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Selfstarter Creator Lockitron Delivers Device to Backers


About 2 years ago a startup called Apigy was rejected by Kickstarter for their Lockitron project.  Their concept was pretty basic:  a connected door lock device that could be integrated with existing household hardware. Once installed the user could control their front door via an associated smartphone App.  The rejection by Kickstarter, while certainly stinging… Read More

#Crowdfunding News Roundup: November 14, 2013


Entrepreneur | Crowdfunding Without Kickstarter Entrepreneur’s Michelle Goodman interviews Cameron Robertson, co-founder of Lockitron and one of the men behind the decision to open-source Selfstarter for other companies looking to crowdfund. He explains some of the benefits of using Selfstarter over other rewards-based crowdfunding solutions. edSurge | How to Get the Most Bang for Your… Read More

On Crowdhoster: DaDa Offers Luxury Undies Made By Happy Workers

Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 10.20.20 AM

Dada Quarterly Underwear Club is currently seeking 100 early backers on dadaunderwear.com to grow their underwear subscription service. Every three months backers can expect to get some luxury underwear in the mail without any hassle. They are able to self-host their campaign on their own domain thanks to Crowdtilt’s Crowdhoster product, a white-label crowdfunding solution… Read More

From Crowdfunding Success, To Project Demise, Lumawake Bids Farewell

Here Lies Lumawake RIP

Lumawake has a fascinating crowdfunding history.  We originally discovered this product in 2012. The concept was the brainchild of Greg Laugle who came up with the idea way back in 1997.  He was working through college and he barely got any sleep. He loathed the alarm clock like many do at that time in life…. Read More

Tile Item Finder Crowdfunds Over 134 Times Goal, Rockets to Over $2.6 Million


Tile location Device Skips Big Crowdfunding Platforms to Use Selfstarter Becoming the Most Successful Selfstarter Crowdfunding Campaign Ever. The tiny blue tooth device to keep track of your belongings both large and small launched a super sized crowdfunding campaign foregoing crowdfunding giants Indiegogo and Kickstarter by using open source crowdfunding platform Selfstarter. The campaign closed… Read More

Tile Location Device Blasts Past $1,000,000 Crowdfunded on Goal of Only $20,000 (Updated)

Tile on Purse

Crowdfunding Success as Creator Preps for Appearance on CNBC. The Tile Location device blew past $1,000,000 crowdfunded on a goal of only $20,000 or a beat of over 5800%.  With 7 days left in their crowdfunding campaign the amount stood at over $1.1 Million funded by over 21,000 supporters.  The amount was well in excess… Read More

Tile Location Device Crowdfunds Using Selfstarter, Puts New Spin on Finding Lost Items

The Tile App

Stealthy Start-up Tile formed only 8 months ago –  but they have already announced a very cool product which has generated a lot of buzz and interest for it’s simplicity, and unique characteristic of leveraging other users to extend the functionality of their device. Lost keys?  Can’t find your purse?   It happens to the… Read More

UPDATED: Soylent Crowdfunding Campaign On Crowdhoster Fully Funded


Rob Rhinehart and his team have settled on Crowdhoster as the platform of choice for their crowdfunding campaign for Soylent. We wrote about Soylent in the past, a meal replacement drink that garnered both praise and criticism in the press. Click here to see the campaign Crowdhoster is supported by Y Combinator graduate Crowdtilt, who… Read More

How Scout Alarm crowdfunded $160K — without Kickstarter or Indiegogo


Hassle-free home security sounds good, right? Perhaps $160,000 good, if you’re Scout Alarm … with none of that money going through crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter or Indiegogo. In fact, Scout Alarm crowdsourced that cash all on its own. The Scout Alarm is a $120 “next generation” alarm system that is designed for renters as well… Read More

White Label Crowdfunding Platforms


As crowdfunding quickly evolves as an accepted form of financing for your business, project or whatever compels you – it is inevitable that alternatives to the Kickstarter / Indiegogo duopoly evolve.  There is something to be said for being first, but over time, competitors will slowly appear. The current crowdfunding leaders are revolutionary and great…. Read More

Selfstarter Crowdfunding Success Lumawake Hits Hurdle

Lumawake First Dock for All iPhones

Widely covered crowdfunding success Lumawake – dubbed the first docking station compatible with all iphones – recently indicated in their first backer update that they hit a hurdle. In contrast to the Kickstarter approach where funds committed are available for the project upon successfully attaining the stated goal,  Lumawake decided to access the funds only… Read More

Lumawake Nails Crowdfunding Goal

Lumawake iPhone Dock

Lumawake, an iPhone dock which was originally turned away by kickstarter, nailed there goal today.  Earlier in the day, with on a couple hours left according to their site, they will still a couple thousand dollars shy of their $150,000 funding goal.  But success waited to the final moments of the day to reach their… Read More

Lockitron inventors sidestep Kickstarter’s funding limits


PARIS — The Internet’s global reach means it’s a golden age for inventors trying to bring a new product to market — at least until Kickstarter gives you the boot. Kickstarter is a “crowdfunding” site that lets ordinary people back inventors, creators, and others with a new idea. On September 19, two of those inventors… Read More

Christie Street Launches Crowdfunding Portal for Product Designers


The crowdfunding platforms that make the most noise (see: Kickstarter) are becoming more and more reluctant to accept product-focused offerings (see: KickstarterReject.com) for a variety of reasons: patent concerns, fulfillment concerns, liability concerns and the list goes on and on.  Are their concerns valid?  Debatable, but the point is moot anyway.  Kickstarter wants to limit… Read More

Lockitron: The app that unlocked crowd-funding success

For a few days, Lockitron looked like the little app that would, and should, but then couldn’t. Lockitron, which enables doors to be unlocked through a smart phone, was rejected by Kickstarter in October. It was turned away for being a home improvement product, which the funding platform does not support. But then Lockitron went… Read More

Crowdfunding Poised to Streamline Relief Donations After Major Disasters


  It is becoming clear that Hurricane Sandy has had an astonishing impact on the eastern seaboard of the US.  Dozens are dead.  New York officials estimate that up to 40,000 people were left homeless by the storm.  The FEMA trailers made famous in the wake of Hurricane Katrina could be on their way back… Read More

Hayduke Labs Offers White Label Crowdfunding Solution


  Here come the developers. Hayduke Labs has announced an affordable white-label crowdfunding platform for accredited investors.  Pricing stands between $1000-3500 for your own crowdfunding web site.  Hayduke was started by Florida-based Ruby developer Mike Pence, who was an original team member at Kickstarter. From Hayduke Labs:   We can build a crowdfunding site for… Read More

Rejected by Kickstarter? ‘Roll your own’ with Selfstarter instead


There’s been no shortage of controversy surrounding Kickstarter this year as the crowdfunding platform has gained popularity, prompting the institution of new rules and belt-tightening measures in recent months. Now, however, there’s a brand-new alternative: Meet Selfstarter, an open source platform that lets anyone “roll their own” crowdfunding effort by simply forking its code. “Hardware… Read More