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Toronto Humane Society Reveals No Funds Have Been Received from Indiegogo Kitten Campaign

Pedro 1

Last month, a crowdfunding campaign surfaced on Indiegogo for a kitten by the name of Pedro. The kitten was less than 12 weeks old when he was thrown out the window of a vehicle near Canada’s Gardiner Expressway. Due to the impact, Pedro broke all of the toes on he hind legs, suffered a fractured… Read More

Crowdfunding Campaign Discovers Copied Project on Kickstarter While Raising Funds on Indiegogo & Fights Back


This past November Dawn Sole was named one of South Florida’s winning startups by the South Florida Business Journal.  Pluck N’File was described as the “Swiss Army Knife of the tweezer world. The multifaceted tool launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo seeking to raise $25,000 in a flexible funding project.  The campaign just closed this… Read More

The Collapse of Kreyos and How Not to Run a Crowdfunding Campaign

Train Wreck Demise Collapse Disaster

This one is almost too painful to write.  As many people know the Kreyos Smartwatch was one of the most successful Indiegogo crowdfunding campaigns of all time.  It is also probably one of the most spectacular crowdfunding failures ever.  Trust me – this one is pretty hard to top. We last visited the Kreyos campaign… Read More

Radiate Athletics Raised Over $500,000 on Kickstarter in 2013. Over One Year Later Backer Rewards Remain Unfilled

Radiate Athletics Backers Hang Around

This is a story that happens way too frequently.  Cool concept captures wave of crowdfunding success, crushing funding goal only to experience repeated delivery delays as backers wait and grumble. Lacking options to get a refund on their contribution they gather on the campaign comment page to commiserate about squandered money and backer regret.  In… Read More

Scam? SilverAlms Crowdfunding Site Blatantly Copies Campaigns

SilverAlms Question Heart

Possible Scam Crowdfunding Site Created to Dupe Unwitting Donors. SilverAlms a donation crowdfunding site claims to be the “Worlds First Charity Crowdfunding Portal”.  But is it really?  The site appears to be a clone of crowdfunding campaigns from other platforms such as Indiegogo and GoFundMe – created to take advantage of the unwitting.   The… Read More

iFind Supports Kickstarter’s Decision to Ban Their Crowdfunding Campaign


iFind was running a highly successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter when the ban hammer slammed down.  Multiple commenters on the crowdfunding campaign page questioned the technology behind the device described as the  “next generation item locating tag”.  As most in the crowdfunding industry know, finder / location devices have been a very hot segment. The thought… Read More

Kickstarter Suspends iFind Campaign Following Fraud Accusations


Just a week after WeTag’s iFind raised over $500,000 during its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, the platform has made the decision to suspend the project following the rise of doubts from its backers. As previously reported by Crowdfund Insider, the iFind is considered the “next generation item locating tag.” The device communicates with iOS or Android devices… Read More

SEC Talks “Affinity Fraud”


The Securities and Exchange Commission has published an “Investor Alert” on Affinity Fraud.  Basically they are pointing out what should be obvious.  There are always fraudsters out there looking to dupe the unsuspecting.  Confidence schemes (hence the term “con” man) have been around since the beginning of time.  The SEC Office of Investor Education and… Read More

YourAnonNews Claims Fraud on Indiegogo Campaign

Anonymous News

YouAnonNews (YAN), a news collective site that is associated  with the Anonymous movement, ran a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo last year raising funds to launch their site. To quote the campaign;  “Our goal as YAN contributors will be to take what we have learned over the past few years and create a new environment were… Read More

Washington State AG Files Lawsuit Against Company Behind Crowdfunding Campaign

Asylum playing cards certificate

First State Enforcement of Crowdfunded Project – Asylum Playing Cards Raised Funds on Kickstarter. Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson today filed the a consumer protection lawsuit involving crowdfunding claiming to be the first in the nation.  The AGO lawsuit is against Edward J. Polchlepek III, otherwise known as Ed Nash, and his company, Altius… Read More

Brief: Baidu Cracks Down on P2P Lending Fraud

Baidu Logo

The fraud drums keep pounding louder in China as search giant Baidu has stomped on peer to peer (P2P) lending sites by scrubbing them  from their search results.  The short term approach of removing the reported 800 P2P sites from their pages are expected to be followed up with a more rigorous review process for… Read More

Indiegogo CEO Slava Rubin Responds To Healbe Criticism


Indiegogo CEO Slava Rubin has issued a blog post tackling some of the concerns raised in the examination of the Healbe campaign. Some – including PandoDaily staff writer James Robinson – have accused the campaign of being a scam. According to Rubin, the revelations surrounding the campaign have resulted in an opportunity for Indiegogo to garner… Read More

The Media Is Missing The Point On Crowdfunding, Indiegogo And The HealBe “Scampaign”


At this point, I’ll skip the process of reiterating HealBe’s disaster of an Indiegogo campaign in any detail. In short, HealBe launched a campaign for a device called the GoBe that promised to count calories burned during a workout by measuring glucose levels in the bloodstream. It may not even be possible. That’s just one of… Read More

SEC Commissioner Stein Talks Blue Sky, JOBS Act in Speech to NASAA

Commissioner Kara M. Stein BW

In a double header day, SEC Commissioner Kara M. Stein also addressed the North American Securities Administrators Association (NASAA) at their 2014 Public Policy conference in Washington, DC. Introduced by NASAA President Andrea Seidt from Ohio, Commissioner Stein dove right in to addressing the pressing concerns of the NASAA. Blue Sky Review finds it origins… Read More

Two Big Questions For Indiegogo And PayPal On The Heels Of HealBe’s Crowdfunding Debacle


We’ve been keeping up with PandoDaily writer James Robinson’s (pictured) digging into HealBe’s Indiegogo campaign. It turns out that Robinson’s search is now leading him toward other Indiegogo campaigns seemingly with similar issues. A recent article dives into claims made during a campaign for the TellSpec, a device whose inventors promised that it would be able to count… Read More

Indiegogo’s Reputation May Hinge On Outcome Of GoBe Campaign

GoBe App

Put simply, the significance of automatically calculating calories consumed and burned cannot be overstated. Currently, calorie databases such as MyFitnessPal require manual input, and prove laborious when calculating home-cooked meals or more exotic cuisines. While the utility of food-logging with weight loss has been supported by medical literature, it requires sustained discipline. The ability to record calorie… Read More

Crowdfunding Fraud: How Big is the Threat?


Crowdfunding is exploding as a new way of attracting funding and financing for individuals, small businesses and entrepreneurs around the world. In 2013 alone the global crowdfunding industry was responsible for between $3 and $5 billion in funding. With the passage of the JOBS Act and the subsequent revision of 80-year-old US securities regulations, crowdfunding… Read More

Game Developer’s Comments At GDC 2014 Present A Crowdfunding Dilemma


Steve Swink is an Arizona-based game developer and the man behind Scale, a video game that raised over $100,000 on Kickstarter in a round that closed late in 2013. The game looks incredible, by the way. It elicits thoughts of Portal with a bit of an indie spin. The Kickstarter trailer is at the right… Read More

Updated: Is SOAP’s Kickstarter A Scam? It Is A Complete Mess, And Here’s Why


If you want a case study in how a Kickstarter can go horribly wrong, look no further than the campaign for SOAP, a touchscreen home automation router. The campaign is fully funded despite bleeding almost $4,000 since we caught wind of scam allegations surrounding the campaign this weekend. Assuming the team behind the campaign can make… Read More

Soap Home Automation Router’s Kickstarter Campaign Met With Scam Allegations


The above comment sums up the general tenor surrounding a currently-running Kickstarter campaign for the Soap home automation router. The device’s campaign promises to deliver an Android-based home automation unit that allows the user to control all of his or her at-home digital devices. The proposal was enticing enough to secure just over $120,000 in… Read More