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SEC Commissioner Stein Talks Blue Sky, JOBS Act in Speech to NASAA

Commissioner Kara M. Stein BW

In a double header day, SEC Commissioner Kara M. Stein also addressed the North American Securities Administrators Association (NASAA) at their 2014 Public Policy conference in Washington, DC. Introduced by NASAA President Andrea Seidt from Ohio, Commissioner Stein dove right in to addressing the pressing concerns of the NASAA. Blue Sky Review finds it origins… Read More

SEC Commissioner Aguilar Talks Crowdfunding, JOBS Act in Speech to NASAA

Luis A. Aguilar

In a speech given today to the North American Securities Administrators Association (NASAA) at their annual conference held in Washington, DC, SEC Commissioner Luis A. Aguilar addressed the hot topic of the JOBS Act and some of the exemptions regarding crowdfunding. The NASAA has been very vocal about their apprehension towards crowdfunding.  Regarding proposed rules… Read More

Growing Pains as Global Crowdfunding Comes of Age


It’s growing up fast. As crowdfunding hits what I suppose you might call it’s second official birthday on 5th April – Global Crowdfunding Day (#GlobalCFDay) – it may have a dose of the “terrible twos.” It’s certainly disruptive enough. It’s not toddling but racing away. Now it’s “into everything,” despite cynicism in some quarters and some… Read More

Will a $1 Million Crowdfunding Raise Cost $200,000?

A Crowd of $100 Benjamin Franklin

In a posting on the Wisconsin Angel Network, the statement was made that a $1 million crowdfunding raise could cost $200,000 to complete.  Not very exciting for small companies looking to raise capital, nor the investors who are interested in funding startups.  Of course we all know that any cost of an equity crowdfunding raise… Read More

OurCrowd Infographic: Equity Crowdfunding In 2014 & Beyond


How big is the crowdfunding market expected to be in 2014? How much of the crowdfunding market is made up of equity-based funding? How many jobs does crowdfunding create? Equity crowdfunding platform OurCrowd released the following infographic that aims to answer these questions and more. Check out the 2014 equity crowdfunding report below for all… Read More

NASAA Challenges SEC on Proposed Revisions to Regulation “A”


The North American Securities Administrators Association (NASAA) has called upon the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to make substantial revisions to its Regulation A proposed rule.  The NASAA has requested these changes be made “to remove potential harms to issuers and investors, especially those of modest means”. The comment letter filed with the SEC on… Read More

Keith Higgins Talks JOBS Act in Speech to Angel Capital Association

Keith Higgins Director SEC Division of Coporation Finance

The Director, Division of Corporation Finance at the Securities and Exchange Commission, Keith Higgins, gave the keynote address at the Angel Capital Association Summit in Washington, DC today. Higgins, who has been in the thick of rulemaking with the JOBS Act and correspondingly all types of crowdfunding, comments on the legislation and specifically addresses, general solicitation… Read More

Watch: Bloomberg’s “Market Makers” Talk Equity Crowdfunding, Oculus Acquisition

anindya ghose

It seems everyone has an opinion on Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus VR and what it means for crowdfunding. That was the topic of conversation on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers.” Yesterday the program hosted New York University Stern School of Business Professor Anindya Ghose and a discussion on the fallout from the acquisition. Related: NYU Stern… Read More

The Funding Continuum Enters Stage Left

Canada Equity Crowdfunding

This article originally appeared in ITBusiness and is being shared with Crowdfund Insider’s readers by Bret Conkin of FundRazr. The rules posted yesterday by Canadian securities regulators are still being digested, but upon first read, they appear very encouraging for Canadian startups, small business and even public issuers. The regulators have struck a balance by… Read More

Comments on Title IV, Regulation “A”, Deadline Today

Necessity of Blue Sky Exemption

Comments on proposed rules regarding Title IV of the JOBS Act are due today pursuant to the deadline set by the SEC.  Traditionally public comments continue to be posted on proposed rule amendments after the deadline, it is understood the door for comments will be shut soon. The commenting period began this past December and… Read More

SEC Chair Mary Jo White Addresses Retail Investor Protection


In a speech delivered today to the Consumer Federation of America, Securities and Exchange Commission Chair Mary Jo White addressed the needs of protecting the consumer in the securities markets. White mentions the recent appointment of Rick Fleming as the agency’s head in the new office of the Investor Advocate.  Fleming was recently the Deputy… Read More

SEC Director of Corporate Finance Talks JOBS Act in Speech

Keith Higgins Director SEC Division of Coporation Finance

In the keynote address delivered today in London to the Annual Institute on Securities Regulation in Europe, Keith Higgins, Director, Division of Corporate Finance at the SEC, talked JOBS Act and crowdfunding. The speech titled The New World of Capital Formation jumped right into the discussion of various portions of the JOBS Act that impact… Read More

Bancbox Invest Adds Accreditation Service To Investment Crowdfunding API


Bancbox Invest is getting into the investor accreditation game with the launch of a new accreditation service. This is in addition to Bancbox’s existing slate of features, including escrow and investment solutions. The goal: to be “a one-stop shop for Private Placement and Equity/Debt based Crowdfunding Platforms.” The new API based solution gives platforms the option… Read More

Reviving Capital Formation with Reg A Crowdfunding

Join us for this timely and informative webinar as key sponsor of the JOBS Act, Congressman Patrick McHenry as well as industry influencers, David Feldman and Sam Guzik, illustrate how Reg A can play a critical role in facilitating capital formation. Key discussion points will include: Can Reg A Crowdfinanced Offerings replace the conventional small… Read More

Disclosure Dragon Aims to Burn Through Crowdfunding Costs

Disclosure Dragon Logo

SeyfarthLean Consulting, a sister company associated with Chicago based global law firm Seyfarth Shaw, is entering a new business.  Recognizing the dynamic changes the future holds with the advent of the JOBS Act and crowdfunding, the firm saw opportunity in a new emerging type of securities law. The IPO market has been stagnant in recent years,… Read More

JOBS Act Legal Expert Sam Guzik Joins Law Firm of Richardson Patel

Sam Guzik Washington DC

Samuel S. Guzik announced today that he has joined the law firm of Richardson Patel LLP as Of Counsel, in their Los Angeles office.  Richardson Patel is a nationally recognized corporate and securities law firm with 30 attorneys, and offices in Los Angeles, New York and Princeton, New Jersey. Guzik, a columnist for Crowdfund Insider,… Read More

SEC Crowdfunding Rulemaking Under the Jobs Act: an Opportunity Lost?

President Obama Speaks after signing the Jobs Act April 2012

Title III of the JOBS Act created an exemption from registration for the offer and sale of so-called “crowdfunded” securities under the Securities Act of 1933, allowing the offer and sale of securities to an unlimited number of unaccredited investors without registration with the SEC, on an Internet-based platform, through intermediaries (portals) which are either… Read More

iCrowd: Crowdfunding is “Capitalism for the Rest of Us”

Crowdfunding Is Angel Investing iCrowd

Interview with iCrowd Co-Founder and CEO Brad McGee. iCrowd, an equity crowdfunding platform, wants to create a platform that provides “capitalism for the rest of us”.  The portal is preparing for the advent of Title III of the JOBS Act to kick in – otherwise known as retail crowdfunding. With “general solicitation” for Title II private placements… Read More

Can the JOBS Act Save The American Dream?

Photo courtesy John Morgan on Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/aidanmorgan/

A recently Marist-McClatchy poll found that eight out of 10 Americans no longer believe they can achieve the American Dream. Almost the same percentage of those polled said that things will not get better for future generations. The level of pessimism regarding the present economy is truly at an all-time high. There is good news… Read More

Andreessen Horowitz, Cowen & Company, State Position on Regulation A

Andreessen Horowitz

In a comment letter posted to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) web site addressing proposed rule amendments for Regulation A under Title IV of the JOBS Act, Andreessen Horowitz and Cowen and Company clarified their position and support for the proposed changes. Andreessen Horowitz, a vocal supporter of crowdfunding and the JOBS Act, is… Read More