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Brief: Funding Circle Reviewing More Loans on a Case by Case Basis

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Funding Circle UK recently shared they had adjusted their policy on the types of loans and security required to allow the offer.  The peer to peer lender removed the £150,000 threshold for loans without asset security thus allowing their credit team greater flexibility in assessing and approving loans. The company also stated they will start to review… Read More

Funding Circle CEO Samir Desai Talks P2P Lending (Video)

Samir Desai

Peer to Peer lending platform Funding Circle recently signed a partnership with Santander to help small businesses secure loans.   They see this new strategic relationship as a methodology to help bring P2P into the mainstream.  Samir states that about 1/3 of the businesses that finance through their platform would not be able to access… Read More

Funding Circle: £300 Million in Under 4 Years

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UK based Funding Circle shared last week that their platform has topped £300 million in loans in just under 4 years.  Over £100 million has been lent via the site during the first 6 months of 2014 alone indicating significant momentum for the company.  These numbers were driven by the over 5000 businesses that used Funding… Read More

Funding Circle: Closing the Loop on the Small Business Funding Gap

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In the wake of Dodd-Frank and the financial crisis, peer-to-business lending or “P2B” is stepping up to fill the funding gap for small and startup businesses. What is P2B  you may ask and how does it differ from P2P lending? Well, pretty simply, P2B is what it sounds like, people (now interpreted broadly to include… Read More

Funding Circle & Santander Form Partnership

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Peer to peer lending platform Funding Circle has announced a new partnership with global banking giant Santander.  The new arrangement is designed to give small UK businesses greater access to capital  The gist of the relationship is that Santander will proactively refer small business customers looking for a loan to Funding Circle.  The businesses referred to… Read More

Funding Circle’s New Risk Tiers are Live

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Peer to peer lender Funding Circle has fired up their new risk tiers that were previously announced this past May.   Funding Circle connects accredited investors with small business owners in need of funding.  Traditionally these borrowers have had greater difficulties in finding loans.  The new tiers are expected to boost growth in their business further…. Read More

Crowdcube, Zopa & Funding Circle on List of Smarta Breakthrough Winners

Smarta Breakthrough 50

Equity crowdfunding platform Crowdcube has been joined by peer to peer (P2P) lenders Zopa and Funding Circle in being recognized by the Smarta Breakthrough 50 awards. These awards, sponsored by Santander, are designed to “shine a light” on the most inspiring businesses in the United Kingdom.  The winners were unveiled this past week and the official… Read More

UK & US Peer-to-Peer Regulation: Enlightened Touch vs. Square Peg Round Hole

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United Kingdom & the United States See Incredible Growth in Peer to Peer Lending Industry. With all of the hype around equity crowdfunding the silent counterpart of peer-to-peer lending has been quietly growing into a significant and disruptive industry. In fact, some industry followers expect the Peer-to-Peer lending to grow to $1 trillion by 2025…. Read More

Funding Circle Adds New Risk Tier, Surpasses $500 Million in Loans

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P2P Platform Has Hit $500 Million Milestone. Peer to Peer portal Funding Circle has announced it will introduce a new risk tier that will allow the company to serve a quarter more of its U.S. small business loan applicants.   Funding Circle connects business owners with investors facilitating loans up to $500,000. Announced during a presentation… Read More

Ranger Specialty Income Fund Partners with Funding Circle


The Ranger Specialty Income Fund will begin investing in crowdfunded small business loans through a relationship with Funding Circle USA. The fund wants to provide both domestic and international investors with attractive yields and monthly cash flow attributable to investments in the peer to peer (P2P) and investment crowdfunding space. The fund was formed to… Read More

Seven UK Crowdfunding Power Players Team Up On New Web Portal, Outreach Initiative


Seven of the UK’s largest crowdfunding platforms have teamed up to launch alternativebusinessfunding.co.uk, a new web portal aimed at providing SMEs with “a free and easy way for SMEs to find alternative business funding.” Crowdcube, Seedrs, Zopa, Funding Circle, MarketInvoice, Platform Black and Pensionledfunding.com are all part of the initiative. We are focused on making… Read More

Lend Academy’s Peter Renton To Launch Managed Fund For P2P Loans

Lend Academy

Peter Renton has been informing the world about the peer-to-peer lending space for some time now. Lend Academy is a great source of deep information on P2P lending and stalwart platforms like Lending Club and Prosper. Renton is now taking his place in the space to the next level. He’s looking to raise $28 million to launch… Read More

Individual Savings Accounts May Soon Include P2P Assets


Individual Savings Accounts (ISA) are a financial product available to residents of the United Kingdom.  These types of vehicles are used to supplement retirement incomes (somewhat similar to US 401k’s).  Apparently in a meeting held this week between Peer-toPeer (P2P) lenders, ISA industry participants and the UK Treasury each constituency is looking to move forward… Read More

UK “Alt Finance” Industry has Surpassed £1 Billion According to Report

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In a report filed earlier this week from the Liberum AltFi Index, the crowdfunding industry including both debt and equity, has surpassed the £1 billion “milestone”.  The alternative finance sector categorized as P2P,  equity crowdfunding and invoice lending was quoted at £,028,340,769 as of December 31, 2013.  An, Analyst for Liberum Capital  Cormac Leech, said… Read More

BRIEF: FundingCircle Loans £12.5 Million To UK Small Businesses In October

Funding Circle UK

Lending-based platform Funding Circle recently shared a breakdown of statistics from October. Among revelations in the post: £12.5 million loaned to UK businesses last month alone. Over £3 million was lent to businesses across the UK last week, contributing to a total of £12.5 million for the whole of October. New businesses looking for funding… Read More

Funding Circle Grabs $37 Million in Series C Funding Led by Accel Partners

Funding Circle Co-founders

Over 57,000 UK citizens have joined Funding Circle with over £165 Million lent to British businesses.  Now the Peer-to-Peer platform is getting bigger and they have received $37 Million in a Series C round led by Accel Patners.  Additional investors included Union Square Ventures, Index Ventures and Ribbit Capital.  The company has raised $58 Million… Read More

UK Based eMoneyUnion CEO Lee Birkett Speaks with Crowdfunding Podcast on Peer to Peer Lending


Based near Manchester, eMoneyUnion is a Peer to Peer Lending Platform that Serves Non Standard Borrowers in the United Kingdom.  CEO Lee Birkett recently sat down for an interview on Crowdfunding Podcast. eMoneyUnion presents pre-approved borrowers to lenders acting as a peer to peer loan matchmaking underwriting service.  Loans may be requested from £1000 up… Read More

Demand for alternative source of finance for small businesses is rocketing

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Demand for alternative sources of finance is rocketing, with figures this weekend showing that lending to small firms through peer-to-peer lending site Funding Circle has passed £100 million. The site, set up less than three years ago, has grown so fast that experts estimate in ten years it could account for ten to 20 per… Read More

Could peer-to-peer lending plug finance gaps?

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Peer-to-peer lending models are filling the gap left by banks, suggests a new report from innovation charity, NESTA. ‘Banking on Each Other’ looks at the emerging field of peer-to-peer lending to business and the processes that drive borrowers and lenders to use the platforms. Data derived from Funding Circle, the largest peer-to-peer business lending site… Read More

Crowdfunding In Europe: The Top 10 ‘Peer-to-Peer’ Lenders

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Crowdfunders generally fall into different categories: equity, donation, reward, and debt. The last is also known as microfinancing — and commonly referred to in Europe as “peer-to-peer lending.” Here are the top 10 up-and-coming peer-to-peer lenders e making financial waves in Europe: 1. Zopa – This London-based P2P lender offers loans of up to £10,000,… Read More