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French Crowdfunding Platform KissKissBankBank Moves Into Peer to Peer Lending with Lendopolis


KissKissBankBank a prominent French crowdfunding platform announced today they are moving into the peer to peer lending space with the launch of Lendopolis.  Lendopolis is described as a financement participatif (crowdfunding) platform that allows small to medium enterprises borrow funds.  For the investor who chooses to lend money via the platform, Lendopolis expects to generate… Read More

Fundovino Creates a New Way for Wine Lovers to Back Wineries & Vineyards

FundoVino Crowdfunding

Offering up a new way for wineries and vineyards to get funding, Paris-based crowdfunding platform Fundovino launched last month and is on a mission to help not only wine makers, but also wine tourism, culture and art get backers easily and quickly. Fundovino, which dubbed themselves as the “first” platform devoted to the world of… Read More

Update: Campaign to Help Purchase Nice-Matin Passes €300,000 Goal

nice matin mon quotidien

The employees of French newspaper Nice Matin, along with sister publications Var-Matin and Corse-Matin, launched a crowdfunding campaign on Ulule on August 4th.  Three weeks later the project organizers have hit their goal of raising € 300,000 as over 2200 individuals have contributed € 5 and up to help a group purchase a publication that is reportedly… Read More

Employees of Nice-Matin Launch Crowdfunding Campaign to Save Their Newspaper

Journalists at Nice Matin

“Les titres du groupe Nice-Matin sont au bord de la faillite” The staff of the French daily newspaper, Nice-Matin, has launched a crowdfunding campaign on the French platform Ulule to raise €300,000. The funds raised will hopefully save the publication and convert it into a worker’s co-operative.  According to the crowdfunding campaign page the paper,… Read More

Cameroonian Entrepreneur Reveals Huge Success Following BlueBees Crowdfunding Campaign


He refused to allow rejection from banks to end his beekeeper dreams, and now Cameroonian Jacque Georges Badjang shares details about how crowdfunding helped grow his honey business. According to a recent report, Badjang’s company “Les Mielleries” has marketed honey from more than 200 beekeepers. The honey is filtered and then packaged in Cameroon’s largest… Read More

MangoPay Partners with Currency Cloud


France based Mangopay, a payments solution that accommodates crowdfunding platforms, online marketplaces and collaborative consumption platforms, has announced a relationship with UK Based Currency Cloud in an effort to offer its customers fast and secure money transfers.  Mangopay has positioned their service as a global platform targeting the fast paced crowdfunding space. Earlier in 2014… Read More

My-Pepite: A Parisian Crowdfunding Platform Dedicated to Fashion Designers

My Pepite Founders

A new crowdfunding platform dedicated to fashion launched this past wee.  My-Pepite, based in Paris, was created by three friends passionate about fashion. The site hopes to give fashion designers a chance for their brand to grow by generating visibility and funding.  My-Pepite has positioned their platform as an international site with both English and… Read More

CrowdTuesday – Toulouse

On the 24th of June, at the Pépinière de Toulouse Métropole, the French crowdfunding scene in Toulouse is invited to get together for two hours of presentations, informal discussions and networking around drinks, during the first CrowdTuesday Toulouse. CrowdTuesday is a small to medium sized event bringing together the crowdfunding industry at local level. Characterized… Read More

Researchers Study Indiegogo’s Flexible or Fixed Crowdfunding

A Crowd of $100 Benjamin Franklin

Every day, entrepreneurs have turned to crowdfunding to fund their new business or product and are given two types of options for the campaign, all-or-nothing and flexible funding, also known as keep-it-all. Both possess great perks, but the key question for each campaign would be which option should it go with? According to Inc., Toronto’s… Read More

CrowdTuesday Paris

On the 17th of May, at the new Espace Startup of Bpifrance, the French crowdfunding scene in Paris is invited to get together for two hours of presentations, informal discussions and networking around drinks, during CrowdTuesday Paris. CrowdTuesday is a small to medium sized event bringing together the crowdfunding industry at local level. Characterized by… Read More

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Crowdfunding Campaign Struggles To Raise $5M on Indiegogo

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

It’s been a little over a week since the missing Flight MH370 passengers’ families launched their crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, but unfortunately it is off to a very rocky start. Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 was scheduled to fly from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on March 8th. Within a couple hours of departure, the airline ceased all… Read More

Mangopay to Sponsor ECN CrowdTuesday Events

European Crowdfunding Network ECN

The European Crowdfunding Network (ECN) has found a lead sponsor for their previously announced ongoing CrowdTuesday events.  MANGOPAY, one of the main European payment providers, has accepted to become a gold sponsor for the crowdfunding industry’s gatherings initiated by ECN. “Payment providers are crucial actors for the crowdfunding market. MANGOPAY was among the first players… Read More

Crowdsourcing for Translating & Copywriting Company; TexMaster Raises €1,000,000

TextMaster Logo

Online crowdsourcing solution for translation, copywriting and proofreading firm, TextMaster has raised €1,000,000 in funding from Alven Capital, eFounders and Cédric Siré (founder of Webedia group) who joins the company’s existing business angels Fabrice Grinda (founder of OLX), Thibaud Elzière (founder of Fotolia) and Geoffroy Bragadir (founder of Empruntis). This new investment will allow TextMaster… Read More

ECN Convention Scheduled for Paris in December

Arc de Triomphe by Benjamin Stäudinger Paris France

European Crowdfunding Network (ECN) has announced their convention will be held in Paris, France this coming December.  The gathering will attract stakeholders from all aspects of the emerging crowdfunding industry.  Organizers hope to continue to build upon the continents promising growth and further develop the European framework for crowdfunding. ECN Chairman & Executive Director, Oliver… Read More

France’s First Mover Advantage in Crowdfunding Legislation: A Separate Legal Status for Crowdfunding Platforms

Innovation the French Way Fleur Pellerin

Last February Europe, Fleur Pellerin, the former minister of SME’s & Digital Economy, introduced a first draft that outlines a separate legal status for crowdfunding platforms in France. Though France was and still is lagging within the crowdfunding industry in terms of volume and entrepreneurial development, Pellerin’s draft was positively received in the sector. In… Read More

Un paysage de la générosité qui bouge : quels défis pour la régulation ? – Paris

Les dons vont-ils résister à la crise économique et sociale ? Quelle régulation pour le financement participatif (crowdfunding) ? Comment se prémunir du risque de blanchiment en matière de générosité internationale ? Ce sont quelques-unes des questions qui seront évoquées lors du colloque ICFO/Comité de la Charte du 23 mai prochain à l’Institut Pasteur, qui sera l’occasion de… Read More

Locavore “Fast Good” Food: PUR etc. Raises Equity on WiSeed

Pure etc restaurant

The Strasbourg-based PUR etc. has listed its equity crowdfunding campaign on the French platform WiSeed.  Setting its targeted raise at €600,000, PUR etc.’s funding is currently in progress. PUR etc. is a locavore “Fast Good” food company, which offers locally sourced and seasonally grown foods prepared with the TLC one expects only from homemade goods…. Read More

CrowdTuesday Events in France Brings Together Industry Champions

Alexandre Raguet

CrowdTuesday, a periodic gathering of members of the crowdfunding scene, had their inaugural gathering in Paris this past month.  The group is not targeting the novice sector of the industry but is focused on bringing together industry experts to review and discuss the nascent form of capital allocation.  While the initial meetings will be held… Read More

Axiona Claims Largest European Equity Crowdfunding Ever at € 10 Million

Courb C Zen Axiona

Over the past 20 years, Axiona’s Senior Leadership has been focusing on assisting, financing and facilitating initial public offerings of high potential SME’s,  defining themselves as ” Accelerators of Development”. Based in France, Axiona has now announced one of the largest crowdfunding campaigns ever to take place in Europe at 10 million euros. Run by Axiona… Read More