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AppVested Debuts Website to Help Mobile App Inventors Crowdfund their Ideas

Smartphone with cloud of application icons

AppVested, an equity crowdfunding platform that connects serious accredited investors to carefully-vetted mobile application ideas, also known as AppIdeas, in need of funding. By carefully selecting only the most opportune app ideas brought forth by willing and creative-minded entrepreneurs, AppVested looks to develop, launch and market each AppIdea using their proprietary AppValuation method; an app-based business… Read More

Canada’s CTV Announces Production For New Reality Series Pilot “Dream Funded: Let the Crowd Decide”


The customer is always right! CTV announced today from Prime Time in Ottawa the start of production on the new one-hour reality series pilot, Dream Funded: Let the Crowd Decide, produced by CTV in association with Entertainment One (eOne), Highway Entertainment, and United Artists Media Group. The pilot is the first project from Bell Media’s partnership with United Artists Media Group… Read More

Reality Crowd TV Debuts Virtual Incubator & Crowdfunding Network Platform for Entrepreneurs

Reality Crowd TV

The crowdfunding industry has been frequently highlighted in the media over the last few years because of the high profile projects that have been funded. The crowdfunding industry has been growing at a brisk pace with impressive revenue growth for the last three years. This growth has given birth to many new crowdfunding platforms and… Read More

Brief: OurCrowd Reviews 2014, a Year Lauded with Awards and Achievements


The StartUp Nation Scales Up. According to OurCrowd’s blog, “This past week, we waved 2014 goodbye and welcomed in the new year – but not without a bit of self reflection at what an amazing year it’s been for the Startup Nation. In 2014, Israel reached new heights – including perhaps a new nickname, Scale-Up… Read More

Richard Branson Talks Crowdfunding, Business, & Money Raising With Entrepreneur

Richard Branson 1

Ready to share his advice on business success, founder of Virgin Group Richard Branson sat down with Entrepreneur to discuss key ways for readers to raise funds for their businesses. While sharing details about Virgin Group, Branson recalled, “My friends and I came up with the name ‘Virgin’ one day when we were 15 years… Read More

Onevest Launches New Platform That Caters to The Education of Entrepreneurs & Investors


Onevest, an equity crowdfunding provider, announced the launch of Learn.Onevest.com, a free peer-to-peer learning platform where startup founders and early stage investors may discover curated videos and articles to become more successful in the startup industry. “The mission of Learn.Onevest is to create an online learning community for entrepreneurs who are building startups as a tool to become… Read More

Infographic: CrowdIt Tackles Experience Gap Among Crowdfunding Entrepreneurs With New Feature


  Today crowdfunding platform CrowdIt announced the launch of a new platform feature aimed at closing a different gap for prospective fundraisers: the experience gap. The new “Suits” feature is essentially an online forum built into the CrowdIt platform where project creators – “Dreamers” as CrowdIt calls them – can ask a question of the… Read More

Crowdcube, Start Up Loans Partner To Help More UK Entrepreneurs Crowdfund


Crowdcube has teamed with Start Up Loans, an organization that focuses on lending-based funding initiatives and training for UK entrepreneurs. We are thrilled to announce that Start Up Loans has partnered with Crowdcube. The government funded scheme that provides loans and mentors for entrepreneurs is partnering with us to assist those recipients of Start Ups… Read More

On #SmallBizSaturday, Crowdfunding Emerging As Way Of Supporting Local Businesses


Black Friday has become an annual shopping phenomenon where consumers take to stores in droves seeking deals from the world’s largest retailers. Similarly, Cyber Monday was launched as an answer to Black Friday to encourage shoppers to buy Christmas gifts online. In light of this, American Express launched a movement in 2010 called Small Business… Read More

Hong Kong Startups Seek To Tap Asian Crowdfunding Market

hong kong

Crowdfunding has yet to take off in Asia like it has in the US, Europe and Australia. Having said that, two recent pieces of news involving Hong Kong-based crowdfunding platforms suggest that entrepreneurs are increasing their efforts at mobilizing capital in Asia via crowdfunding. These sites join other platforms from HK including GingCreative and AppsFunder. GrowVC… Read More

“She Started It” To Focus On Female Entrepreneurship In Tech


A crowdfunding campaign currently funding on Indiegogo is seeking $10,000 to create a documentary about female entrepreneurs in technology. The project was created by Nora Poggi and Insiyah Saeed, two San Francisco-based journalists who have first-hand experience covering some high-growth companies with females at the helm. They want to bring some of these stories to… Read More

Startupland Promises Look Into Startup Culture, DC Accelerator


Startupland is a documentary series currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter, and it promises an intimate look at the roller coaster ride that is being an entrepreneur embedded in a startup accelerator. The documentary promises more than just interviews and footage from within the “war room.” That war room: “The Fort,” or the Fortify Ventures Accelerator Program,… Read More

How Sharewave Helps Entrepreneurs Stay Connected To Investors


After recently hearing about Sharewave, I wanted to track down the Sharewave team in an effort to hear more about the company and how they can help entrepreneurs interface with their investors. They were able to share some really interesting insight into how the platform works. It is definitely a service that every equity crowdfunder… Read More

Entrepreneurs Embrace The New Reality: No One Funds Ideas On Napkins


Q4 statistics from Gust, which powers a majority of the organized early stage financing world, show that entrepreneurs around the world have gotten the message: “products talk; Powerpoints walk”. In an economy with ever-decreasing startup costs for new companies, 91% of ventures seeking their initial financing rounds during the past quarter have come to the… Read More

Entrepreneurs’ regulatory concerns start (but don’t end) with crowdfunding rules

President Obama Speaks after signing the Jobs Act April 2012

Entrepreneurs and their young businesses have the potential to accelerate the national economic recovery this year, but only if they get a little help from federal regulators, according to a number of start-up founders, investors and researchers who spoke at a policy event on Tuesday in Washington. And for the most part, their plea to… Read More

Crowdfunding and the Geography of Entrepreneurship


This article is part three in a series on entrepreneurship and access to capital. I recently talked to Richard Seline, Principal of Global NextGen Advisors, who just spoke at the Crowdfund Texas conference. He also offers support to the entrepreneurial community through his organization, Competitive Texas. I recently watched a documentary called Something Ventured. It was an excellent view into what made… Read More

Does Crowdfunding Fail Some of the Most Promising Entrepreneurs?

As aspiring entrepreneurs take advantage of the giving spirit at family gatherings asking for funds to launch their new businesses, someone will surely ask if they’ve considered crowdfunding, the latest entrepreneurial rage. Crowdfunding — or asking for funding online, via one of the new vehicles like Kickstarter — has been touted as a spectacular way… Read More