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Economic Reform Includes Crowdfunding on the List for Korea


Economic reform is a consistent theme here at CrowdfundInsider. Allowing an environment where efficient allocation of resources can prevail is something all economies should target. Korea, which has experienced phenomenal growth in recent years. Usually spoken about along with the other emerging markets which have seen dramatic growth Korea is in the midst of a… Read More

A New Way of Financing-Korea & Crowdfunding

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Here is a college student having a brilliant idea. He wants to start a business project but has no financial resources at hand. A young entrepreneur, in the meantime, has managed to kick off his business with a very competitive item but is having a hard time raising funds because of tight loan regulations. Will… Read More

Ahn’s priority ― support start-ups, protect consumers

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Independent presidential candidate Ahn Cheol-soo has drawn up a list of potential reforms and policies for the Korean financial market with the priority given to boosting start-ups, protecting consumers and helping credit delinquents to get back on their feet. The Ahn camp’s reform plans revealed Sunday also include restructuring and overhauling the Financial Supervisory Commission,… Read More