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Indiegogo & Arrow Announces $75,000 Flash Funding Recipient: Andy Karuza & the FenSens Team


On Monday, Indiegogo and Arrow Electronics announced the final flash funding recipient for the month of October. The duo revealed Andy Karuza and the FenSen team were selected to receive $75,000 in the funding prize.  The companies explained the FenSens team is hoping to transform… Read More

Zane Lamprey Moves Adv3nture Hoodie to Indiegogo InDemand (Video)


Following the closing of Adv3nture Hoodie’s epic Kickstarter campaign, creator Zane Lamprey decided to move the already popular piece of clothing to Indiegogo’s InDemand program. The Adv3nture Hoodie has a total of nine pockets, along with a sunglass holder, pillow conversion, bottle opener zipper, reflective cabling, reflective… Read More

Arrow & Indiegogo Announces New $50,000 Flash Funding Winners

Money Benjamin Dollars 100

On Wednesday, Indiegogo and its partner, Arrow Electronics, announced that Kurt Swanson, Don Pancoe and the whole team at Noria Technologies have won $50,000 in flash funds. The companies declared earlier this month they were giving $25,000 to three entrepreneurs throughout the month of October, with Brad Holland… Read More

Kordbot’s Brad Holland Receives $25,000 in Flash Funds From Indiegogo & Arrow


On Tuesday, Indiegogo and its partner, Arrow Electronics, announced Brad Holland, of Kordbot, is the first to win $25,000 in flash funds to help bring his product to life. The companies revealed they are giving $25,000 to three entrepreneurs throughout the month of October, with Holland… Read More

Storm Sondors Launches eCar Equity Crowdfunding Offer


Storm Sondors, one of the creators of the Sondors eBike that remains the second most funded Indiegogo campaign of all time, has switched from rewards to investment by offering shares in a new startup on StartEngine. Sondors filed a Form-C and accompanying offering details with the… Read More

Indiegogo Announces: Now Accepts Credit Cards For Fixed Funding Campaigns

Credit Cards

On Tuesday, Indiegogo announced it now accepts credit cards for fixed funding crowdfunding campaigns. This news comes less than two weeks after the funding portal revealed it supports Apple Pay on the web. The Indiegogo team stated: “We know easy and secure payments are important… Read More

Indiegogo Teams Up With General Assembly, 500 Startups, TechStars, Startups.co & Rent the Runway to Present “Startup Fundraising 101”


On Friday, Indiegogo announced it has teamed up with General Assembly, 500 Startups, TechStars, Startups.co, and Rent the Runway to present Startup Fundraising 101, a guide that reveals the pros and cons of finding funding. The guide will also walk readers through crowdfunding, bootstrapping, and even… Read More

“Super Troopers 2” Surpasses $4.5M Stretch Goal & Crew Announces: “We Are Putting Live Bears In the Movie” (Video)


It’s official – there will be live bears in Super Troopers 2! After the upcoming comedy’s Indiegogo campaign surpassed $4.5 million, production studio Broken Lizard announced the animals will be making an appearance. Broken Lizard originally sought to raise $2 million for the highly anticipated sequel of… Read More

Hidden Hub: 3rd Time Not a Charm: Crowdfunded Company Will Liquidate as Most Recent Project Fails


Hidden Radio was an early Kickstarter success. Co-founded by John Van Den Nieuwenhuizen and Vitor Santa Maria their very first rewards project raised over $930,000 for a stylish blue-tooth connected radio. Over 5300 backers signed up to receive one or more of the speakers. The response was… Read More

“Super Troopers 2” Roster Continues to Grow: Hayes MacArthur, Tyler Labine, & Will Sasso joins Cast (Video)

Super Troopers 6

On Wednesday, Broken Lizard, the production studio behind the anticipated comedy Super Troopers 2,  announced Hayes MacArthur, Tyler Labine, and Will Sasso has joined the Indiegogo-funded film’s cast. This news comes just days after Rob Lowe and Emmanuelle Chriqui were named as castmates. While the film’s plot is… Read More

Big Indiegogo Announcement: Users May Now Use Apple Pay on the Web

Indiegogo Apple Pay

On Wednesday, Indiegogo announced it now supports Apple Pay on the web. Backers may use Apple Pay in the Safari web browser on iPhone, iPad, and Mac to back campaigns on the global crowdfunding platform. This news comes nearly two years after Indiegogo incorporated the… Read More

Correction: Jibo’s Indiegogo Still Up & Running. Fake Campaign Pulled


Yesterday, Crowdfund Insider published an article on the Jibo (since removed), a home robot that raised funding on Indiegogo back in 2014. A Jibo imposter page was posted on Indiegogo and was subsequently pulled by the crowdfunding platform’s Trust and Customer Happiness team. In error, an… Read More

Indiegogo Announces Arrow Electronics’ $1M Flashing Funding


On Tuesday, Indiegogo announced its partner, Arrow Electronics, Inc. (NYSE: ARW), is set to offer eligible entrepreneurs $1 million in flash funding. The global crowdfunding platform revealed, starting this October, eligible campaign organizers will have a shot at part of Arrow’s million dollar prize. As previously reported, Indiegogo and… Read More

Sondors eBike Creator Poised to Sell Shares for Electric Car Company

storm sondors thumbs up

Sondors eBike creator Storm Sondors has filed a Form-C with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to raise capital for the Sondors Electric Car Company, a business created with the purpose of designing and developing an electric car labeled the “Model Sondors”. The filing states the… Read More

“Entourage’s” Emmanuelle Chriqui Named New Leading Lady of “Super Troopers 2” (Video)

Super Troopers 2 2

Less than a week after announcing Rob Lowe has joined Super Troopers 2’s cast and the return of Marisa Coughlan, who played Officer Ursula Hanson, the Broken Lizard crew revealed Entourage’s Emmanuelle Chriqui has been named the hilarious comedy’s new leading lady. Broken Lizard previously announced the film just 14 years… Read More

Indiegogo Dominates Sex Toy Crowdfunding with After Dark Collection


Indiegogo has quietly added a new vertical to its crowdfunding platform: sex toys and sexual wellness. We saw the new niche crowdfunding vertical emerge this past August to establish itself as a leading marketplace for cutting edge sexual toys and implements. The Indiegogo After Dark… Read More

John Smedley Returns to Crowdfunding: Seeks $200,000 For “Hero’s Song” Project

Heros Song

Less than nine months after pulling the plug on his Hero’s Song Kickstarter campaign, former Sony President, John Smedley, has relaunched the project on Indiegogo. The new campaign is seeking to raise $200,000. As reported, Hero’s Song is an open world rogue-like fantasy game that is done in 2D pixel… Read More

Update: Humans of New York Secures Over $550,000 In Less Than Two Weeks During Ninth Crowdfunding Campaign

Humans of New York

Last month, crowdfunding platform Indiegogo announced Humans of New York launched its ninth fundraiser on its platform, Generosity. The organization has raised fund for various organizations and events. This time, it has teamed up with the veteran group, Headstrong to raise $100,000. Now, less than two weeks later, the campaign… Read More