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Zuvo Water’s Indiegogo Campaign Almost One Year Late, Backers Seeking Refunds


Design to Matter has placed their name on two dubious crowdfunding campaigns. We reported on both in the Summer of 2013 and pointed out that the scenario raised some ethical questions about crowdfunding. Their first campaign, a Kickstarter for the Instacube, is actually said to be very close to delivering if recent project updates are… Read More

Omate Releases Images Of New Generation Smartwatch, Kickstarter Backers Go Ballistic

omate truesmart

Pro tip: If you want to leak out pictures of your company’s new and improved smartwatch, make sure you don’t have a bunch of crowdfunding deliveries hanging over your head. This is the problem Omate is forced to deal with now. The following Facebook post shared pictures of the Omate TrueSmart Elegance smartwatch, which is… Read More

Kickstarter Project Creator Posts Video Of Himself Burning Backer Rewards: “I will not be shipping any more”

burning books

In May of 2012 a campaign for a printed book of web comics was fully funded, having raised $50,000 on a goal of $8,000. The web comics were hosted at PicturesForSadChildren.com. The book is called “Sad Pictures For Children.” Now the project has become a sad picture. In a long, rambling and incoherent message posted… Read More

PR Lead For Instacube Kickstarter To Detail Campaign’s Challenges At SXSW


Design To Matter’s crowdfunding campaign for the Instacube stands as a cautionary tale for would-be crowdfunding backers. After a successful $620,000+ raise on Kickstarter, the campaign has been mired with turnover, internal strife, delivery issues and refund requests. I also proposed that D2M’s involvement in another crowdfunding campaign shortly thereafter raised some ethical questions for crowdfunding…. Read More

Was Kickstarter Right To Turn Down Apigy & Lockitron?

Kickstarter Shelf

Y Combinator-backed Apigy created Lockitron just as the connected home movement was really taking off. The company promised some pretty slick features. The device integrated with your home’s deadbolt and promised to allow things like remote unlocking from a smartphone. It was even said to have the ability to sense when the owner got close. Your… Read More

Roxlou Games Kickstarter Failure Met With Support From Crowd


Crowdfunding failure isn’t always necessarily accompanied by crowd outrage and demands of refunds. This is proven in a recent series of backer updates from indie game developer Roxlou Games, and specifically from company founder Joe Houston. Roxlou and Houston turned to Kickstarter to fund a forthcoming video game called Unwritten: That Which Happened. The campaign would… Read More

Here’s Why Kickstarter Removes Failed Projects From Search Results

failed kickstarter projects

Did I ever mention I love Quora? I especially love Yancey Strickler’s presence on Quora, where he occasionally answers questions from the crowd regarding his crowdfunding platform – Kickstarter – and some of their practices and inner-workings. This week he answered the question of why Kickstarter removes failed projects from search results, a practice that… Read More

#Crowdfunding News Roundup: December 9, 2013


Quartz | 2014 is the year of the internet of things—no, seriously, we mean it this time The “Internet of Things” movement is alive and growing and Quartz predicts that things will really take off in 2014. Of course, crowdfunding stands to be front and center as consumers seek out cool connected gadgets to fund and… Read More

Failed Kickstarter Creator Pleads: Stop “Showing Up At My Door”


Did the Creator of the Eventorbot Share a Glimpse Into Crowdfunding’s Dark Side? Frankfort, Illinois resident Duy Dang took to Kickstarter in September of 2012 seeking $25,000 in funding for something called the Eventorbot, described as an “open-source 3D printer.” Between September 12th and October 24th, 2012, 297 backers would pledge $137,508 to the campaign,… Read More

Half-Million Dollar Kickstarter For “Clang” In Death Throes


Subutai Corporation is a Seattle-based firm founded to “create stories, games, graphic novels and filmed entertainment in an integrated style.” One interesting factoid that likely helped draw backers into their Kickstarter campaign: famed American author and game designer Neal Stephenson is a co-founder. In a recent backer update, Subutai Corporation has said that the team has… Read More

Insane Indiegogo Campaign Offers Stake In Swiss Water Filter Company

Screen Shot 2013-08-28 at 12.42.23 PM

On the short list of things you can’t do on rewards-based crowdfunding sites, offering any kind of stake in your company is pretty much tops. This hasn’t stopped one crowdfunder on Indiegogo from going full honey badger. The campaign seeks a million dollars on a flexible funding model, which is a huge red flag in… Read More

Team Behind Video Game ‘Precinct’ Cancels Second Crowdfunding Campaign


Earlier this month we brought you the story of Precinct, a video game that had a cancelled Kickstarter campaign to its name. The team behind the game had turned to WordPress crowdfunding plugin IgnitionDeck in order to roll their own funding platform solution. The team has now cancelled this second campaign as well. It seems… Read More

Ubuntu Edge Fails: The Winners And Losers

ubuntu edge

A crowdfunding campaign for the Ubuntu Edge on Indiegogo has failed to reach a goal of $32,000,000. 27,488 backers laid claim to 5,837 copies of Ubuntu’s cutting-edge premium smartphone concept. In the end it was all for naught. The campaign fell $19,187,224 short of the goal. For Indiegogo, this is a lost opportunity – but it… Read More

CrowdCube Tops £10M Raised, First Startup Goes Belly-Up

Crowdcube Limited

UK-based crowdfunding platform CrowdCube has long been a global leader in the equity crowdfunding space. Recently the platform met a huge milestone: over £10 million in equity raised for startups and small businesses in the UK. CrowdCube has a dynamic infographic that updates regularly, and it includes a wealth of statistics and information on the… Read More

On Indiegogo: $400 Million Crowdfunding Campaign To Buy Wireless Provider Mobilicity

Screen Shot 2013-07-27 at 1.42.31 PM

A Toronto resident has a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. The goal? To buy Mobilicity, a no-contract Canadian wireless carrier. The ask? $400,000,000 Canadian. MobileSyrup.com explains the state of the young, embattled wireless carrier… Mobilicity, one of Canada’s newest carriers, has been on the block for months trying to find a buyer. TELUS stepped up with a… Read More

Kickstarter Campaign Squanders $123K, Campaign Creator Responds


A campaign launched for a board game called “The Doom That Came To Atlantic City” raised $122,000, closing funding on June 6th of last year. Over 1200 backers chipped in. The campaign was launched by The Forking Path, a Portland, Oregon based game developer and publisher. The campaign has since been maintained by The Forking… Read More

With Crowdfunding, The Media Needs To Do Better

Photo courtesy cocoinzenl on Flickr

I’m increasingly seeing a problem with how the media covers the crowdfunding space. Rewards-based crowdfunding has resulted in the equivalent of a media gold rush. There are hundreds of topics to cover with more popping up every day. Project creators are anxious for press and usually pretty happy to give an exclusive to a larger media entity…. Read More

Project Creator Speaks: Kickstarter For Levitatr Fails To Deliver


James Stumpf took to Kickstarter back in 2011 to try and raise funds for a slick wireless keyboard. It started out as a great crowdfunding story. $67,500 raised from 638 backers in a month and a half. Measuring in at only 9.8mm thick, Levitatr™ is an aluminum Bluetooth keyboard accessory for iPads, iPhones, iPods and… Read More

Crowdfunding Is A Buzzsaw For Celebrities, Good And Bad

zosia mamet

Rob Thomas changed crowdfunding forever with his campaign for Veronica Mars, legitimizing the funding method as a way for successful folks to circumvent the powers-that-be. The crowd can now greenlight creative products by sheer power in numbers. Gatekeepers? That’s so 2010. Zach Braff took this phenomenon to it’s next logical step, bringing full-fledged network TV… Read More

Why Melissa Joan Hart’s Kickstarter Project Failed

melissa joan hart

It’s finally happened. Kickstarter users have said “No thanks!” to a celebrity’s film project. The crowdfunding campaign for the film Darci’s Walk of Shame, which had Melissa Joan Hart attached to it, was cancelled Monday after raising only $51,605 from 315 backers in a little over a month. The hope was to raise $2 million. For… Read More