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William Skelley: iFunding Charts Path for Growth in Real Estate Crowdfunding

iFunding Featured Founders and Logo

Followers of the investment crowdfunding space all know the real estate sector is very hot.  Big names and big deals are migrating to the new approach to fund all types of property.  iFunding is one of these companies that claims a top pedigree of founders and managers with a view towards global expansion.  The young… Read More

SEC Study: Market Quality for Small Cap Equities

SEC logo

The Securities and Exchange Commission has published a report on markets for small capitalization equities as part of the requirement of the JOBS Act to study decimalization and trading of small cap companies.  Questions of liquidity and market efficacy have been ruminating at the SEC and market participant for years. In 2001 the SEC ordered… Read More

24 Members of Congress to SEC: Keep State Blue Sky Preemption for Title IV of JOBS Act

Blue Sky in Utah

In a comment letter addressed to SEC Chair Mary Jo White, 24 members of Congress have demanded the SEC keep state “Blue Sky Review” preemption as part of Title IV of the JOBS Act, commonly referred to Regulation A+.  The Congressmen also requested removal of the review to be expanded to all aspects of Title… Read More

CircleUp: 40 Companies and $40 Million Funded

CircleUp featured

On the anniversary of legalizing general solicitation for private placements, I had the opportunity to speak with Rory Eakin, COO and co-founder of  equity crowdfunding platform CircleUp.  Founded in 2012, since their  launch they have raised over $40 million for 40 different companies.  The CircleUp platform not only provides funding but also has multiple strategic… Read More

Brief: Publicly Traded Companies Gear Up to Leverage JOBS Act “General Solicitation”

general solicitation

In the UK the first publicly listed equity crowdfunding round was a smashing success so why not the same in the United States?  The JOBS Act and the various provisions were largely designed to assist startups gain access to much needed capital but the intent was to help young companies but this does not mean… Read More

HBS: Prodigy Network – Democratizing Real Estate Investment

Rodrigo Nino

Last month Harvard Business School published a case study on the real estate crowdfunding platform Prodigy Network and its founder Rodrigo Niño.  Authors Karim Lakhani, Katja Hutter and Greta Priar, reviewed the dramatic rise of Prodigy Network and the vision of Niño that “crowdfunding will disrupt the status quo of traditional equity investment in real… Read More

ReverseMergers.com Seeks Partnerships with Crowdfunding Portals & Consultants

Reverse Merger

ReverseMergers.com, a firm dedicated to taking mid and microcap companies public through reverse mergers with public shell corporations is seeking strategic partnerships with crowdfunding consultants and crowdfunding portals. The partnerships are aimed at benefiting crowdfunding companies now and in the near future as the full impact of the JOBS Act continues to play out in… Read More

General Solicitation for Private Placements is One Year Old Today (Infographic)

Birthday Cake

Oh how time flies.  On September 23, 2013 the over 80 year old ban on general solicitation (advertising / promotion) for certain private placement offers was lifted.  This was enacted by Title II of the JOBS Act and a profound change for our securities industry.  Uptake has been slow – but expectations are for a… Read More

Brief: SEC Investor Advisory Committee Schedules Meeting for October 9th

SEC Investor Advocates

As part of their regularly scheduled quarterly meetings, the Investor Advisory Committee (IAC) is planning to meet at the offices of the SEC on October 9th. The IAC, a mandated group under Dodd-Frank legislation, advises the SEC on various aspects of securities regulations.  One of the hottest topics during the last meeting, and an issue of… Read More

Crowdfunding Thought Leaders Gather in Berkeley to Discuss Future of Financial Innovation

Panel Berkeley Academic Summit

For a second year in a row, government policy makers, finance experts and online entrepreneurs gathered at UC Berkeley for the Fung Institute’s academic symposium on crowdfunding.  The event was organized by Dr. Richard Swart – a well known authority and frequent commenter on crowdfunding and alternative forms of finance. If attendees came away with… Read More

How do Asian Crowdfunding platforms compare to their Western counterparts?

Asia Map on Globe

Crowdfunding is a burgeoning field in many parts of Asia. In comparison, crowdfunding in places like the United States has been around for a longer time. While the United States relaxed regulations on investment-based crowdfunding in 2012 (via the JOBS Act), rewards- based sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo have been around since the late 2000s…. Read More

SEC Commissioner Gallagher Tackles Profound Need to Aid Small Business Capital Formation

SEC Commissioner Daniel Gallagher

Earlier today (September 17th), during a presentation delivered at the Heritage Foundation in Washington, DC, SEC Commissioner Daniel Gallagher gave a thoughtful, concise and concerned speech regarding the incredibly important needs of small business in the United States.  Recognizing that “small business is the lifeblood of our economy”, Gallagher tackled many hot button issues including… Read More

SEC & SBA Will Partner on JOBS Act Events: Capital Raising Options for Small Business

JOBS Act 2012 jumpstart our business

The US Small Business Administration (SBA) and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) have decided to work together to spread the word on the JOBS Act and new options to raise capital for small businesses.  The JOBS Act legalized various forms of investment crowdfunding including:  Title II, Title III and Title IV.  While Title II,… Read More

OTC Markets to Target Companies That Raise Capital Under JOBS Act with New Venture Market


OTC Markets Group, a publicly listed exchange and technology platform, has announced they are in the process of launching a public venture market for small companies.  This new exchange will also target companies that go public under the different JOBS Act exemptions.  Signed into law in 2012, the JOBS Act legalized various forms of investment… Read More

Equity Crowdfunding Nears Reality in State of Washington

Seal State of Washington

Washington State passed legislation legalizing equity crowdfunding way back in March of this year and given the title of “the Washington Jobs Act of 2014 (not very original).  Washington is one of a number of states that have moved forward with their own state crowdfunding exemption while federal rules for both Title IV and Title… Read More

Release Title III: Securities Based Crowdfunding Rules – The New Investing Model

This Train is Late

Some Issues in Title III Crowdfunding Regulations Require Modification. Recently, there has been a renewed call for action on Title III (Regulation Crowdfunding) to go-live. And there are some proponents in the industry that just want the rules to go live ‘as-is’. However, the Crowdfunding Intermediary Regulatory Advocates (CFIRA), the first advocacy and lobbying trade… Read More

StartEngine’s CEO Continues To Urge SEC To Implement Title III

Crowdfunding Card Title III Regulations

Grassroots momentum is rising in the crowdfunding industry, as potential investors, capital-seeking companies and funding option’s platforms urge the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to implement the proposed rules, as amended during the comment period, legalizing true investment crowdfunding and giving more businesses the ability to create jobs. With the Commission scheduled to convene… Read More

Perspective: Investors and Markets Could Benefit from Revising the Accredited Investor Definition

Accredited Investor Qualifcations featured

When Congress passed the JOBS Act lifting the ban on general solicitation in offerings under Rule 506 of Regulation D, it turned these so-called “private” offerings into potentially very public ones.  Since Reg D offerings involving general solicitation can only be sold to “accredited” investors, it also amplified the already central role that the accredited… Read More

Report: Only 1/3 of Executives at Smaller Middle-Market Companies Claim to be Familiar with Key Elements of JOBS Act

Jobs Act 2012 statement red

According to research commissioned by CohnReznick, an accounting and advisory firm targeting middle market companies, only one-third of executives at smaller middle-market companies claimed to be familiar with the key elements of the JOBS Act legislation that could benefit their organization. CohnReznick states; “The JOBS Act is a remarkable piece of legislation, but unless the smaller… Read More

Nine Senators Submit Letter to SEC Opposing State Blue Sky Preemption

Nine Senators Opposed to State Preemption Blue Sky Title IV JOBS Act

In the ongoing debate about various aspects of the JOBS Act that legalizes equity crowdfunding, nine US Senators have submitted a comment letter to the SEC opposing the move to preempt state “Blue Sky” review.  The pre-emption of state review under Title IV of the JOBS Act, also known as Regulation A+, has been recognized… Read More