel, a new pedestrian walkway straddling a busy main road in central Rotterdam, a Dutch city. Asked by a website to help fund the project, locals paid €25 ($32) each for the right to etch a message on one of its 17,000 wooden planks. The walkway’s… Read More

Crowdfunding gives rise to projects truly in public domain


Pooling money for a cause online gets a new spin as small donors help lay the foundation for major municipal innovations, galvanizing communities. When money for the Statue of Liberty’s pedestal ran short, publisher Joseph Pulitzer launched a call for donations in his New York newspaper and raised more than $100,000 in six months. About… Read More

Enterprising Chicago Businesses to Benefit from Kickstarter’s New Seed Chicago

Seed Chicago

Kickstarter-mania has officially come to the City of Chicago. World Business Chicago and the mayor’s office has announced Tuesday morning they plan to team up to form Seed Chicago, “Chicago’s first curated Kickstarter page which will use crowdfunding to grow businesses and create jobs in Chicago’s neighborhoods.” So far, Seed Chicago has 11 projects stemming from various… Read More

Can crowdfunding save city budgets?


There’s a new frontier in this online world of fundraising and it’s within our cities. With shrinking budgets and crumbling infrastructure, some say it’s time to hit the internet to find money to pay for bridges, parks even street lighting. Others worry, that crowdfunding civic projects could let governments off the hook, leaving some poorer… Read More