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Watch: The Trailer For Zach Braff’s Kickstarter-Funded Film Is Here & It Looks Amazing

zach braff

I’m no authority on films by any means, but I’d like to think I can spot a winner. If this trailer for Zach Braff’s upcoming film Wish I Was Here is any indication, I have some pretty high expectations for the effort. It looks awesome. Braff famously raised over $3 million on Kickstarter for the film,… Read More

Ai Weiwei Secretly Shot A Sci-Fi Film And It’s Funding On Kickstarter


Chinese artist and cultural activist Ai Weiwei is at the center of a currently-running Kickstarter campaign seeking funding for an upcoming sci-fi film. Shot in secret, The Sand Storm has already met a goal of $33,000 and seems set to eclipse that by orders of magnitude as funding continues for the better part of the… Read More

Kickstarter CEO Counters on Censorship Claim on Gosnell Film

Yancey Strickler Interview

Yancey Strickler, Kickstarter CEO and Co-founder, has jumped into the scrum regarding the allegations of censorship pertaining to a movie now crowdfunding on Indiegogo.  In a tweet from his personal account, Strickler shares the acceptance letter to the Gosnell Movie creators:     @GosnellMovie@BreitbartNews This story is false. Here’s a screenshot of the acceptance email… Read More

Documentary On Indiegogo As Some Accuse Kickstarter Of Undue Censorship


Dr. Kermit Gosnell was convicted in May of 2013 of a host of horrific charges related to late-term abortions and other medical misgivings. Some have called him “the most successful serial killer in the history of the world” while estimating that he may be responsible for over a thousand late-term abortions. It’s enough to make… Read More

Alibaba Enters Entertainment Crowdfunding Arena With New Financing Play


Alibaba.com is a giant in China, and the company has now launched a crowdfunding play for entertainment-related projects. It’s called Yu Le Bao, or “Entertainment Treasure,” and it allows anyone to invest in entertainment projects like films and games in amounts as little as 100 yuan, or approximately $16. According to IBTimes, Alibaba Group is rumored… Read More

Junction: Accredited Investors Following The “Smart Money” Into Movies & Film


Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably been exposed to some of the promise everyone found in the Veronica Mars Kickstarter campaign. The democratization of film finance! People funding films they want to see made! We don’t need the studios! A new accredited-only crowdfunding platform called Junction is taking a decidedly different approach to film… Read More

Kickstarter Launches Channel on iTunes for Crowdfunded Films

Films Crowdfunded on Kickstarter iTunes Channel

Film and video is the second most successful category on the global crowdfunding platform.  Since Kickstarter launched they have raised almost $200 million ($165 million successful) for over 33,000 projects.  Sure we all know about Veronica Mars, Zach Braff and Spike Lee but there are hundreds of other very successful films – many of which… Read More

The Critics Don’t Matter Here… Veronica Mars Is A Success

veronica mars

It’s Veronica Mars day. Related: A Fan History of Veronica Mars [Kickstarter] Director Rob Thomas joined CNBC on Wednesday to take a look back at the campaign. Consider that when the film launched on Kickstarter, the largest Kickstarter campaign ever had raised just short of $1 million. The raise for Veronica Mars dwarfed that total, and in… Read More

Vimeo Expands Crowdfunding Program

VIMEO Audience Development

As part of Vimeo’s celebration of their one year anniversary announcing Vimeo On Demand, the company is announcing a $10 million investment fund for creators selling their work directly online. The funds will be used to provide creators of all levels and genres direct financial support and access to online marketing services—including website development and translation services—in… Read More

Watch: 2 Minutes Of Veronica Mars Leaked As Countdown To Release Continues

veronica mars

The countdown is on. Veronica Mars hits theaters and will be available to backers on March 14th. In anticipation of the film’s release, Rob Thomas and company have released the following clip of the first two minutes of the film. Not much is revealed, so no spoiler alert necessary… just a little hype before the hammer… Read More

Final Stretch: Sarah Mabrouk’s Documentary “The Food Cure” Surpasses Stretch Goal, Exceeds $102K in Funding

sarah marie and sarah mabrouk

With less than 60 hours to go, Sarah Mabrouk, Amy Thomasson and their Upwind Pictures team has exceeded their stretch goal and raised over $102,232 for their documentary “The Food Cure.” To date, 1,336 backers have supported their documentary.  Their  Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, highlighted two weeks ago in Crowdfund Insider, raised nearly $30,000 in the last… Read More

On Kickstarter: A Board Game Inspired By The Film “Inception” Bests Goal


Tabletop games continue to be a strong driver of growth for Kickstarter thanks in no small part to a tight-knit community of gamers and their voracious appetite for innovative games to play. Apparently Inceptor has struck a chord, because the game has raised over $50,000 with a month left to go. The board represents the inside… Read More

Katherine Heigl Proposes Crowdfunding for “Jenny’s Wedding” on Indiegogo

katherine Heigl Head Shot

With 30 days left, Katherine Heigl’s flexible funding crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo for her new independent film “Jenny’s Wedding” is slowly gaining momentum. In the last day, more than 100 backers have added their financial support.  With still $117K to raise, plenty of time remains for more backers to support the project.  The film is being produced in… Read More

Video Game High School Beats $750K Goal at Close on Indiegogo

Video Game High School Peregrine Gloves

Video Game High School (VGHS) beat their $750,000 goal crowdfunding on Indiegogo by raising $898,242 from 10,907 backers.  With 5 days to go in their flexible funding campaign the project was short of goal.  In a backers update on Friday, February 19, VGHS shared they were currently at  over $687,000 but were scheduling a RocketJump… Read More

Crowdfunding Mailbox: BrightUp, Sands of Ikkera and Heart&Slash

Sands of Ikkera Character

For this week’s edition of our Crowdfunding Mailbox, we have three campaigns:  BrightUp, Sands of Ikkera and Heart&Slab.  Yep – the names really do not disclose to much so let’s get to it. BrightUp is crowdfunding from Hamburg, Germany on Indiegogo.  Co-founder and CEO Maximilian Schmiedel in the intro of his pitch video states that… Read More

“The Food Cure”: Crowdfunding on Kickstarter

The Food Cure

Documentary on Nutritional Therapy for Cancer Beats Crowdfunding Goal. With 14 days to go, Sarah Mabrouk, Amy Thomasson and their Upwind Pictures team raised over $75,000 on their kickstarter campaign, surpassing their $68,000 minimum, to fund their film’s post-production costs.  The project met their goal on February 14th – a very nice Valentine’s day gift.  Their $98,000… Read More

Pozible Partners Again with Australia’s International Documentary Event


DocWeek, Australia’s international documentary film festival takes place in Adelaide, March  4-9, 2014.  The Aussie crowdfunding platform is once again slated to partner on the event with the Pozible Pitch. Four crowdfunded films have been selected by Pozible and DocWeek for the Pozible Pitch.  The four finalists will have the opportunity to pitch their film… Read More

Wong Fu is Crowdfunding First Feature Film on Indiegogo

Wong Fu lets Make a Movie

Wong Fu has some pretty amazing numbers on their YouTube channel.  Over 2 million subscribers with over 300 million views of their short films, music videos, vlogs etc.  Wong Fu Productions (WFP) started by a group of friends at UC San Diego, Philip Wang, Wesley Chan and Ted Fu, has now grown into a real… Read More

Pozible Holds Screening of Crowdfunded Films

Pozible Shorts Film

Pozible just recently moved into their new offices in Melbourne where apparently they have quite a bit of extra space.  So what better way to put that space to work than screening some really cool films that were funded on the Pozible crowdfunding platform.  Pozible Shorts is a free event and open to the public…. Read More

Where And How To Buy Veronica Mars Movie Tickets

veronica mars

  AMC has announced that presale tickets for the highly anticipated Veronica Mars feature-length flick will go on sale on February 14th via a page for the film on AMC’s web site. AMC is encouraging those interested in seeing the film to bookmark the page and mark their calendars, suggesting that they have high hopes for… Read More