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Brief: Kristen Bell Reveals She Randomly Searches Through GoFundMe Pages At Night

Kristen Bell as Veronica Mars

While continuing to raise awareness for her new healthy food petition, Veronica Mars starlet Kristen Bell recently revealed to E! News her favorite pastime is looking up GoFundMe crowdfunding campaigns she can put funds towards. During her interview with the media outlet, Bell shared: “I… Read More

Decathlete Jeremy Taiwo Awarded $10,000 During GoFundMe’s Global Olympic Athlete Competition

Jeremy Taiwo

On Wednesday,  GoFundMe dubbed decathlete Jeremy Taiwo the winner of its global Olympic athlete competition. This event was announced last month as a way to help athletes achieve their Olympic dreams. The crowdfunding portal revealed the Olympian who secures the most funds in a campaign between… Read More

Supporters of Fallen Baton Rouge Police Officers Raise Over $150,000 Through Three GoFundMe Campaigns In Less Than Two Days

Baton Rouge

Following the deaths of three Baton Rouge police officers, supporters of the men launched individual GoFundMe campaigns and in less than two days, the initiatives have secured over $100,000 in total. CNN reported that on Sunday a man identified as Gavin Long of Kansas City… Read More

GoFundMe Campaign For Alton Sterling Closes: Raises Over $700,000 For Childrens’ Scholarship

Alton Sterling

One week after actress Issa Rae launched a GoFundMe campaign to raise $200,000 for Alton Sterling’s children, the initiative has successfully raised $714,448 from 23,980 and officially closed. The father of five was killed on last Tuesday during an encounter with two Baton Rouge police officers, who were… Read More

Rapper The Game Teams Up With His Son to Launch GoFundMe Campaign For Little Rock Police Officer

The Game

This week, rapper and actor The Game, with his son Harlem, hit GoFundMe to raise $50,000 for a police officer, Tommy Norman, in Little Rock, Arkansas. The crowdfunding campaign’s description reads: “Every police interaction does not have to be a negative one and Officer Norman… Read More

Bristol Palin’s Ex-Fiancé Launches GoFundMe Campaign to Raise $10,000 For Legal Bills

Levi Johnston

Ready to move on from the family drama between him and his ex-fiancé, Bristol Palin, Levi Johnston has launched a GoFundMe to raise $10,000 so that he may pay his legal bills, which were accumulated during the custody battles over their son, Tripp Easton Mitchell… Read More

Alton Sterling & Philando Castile Supporters Raise Nearly $800,000 Combined Through Two GoFundMe Campaigns

Alton Sterling

Just a few days after actress Issa Rae launched a GoFundMe initiative to raise $200,000 for Alton Sterling’s children, the campaign has successfully raised nearly $650,000 from over 22,000 supporters. As previously reported, the father of five was killed on Tuesday morning during an encounter with… Read More

GoFundMe Announces “Stuff Curry” Campaign to Tackle Online Bullies

Stuff Curry 1

GoFundMe announced on Friday the launch of a new crowdfunding campaign that is seeking to end cyber bullying. The crowdfunding platform it has teamed up with Jessica Benton, the mother of “Stuff Curry” (aka Landon Lee), to launch the initiative to raise $25,000 for Cybersmile, a nonprofit that… Read More

Actress Issa Rae Launches GoFundMe Initiative For Alton Sterling’s Children & Raises Over $300,000 in 24 Hours

Alton Sterling

Following the death of Baton Rouge resident, Alton Sterling, actress Issa Rae launched a GoFundMe initiative to raise $200,000 for Sterling’s children. The father of five was killed on Tuesday morning during an encounter with two Baton Rouge police officers, who were questioning him after… Read More

Actress Jennifer Garner Encourages Fans to Support Brad Paisley’s West Virginia Flooding Relief GoFundMe Initiative (Video)

Jennifer Garner

Following the launch of Brad Paisley’s West Virginia Flooding Relief GoFundMe initiative, 44-year-old actress Jennifer Garner has officially offered her support for the campaign and encouraged her fans to do the same. As previously reported, Paisley took to the crowdfunding portal last week to help… Read More

Update: Brad Paisley Fans Raise Over $500,000 on GoFundMe For West Virginia Flood Relief in Four Days

Brad Paisley

Just four days after country star, Brad Paisley, launched a GoFundMe campaign for the West Virginia Flood Relief, over 5,100 supporters have flocked to the funding initiative to secure nearly $540,000 for the cause. As previously reported, Paisley took to the crowdfunding portal last week to… Read More

Country Music Star Brad Paisley Launches GoFundMe Campaign For West Virginia Flood Relief

Brad Paisley

Following the devastating floods in West Virginia that have killed 28 residents and destroyed 1,200 homes, country superstar, Brad Paisley has launched a GoFundMe initiative to raise $1 million for the victims. Paisley, who is originally from the state, revealed on the campaign’s website: “On… Read More

Brief: GoFundMe Reports Over 175 Campaigns Donate $150,000 to Support West Virginia Flood Victims

West Virginia

Over the weekend, crowdfunding portal GoFundMe announced that 175 initiatives have successfully raised over $150,000 for the victims of the West Virginia floods. The funding platform shared: ” On June 23, 2016, a historic flood hit West Virginia, leaving 24 individuals dead, destroying homes and… Read More

Going For the Gold: GoFundMe Announces $10,000 Global Competition For Olympic Athletes

Olympics 2

Seeking to help athletes from all over the world reach their Olympic dreams, GoFundMe announced on Monday its new global competition for those looking to achieve the gold at the Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro.  The crowdfunding portal revealed the Olympian who secures the most… Read More

Update: Jo Cox Supporters Offer Up £1.4M to Various Organizations Through GoFundMe in One Week


Just one week after the British Labour Party politician, Helen Joanne “Jo” Cox, tragically passed away, more than 40,000 of her devoted supporters have raised £1.4 million for various organizations in her honor through a crowdfunding campaign on GoFundMe. As previously reported, Cox died just outside the library… Read More

Strong Support Continues: GoFundMe Initiative For Pulse Victims Surpasses $6.1M in Less Than Two Weeks


Less than two weeks after the devastating shooting at Orlando’s nightclub, Pulse, nearly 115,000 supporters of the victims have raised over $6.1 million through a GoFundMe campaign, which was launched by LGBT organization, Equality Florida. Following the shooting, which left 49 dead and 53 injured, the… Read More

Brief: Athletes Raise Nearly $400,000 on GoFundMe to Prepare For the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Summer Olympics

Olympics 1

GoFundMe announced last week that athletes are taking to its global crowdfunding platform to raise funds as they prepare to make their way to the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Summer Olympics. The funding portal revealed over the past several months, nearly 100 athletes have raised nearly $400,000 as… Read More

Nearly 30,000 Supporters Raise Over £900,000 on GoFundMe Following the Tragic Death of MP Jo Cox

Jo Cox

Following the devastating death of British Labour Party politician, Helen Joanne “Jo” Cox, nearly 30,000 supporters have raised over £900,000 through the GoFundMe campaign, Jo Cox’s Fund, which was launched by her family and friends. On June 16th, Cox fatally shot and stabbed outside the library of Birstall, West Yorkshire, where she… Read More

GoFundMe Campaign For Orlando Pulse Victim Surpasses $5.1M in Four Days

equity florida

Just four days after LGBT organization, Equality Florida, launched its Pulse Victim GoFundMe initiative, over 105,000 supporters have flocked to the page and donated $5.1 million. Over the weekend, a horrific shooting in Orlando’s club, Pulse, left 49 clubgoers dead and 53 injured. Following the… Read More

Orlando Shooting Victims’ GoFundMe Campaign Surpasses $3M in Less Than Two Days

Florida Shooting

Less than two days after LGBT rights group Equality Florida launched a crowdfunding campaign on GoFundMe dedicated to the victims of this weekend’s Orlando shooting, the initiative has officially surpassed $3 million thanks to over 69,000 supporters. As previously reported, the horrific shooting in Orlando’s club, Pulse, left… Read More