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Crowdfunding Platform CrowdJustice Launches For “Public Interest” Litigation

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On Friday, new UK crowdfunding platform CrowdJustice officially opened its doors to those seeking funds for their latest legal situations. According to TechCrunch, CrowdJustice was founded by ex-United Nations lawyer, Julia Salasky, and is considered a crowdfunding platform for “public interest” litigation. She explained: “CrowdJustice… Read More

Law Firm Stephens Scown Forms Partnership With Crowdfunder in Landmark Deal For Professional Sector

Poole Gerghty

Legal firm, Stephens Scown, has partnered with Crowdfunder UK to become a sponsor of Crowdfunder Local in the South West covering the Crowdfund Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and Dorset regions. The rewards-based crowdfunding platform works with businesses, charities and community groups to help them raise funds from the… Read More

Part II: Due Diligence to Identify “Bad Actors” In Private Offerings under Rule 506

Wanted Poster White Collar Crime FBI Bad Actor

This the second part, of a two part series, reviewing Bad Actors in private placements.  The first article may be viewed here. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) issued new Rule 506(d) in 2013, a rule that bars felons and other specified “bad actors” from… Read More

Identifying “Bad Actors” In Private Offerings under Rule 506

Stop Bad Actors Bernie Madoff

This article is part one, of a two part discussion, on Identifying Bad Actors for private placements. In 2010, as part of the aftermath of the Global Financial Crisis of 2008, Congress adopted the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. While most of… Read More

CrowdDefend: Using Crowdfunding to Balance the Scales of Justice


To expand access to legal justice for those who can’t otherwise afford it, a new national crowdfunding platform, CrowdDefend, will publically launch this week. CrowdDefend helps individuals, organizations and businesses raise funds to cover legal representation, court fees and associated trial costs for cases large… Read More

Lock it up: SEC & FINRA Weigh in on Cybersecurity Issues

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Early in 2014, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s Office of Compliance Inspections and Examinations (OCIE) announced its intention to conduct an examination of certain registered broker-dealers and investment advisers in order to assess the general vulnerability of the securities industry, as a whole, to cyber-attacks…. Read More

Cleveland Attorney Launches GoFundMe Campaign to Pursue Legal Action Against Lena Dunham & Her Memoir’s Publisher

Lena Dunham 1

Earlier this fall, “Girls” star Lena Dunham released her book Not that Kind of Girl. The new memoir exposed untold stories about the actress, including a sexual assault during her days at Oberlin College. Now, the man that was apparently involved in the situation, who is… Read More

Com1 Android Watch Crowdfunding Campaign Disappears from Indiegogo; Reveal Copyright War with Google

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Earlier this month, Com1 launched a crowdfunding campaing on Indiegogo to raise funds for its “first Android Wear” smartwatch. The plan was for the watch to be sold for a price of $125 ($175 for the stainless steel or aluminum), the project wanted to raise… Read More

Texas Family Crowdfunding Appeal To Stop Keystone XL Pipeline On Their Farm


TransCanada and its American subsidiary, Keystone, are in the midst of seeking approval for a new pipeline to run from Alberta’s tar sands to refineries on the Gulf Coast. Called the Keystone XL pipeline, it is a highly controversial project that has its passionate supporters… Read More

On Crowdtilt: A Legal Defense Fund For Alleged SilkRoad Founder Ross Ulbricht


A variety of crowdfunding efforts have been launched seeking funding for Ross Ulbricht’s legal defense fund. Ross Ulbricht recently made headlines when he was arrested in conjunction with an investigation into dark web drug marketplace SilkRoad. Ulbricht is accused of being “Dread Pirate Roberts,” the… Read More

Interview: Barry James Talks UK Crowdfunding Day, Crowdfunding Deep Impact Conference

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Barry James is founding editor at The Crowdfunding Centre and the founder and director of The Social Foundation, an organization that aims toward “providing leadership towards the new open social economy via research, education and policy development.” We recently caught up with James to discuss… Read More

Kickstarter Threatens Legal Action Against UK Crowdfunding Day


UK Crowdfunding Day is coming up, scheduled for November 1st at the Royal Geographical Society in London. Their home page lists “Prominent UK Crowdfunding Organisations and Supporters,” of which various industry participants are listed. At one point Kickstarter was included on that list. Not anymore…. Read More

Law Firm Offit Kurman to Work with CrowdCampuses

Crowd Campuses

Strategic Partnership is Announced as Firm Desires to Help Crowdfunding Platform   East coast  law firm Offit Kurman has announced a strategic partnership with CrowdCampuses, a crowdfunding platform for education, training and strategy. CrowdCampuses introduces  crowdsourcing and crowdfunding programs to local businesses, creatives, and scholastic… Read More

Law Firm Publishes Guide for Social Media, Covers Crowdfunding

David Bell Haynes and Boone

Released by Bloomberg BNA, Haynes and Boone tackles growing industry of social media and corporate use. Covers Regulation FD and crowdfunding. Multiple Haynes and Boone,  lawyers, led by Dallas Partner David Bell, has prepared a comprehensive guide to the corporate legal issues associated with social media.Corporate Practice… Read More

Breaking Down The 2013 Crowdfunding World Summit

crowdfunding world summit

Mark Perlmutter is organizing the 2013 Crowdfunding World Summit, a two week online event that will bring crowdfunding experts from all over the world together for a comprehensive series of interviews discussing the history, current context and future path of crowdfunding. Crowdfunding enthusiasts and interested… Read More

Law Firm BakerHostetler Releases Executive Alert on Jobs Act


International legal power house BakerHostetler released an executive alert today regarding the Jobs Act and the various components of the legislation including crowdfunding.  The release commented on: 1. Rule 506(c) and Broker-Dealer Registration Exemption a. The Old Rule 506 and Intermediaries b. The New Rule… Read More

Legal Challenges Related To Crowdfunding, Volume 1

Coat of Arms - Finland

While crowdfunding is not a new concept, it is getting a lot of media attention nowadays. Crowdfunding is evolving and new crowdfunding platforms provide an excellent tool for financing different projects, whether these are art projects, game or hardware/device development or even equity financing. Yet… Read More

Proving Crowdfunding Good Faith | Transparency

The Crowd

Crowdfunded projects are wise to keep detailed records.  Records help insulate project owners from legal liability. Failure is an Option Fully-funded, rewards-based crowdfunded projects can fail.  For example, a game project called “Haunts: The Manse Macabre” exceeded its funding goal on Kickstarter.  It raised $29,000… Read More