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Producer & Actor Alec Peters Discusses Recent Kickstarter Success “Star Trek: Axanar”

Axanar 5

Fresh off the closing of the Star Trek: Axanar crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, website dedicated to the famous sci-fi series, TrekMovie, sat down with producer and actor in the upcoming film, Alec Peters to discuss the project and his ultimate dream of creating a Star Trek film. According to the campaign’s website, Axanar takes place 21 years… Read More

Coolest Cooler Nears Kickstarter Crowdfunding Record

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It was over two years ago that Pebble smart watch rocked the wearable tech space as they raised capital via Kickstarter.  The final tally on the 37 day crowdfunding campaign closed at $10,266,845 with backers numbering at 68,929.  Pebble captured headlines around the world and spawned a new era of tech validation as consumers proved… Read More

New York City Photographer Launches Crowdfunding Campaign For New CBGB Book


Setting out to bring the famous former NYC club, CBGB back to life, New York native David Godlis has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise $30,000 so he can publish a limited edition book that is filled with high quality photographs from 1976-1979. Opened in 1973, CBGB (which stands for country, bluegrass, and… Read More

Crowdfunding Mailbox: emberlight, Geco Hub & Adventurers Hammock

Crowdfunding Mailbox Featured 8.23.14

For those of you interested in the crowdfunding space there is an interesting movement afoot. Retail  equity crowdfunding, a form of investment that is not limited by wealth or income, was signed into law way back in 2012. The regulatory process has dragged on though – so most of the population cannot invest in equity… Read More

Diaspora Social Network, Originally Crowdfunded on Kickstarter, Now Being Used by ISIS

description of Diaspora

In a posting on the Diaspora blog entitled, “Islamic State Fighters on Diaspora*”, the site operators have clarified they cannot prevent anyone from using their software as multiple reports have been released indicating ISIS is actively using their platform. ISIS, or Islamic State of Iraq and Syria,  is a radicalized Islamic movement that has terrorized… Read More

Australian Auto Maker Launches Crowdfunding Campaign For Supercar

Joss 3

Not letting a little speed bump get in the way of his automobile dreams, Australian native Matt Thomas launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to bring his small supercar startup, JOSS, back to life. According to Motor Authority, Thomas founded JOSS in 1998 with a vision to design and produce a world-class supercar that was… Read More

Brief: Kickstarter Food Category Has Reached $50 Million in Pledges

Omnivore Salt Prep

So the Food Category on Kickstarter is not their biggest category by far.  In fact Food sits in 7th place with a below average success rate of a bit over 34%. The largest category on Kickstarter is games (both video and board games) representing about a quarter of all funding that flows through the rewards… Read More

Bunch O Balloons Finishes Its Run on Kickstarter; Raises $929,000

Bunch O Balloons 3

During the remaining hours of its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, Piano, Texas-based company Tinnus Enterprises raised $929,160 from 21,455 for its fun-for-all product, Bunch O Balloons. As previously reported, founder and father of eight, Josh Malone, took to the crowdfunding giant to raise only $10,000. Within days, the campaign not only reached the initial goal,… Read More

Sleeping Monitor Sense Over $2M During Final Hours on Kickstarter

Sense 1

With less than a day to go crowdfunding on Kickstarter, San Francisco-based Hello’s sleep-monitoring system, Sense, has raised $2,310,841 from over 18,500 backers. The device’s campaign launched on the crowdfunding giant last month and immediately caught so much attention due to its exciting features. As previously reported, Sense sits on any nightstand and monitors the… Read More

Slap .45 Card Games Raises Nearly $50,000 Within 48 Hours of Kickstarter Campaign Launch

Slap 45

Ready to bring a highly addictive game to toy stores everywhere, Baltimore, MD-based Gnarwhal Studios has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for Slap .45. The new card game is considered a “wild west slap duel” for three to seven players. Slap .45 capture the feelings of a classic western shootout. Each player chooses a… Read More

Neil Young’s Pono Raises Over $6 Million in Just 7 Days Equity Crowdfunding

PONO Device

While the crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter was pretty amazing the equity crowdfunding campaign on Crowdfunder has rocketed through expectations.  PonoMusic, the vision of famed recording star Neil Young, took only 7 days to raise $6 million in equity.  On Kickstarter it took 35 days to raise $6.2 million.  While backers lined up to fund Pono… Read More

Noitom’s Perception Neuron Quickly Raises Half of $250K Goal on Kickstarter

Perception Neuron 2

Project Perception Neuoron: Motion Capture, VR and VFX quickly raised over half of their crowdfunding campaign goal on Kickstarter as the professional community recognized the potential for the project. It is the goal of creating company Noitom to turn motion capture into a common tool even the smallest production company can afford. Their motion capture systems… Read More

Scientists Turn to Crowdfunding After Budget Cuts Affect Research

medical cancer research project stealth

Looking to others after an unfortunate budget situation, University of Connecticut second-year Ph.D. student, Sarah McAnulty, has decided to launch a new crowdfunding campaign for her studies of the Hawaiian bobtail squid. The nocturnal animal has developed a keen relationship with glowing bacteria known to scientist as “symbiosis.” Sharing the squid’s characteristics, McAnulty stated, “It’s… Read More

Highly Anticipated Video Game “Moon Hunters” Announces Upcoming Kickstarter Debut

Moon Hunters 2

Square Enix Collective and Kitfox Games are delighted to announce that Moon Hunters, the pixel-art mythology-building RPG, will begin crowdfunding on Kickstarter next Tuesday, August 26th. Square Enix Collective is a curated platform that enables creators to post ideas, and gamers to judge whether those ideas should become reality or not; developers supported by the video… Read More

Wireless 3D Earbuds OwnPhones Crowdfunds Nearly $700,000 in Final Days

OwnPhones 4

Just five days until OwnPhone’s crowdfunding campaign comes to an end on Kickstarter, the revolutionary wireless 3D earbuds has managed to raise $648,466 from nearly 3,000. Initially setting out to raise $250,000, the project reached its goal within the first few days. Crowdfund Insider previously reported that OwnPhones are custom made to be the best-fitting, best-sounding, most versatile… Read More

Bluetooth Padlock Noke Raises Over Half Its $100,000 Goal During First Day On Kickstarter

Noke 4

Just a few hours after its crowdfunding debut on Kickstarter, FŪZ Designs‘ Noke has raised over $64,500 from 660 backers. The device is described as the “world’s first” Bluetooth padlock that will keep your possessions easily and safely secured without any worries. Stating the importance of this new padlock, the Noke team stated, “Keys have been used to open… Read More

Kickstarter “Night Trap” Campaign Creator Slams Nintendo; Then Applies for the Gaming System’s License

Night Trap

A few days after a very awkward phone interview with gaming website, Kotaku, Night Trap’s executive producer and Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign creator, Tom Zito took to his own blog to post his thoughts about his past conflict with Nintendo. As previously reported, when asked by backers exactly why Night Trap revamp won’t be making an appearance… Read More

elemoon Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Raise $100,000 For its Tech Bracelet

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Seeking to bring its stylish technology to wrists everywhere, New York-based company elemoon launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter earlier this week for its new self-titled technology bracelet. Not only does the device change colors to make any outfit, it alerts the person wearing it of important calls/text and helps to find a missing cellphone…. Read More

SmartThings Raised $1.2 Million on Kickstarter, 2 Years Later The Company is Acquired by Samsung for $200 Million

SmartThings on Kickstarter

Just saw the coolest Kickstarter project.. Mind. Officially. Blown. SmartThings will let you run your world by Smartphone. The above are some of the accolades piled upon SmartThings, a young company seeking capital and market approval just 2 years ago.  Crowdfunding out of Minneapolis, Minnesota, SmartThings raised an impressive $1.2 million on a $250,000 crowdfunding… Read More

Crowdfunding Mailbox: iRBeacon, Demigods Rising, Father Nature Outdoors & HYDAWAY

Crowdfunding Mailbox Featured August 15 2014

Thank you to everyone who emailed in their crowdfunding campaigns this past week.  We had a lot of emails with some really creative projects.  I expect things will pick up even more after Labor Day as everyone gets back into the swing of things after the summer break. Unless you are into board games you… Read More