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Echt Klasse: Foodist Delivers Success in Second Round Crowdfunding on Companisto

Foodist Package

With 13 days remaining on Foodist’s second Companisto crowdfunding campaign, 376 investors have bought 24,493 shares, raising over €122,000. Funding from this equity campaign will promote the Foodist’s internationalization, grow their customer base, and exploit the potential within the B2B market. Subscribers of Foodist receive a mid-monthly box containing 6-8 European-made delicacies priced at €24… Read More

Equity Crowdfunding Record for Companisto

500,000 Euros Readfy

German equity crowdfunding site Companisto has announced a platform record.  The readfy funding campaign listed on Companisto raised €100,000 in just 24 hours and half a million Euros within six weeks.  Over 1300 investors came together to back the company that offers free access to ten thousand e-books – including international best sellers.  The company will… Read More

The Dash Wireless Headphones Raises Over $3.3 Million

The Dash in Hand

Crowdfunding on Kickstarter, the Dash has closed their funding round having raised $3,390,551 as 15,998 backers came together to fund this innovative product.  Dash is a wireless, smart headphone that bests any device in the market today (at least that I know about). The Dash was created by a German company, Bragi, that was founded by… Read More

Dash Wireless Headphones Surges Past $3 Million Crowdfunding


The Dash, a wireless – two piece headphone – crowdfunding on Kickstarter has broken the $3 million dollar mark as over 14,000 backers have signed up to support the project.  Their crowdfunding goal was initially just $260,000.  Created by Munich, Germany based BRAGI, the unique headphones have positioned their product as an all in one… Read More

Dreamojo Crowdfunding Has Integrated Social Platform

Dreamojo fund your dream

Dreamojo is a new Berlin-based crowdfunding site, that launched in December. They  operate with the belief that everybody should have the chance to use crowdfunding to fund their dreams. Social networks have become a vital portion of any crowdfunding campaigns and their site features an integrated social platform that facilitates the easy creation of reciprocal… Read More

Funded on Seedmatch, Larovo Hit with Bankruptcy Rumors


German equity crowdfunding platform Seedmatch has responded to inquiries regarding a company that was crowdfunded on their platform back in June of 2o12.  Larovo, an online buying guide, raised € 100,000 from 181 investors.  Seedmatch, the largest equity crowdfunding platform in Germany, has always prided their company on their transparency and ethical approach in their operations…. Read More

Crowdfunding for Sustainable and Well-Made Goodz on Seedmatch: Gut Gemeint & Gut Gemacht

Jeffrey van Ede 1

goodz’ CEO & Founder Jeffrey van Ede, the former VP of Sony Europe & CEO of Sony Germany, is leading a Seedmatch campaign that has already raised € 53,750, with 81 investors on board, surpassing their initial goal by 7% with 39 days remaining.  Seedmatch is the first German Crowdfunding Platform for Startups. In late February goodz launched their e-boutique, featuring 50 brands in… Read More

Crowdfunded on SeedMatch, Blue Patent Shuts Down


Blue Patent GmbH, a company funded in the fall of 2011 on the German equity crowdfunding platform Seedmatch, has suspended operations.  In a disappointing announcement made this past week, Seedmatch shared the news the young company was ceasing operations.  In an effort to support transparency, the investment crowdfunding site communicated that insolvency proceedings had commenced… Read More

Crowdfunding Mailbox: BrightUp, Sands of Ikkera and Heart&Slash

Sands of Ikkera Character

For this week’s edition of our Crowdfunding Mailbox, we have three campaigns:  BrightUp, Sands of Ikkera and Heart&Slab.  Yep – the names really do not disclose to much so let’s get to it. BrightUp is crowdfunding from Hamburg, Germany on Indiegogo.  Co-founder and CEO Maximilian Schmiedel in the intro of his pitch video states that… Read More

Could “The Dash” Headphones Threaten Pebble’s Kickstarter Record?

Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 8.49.18 AM

Last updated Tuesday, February 18 @ 10:42 AM EST When I came across The Dash on Kickstarter, I thought it was a mistake. $2 million raised with 41 days to go? That is impressive even by Kickstarter’s standards. Munich, Germany-based Bragi LLC has raised this impressive sum in just over one week for their forthcoming… Read More

Star Citizen Wallpapers: High-Res Artwork From The Upcoming Crowdfunded Game

star citizen

According to a recent backer update, Star Citizen was prominently featured in a recent article in PC Games magazine in Germany. Cloud Imperium urged all of their German fans to pick up a copy, but they also shared some artwork that was featured in the article. If the screen captures are any indication of where the gameplay is… Read More

Indiegogo CEO Slava Rubin Presents at DLD14 (Video)

Slava Rubin DLD14

The Digital-Life-Design (DLD14) conference took place last week in Munich, Germany.  DLD is self described as a “global network on innovation, digitization, science and culture which connects business, creative and social leaders, opinion-formers and influencers for crossover conversation and inspiration”. Over 150 speakers and 1000 attendees hit the Bavarian capital to talk tech, startups and… Read More

Indiegogo International Head Shares Eye-Opening Stat On Global Reach

Team Indiegogo

Indiegogo has undoubtedly made a concerted effort to be a leader in the global rewards-based crowdfunding market. Whereas Kickstarter has been very measured and deliberate in choosing foreign markets to become active in, Indiegogo has strived to facilitate crowdfunding transactions in as many markets as possible. The two strategies are markedly different. In an interview… Read More

Crowdfunding in Germany Today

Top four German Crowdfunding platforms

Germany is the single largest market in all of the European Union.  With a population of around 82 million, a highly educated population and many top global corporations it is the economic engine of Europe today. The crowdfunding industry has benefited from this significant base and over the past months the country has experienced a… Read More

Panono Crowdfunds Over $1.25 Million on Indiegogo

Panono Top Image

5th Most Funded Successful Campaign Ever on Indiegogo. Berlin, Germany based Panono has won many accolades during their crowdfunding campaign including a coolest gadget shout out and tons of press especially with their trip to CES 2014 this past week.  The hot tech device that allows you to take a 360 degree “selfie” closed their… Read More

On Indiegogo: Panono Camera Nets Rave Reviews, Over $1 Million In Funding


Indiegogo has been on a roll lately. The Geek Pulse just closed at over $1.1 million, and it seems a campaign in its last week on the platform is set to eclipse that total. The campaign aims to fund the Panono, and it’s an innovative (and interactive) panoramic camera. When Gizmodo got their hands on… Read More

Germany: The Largest Equity Crowdfunding Campaigns of 2013


The list below represents the largest investment crowdfunding campaigns in Germany during 2013.  The compilation is courtesy of Crowdstreet.de and includes the largest equity campaigns from a variety of crowdfunding sites.  Klaus-Martin Meyer is the owner and operator of Crowdstreet.de, a blog that covers the German crowdfunding industry. The single largest campaign, URBANARA, raised capital on… Read More

WATCH: This Amazing Electric Helicopter Raised 1.2M Euros On Seedmatch


A German company called e-volo has successfully raised €1,2 million in a crowdfunding offering on Seedmatch.de for a crazy 18-propeller electric helicopter. Called the “Volocopter,” the e-volo team thinks this new approach to manned aerial flight can revolutionize the way we live and travel. The Volocopter is in a new category of aerial vehicles called “multicopters.”… Read More

SecuGate+ Crowdfunds to Offer Enterprise Like IT Security at Home

Secugate Router

After Hugely Successful Equity Crowdfunding Round, SecuGate+ Offers Rewards on Kickstarter. Secucloud, a provider of cloud-based IT-Security, has unveiled SecuGate+, their network security solution for Home & Small Business – and they are crowdfunding on Kickstarter. The rewards round follows an incredibly successful equity round in Germany. This past November the company raised €500,000 in less than… Read More

Crowd Dialog – Munich

Crowd Dialog

On 21st of November 2013, the German-speaking Finance 2.0 sector will meet in Munich during the Crowd Dialog. With over 25 speakers, this event will bring together pioneers from the burgeoning crowdfunding industry to discuss how the crowd is disrupting conventional financing methods and what the future has in store for this new industry. For all… Read More