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Smackdown: Steve Case on Mark Cuban “His View is Skewed by the Circles He Runs in” as Cuban Criticizes Crowdfunding

Steve Case

Steve Case, a staunch proponent of investment crowdfunding and advocate of access to capital for SMEs, called out billionaire pundit Mark Cuban on CNBC this morning. Ostensibly the discussion was on the Tech Bubble “Yes or No” polemic but discourse ended up being a bit of a backdrop for a discussion regarding the efficacy of crowdfunding for SMEs…. Read More

SharkTank Hammers Aspiring Real Estate Crowdfunding Site. Kevin O’Leary Says “I Smell Jail Time” (Video)

Mark Cuban

Tycoon, a new real estate crowdfunding platform, hit the studios of SharkTank to pitch the young platform to the “Sharks”.  The entrepreneur may regret this decision as Mark Cuban declared “I am out” in less than 60 seconds.  Cuban goes on to call it a “rip off”.Venture Capitalist Kevin O’Leary quickly added “I smell jail time”… Read More

Mark Cuban Backed Company Offering Equity on EarlyShares

LinguaSys What they do

LinguaSys has launched an equity crowdfunding round on EarlyShares and the company has already captured some high profile interest from well known investor Mark Cuban. The small company is currently looking to raise $250,000 in equity but in a prior funding round Mark Cuban jumped in and invested $750,000.  Sure Cuban has a lot of… Read More

Brief: Shark Tank To Highlight Kingonomics Conference Tonight

Shark Tank on ABC

ABC’s Shark Tank was definitely a big part of this year’s Kingonomics conference in Washington, DC. The conference, which took place in August of this year, is focused on helping minority-owned businesses find the resources they need to grow and succeed. The event marked the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr’s “I Have a Dream”… Read More

Shark Tank Chef “Big Shake” Goes with Indiegogo

Yummy Shrimp Burgers

In May of 2011, Chef Big Shake, also known as Shawn Davis, appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank, giving his shrimp burgers and the company national exposure. ABC has since re-aired his episode 5 times further igniting consumer brand recognition. In September of 2011 the show’s producers filmed a follow-up segment on Shawn’s success that aired in 2012…. Read More

Breathometer Proves Market On Indiegogo, Sets ‘Shark Tank’ Record


The Breathometer is a smartphone-powered portable breathalyzer that we featured as one of two crowdfunding campaigns for savvy beer drinkers back in March. The device raised over $138,000 in a pretail play on Indiegogo via a flexible funding campaign. The original goal was $25,000. It turns out that project creator, Breathometer founder and CEO Charles… Read More

Mark Cuban: Crowdfunding Site Kickstarter Should Be A Requirment

Mark Cuban (Wikipedia)

Mark Cuban speaking on the NextMarket podcast declares that Crowdfunding site Kickstarter should be a requirement for every start up; “Kickstarter should be a requirement for every startup. It’s a way for you create demand and sell the product without giving up any equity. That is a compliment to what an investor might do. In terms… Read More