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Coolest Cooler: $0 to $4 Million in 6 Days

Coolest Cooler logo

Kickstarter phenomena Coolest Cooler is now in 6th place in the list of most successful crowdfunding campaigns ever on the Kickstarter platform. Its about $1 million away from #5 (Reading Rainbow). The funding raised for the “portable party disguised as a cooler” today stands at over $4.3 million supported by over 22,000 backers.  The campaign… Read More

Fundrazr: Potato Salad Kickstarter Funds Could Be Used to Change Lives (Infographic)


The Potato Salad Kickstarter campaign has quickly become an internet meme and will soon become an urban legend.  The thought that a $10 crowdfunding campaign to make … Potato Salad.. could raise over $40,000 (and depending on the time and day much more) is pretty crazy.  Now I don’t think anyone holds it against Zack… Read More

Kickstarter 2nd Quarter Numbers


Kickstarter has become synonymous with the term crowdfunding.  For many people Kickstarter means crowdfunding similar to Kleenex means tissues.  While still in the infancy of the concept of using technology to gather a crowd of backers or investors the concept will soon be an accepted fact – not a novel approach.  Rewards based crowdfunding is… Read More

Crowdfunding Mailbox: Fitle Reinvents Shopping, Tablet Riser for iPad & Wedg Secure Cloud Solution

TabletRiser Featured

So for all Mailbox readers today – I will suggest you read the story about the Coolest Cooler.  Not necessarily because it is a cool project (it is) but because the organizer launched a campaign back in 2013 – for effectively the very same product – and failed.  The campaign was looking to raised $125,000… Read More

Coolest Cooler Kickstarter Now in Top 20 Most Funded Crowdfunding Campaigns

Coolest Cooler Colors

The Coolest Cooler, a Kickstarter re-do that regrouped an initially failed campaign, has now entered the top 20  most funded crowdfunding campaigns ever on the Kickstarter platform.  Don’t blink either, as the project continues to quickly scale the crowdfunding ladder. Coolest Cooler is closing in on the $3 Million mark on a campaign that was… Read More

Harmony Gold Productions’ “Robotech Academy” Hits $100,000 During First Week

Robotech Academy

A week after the launch of its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, Harmony Gold Productions’ new project “Robotech Academy” has raised over $100,000 from close to 1,700 backers.  The entertainment company started the campaign to seek $500,000 to bring the animated series to television. In 1985, the animated series known as “Robotech” hit the airwaves in… Read More

Kickstarter to FCC: We Support an Open Internet

Net Neutrality Tom Wheeler FCC Chairman

Destroying Net Neutrality has implications far beyond Kickstarter. Yancey Strickler, CEO of crowdfunding giant Kickstarter, has posted today affirming their support on the subject of Net Neutrality – something that should concern us all. Kickstarter has filed an official comment with the FCC expressing their opinion on the issue. As posted on the Kickstarter site:… Read More

HEXO + Reaches $1.1M During the Final Week on Kickstarter


The autonomous aerial drone, HEXO+, has broken the $1 million mark on crowdfunding giant Kickstarter with only five days left. Launched less than one month ago, the drone has been tagged as “the ultimate GoPro accessory” and has since attracted almost 2,000 backers. HEXO+ launched its campaign with an original funding goal of $50,000 and has… Read More

Geek Wave Hits $1M During the Final Days on Kickstarter

Geek Wave 1

With less than three days until the closing of its Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, the high performance music player, Geek Wave, hit $1,017,872 from 3,534 backers. Revealing the exciting news about the funding, the team added a new video of their reactions as soon as they saw the $1,000,000 mark was hit. As previously reported, Geek Wave originally set to… Read More

Mighty No. 9 Creator Announces $200,000 Crowdfunding Campaign

Mighty No. 9 on Kickstarter

Earlier this week, Comcept founder and former Mega Man producer Keiji Inafune announced the launch of another crowdfunding campaign for action platform Mighty No. 9. The game raised over $3.8 million on Kickstarter last year. The first and only goal on the website is full English voice acting. The main goal is to raise $200,000…. Read More

Vaavud Launches Second Kickstarter For Wind Meter V 2.0

Vaavud Wind Meter 3

Setting out for yet another Kickstarter success, Denmark-based Vaavud launched a campaign on the crowdfunding giant Thursday (July 10) for its product, Vaavud Wind Meter V 2.0. It is currently seeking £20,000. In March 2013, the company raised £27,598 from 915 backers for the first version of the Wind Meter. The product enables the user to take… Read More

Coolest Cooler Kickstarter Re-Do Delivers Incredible Crowdfunding Success

Coolest Cooler Orange

The Coolest Cooler crowdfunding campaign is funding now on Kickstarter.  The campaign blasted past the $50,000 target on day two of the campaign (the project launched on July 8th).  Today the project stands at over a whopping $533,000 supported by almost 3000 backers.  At this velocity it should easily reach the million dollar crowdfunding club…. Read More

Kickstarter Success myIDkey Loses Funding Before Product Ships to All Backers


California-based company Arkami, Inc. launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter in February 2013 to raise funds for its innovative product myIDkey and raised close to $475,000 from over 3,900 backers by its closing on March 22, 2013. myIDkey is  is a voice-activated, fingerprint secure Bluetooth / USB Drive that displays passwords and personal info online and… Read More

Update: Potato Salad Rallies After Phantom Backers Loss & Now Over $59,000

Potato Salad

Continuing to be a huge hit on Kickstarter, Zack Danger Brown’s “Potato Salad” crowdfunding campaign has surprisingly reached $59,618 from 4,839 backers within 6 days of its launch. As previously reported, the project struggled a bit after a lofty fundraising amounts tens of thousands of dollars disappeared, which were apparently from “phantom backers.” This didn’t stop… Read More

Electric Objects’ EO1 Art Computer Raises $140,000 Within the First 24 Hours

Electric Objects

New York-based company Electric Objects has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for its new computer that is made for art, EO1. The company originally decided to raise $25,000 and within 24 hours, it received well over $140,000 from 446 backers. The EO1 is a framed high-definition screen and integrated system that hangs on… Read More

Pledges Boost Potato Salad Campaign to Over $40K but then Declines.

Potato Salad

Crowdfunding Campaign for Potato Salad Rockets to Over $40,00 – Only to Drop Back Down to a Still Incredible $27,000. Columbus, Ohio resident Zack Danger Brown certainly never expected this type of success when he launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds to make… a potato salad. While the original goal was to… Read More

Backers of “Stratus by ZUVO Water” Demand Answers on Failed Delivery

Zuvo Failed

Zuvo Truth Site Launched Seeking Answers and Accountability on Failure to Deliver Promised Crowdfunding Rewards. Stratus by Zuvo Water ran a successful crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo that closed in March of 2013.  The goal of raising $50,000 was achieved, financed by 267 backers.  Zuvo – was described as “The World’s First Intelligent Faucet & Cloud-Connected… Read More

Tool Pen Passes $87,000 in First Week of Crowdfunding

Tool Pen 1

Taiwan-based company mininch has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for its brand new project, the Tool Pen. The campaign was launched last week with an initial funding goal of $7,000. According to the campaign’s page, the Tool Pen is a smart and versatile multi-tool that has a unique pop-a-point design for bits replacement. It’s… Read More

CoolMiniorNot’s “Zombicide: Season 3″ Raises $1M on Kickstarter


Just a week after the launch of its twelfth Kickstarter campaign, CoolMiniorNot’s “Zombicide Season 3: Rue Morgue” has reached $1M from over 6,600 backers. The game is an installment of the popular series and has new zombies, survivors, mechanics, weapons, and even PvP rules! As previously reported by Crowdfund Insider,  “Zombicide Season 3: Rue Morgue”… Read More

Crowdfunding Mailbox: Airdog Auto Follow Drone, Zolo Magnetic Case & Slyde Phish Handboard

Airdog Drone Worlds First

Happy 4th of July to all of our readers in the United States.  Hopefully everyone is enjoying a fabulous summer weekend – something I intend to do myself in a bit.  The past week we have received a flood of really cool campaigns.  It has been tough to narrow it done to just a few… Read More