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Media Dubbed “Zombie Kitty” Receives Nearly $7,000 From GoFundMe Campaign

Zombie Cat 3

They say that cats have 9 lives, and now it looks like Florida kitty, Bart, has lost one of his. The feline, also known as “zombie cat,” hit the media spotlight last week after he apparently came back from the dead. Now, Bart is receiving some attention from others through a GoFundMe crowdfunding campaign. According to… Read More

Details Emerge on Patent Lawsuit Against Multiple Crowdfunding Platforms

Knock Out Punch

It was revealed earlier this week that a patent infringement lawsuit was filed against Indiegogo, CircleUp, GoFundMe, Kickstarter, Gust, RocketHub & Innovational Funding  by Alphacap Ventures LLC for a trial by jury in the Eastern District Court of Texas. Alphacap Ventures is based in California but the suit was filed in Texas as the “Defendant because… Read More

Brief: GoFundMe Campaign Debuts For THE LION KING on Broadway’s Nteliseng Nkhela & Aaron Nelson After Fire Destroys Homes

The Lion King on Broadway 1

Shortly after a devastating fire destroyed their Edgewater Avalon apartment homes, co-stars and supporters of THE LION KING on Broadway’s Nteliseng Nkhela and Aaron Nelson took to crowdfunding platform GoFundMe to raise $10,000. Within only 21 hours, the campaign surpassed its initial goal and has reached over $14,000. According to BroadwayWorld, Nkhela and Nelson, who… Read More

Supporters Rally to Raise Funds on GoFundMe For Quadruplets After Mother’s Passing

Erica Morales

Seeking to help her family push through a tragic situation, Arizona woman Nicole Todman has launched a GoFundMe crowdfunding campaign to raise $250,000 for the family of her cousin, 36-year-old Erica Morale, who gave birth to quadruplets before she passed away a few hours later. According to the Fox affiliate in Phoenix, Erica and her husband… Read More

GoFundMe Reportedly Brings in $470M in 2014; Claims to Top Kickstarter

One Thousand Dollars in Hundred Dollar Bills

Kicking off the new year in the best way possible, San Diego-based GoFundMe revealed it raised over $156 million during its 2014 fourth quarter, which brings the total number of donations for the year to $470 million, making it the world’s largest crowdfunding platform. This news comes just after its rival, Kickstarter, reflected on 2014 and revealed its backers… Read More

Supporters Seek to Help Akron Bridal Shop That’s Facing Closure After Ebola Scare

Coming Attractions 2

This past October, Dallas nurse Amber Vinson flew to Cleveland, Ohio after she was exposed to the Ebola virus while treating Eric Duncan. Although she was told by the CDC that she was good to go for the trip, Vinson was eventually diagnosed with the virus. The places that she visited were forced to down so… Read More

Son of NC Man Injured on Mt. Kilimanjaro Launches GoFundMe Campaign; Raises Nearly $45,000 in Three Days

Pat Ross 2

Seeking financial help for his father after an unfortunate incident on Mt. Kilimanjaro, Blake Ross has launched a crowdfunding campaign on GoFundMe to raise $50,000 for medical expenses and to bring him back to his home in North Carolina. Explaining what happened, Blake wrote, “After summiting Mt. Kilimanjaro with my brother on New Year’s Day of… Read More

Sister of Accused Georgia Tech Hacker Launches GoFundMe to Raise Funds for Legal Fees

Ryan Pickren 3

Seeking to help her brother and accused Georgia Tech Hacker fight his battle with Georgia’s Clarke Country, Sage Pickren has debuted a crowdfunding campaign on GoFundMe called “Free Ryan Pickren” to raise $30,000 for his legal fees. According to Online Athens, Sage started the campaign after Ryan was indicted on December 16th by Clarke County grand… Read More

Creator of Airline Advice Website Skiplagged Launches GoFundMe Campaign to Fight United Airlines & Orbitz

Skiplagged 2

During the final months of 2014, creator of airfare advice website Skiplagged Aktarer Zaman was faced with a lawsuit from United Airlines and its partner Orbitz, claiming that the 22-year-old was providing “unfair competition” along with promoting “strictly prohibited travel on his website. This is due to the website’s strategy known as “hidden city” ticketing. The… Read More

Supporters Hit GoFundMe to Raise Funds For New Yorker Battling Mysterious Illness

Holly Todd

Earlier this month, a friend of Warsaw, New York resident, Holly Todd, launched a crowdfunding campaign on GoFundMe to raise $50,000 so she may receive proper treatment against a mysterious illness she acquired on missions trip to Haiti earlier this year. According to the campaign’s creator, Justin Jones, Holly and a team from Valley Chapel Church in Warsaw, New York built… Read More

Teen Who Launched GoFundMe Campaign For Skin Surgery Receives Pro Bono Offer From Miami Plastic Surgeon

Kaitlyn Smith 1

Last week, CrowdfundInsider shared details about Tennessee teenager Kaitlyn Smith launching a crowdfunding on GoFundMe to raise funds for her upcoming skin surgery. Smith weighed 414lbs and was seeking the help of doctors for a gastric bypass surgery so she may lose the unhealthy pounds she acquired over the years. Upon an unfortunate meeting with one doctor about the… Read More

Supporters Near & Far Help to Raise Funds on GoFundMe for Rare Cancer Research

Synovial Sarcoma 2

Seeking to help her terminally ill sister battle an extremely rare cancer, Louisiana resident Ann Marie Haynie has launched a crowdfunding campaign on GoFundMe called Love for Liza Fund. According to the campaign, Liza discovered she had Synovial Sarcoma, which is found in the joints of the arm, neck or leg, 2011. After pushing through chemotherapy, radiation and multiple… Read More

Tennessee Teen Launches Second Crowdfunding Campaign Through GoFundMe For Skin Surgery

Kaitlyn Smith 1

Back in 2012, teenager Kaitlyn Smith weighed 414lbs and was seeking the help of doctors for a gastric bypass surgery so she may lose the unhealthy pounds she acquired over the years. After one unfortunate meeting with one doctor, Kaitlyn decided that she was going to take matters into her own hands and fight her… Read More

#FergusonRebuild Initiative Launches GoFundMe Campaign to Raise $150,000

Ferguson Riots

Continuing to do whatever it takes to stop the destruction of Ferguson, Missouri businesses, an initiative known as #FergusonRebuild has launched a crowdfunding campaign on GoFundMe to help save many of the town’s shops after multiple riots, due to the jury’s decision to not indict police officer Darren Wilson after he fatally shot 18-year-old Michael… Read More

Family of the Gaithersburg Plane Crash Victims Receives Nearly $400,000 in Two Days on GoFundMe

Gemmell 1

Showing support for Marie Gemmell and her two sons after they lost their lives in Monday morning’s Gaithersburg, Maryland plane crash, an identified friend of the family, Jennifer Miller, launched a GoFundMe campaign to raise $400,000 that will go towards the family so that they may rebuild their lives after such a terrible loss. Sharing… Read More

Cleveland Attorney Launches GoFundMe Campaign to Pursue Legal Action Against Lena Dunham & Her Memoir’s Publisher

Lena Dunham 1

Earlier this fall, “Girls” star Lena Dunham released her book Not that Kind of Girl. The new memoir exposed untold stories about the actress, including a sexual assault during her days at Oberlin College. Now, the man that was apparently involved in the situation, who is referred to as “Barry,” is not only filing a lawsuit… Read More

More Ferguson Business Owners Turn to GoFundMe As Riots Continue to Destroy Shops

Ferguson Riots

As the city of Ferguson continues to experience riots and devastation following the jury’s decision to not indict police officer Darren Wilson for the killing of teenager, Michael Brown, more and more business owners are launching crowdfunding campaigns on GoFundMe for receive more help in repair costs. Like other Ferguson business, Natalie’s Cakes, which has… Read More

Hands Up United Launches GoFundMe Campaign For New Ferguson Youth Tech Program


New Ferguson-based organization, Hands Up United, hit GoFundMe last week to raise funds for a new program called Ferguson First Youth Tech Program, which is aiming to help the city’s youth with technological projects. According to the campaign’s description, Hands Up United is a youth led movement that started in Ferguson after the shooting of Mike Brown… Read More

Bakery Damaged in Ferguson Riots Raises Over $200,000 in One Day on GoFundMe

Natalie Dubose

The events surrounding the shooting death in the small town of  Ferguson, Missouri have certainly been tragic and unfortunate.  But occasionally some events that inspire rise to the surface contrasting despair with hope.  Natalie’s Cakes and More, operated by Natalie Dubose from Ferguson, saw here business damaged during the riots at the peak of her… Read More

Scam Alert: Alleged Bone Cancer Patient Shuts Down GoFundMe Campaign After Being Busted With Bogus Photos

Fish 3

Earlier this month, an alleged Iraq war veteran known as Kevin Fish debuted his crowdfunding campaign on GoFundMe to raise $4,000 for what he noted to be his final trip to his family in Louisiana before he died from bone cancer. Fish shared on the campaign’s website, “I am fighting bone cancer and it’s not… Read More