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GlobalCrowdTV Settles with SEC, Acknowledges Violations of Federal Securities Laws

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Steven J. Muehler, operator of the Alternative Securities Markets, Blue Coast Securities and GlobalCrowdTV, has settled with the Securities and Exchange Commission while admitting the conduct violated federal securities laws.  The proceedings by the SEC came out of an apparent “scheme to defraud”  by Muehler…. Read More

Zopa Teams Up With Sphonic to Detect Real-Time Fraud

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On Monday, peer-to-peer lending platform, Zopa, announced it has teamed up with risk management business, Sphonic, to launch the Workflow Manager (WFM) solution for real-time fraud detection. Zopa reported that WFM’s software acts as a context-broker that leverages data points from over 50 of the… Read More

Crowdcube Points to Off Platform Fraud in 88 Delicious Pitch


88 Delicious Brands Limited listed an offer on Crowdcube back in 2013. The crowdfunding round had raised a substantial amount of funding before Crowdcube pulled the plug and removed the campaign.  Crowdcube states that no funds were taken or transferred via their platform. Apparently Alan Colton Jr.,… Read More

Weighing the Risks for the “Crowd” in Equity Crowdfunding

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  Now that the long awaited and much anticipated federal crowdfunding rules under Title III of the JOBS Act have become effective, startup companies can raise seed capital from everyday, non-accredited retail investors through online equity crowdfunding platforms. Many of these investors are excited to… Read More

Another One Bites the Dust: Chinese Police Shut Down P2P Lending Platform Esudai


Add Esudai to a growing list of fraudulent Chinese P2P lending platforms that are being shut down by the Chinese government.  Today Reuters reported that police in the Huizhou, Guangdong province, had detained 13 executives including legal representative and chairman Jian Huixing from the Guangdong Huirong… Read More

Wealthroll Owner Xu Qin Confesses Ponzi Scheme: Online Lender Defrauded $6.1B. World Capital Market Caught in Pyramid Scheme


As Chinese authorities continue their hunt for unregulated online lending and investment firms, more fraudulent fintech platforms are bound to be nabbed for unseemly and illegal behavior.  Today Bloomberg News reported the latest Ponzi scheme that separated 39.9 billion yuan ($6.1 billion) from 25,000 investors. Crowdfund… Read More

China Update: Guidelines, Not Rules Quite Yet for Alternative Finance

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  China is the largest market for alternative finance in the world. According to the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance (CCAF), China delivered over $100 billion in alternative finance, including peer to peer lending and crowdfunding, in 2015.  This was more than a 3X jump… Read More

Complying with AML Laws: Challenges for the Fintech Industry

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  “Silicon Valley is coming.  There are hundreds of startups with a lot of brains and money working on various alternatives to traditional banking.” This warning came not from a pundit or Silicon Valley lobbyist, but from Jamie Dimon, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer… Read More

SmartTracker Scampaign: This is the Response Indiegogo Gives to California Attorney General Regarding Consumer Complaint

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The SmartTracker crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo is emblematic about what is bad (and needs to be fixed) regarding rewards-based crowdfunding. The alleged creator of the SmartTracker product, a Mr. Julian Buschor, is a repeat offender when it comes to failing to deliver a product after… Read More

SEC Hammers Prominent SF VC: Steven Burrill Used Investor’s Money for Trips to Paris, St. Barts


The Securities and Exchange Commission has settled charges with infamous VC – G. Steven Burrill regarding a case where Burrill allegedly stole investor money to pay for private jets and trips to Paris and St. Barts. Burrill was sued last year in the Superior Court of… Read More

Former Fox Business Personality Tobin Smith Settles Fraud Charges with the SEC

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Former Fox Business Network contributor Tobin Smith has settled fraud charges with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Smith was terminated by Fox in 2013 for “sponsored investment research”.  Basically Smith was pumping penny stocks that he, along with NBT   Group (ironically as in the… Read More

SEC Calls Fraud on Fund Manager Promising Pre-IPO Investment Opportunity


The SEC Enforcement division shut down an allegedly bogus operation run by John Bivona based in New Jersey. Bivona, via Saddle River Advisors and SRA Management Associates, raised money from unsuspecting investors promising access to pre-IPO tech companies in the San Francisco bay area.  According… Read More

Borrowers Beware: Fraudsters Claiming to Represent Crowdfunding Platforms

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  Recently, JD Alois wrote a warning to investors about fraudsters attempting to impersonate officials from the Securities and Exchange Commission. This week, we’re warning borrowers and sponsors about scam artists that claim to work for or with crowdfunding platforms. Fraud in the lending or real… Read More

 View from the UK: Why the Alternative Finance Industry Needs Greater Regulation

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  The global alternative finance industry has undergone staggering growth in recent years. In 2015 combined market activity in the UK grew 84% from £1.74bn the year before to £3.2bn. Around 20,000 SMEs raised approximately £2.2bn in funding through online channels, representing a year-on-year growth… Read More

SEC Launches PR Campaign to Help Investors Save Themselves from Fraudsters

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The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is continuing to pound the drum on investor fraud, a serious issue that impacts thousands of duped individuals every year. The Office of Investor Education and Advocacy has launched a slick campaign designed to warn individuals to beware of… Read More