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Central Bank of Ireland: Peer to Peer Regulations Years Away

Ireland Where the Blarney Stone rests

The Central Bank of Ireland has been monitoring the evolution of the investment crowdfunding world but they do not seem to be in a hurry to apply any type of regulatory regime.  According to a report in the Independent, there is no time frame on regulations. A representative from the Central Bank was quoted stating;… Read More

Brief: Linked Finance Receives €2.5M from Ireland’s Frontline Ventures

Peter O’Mahony

On Monday, founder of Linked Finance, Peter O’Mahony announced that the peer-to-peer lender has received a €2.5m investment from Ireland-based Frontline Ventures. According to The Independent, the lending platform is looking to expand its operations and is seeking to double the maximum amount businesses may borrow to €100,000. At this time, Linked Finance has 8,000 members… Read More

Funding Tree Puts Wind in Investors’ Sails; Offers A Chance to Invest in the Round Britain & Ireland Challenge

Circular Sailing 3

Investors have been given a chance to profit from the popularity of sailing, after the company behind a new round Britain yacht race that’s open to all listed on the crowdfunding platform, Funding Tree. Circular Sailing, which has already attracted substantial equity investment, is now seeking a loan of £50,000 via the Funding Tree platform in… Read More

Kickstarter Officially Opens to Crowdfunding Campaign Creators in Scandinavia & Ireland

Funded With Kickstarter

Last month, CEO of Kickstarter, Yancy Strickler announced the exciting news that the crowdfunding giant would be opening its platform to Scandinavia and Ireland startups. Kickstarter’s team wrote, “We’re so excited to announce that Kickstarter is now available to creators in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Ireland — four countries with amazing cultural histories and creative populations. From to LEGO to Röyksopp to The Seventh Seal to… Read More

Developers of iDonate.ie Launch New Crowdfunding Site: iCrowdFund.ie


The developers of the charity fundraising site, iDonate.ie, have launched  a new crowdfunding site:  iCrowdFund.ie. Created by Western Webs, the new rewards based site will differentiate itself from competitor  Kickstarter by allowing both all or nothing or “keep it all” projects.  Keep it all is similar to flexible funding campaigns utilized by Indiegogo.  The statement… Read More

Kickstarter’s Yancey Strickler Announces Crowdfunding Services for Scandinavia and Ireland Campaign Organizers


On Monday (September 15th), Kickstarter’s CEO Yancey Strickler announced that the crowdfunding giant has opened its platform to Scandinavia and Ireland. The platform’s team wrote, “We’re so excited to announce that Kickstarter is now available to creators in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Ireland — four countries with amazing cultural histories and creative populations. From to LEGO to Röyksopp to The Seventh Seal to James… Read More

Kickstarter Set to Open Up in Ireland


According to reports the popular crowdfunding platform to another country; New York City-based crowdfunding giant, Kickstarter, has plans to launch a new funding platform for crowdfunders in Ireland. The Irish Independent reports there have been only 90 Irish projects on the crowdfunding platform since its inception. 48 of those projects have been successful while 38 were unable… Read More

Smart Crowdfunding Launches Crowd-Fund-Kids Platform

crowd fund kids

Smart Crowdfunding LLC has brought mainstream crowdfunding to the younger generation. Their new platform, Crowd-Fund-Kids, launched in July 2014, and will initially be available in four countries: United States, United Kingdom, Ireland and Canada.  However, they plan on expanding their platform into more countries in the near future.  Crowd-Fund-Kids will not only give young entrepreneurs a forum for introducing their ideas… Read More

BNRG Renewable Raises £730,000 To Refinance Solar Farms

BNRG Renewables

Ireland-based solar energy group BNRG Renewables has received £730,000 during its crowdfunding campaign on Abundance to refinance two solar farms in Kent, England. According to the campaign’s website, the project funds the two 249kW commercial scale, ground mounted solar arrays, giving a total size of 498kW. Both sites in Kent have planning permission and are installed… Read More

Central Bank of Ireland Issues A Consumer Notice on Crowdfunding Investors

Central Bank of Ireland

While the Irish government continues to have no plans to regulate the funding method option at this time, the country’s financial services regulator Central Bank of Ireland has issued a consumer notice about crowdfunding and peer-to-peer lending options. The Central Bank stated that since crowdfunding regulations have yet to be in place in the country, its… Read More

TheBlueprint Online Marketplace Launched by PCH

The Blueprint Preorders shop

PCH Delivers Online Marketplace to Create A New Retail Experience for Tech Products. PCH, the product development and supply chain management company behind some of the world’s best hardware products,  has launched TheBlueprint.com, an online marketplace for well-designed technology and the stories behind it. The Blueprint will sell a curated collection of the very best tech products, rounding… Read More

Brief: Sian’s Plan Hits Equity Crowdfunding Target

Sians Plan

Sian’s Plan, a meal-planning website that wants to change the way Brits buy and consume groceries has hit their crowdfunding target of raising £100,000 for 12.5% ownership in the small business. Having launched in Ireland, the business looked equity through the UK’s active crowdfunding community. Their target was reached in under three months with the… Read More

Flat share innovation Roomsby Raising £25,000 on BloomVC

Flat Share Roomsby

Dublin, Ireland based flat share company Roomsby is looking to raise £25,000 through BloomVC.com, a reward-based crowdfunding platform. Roomsby is an online-based marketplace for renters, created to make flat-sharing simple. The Irish entrepreneurs behind Roomsby are crowdfunding to develop a mobile app. Thomas McKeown, one of the founders of Roomsby, commented, “We know from hard… Read More

Crowdfunding – Why would an Irish SME do it?

Sians Plan

Editor’s Note:  Sian’s Plan is raising £100,000 on Seedrs representing 12.5% equity in the startup.  Fiona Swan is the COO of the company.  The Belfast based company supports healthy eating for busy families with their online tools.  Sian has already completed a first round of financing via VC’s and angel investors but they have decided… Read More

Brief: Peer-to-Business Lending In Ireland Expected To Surge


Zopa is the UK’s largest peer-to-peer lending service, and one of the company’s co-founders has made a pretty amazing prediction about the size of the peer-to-business lending market in Ireland. In an interview with The Irish Times, Simon Deane-Johns predicted that peer-to-business lending throughput in Ireland could grow to as much as €100 million in three… Read More

Abundance Generation Solar Offering Returns Protect Against Inflation


One strategy to protect yourself against inflation in the future is to put your money in places where its future value is linked to inflation. It is in this context that renewable energy investments offer an attractive proposition. In the UK, renewable energy projects receive some or all of their income through Government backed schemes…. Read More

Entrepreneurship in Ireland: Strengthening the Startup Community (Deck)

Source of capital for Small Businesses in Ireland

The below presentation was created by the Entrepreneurship Forum in Ireland, an organization that is determined to strengthen the startup community in their country.  They believe that while boosting the startup culture is facilitated by the government the initiative must be led by private business leaders. Change starts with culture.  Building an environment conducive to… Read More

LinkedFinance Surpasses £1 Million in Loans After 6 Months

Linked Finance Ireland

After 6 months of operation, peer to peer lending platform LinkedFinance has breached the £1 Million mark in providing loans.  The Dublin based operation also expects to grow staff from 5 employees to 30 as the new company quickly grows. As reported in the Independent, Linked Finance founder Peter O’Mahony share his insight into recent events,… Read More

Insanely Fast Internet is Here with New Router

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Crowdfunding on Indiegogo now, the Multipath Router takes your multiple sources of internet; IE DSL, 4G phone, Tablet and bundles their bandwidth delivery speeds up to 100MB/s. Being frustrated by your internet speed is a global challenge. Weather your local cable provider curtails your bandwidth hoping in desperation you will pay even more, this company… Read More

Video Journalism Platform Vourno Expands into Ireland

Vourno Ireland

Plans Further Growth into Australia, Belgium, France and The Netherlands. Independent journalism crowdfunding portal, Vourno has announced their expansion into a new market having launched in Ireland.  Having only launched this past May, the company had previously expanded their US based operation into Canada and the United Kingdom earlier this year.  The platform intends on… Read More