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Brief: Indiegogo to Host Crowdfunding Filmmaker Event in New York City

Film Camera

Next Tuesday, global crowdfunding platform Indiegogo will present 12 Things Crowdfunding Filmmakers Need For A Successful Campaign in New York City.  The funding portal stated: “Millions of creators have turned to crowdfunding over the last few years to bring their scripts to screens. Join Indiegogo’s Head… Read More

Indiegogo Co-Founder Danae Ringelmann Reveals What Her Favorite Crowdfunding Project Is (Video)

Danae Ringelmann 3

Danae Ringelmann, co-founder of global platform Indiegogo, recently sat down with Inc. to discuss which crowdfunding project is in fact her favorite. During her interview, Ringelmann stated: “You know, I’m an underdog person. I always like rooting for the underdog, the crazy ideas, the ones… Read More

Keen Home Quickly Generates Over $6.6 Million of Indicated Interest on SeedInvest

Robert Herjavec at Keen Home Office

Keen Home is doing it right. The company is the creator of a smart home air vent. Sexy it is not. Practical and money saving it is. Back in 2014, Keen started with a relatively small crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. Keen co-founders Ryan Fant and… Read More

Indiegogo Celebrates Mother’s Day By Chatting With Mom Entrepreneurs About Motherhood & Product Development


In celebration of Mother’s Day, crowdfunding portal Indiegogo sat down with various “mom entrepreneurs” to discuss how they juggle motherhood while continuing to make products and organizations. The global platform declared: “This Mother’s Day, we’re going to do something different. Besides showing you all of… Read More

Following Campaign on Indiegogo, CarVi Receives $5 Million in Venture Funding for Connected Car Tech


CarVi ran a successful campaign on Indiegogo last year. The project raised just over $100,000 to help fund their “connected car technology.” CarVi was supposed to ship last August. As with many campaigns, CarVi is more than a bit late. The last update for Indiegogo… Read More

“Ugly Americans” Director Seeks $100,000 on Indiegogo For New Adult Animated Film “Adventures of Drunky”

Adventures of Drunky 1

This week, director of Ugly Americans, Aaron Augenblick, and his team at Augenblick Studios, hit global crowdfunding Indiegogo to raise $100,000 for his latest project, Adventures of Drunky.  The rated-R adult animated film’s synopsis reads: “The Adventures of Drunky is about a hapless barfly named Drunky (Sam Rockwell)…. Read More

Brief: Indiegogo Redesigns Its Campaign Creating Experience


This week, crowdfunding portal Indiegogo announced it is updating its campaign creating experience. The redesign offers creators a chance to reveal who they are, what they are creating and why they are raising money in a cleaner, more organized way. The funding platform shared: “Every day, we talk to… Read More

Brief: Indiegogo Alum Touchjet Dubbed A 2016 Gold Edison Awards Winner

Touchjet 3

Touchjet, a company that creates interactive Android touch technology on a large and portable scale, has been announced as a Gold Edison Award winner. The Edison Awards is notably inspired by Thomas Edison’s persistence and inventiveness, honors the most innovative, creative and ingenious products and business… Read More

What Will Define The Future of Crowdfunding? – An Interview with Danae Ringelmann

Danae-Ringelman 2

    What defines crowdfunding now – and in the future? Danae Ringelmann commenced a quest to redefine and redesign funding with an entrepreneurial journey that began in 2001. She has been a driving force behind the team that co-founded and launched the first of the… Read More

“Code 8″ Nears $1.7M During the Final Hours on Indiegogo

Code 8 2

With less than 24 hours until its highly successful Indiegogo campaign comes to an end, upcoming film Code 8 has successfully secured nearly $1.7 million thanks to over 19,000 backers. The film, which was introduced to the global crowdfunding portal by Arrow stars Robbie and Stephen Amell, takes place in a… Read More

Don Cheadle Discusses the Creation of Indiegogo Project “Miles Ahead”

Miles Ahead

Following the premiere of Miles Ahead in New York City and Los Angeles, actor and director Don Cheadle chatted with Vice about the Indiegogo project’s creation and his appreciation for the musician Miles Davis. Academy-Award nominated actor launched a campaign on the global crowdfunding platform for the… Read More

GE’s FirstBuild Announces Winning Design of the Pique Coffee Brewer Through the Cold Brew Challenge


This week, GE’s FirstBuild announced the winning design of the Pique Coffee Brewer through its Cold Brew Challenge. The company revealed that nearly 50 entries were submitted for product. Last year, the company launched two successful campaigns for the Opal Nugget Ice Maker and Paragon Induction Cooktop on Indiegogo and successfully… Read More

Stephen & Robbie Amell’s “Code 8″ Captures $1M During the Final Days on Indiegogo (Video)

Code 8 2

With less than a week until their crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo comes to an end, Stephen and Robbie Amell have successfully secured $1 million for the film, Code 8.  The film’s description reads: “The film takes place in a world where 4% of the population are born… Read More

Cheers!: UK Craft Brewer Brewgooder Successfully Secures £50,000 Through Indiegogo Initiative

Brewgooder 6

Success! Last week, UK-based craft brewery, Brewgooder, smashed its initial £50,000 Indiegogo goal. The company launched the initiative last month so that it could provide clean water to the masses. Co-founders of the startup, Alan Mahon and Josh Littlejohn, revealed that they created the concept… Read More

Crowdfunding Mailbox: Mr Beam II Desktop Laser Cutter, Nuheara IQbuds & OLO 3D Printer for your Smartphone

Crowdfunding Mailbox 4.10.16

Mr. Beam is a nice validation of the rewards crowdfunding process. A quick look at campaign comments from last year show several backers thanking the team and calling the product awesome.  Typically people are quick to complain and slow to compliment so when you see… Read More

Something to Hide? Supporters of BauBax Crowdfunding Campaign Say Creators are Deleting Backer Comments


Transparency counts. The fact is that with crowdfunding campaigns, be they investment based or rewards based, a high degree of transparency is expected and frankly necessary for the system to work.  Questioning a campaign creator is a vital variable to having a robust funding ecosystem…. Read More

Indiegogo Success “Hardcore Henry” Debuts in 3000 Theaters Today

Hardcore Henry

On Friday, Indiegogo alum Hardcore Henry premiered in 3000 theaters. The sci-fi adventure film was shot from the first person perspective. Hardcore Henry, which was originally titled Hardcore, first surfaced on Indiegogo at the end of 2014. During its time on the global crowdfunding platform, the film secured $254,954 from 2,078 backers…. Read More

Ten Indiegogo-Funded Films to Premiere at 2016 Tribeca Film Festival

Tribeca Film Festival 1

With the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival set to be held next week in New York City, Indiegogo announced that 10 of its funded films will be premiering at the annual event. Since launching in January of 2008 at Sundance Film Festival, Indiegogo has reportedly helped… Read More