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Ticwatch 2 Hurdles Over $2M During the Final Hours on Kickstarter

Ticwatch 2 1

With less than 24 hours until its Kickstarter campaign comes to an end, Mobvoi’s Ticwatch 2 has successfully surpassed $2 million thanks to over 9,500 backers. The timepiece is notably is lifestyle convenient and provides what the company believes to be an innovative design along with a unique… Read More

Crowdcube #FundedClub Member LUMO Set to Launch Kickstarter For Three New Products


Crowdcube #FundedClub member, LUMO, is set to return to crowdfunding platform Kickstarter to raise funds for three new products next month. The company took to its Twitter account to announced the big news on Tuesday. The countdown is on. New things coming your way on… Read More

Brief: Kickstarter Introduces New Prototype Gallery Feature

Kickstarter Prototype

This week, Kickstarter announced the launch of its new prototype gallery feature. The crowdfunding platform revealed its design and technology creators are now able to share their earliest sketches and latest prototypes, trace the evolution of their ideas and the iterative process behind bringing their projects… Read More

Andromium’s Superbook Finishes Kickstarter Run With Nearly $3M

Superbook 3

On Saturday, California startup Andromium Inc. closed Superbook’s epic Kickstarter campaign. The initiative successfully secured nearly $3 million from more than 16,600 backers. Last month, the California startup took to the crowdfunding giant’s platform last month to raise only $50,000 for the device, which is described as a smart laptop… Read More

Co-Creator “Exploding Kittens” Elan Lee Starts New Project: Backs Kickstarter Initiatives & Reviews Them

Elan Lee

Elan Lee, co-creator of the highly addicting card game Exploding Kittens and former chief design officer of Xbox, announced this week that he is currently working on a new kind of crowdfunding project. He decided to start backing various projects just to write about what they do, what kind… Read More

Cinch! Pop-Up Tent Returns to Kickstarter & Surpasses Funding Goal in 16 Minutes

Cinch 2

Earlier this week, Kickstarter alum, Cinch! returned to the crowdfunding giant to raise a minimum of $38,764. Within a matter of minutes of (16 actually) the pop-up tent’s campaign smashed its initial goal and now just a few days later has successfully surpassed $275,000 thanks… Read More

Peak Design Surpasses $3M on Kickstarter For Everyday Backpack Line As Company Receives Carryology’s Outdoor Retailer Best In Show Award

Everyday Message 4

With nearly three weeks until its Everyday Backpack Line’s Kickstarter campaign is set to close, Peak Design has successfully secured over $3 million from more nearly 13,000 backers. The company, which captured $4,869,472 from 17,029 backers through Kickstarter last year for its Everyday Messenger, returned to the crowdfunding giant last… Read More

Kickstarter Announces New Feature: Backers Can Now Follow Creators Directly & Be First to Find Out When Projects Launch


On Wednesday, Kickstarter announced a new feature that allows backers to follow their favorite project creators directly and be the first to know when upcoming projects launch. The crowdfunding platform stated that starting this week, backers will be notified when they’ve backed a project that’s just getting… Read More

De La Soul Unveils Usher Collaborated Single “Greyhounds” Less Than Two Weeks Before Kickstarter Funded Album Release (Video)

De La Soul

With their Kickstarter album,  And The Anonymous Nobody…, set to be released on August 26th, hip-hop trio De La Soul unveiled their new Usher collaborated single, Greyhounds.  The group, which consists of Vincent Mason, David Jude Jolicoeur, and Kelvin “Posdnous” Mercer, took to the crowdfunding giant with a mission to raise… Read More

Kickstarter-Supported The Creative Independent to Officially Launch September 2016

The Creative Independent

On Tuesday, Kickstarter-supported The Creative Independent officially announced itself as it preps for its September launch. The company is described as a “growing” archive of the creative processes and is on a mission to help bring creative projects to life. The Creative Independent team revealed… Read More

Kickstarter Reports: $100M Has Been Pledged to Publishing Projects


Crowdfunding giant Kickstarter announced on Tuesday $100 million had been pledged to publishing projects since its debut in 2009. The  website confirmed: “Since we launched seven years ago, authors, publishers, book shops, poets, podcasters, and more have brought their creative projects to life with the… Read More

Kickstarter Teams Up With Skillshare Create Classes Taught By Campaign Creators


On Monday, Kickstarter announced it formed a partnership with learning community Skillshare to create a list of classes taught by creators across the crowdfunding platform’s 15 categories.  The crowdfunding platform gave a few examples of classes, which are listed below. 1. Strategic Storytelling: Building Community… Read More

Mobvoi’s Ticwatch 2 Surpasses $1.3M As Kickstarter Campaign Nears Final Week

Ticwatch 2 2

With less than two weeks until its Kickstarter initiative comes to an end, China-based startup Mobvoi has successfully secured over $1.3 million for its innovative Ticwatch 2. Ticwatch 2 is known as an intuitive interaction watch that is lifestyle convenient and also provides an innovative design along… Read More

“This Is Fine” Plush Dog Becomes Smashing Kickstarter Success: Captures Over $300,000 in One Week

This is fine 4

Last week, cartoonist KC Green launched a Kickstarter campaign for “This is Fine” Plush Dog. The adorable stuffed animal is based on the almost too relateable comic/meme. Within just one week of its debut, the project smashed its initial $35,000 funding goal and is currently nearing… Read More

Superbook Surpasses $1.9M As Kickstarter Campaign Nears Final Week

Superbook 3

With nearly one week until its epic Kickstarter comes to an end, Andromium’s Superbook has successfully secured over $1.9 million from nearly 7,800 backers. The California startup took to the crowdfunding giant’s platform last month to raise only $50,000 for the device, which is described as a smart laptop shell… Read More

The Jewish Museum Launches Kickstarter For New Art Exhibition “Take Me (I’m Yours)”

Jewish Museum 2

On Tuesday, New York City-based Jewish Museum launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise $30,000 for its upcoming art exhibition, Take Me (I’m Yours). Set to open on September 16th, the exhibit will feature art by 40 artists that work in various media industries including sculpture, paper,… Read More

Brief: Kickstarter-Funded “Armello” Announces Xbox One Release Date

Armello 3

Just a few months after announcing Armello was heading to Xbox One, creators League of Geeks, announced the Kickstarter-funded game is set to launch on the console August 30th. The description of the game reads: “The King, once Armello’s wise and benevolent ruler, has fallen ill to a dark and mysterious… Read More

Peak Design’s Kickstarter Success Continues: Captures Over $2.5M With More Than A Month Until Campaign Closing

Everyday Message 4

With more than a month (31 days) until its already epic Kickstarter campaign comes to an end, Peak Design has scored over $2.5 million for its new Everyday bag line. Peak Designs successfully raised a total of $4,869,472 from 17,029 backers through Kickstarter last year for its Everyday Messenger… Read More

James Earl Jones to Join Cast of Kickstarter-Funded Film “Atlas of the Soul”

Atlas of the Soul 1

Over the weekend, creators of the Kickstarter project, Atlas of the Soul, announced Star Wars legend, James Earl Jones, is set to join the cast of the upcoming romantic drama. The film, which debuted on the crowdfunding platform in May 2015, successfully raised $29,476 from 180 backers and is described as “an… Read More

Brief: Kickstarter Announces New Invent Newsletter


On Sunday, Kickstarter announced its new Invent Newsletter, which is said to offer backers a way to stay up-to-date on invention projects, behind-the-scene stories and bold ideas from the design and tech pages. The funding portal stated the newsletter is a twice-a-month introduction of the… Read More