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Social Lending Awards are Set for January in UK

Social Lending Awards Judges

The inaugural Social Lending Awards is preparing to take place in London this coming January.  A veritable who’s who in the crowdfunding and peer to peer lending space will be participating in the ceremony.  The awards represent a major first for the social lending community with the intent to become the leading annual industry gathering for… Read More

Urge the SEC to Publish Proposed Rules on Title III – Call

Following the example Congress members set last week with their letter to the SEC urging them to publish the proposed rules as amended during the comment period, the crowdfunding industry is taking action and looking to the crowd to join them. This Wednesday, StartEngine CEO Ron Miller who plans to launch a Title III crowdfunding… Read More

Renewable Energy Crowdfunding Map (Infographic)

First Day of 2014 Solar Energy Sun

Democratization of energy and finance now go hand in hand, thanks to crowdfunding.  A growing number of platforms from all over the world are enabling people to contribute towards the environment themselves, while making returns that beat any saving account. For renewable energy project developers this also opens a world of opportunities, tapping into the… Read More

Crowdfunding Asia Conference is an Impressive Success

Crowdfunding Asia Featured Audience

The very first crowdfunding conference in Asia took place earlier this month.  A diverse and impressive group of regulators, high ranking politicians, portal operators and entrepreneurs gathered to discuss the benefits of crowdfunding in Asia.  Over 300 individuals attended the two day “Crowdfunding Asia 2014” event that tackled both rewards and investment based crowdfunding.  Crowdfunding… Read More

StartEngine CEO Schedules Open Call to Push Title III, Retail Crowdfunding Forward

Ron Miller

Following the example of the 28 members of Congress who forwarded a letter to the SEC urging them to publish the proposed rules on Title  III of the JOBS Act, some in the crowdfunding industry are taking action and looking to the crowd to join them. This Wednesday, August 20, 2014, StartEngine CEO Ron Miller,… Read More

“One Spark Start Berlin” Queues Up for Germany in September

One Spark Creative Projects

The organizers of the successful and fast growing One Spark crowdfunding festival, held each year in Jacksonville, Florida, have taken their event and message on the road.  First stop is Berlin, Germany where One Spark Start: Berlin will take place this coming September. One Spark is self described as the World’s Crowdfunding Festival and in… Read More

One Spark Sees Growth, Improvements for 2015 Crowdfunding Festival

One Spark Jacksonville Florida

Not one to remain stagnant and reflect upon past success, “The Worlds Crowdfunding Festival” is looking to grow and build upon the success experienced in 2014.  The next event will be held in April 2015 – more than 6 months out – the planning has already commenced.  Having surveyed participants and analyzed past events One… Read More

Crowdfunding Asia Conference Set to Open in Singapore

cfasia2014_crowdfunding asia

Crowdfunding Asia 2014, is the first conference of its type focused on the Asian markets, commences next week in Singapore. Crowdfunding leaders from around the globe are scheduled to discuss the various forms of crowdfunding and to share how the new form of finance is evolving in their home nations.  The new approach to finance… Read More

Crowdfunding Global Convention & Bootcamp Queues Up for October

Crowdfunding Roadmap Convention

The Third Annual Global Crowdfunding Convention & Bootcamp is preparing to take place this coming October in Las Vegas.  According to some industry prognosticators, crowdfunding will add $65 billion to the global economy in 2014.  This number may hit $3.2 trillion by 2020.  The Crowdfunding Convention seeks to help backers and crowdfunders understand and manage… Read More

Expo for Property Investing & Crowdfunding (EPIC) Shares Event Highlights (Infographic)


Crowdfunding platform CoAssets, has shared some details on their recently held crowdfunding event, Expo for Property Investing and Crowdfunding (EPIC) 2014.  This marks the first successful large scale crowdfunding conference in Asia – a gathering that targeted the booming real estate industry. According to a report from CoAssets, more than 500 participants convened for the… Read More

Renewable Energy Crowdfunding Conference Scheduled for October

First Day of 2014 Solar Energy Sun

With sites like Abundance and Mosaic (among others) pushing the envelope on financing renewable energy, it was inevitable that someone would come along and realize there is a growing movement of innovation coupling crowdfunding and renewables. Solarplaza has recently announced they are organizing a conference in London this coming October seeking to bring together the hundreds… Read More

3rd Annual Global Crowdfunding Convention Gears Up for October Event

Crowdfunding Roadmap Convention

Crowdfundingroadmap Events has announced further details about their upcoming ”3rd Annual Global Crowdfunding Convention & Bootcamp ” (GCCB). The gathering seeks to deliver the most educational event the industry will see this year. The crowdfunding industry is booming. Industry experts estimate that crowdfunding will add at least $65 billion into the global economy in 2014,… Read More

Crowdfunding Asia Gears Up for Inaugural Event in Singapore

cfasia2014_crowdfunding asia

Crowdfunding is taking off in Asia.  Depending on the country and the legal environment, rewards based and investment based crowdfunding is moving forward as the new approach to capital formation.  While the United States has been a leader in rewards based crowdfunding, Europe and Australia has led the charge on the investment side.  Asia is… Read More

UC Berkeley Offers Executive Program to Educate Major Corporations on Crowdsourcing & Crowdfunding


University to Train Corporate Leaders to become Crowd Empowered. The University of California at Berkeley will be hosting the first executive program solely dedicated to training major corporations on the benefits of crowdfunding, crowdsourcing, and crowd intelligence as a way to strengthen their brand and consumer experience and drive innovation.  Berkeley is widely recognized as… Read More

Crowdnetic Shares Details about “Crowdfinance” Event


Crowdnetic has announced Wall Street’s second annual Crowdfinance conference to be held in NYC on October 16th at Thomson Reuters’ Conference Center. Crowdfinance is redefining the global equity and debt markets fostered by a surge in financial innovation, shifting trends in communication, advancements in technology and a new regulatory landscape. Asset classes, such as peer-to-peer and peer-to-business lending along… Read More

Brief: Senior Contributor Georgia Quinn Set to Participate in P2P Event

Renaud Laplanche and Georgia Quinn

Crowdfund Insider Senior Contributor, Georgia Quinn is set to participate in the American Bankers P2P  Lending Summit set to take place this coming Fall.  As a precursor to this event, Quinn, a Securities Attorney and JOBS Act expert, is scheduled to join several peer-to- peer leaders next week in a webinar hosted by American Bankers…. Read More

Berkeley Preps for 2nd Annual Symposium on Crowdfunding

Fung Institute

Issues Call for Research Papers. The 2nd Annual Symposium on Crowdfunding sponsored by the Coleman Fung Insitute for Engineering Leadership, UC Berkeley College of Engineering, is scheduled to take place on September 11th and 12th, 2014.  This symposium will take a global look at the developing phenomena of social finance for SMEs and Innovation  –… Read More

Pozible Prepares to Launch New Crowdfunding Event The Chicago Edit


Ready to take its love for crowdfunding overseas, Australian-based Pozible is set to launch its new project The Chicago Edit on June 26th. The platform will be making its way to the Windy City to see some new aspiring projects from up and coming entrepreneurs. This is the first of many events that Pozible will holding… Read More

ECN Convention Scheduled for Paris in December

Arc de Triomphe by Benjamin Stäudinger Paris France

European Crowdfunding Network (ECN) has announced their convention will be held in Paris, France this coming December.  The gathering will attract stakeholders from all aspects of the emerging crowdfunding industry.  Organizers hope to continue to build upon the continents promising growth and further develop the European framework for crowdfunding. ECN Chairman & Executive Director, Oliver… Read More

Crowdfunding Convention Adds to Roster of Speakers with Investor from Shark Tank

Kevin Harrington

The 3rd Annual Global Crowdfunding Convention and Bootcamp is not yet taking place until late October 2014 but organizers continue to add big names to the speaking line up.  Revealed this past week, Kevin Harrington, co-founder of FundHub.Biz and original investor from hit series Shark Tank has been slated to address the crowdfunding crew.  Harrington… Read More