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Sisters of Fraternite Notre Dame Receives Over $150,000 Through GoFundMe to Replace Broken Boiler

Fraternite Notre Dame 2

Seeking to help the sisters of Fraternite Notre Dame as much as possible, supporters have taken to GoFundMe in order to raise funds for the nuns as they continue to endure the harsh Chicago winter without a workable boiler. The campaign’s organizer and senior producer of  Chicago morning television show, Windy City LIVE., Hank Mendheim stated, “A fraternity… Read More

Louisiana Woman Officially Charged With Theft in GoFundMe Scam Case


This past fall, Abbeville, Louisiana woman by the name of Fallon Mouton raised $4,600 through GoFundMe campaign supposedly for a Texas man, Moses Perez, who recently lost his fiancée, Jessica Rodriguez, due to giving birth complications. The funds were to help the family “make ends meet.” Unfortunately, Mouton was actually scamming donors and using the story to steal… Read More

Family of Los Vegas’ Road Rage Victim Returns GoFundMe Funds Midst Fraud Accusations

Tammy Meyers 1

Last week, tragic struck in Las Vegas when a mother of four was killed after a road rage incident. According to previous reports, Tammy Meyers was giving her daughter a driver’s lesson on February 12th. After wrapping up the lesson, she took control of the vehicle and started heading home. Unfortunately, Tammy and another vehicle came to… Read More

Eric Garner’s Family Reveal They Have Yet to Receive Crowdfunding Campaign Funds

Garner Family 1

Last summer, news broke out that New York resident Eric Garner died after police officer Daniel Panaloe, put him in a chokehold. The death was apparently caused by Garner refusing the orders from Panaloe and other law enforcement official, Justin Damico. Since the shocking news (and video footage) surfaced, supporters have conducted rallies to protest against police… Read More

Penn State Fans Rally Behind Basketball Coach Pat Chambers; Launches GoFundMe Campaign to Pay $10,000 Big Ten Fine

Pat Chambers 2

Earlier this month, Penn State’s basketball coach Pat Chambers was hit with a $10,000 fine for making a comment about a “bad call” that was made by NCAA officials during the Maryland game on February 4th.  Now the university’s fans and students are rallying behind the coach to help raise the outrageous funds through GoFundMe…. Read More

Sureshbhai Patel Receives Nearly $175,000 From GoFundMe Project After Confrontation With Police Officer Eric Parker

Sureshbhai Patel

Seeking to help Sureshbhai Patel in his time of need, supporters from all over have taken to GoFundMe to fund his medical expenses, after he was paralyzed by a police officer in Alabama earlier this month. According to Huffington Post, shortly after Patel arrived in the U.S. to care for his 17-month-old son, a neighbor called… Read More

Update: Detroit’s James Robertson Moves Out of Unsafe Neighborhood After Receiving $350,000 From GoFundMe Campaign

James Robertson

Earlier this month, a college student named Evan Leedy debuted a GoFundMe campaign for Detroit resident, James Robertson. Robertson made headlines when his rough work commute surfaced to the public. Thanks to the campaign, which generated $350,001 from 13,248 supporters, Robertson will not only be able to purchase a brand new car, but also a new… Read More

Re-Introduced Innovation Act May Stop Patent Trolls From Targeting Crowdfunding Startups

Boxing Gloves Fight Box

Venture Beat recently reported that on Thursday (February 5th), House Judiciary Chairman, Bob Goodlatte re-introduced the Innovative Act, which is considered a bipartisan bill that may stop “patent trolls” in their tracks. The Electronic Freedom Frontier describes a troll as; “A patent troll uses patents as legal weapons, instead of actually creating any new products or coming… Read More

Update: Father of Special Needs Son Raises Nearly $500,000 on GoFundMe; Mother Speaks Out About Accusations


It’s a story that continues to melt hearts everywhere: a father choosing to take care of his son with down syndrome over keeping his marriage with his wife. The now-single New Zealand native, Samuel Forrest, has successfully secured over $485,000 through GoFundMe so that he may take care of his little boy Leo. But now,… Read More

Boston Man Launches $300M GoFundMe Project to Help Modernize The City’s Bus System


Seeking to make changes to the old, unsafe, rather scary Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority’s subway system, a Boston area resident has launched a $300M crowdfunding initiative on GoFundMe to help bring the transit into the 21st century. Explaining the situation (jokingly), campaign organizer, Janssen McCormick writes,”The MBTA is outmoded, unsafe and incapable of withstanding the rigors… Read More

First Time Dad Refuses to Give Up on His Special Needs Son; Launches GoFundMe Campaign For Living Costs

Leo Forrest

Auckland, New Zealand native and first time father, Samuel Forrest, was so excited when his wife told him that they were expecting a child. Everything went well during the pregnancy and there were no worries what’s so ever on the delivery day. Unfortunately, Forrest’s life changed forever when Armenia doctors, who were present at the birthing,… Read More

Update: Family of Alan Barnes Halts GoFundMe Campaign at £330,000

Alan Barnes 2

Earlier this week, a woman named Katie Cutler launched a crowdfunding campaign on GoFundMe to help raise funds for Hillside Place resident Alan Barnes, an older handicap man that was knocked to the ground by the thug who attempted to rob him. In result of the mugging, Barnes suffered from a broken collar bone and left in distress. Originally… Read More

New Jersey’s Mater Dei Prep Hits GoFundMe to Avoid Closure; Alumni & NBC’s Brian Williams Shows Support

Brian Williams

In an effort to stop its June 2015 closure, a supporter of the Middletown, New Jersey’s Mater Dei Prep launched a crowdfunding campaign on GoFundMe to raise $1 million. The campaign’s description reads, “Facing a sever multi-year financial deficit, Mater Dei Prep, Middletown will close its door in June. The closure was announced on February 3rd by Father… Read More

Detroit Man Set to Receive New Vehicle Thanks to GoFundMe Initiative

James Robertson

A Detroit resident named James Robertson made headlines when the story about his rough work commute surfaced this week. The 56-year-old man walks from his home on Woodward Ave to catch his morning bus to Somerset Collection in Troy before he walks to his job at Schain Mold & Engineering in Rochester Hills. Daily, James… Read More

Rooster Teeth’s Monty Oum Passes Away From Allergic Reaction; Fans Raise Over $221,000 on GoFundMe

Monty Oum

Earlier this week, Rooster Teeth launched a crowdfunding campaign on GoFundMe to raise $50,000 for animator, Monty Oum after announcing he was being hospitalized for a medical emergency. The project raised well over $100,000 within its first day. While explaining the situation, Rooster Teeth’s Burnie Burns stated on the company’s blog, “It is with great… Read More

Rooster Teeth Launches GoFundMe Initiative For RWBY Animator; Raises Nearly $180,000 in Two Days

Monty Oum

On Saturday (January 31st), Rooster Teeth, the production studio behind Red vs. Blue and RWBY, hit GoFundMe to raise $50,000 for fellow animator, Monty Oum. Explaining the situation, Rooster Teeth’s Burnie Burns wrote, “It is with great regret that I inform you that our co-worker and our dear friend, Monty Oum, has had a medical emergency. He… Read More

Supporters of Zombie Cat Calls Foul on GoFundMe Campaign; Humane Society Fights For Custody of Miracle Feline

Zombie Cat 1

It’s the story that continues to tug on heart strings, but it seems as though Zombie Cat’s “rise from the dead” tale isn’t as truthful as it seems. According to DailyMail, the miracle feline, also known as Bart, will not be returned as new information emerges about his burial. After having his eye removed and… Read More

Supporters of Disabled Mugging Victim Alan Barnes Flock to GoFundMe; Raises Over £142,000 in Two Days

Alan Barnes

Last Sunday evening, 67-year-old Alan Barnes was viciously attacked outside his home in Hillside Place in Low Fell. The older gentleman, who was born was numerous defects which include sight and growth problems, was knocked to the ground by the thug who attempted to rob him. In result of the mugging, Barnes suffered from a… Read More

Media Dubbed “Zombie Kitty” Receives Nearly $7,000 From GoFundMe Campaign

Zombie Cat 3

They say that cats have 9 lives, and now it looks like Florida kitty, Bart, has lost one of his. The feline, also known as “zombie cat,” hit the media spotlight last week after he apparently came back from the dead. Now, Bart is receiving some attention from others through a GoFundMe crowdfunding campaign. According to… Read More

Details Emerge on Patent Lawsuit Against Multiple Crowdfunding Platforms

Knock Out Punch

It was revealed earlier this week that a patent infringement lawsuit was filed against Indiegogo, CircleUp, GoFundMe, Kickstarter, Gust, RocketHub & Innovational Funding  by Alphacap Ventures LLC for a trial by jury in the Eastern District Court of Texas. Alphacap Ventures is based in California but the suit was filed in Texas as the “Defendant because… Read More