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Kickstarter-Funded Project “We the People” Artwork to be Featured in the New York Post, USA TODAY & the Washington Post on Inauguration Day


Following the closing of its “We the People” Kickstarter campaign, Amplifier Foundation announced the empowering artwork would be featured in the New York Post, USA TODAY & the Washington Post on President-Elected Trump’s Inauguration Day, which is taking place today. As previously reported, Amplifier Foundation teamed up with… Read More

Following Kickstarter Success: Rocketbook Moves Everlast Notebook Project to Indiegogo InDemand


Following the closing of its highly successful Kickstarter campaign, Rocketbook’s Everlast Notebook is now seeking additional funding through Indiegogo’s InDemand feature. The project raised $1,823,227 from 28,138 backers. The Everlast Notebook provides a classic pen and paper experience; it is built for the digital age. Although it looks… Read More

Amplifier Foundation Raises Over $1.3 Million on Kickstarter to Present “We the People” Artwork on Inauguration Day


Last week, the Amplifier Foundation, teamed up with 2008 President Obama HOPE artwork creator Shepard Fairey, Colombian American muralist Jessica Sabogal, and Los Angeles artist Ernesto Yerena, to launch a Kickstarter campaign for “We the People” artwork, which will be presented at Inauguration Day this… Read More

Closing Tomorrow: Rocketbook to Close Everlast Notebook Kickstarter With More Than $1.5 Million in Funds


Boston-based Rocketbook is set to secure $1.5 million from 23,700 backers on Kickstarter for its latest project, the Everlast Notebook. The campaign was launched at the end of November and quickly raised its initial $26,000 funding target. This is Rocketbook‘s third successful crowdfunding project so far… Read More

Where are they Now? The Top Ten Kickstarter Campaigns of All Time


Rewards crowdfunding took years to take off and then it rocketed. Hot campaigns like the Sara Marshal Film or Exploding Kittens caught the attention of popular media along with their thousands of backers. Some campaigns have delivered, some remain outstanding and others had the wheels… Read More

Seedrs Alum GearBox Records Hits Kickstarter to Raise £100,000 For Autostreaming HiFi Turntable


Seedrs alum Gearbox Records has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise £100,000 for its GearBox Automatic, an autostreaming, HiFi turntable. The Gearbox Automatic is described as a small footprint, plug and go turntable with high-quality components, such as a vacuum tube tone, and… Read More

Update: Everlast Notebook Nears $1.3 Million During the Final Week on Kickstarter


With less than three days until its Kickstarter campaign comes to an end, Rocketbook’s latest project, Everlast Notebook, is nearing $1.3 million thanks to nearly 20,000 backers. The campaign made its debut in November and quickly raised its initial $26,000 funding target. As previously reported, the Everlast… Read More

Kickstarter Reflects on 2016 By Celebrating the Brightest Moments of Its Community


Less than two weeks after ringing in the new year, Kickstarter reflected on its crowdfunding platform’s 2016 successes. The funding portal revealed that more than 3.5 million of its community members from all over the world supported tens of thousands of independent creators. Kickstarter then… Read More

Creators of Kickstarter Funded “Bears vs Babies” Announce Free Playtest Contest


Just a few months after securing $3,215,679 through its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, creators of the anticipated Bears vs. Babies, Elan Lee and Matthew Inman, announced they have created a free playtest and are now seeking volunteers for the test.  Playing the game is strategic and with one goal, to… Read More

Adam Poots’ “Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5” to Close Kickstarter Campaign With More Than $11.1 Million in Funding


Adam Poots’ Kingdom Death: Monster: 1.5 Kickstarter campaign is set to close later on today, and it’s been one epic ride. The initiative has secured well over $11.1 million from more than 18,400 backers, making it the most funded game on Kickstarter, third most funded overall. As… Read More

Creators of Crowdfunded Star Trek Film “Axanar” Heading to Court For Paramount & CBS Infringement Lawsuit


One year after Paramount and CBS filed a copyright infringement lawsuits against Star Trek fan film, Axanar, the studios are now heading to court to present their case against the Indiegogo and Kickstarter-funded project. Axanar raised over $1 million through Indiegogo and Kickstarter campaigns and is described… Read More

Backers of Delayed Crowdfunded Success iBackPack in Limbo as Project’s Creator Ceases Communication

iBackPack 2

Following two months of no updates from the iBackPack creator, Doug Monahan, backers of the Kickstarter and Indiegogo project have grown impatient over the backpack’s lack of delivery/creator communication and are now expecting the worst – the product not being delivered ever. As previously reported, iBackPack was… Read More

Kickstarter-Funded VR Headset Fove to Ship Next Week


Creators of the virtual reality headset, FOVE, is set to ship the Kickstarter-funded to backers as early as next week. The product successfully secured $480,650 from 1,480 backers. The description of FOVE reads, “Immerse yourself in virtual worlds that react to your eyes and emotions. Experience precision… Read More

Kickstarter Alum Petcube Debuts HD Camera & Announces Cloud Service Expansion

Petcube 4

Less than six months after raising $319,193 for its Petcube Bites and Petcube Play on Kickstarter, pet camera company Petcube announced the launch of Petcube Bites, which will described as an all-in-one WiFi pet camera with built-in dispenser designed so users can stay connected to… Read More

Kickstarter Success Peloton Launches First Commercial Bike


Just three and a half years after securing 307,332 from 297 backers through its Kickstarter initiative, cycling brand Peloton announced the launch of its first commercial bike. As previously reported, the Peloton Bike integrates a carbon steel monocoque design with a 21.5″ full HD touch console… Read More

Kickstarter Launches New Creative Initiative “Make 100”


On Tuesday, Kickstarter announced the launch of Make 100, a creative initiative focused on editions of 100. The crowdfunding platform stated as 2017 kicks off, it is challenging campaign organizers to bring their brightest idea to life, times 100. Sharing details about the initiative, the… Read More

Out of the Way, “Exploding Kittens”: “Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5” Named Most-Funded Game on Kickstarter


Less than one week until its epic Kickstarter closes, Adam Poots’ Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5 has become the most funded game project on the crowdfunding giant’s platform, knocking 2015’s Exploding Kittens from the spot. The game has successfully secured more than $8.8 million from over… Read More

Creators of Kickstarter Success Fidget Cube Announces December Shipping Delay: We Discovered An Issue


Just a couple of months after securing $6,465,690 from 154,926 backers, the creators of Kickstarter success Fidget Cube, Antsy Labs, announced there is now a delay in the shipping of the small popular product. As previously reported, the vinyl desk toy has six sides that feature different ways that… Read More

John Smedley Announces “Hero’s Song” Refund Details After His Studio PixeImage Games Shuts Down

Heros Song

Following the announcement that John Smedley’s studio PixeImage Games has officially shut down and its Indiegogo-funded project, Hero’s Song, is not happening, Smedley himself addressed backers of the game and revealed refund details. As previously reported, PixeImage Games announced the unfortunate news on its website: “It’s with… Read More

Top Fintech Stories from Crowdfund Insider during 2016


As one year comes to end it is a good opportunity to reflect on past events. The preceding 12 months have been a momentous period for internet finance including capital formation online. Fintech started as a curiosity that engendered much excitement – and fear for some…. Read More