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IndieVoices Asks: “Who is our Crowd”

IndieVoices New Logo

Independent media crowdfunding platform IndieVoices has been in a reflective mood of late.  Co-founder and CEO Sasa Vucinic has been sharing his thoughts and impressions on the first 100 days of his global crowdfunding platform.  Not too long ago he posted on engagement and the global differences impacting successful campaigns.  Recently he discussed “Who will… Read More

CEO of IndieVoices, Journalism Crowdfunding Site, Reflects on First 100 Days

Sasa Vucinic

Sasa Vucinic, CEO and co-founder of IndieVoices – an independent media crowdfunding platform, recently posted a reflection on the platform’s first 100 days. Sasa states that their biggest achievement to date is the fact they are still in business. IndieVoices was launched with the hope that backers would recognize the importances of independent media –… Read More

How Project Creators Can Combat Crowdfunding Fatigue In The Media


In the past few months, we’ve seen a steady increase in crowdfunding emails. It seems like the hip thing to do now: 5 out of 10 emails now start with “Can you help us promote our Kickstarter campaign, so we can build this cool product!” There shouldn’t be anything wrong with that, but it is starting… Read More

Brief: 6 days Left to Support Free Media in Ukraine

Hromadske TV Ukraine

As the world knows the Ukraine has become a global flashpoint as Russia moves forward to consolidate their regional dominance by incorporating the Crimean peninsula and sizing up opportunities with the Ukrainian mainland.  In tense geo-political situations like this, independent and vibrant media is of paramount importance. As reported previously, HromadskeTV’s campaign on IndieVoicies is… Read More

Live for 100 Days IndieVoices Celebrates Over $100,000 in Crowdfunding

Indievoices Logo

IndieVoices is a crowdfunding site that wants to help finance independent media around the world – primarily in locations where free speech and independent journalism struggle to exist.  As much of the western world takes for granted their rights, privileges and access to news and information,  so much of the developing world encounters barriers to… Read More

Updated: Is SOAP’s Kickstarter A Scam? It Is A Complete Mess, And Here’s Why


If you want a case study in how a Kickstarter can go horribly wrong, look no further than the campaign for SOAP, a touchscreen home automation router. The campaign is fully funded despite bleeding almost $4,000 since we caught wind of scam allegations surrounding the campaign this weekend. Assuming the team behind the campaign can make… Read More

IndieVoices Announces Three Projects Hit Funding Target

Indievoices Logo

Three projects on journalism crowdfunding platform IndieVoices saw their campaigns fully funded this past week on IndieVoices.  Each of the three were sponsored by the Photo Society which is a group of contributing photographers to the National Geographic Magazine. The three fully funded campaigns included: Agent Orange:  A Terrible Legacy by Catherine Karnow – a… Read More

A Crowdtilt Campaign Will Send A TechCrunch Reporter To Find Flappy Bird Creator Dong Nguyen


A bit of history: Flappy Bird was an annoyingly difficult and incredibly addictive game for iOS and Android. I played it once on a friend’s phone, and after ten frustrating minutes I handed the phone back and swore not to download it lest I spend my days and nights trying to beat it, and yet… Read More

IndieVoices Introduces Phased Flexible Funding for Media Campaigns

hromadske tv ukraine on Indievoices

Crowdfunding Platform for independent media IndieVoices has announced a new structure for campaign funding in an effort to more closely align backers and campaign creators commitment to a project.  Called “Phased Flexible Funding” campaigns will now allow funding to be raised in stages thus allowing monies contributed may be released sooner and work may begin… Read More

Escapist Video Spurs Debate About Star Citizen’s Legacy

jim sterling

The Escapist : Jimquisition : Early Access The video above has resulted in a bit of a kerfuffle on the forums for Star Citizen. It features The Escapist video game review editor Jim Sterling going off about early access games, which are invariably linked to the entire crowdfunding movement. At the core of his thesis is… Read More

IndieVoices Crowdfunds Independent International Media

IndieVoices Big

Mission is to create new, innovative and flexible system of funding for independent media. The media landscape is scattered with traditional companies attempting to adapt to a future where their culture is the biggest obstacle.  Then there are the digital entrepreneurs building new models to deliver an engaged community to the world of information and… Read More

On Indiegogo: Linux Voice Meets Crowdfunding Goal For Free Software Magazine


Andrew Gregory, Mike Saunders and Ben Everard produce a podcast called Linux Lifestyle. They were also all writers at Linux Format, a news source for Linux enthusiasts and those passionate about free software. Earlier this year the trio quit in order to bring a new publication to market, and they’re now seeking funding from the crowd… Read More

WATCH: PBS MediaShift, Mediatwits Talk Crowdfunding With Slava Rubin, Ernst-Jan Pfauth, Others


As PBS MediaShift continues to focus on crowdfunding this week, The Mediatwits held a Google+ Hangout with various players from the crowdfunding space. They include… Slava Rubin, Indiegogo CEO Ernst-Jan Pfauth of news magazine De Correspondent Todd Ruppert, co-producer of the upcoming musical “Happy Days” Zak Piper, co-producer of the documentary “Life Itself”

#Crowdfunding News Roundup: December 6, 2013


CNN Money | How IBM bypasses bureaucratic purgatory IBM has an in-house crowdfunding platform that they use to allow employees to vet and evaluate their colleagues’ ideas. It’s an effort to “improve the way we do things internally” according to the head of IBM’s CIO Lab Francoise LeGoues. Palatinate | Students turn to ‘crowdfunding’ to… Read More

WATCH LIVE: The Young Turks Hold 24-Hour “Turk-a-thon” In Final Hours Of Indiegogo Campaign

the young turks

We recently reported on an Indiegogo campaign for The Young Turks that had succeeded in meeting a $250,000 goal on Indiegogo. The goal of the campaign is to crowdfund a new studio for a program touted as “the largest online news show in the world.” The Young Turks’ YouTube channel has generated over 1.5 billion… Read More

PBS MediaShift Running Series On Crowdfunding This Week


This week, PBS MediaShift is running a series of articles on various aspects of the topic of crowdfunding. The first article, a birds-eye view of proposed rules for equity crowdfunding, was published today by Paul Spinrad. RELATED | How the SEC Listened to the Crowd for Crowdfunding Rules (PBS MediaShift) Five more articles are forthcoming. The… Read More

#Crowdfunding News Roundup: November 29, 2013


I was feeling a little festive yesterday and didn’t get to a roundup, so we’re making up for it today with a big roundup of things we’ve found throughout the week. My turkey coma has thankfully worn off. Forbes | Britain’s Crowdfunders Plot World Domination British crowdfunding platforms like Seedrs and Crowdcube are planning expansion… Read More

Crowdfunding News Roundup: November 7, 2013


BBC | Blogger raises funds to tweet from phone-hacking trial Peter Jukes has been following the News Of The World phone hacking scandal since the news broke. However, financial hardship was going to force him to stop following the proceedings in person for the rest of the associated trial. Supporters of Jukes urged him to… Read More

Journalism Crowdfunding Platform Releases New Feature to Upload A Video


Vourno, a crowdfunding platform and independent news network for video journalism, has announced the launch of an exciting new feature, “Upload A Video”. Journalists worldwide now have the ability to directly upload any news story to vourno.com. Before this feature, journalists could only post stories they created using Vourno’s crowdfunding platform. The addition of ‘Upload… Read More

Journalism Crowdfunding site Vourno Announces First Published Story “Kids for Cash”

Charles Choice

Vourno, a crowdfunding platform for video journalism, has announced their first “Vourno”, creator Charles Choice, has completed and published his news story, “Kids For Cash,” which premiered on their site today. The project is a 9 minute feature where he explores some of the contributing factors that drive the school to prison pipeline, a problem that too often… Read More