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Amazing Lenses for Mobile Photography Crowdfunding on Kickstarter

Moment Lenses

I take a profound numbers of photos. Like many of you, I have long since given up on the “point & shoot” cameras and I just cannot lug around a DSLR camera.  I take take really great images too (honest!).  My iPhone 5 does a great job at handling and editing photos.  But there are… Read More

Crowdfunding Mailbox: Bens Friends, Printvid 4D Printing, & SmarterParis App

SmarterParis Coming Soon

Happy Holidays to everyone from Crowdfund Insider.  I would like to encourage you to be certain to give the gift of crowdfunding this Holiday Season. Yep – I know there may be a delay in receiving the gift but there is nothing wrong with giving a gift card. Our first crowdfunding campaign to be featured… Read More

CrowdWatcher Hits Apple App Store, Helps View Campaigns Across Platforms


An app called CrowdWatcher recently launched on Apple’s App Store. CrowdWatcher wants to put all of the notable platforms in one environment and allow users of the app to keep up-to-date with the most recent happenings with each app. The Amsterdam-based team behind the app has included popular platforms active in the European market including… Read More

Crowdfunding Mailbox: The Sim+, Nuke Venom Sunglasses, Declan Squared & Ironthread Wallet

Sim+ with iPhone 5

Happy Holidays to everyone from Crowdfund Insider.  We will be the first to suggest that you consider giving the gift of crowdfunding this season.  Yes for most items being crowdfunded you may have to wait to actually receive the gift but there is something very cool about backing a unique idea and then being the… Read More

Group Of Advocates Crowdfunding Bounty For First To Jailbreak iOS7


Jailbreaking a smartphone like the iPhone gives the end user root access to the device, allowing them to bypass limitations set in place by Apple. For example, normal iPhone users can only install apps from Apple’s App Store. Jailbreaking an iPhone allows the user to install any app they wish, even if it hasn’t been… Read More

iQi Extends Campaign on Indiegogo by 30 Days

iQi Mobile Chargers

Wireless Apple iPhone charger iQi crowdfunding on Indiegogo was scheduled to end their campaign this weekend but organizers have decided to extend the campaign by 30 days.  The funding goal was originally set to raise $30,000 but that was easily passed and stands at over $76,000 today. iQi Mobile is a wireless charging receiver with… Read More

Angel Health Sensor Indiegogo Campaign For Wearable Health Sensor Ends At $334,521

Eugene Jorov Co Founder Angel Health Sensor

In September we reported on the Angel Health Sensor after the Tel Aviv-based Seraphim Sense raised $20,000 in a day on Indiegogo. The campaign has closed on Indiegogo, having raised $324, 521 on a goal of just $100,000. Angel is different in that it tracks multiple vital signs including; Heart Rate, Skin Temperature, Blood Oxygen… Read More

Five Hot Technology Products Crowdfunding Now

Tellspec Scan Your Food

Crowdfunding technology has brought to market many cool and innovative products.  But beyond the Pebble Smartwatch or Oculus Rift there are many more products which will deliver new features which will make your life better than it was before.  You just don’t know it yet.  Most integrate with your iPhone, iPad or Android device because… Read More

Tile Item Finder Gets Funding from Bessemer After Successful Self Crowdfunding

Tile on Keys

The Tile item finder, which put a new spin on finding lost items, raised over $2.6 Million doing a Self-Starter crowdfunding campaign becoming the most successful Self-Starter campaign ever.  The company was founded by Nick Evans and Mike Farley in 2012.  Evans had previously worked for Lockitron and Pebble bringing strong crowdfunding experience to the… Read More

WATCH: German Club Claims Win In Crowdfunded Contest To Hack Apple’s Fingerprint Scanner

apple iphone

Germany’s Chaos Computer Club is claiming victory in a contest to see who’d be the first to hack Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint scanning system. The system provides an extra layer of security for Apple’s new iPhone 5S and 5C. A crowdfunded bounty was offered for the first party to hack the system. The bounty was… Read More

Angel Health Sensor Crowdfunds Open Device, Raises $20k in One Day

Happy Angel Health Sensor User

There is a new entry into the hot market for wearable health technology.  These devices are soon to be ubiquitous and part of everyone’s everyday routine.  The Angel Health Sensor is taking a different strategic approach by developing a bracelet  which tracks multiple metrics using four different sensors plus it is an open platform available… Read More

Juices+ On Kickstarter Close To Unlocking Gold Charger For Gold iPhone


Juices+ is crowdfunding on Kickstarter. The campaign has already more than doubled a $40,000 goal for their premium USB phone charging cables. The campaign is just a few thousand dollars short of a big stretch goal that would unlock a gold anodized version of their iPhone-compatible cable in gold, which would match the new gold… Read More

Crowdfunding Inventor Who Launched ōlloclip is Finalist for Entrepreneur 2013

Patrick O'Neil

The olloclip, an iPhone quick change camera lens, crowdfunded on Kickstarter back in the ancient days of crowdfunding in 2011.  The campaign set a goal of raising $15,000 but trounced that amount when 1300 delivered contributions in the amount of $68,201.  Successfully financed, founder Patrick O’Neil from Huntington Beach, California did not stop there and… Read More

Should Apple Buy the Ubuntu Edge?

Black Ubuntu Edge

The crowdfunding world watched with fascination as the largest crowdfunding campaign ever took place on Indiegogo these past weeks. The Ubuntu Edge attempting to crowdfund $32,000,000 was always a  herculean endeavor but the pros at Canonical were up to the task and had the credibility to back it up.  Unfortunately the campaign ended far short… Read More

Crowdfunded Activity Tracker Misfit Shine Hits Stores Around the World

Misfit Shine

Crowdfunding on Indiegogo where the “Activity Tracker” hit its goal on first day of crowdfunding, Misfit Shine has announced official launch of device in the United States, Canada, Japan and Hong Kong. The activity tracker will also be in Apple Stores in Europe and Australia later this month.  Originally scheduled for deliver in March of… Read More

5 Cool Tech Items for your Smartphone Crowdfunding Now

ibattz mojo refuel aqua

Below are 5 cool tech items for your Smartphone crowdfunding now. First up is a waterproof iPhone case that allows you to recharge your iPhone while submerged in up to 9 feet of water.  So more than enough to protect the phone when it slips into the toilet or bathtub. Then we have the Geocuff… Read More

Crowdfunding Mailbox: Buster Douglas Does Bar-B-Q, Juke Karaoke, Maasai Jewelry & Gnow.it News Reader


We have discovered a very interesting mix of projects in this weeks crowdfunding mailbox.  There were many good / interesting submissions.  Please keep them coming as we do try and review each an everyone (when possible).  This is one of things we love about crowdfunding.  The shear diversity and creativity of projects crowdunding on different… Read More

Pebble Watch; Over 275,000 Pebbles Have Been Pre-ordered

Bill Murray Watch Face on Pebble Watch

Pebble Holding an AMA on Reddit today at 3PM EST Eric Migicovsky and Team Pebble posted an update on their Kickstarter update page sharing they have registered over 275,000 Pebbles being pre-ordered since they launched their now famous crowdfunding campaign.  This number includes the 190,000 Pebbles ordered since the end of their incredibly successful crowdfunding… Read More

Poppy On Kickstarter: 3D Video For Your iPhone


Poppy is an analog device that connects to the iPhone and turns the smartphone’s camera into a 3D-capable video recording and image capture device. The Poppy is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter, and the campaign has already reached a $40,000 goal. Poppy is the first device in the world that turns an iPhone into a 3D camera… Read More