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Indiegogo Alum Scanadu Halts & Delays Shipping For The Scout Tricorder

scanadu scout

The Scanadu Scout made Indiegogo history after raising over $1.6 million for their medical “tricorder” device. Furthermore, the company was set to buck the prevailing crowdfunding trend by actually delivering a product on time. Unfortunately, that won’t happen. Shipping of the Scout has been delayed, but not before a handful of units made it out… Read More

Indiegogo’s Reputation May Hinge On Outcome Of GoBe Campaign

GoBe App

Put simply, the significance of automatically calculating calories consumed and burned cannot be overstated. Currently, calorie databases such as MyFitnessPal require manual input, and prove laborious when calculating home-cooked meals or more exotic cuisines. While the utility of food-logging with weight loss has been supported by medical literature, it requires sustained discipline. The ability to record calorie… Read More

NextRX Medical Marijuana is Crowdfunding on Return on Change (Video)

NextRx Medical Marijuana

Ralf Ranier von Albedyhll CEO (and serial entrepreneur) of NextRX is equity crowdfunding on Return on Change.  The company is “setting a higher standard” for medical marijuana by seamlessly connecting certified patients and recommending physicians and dispensaries for this emerging industry.  The company is currently in a pre-revenue stage and expect roll out later in… Read More

Poliwogg to Partner with Society of Physician Entrepreneurs


Poliwogg, a platform that provides pathways for accredited investors to invest in early stage companies in health and life sciences, has announced that it is partnering with the Society of Physician Entrepreneurs (SoPE), a global biomedical and healthcare innovation network. Poliwogg and SoPE share the common goals of accelerating healthcare innovation and encouraging investment and support… Read More

APTA Biosciences Funding Round to Close Sunday After Raising £1.6 Million

Apta Biosciences

They Syndicate Room has had a growing number of Health / BioTech equity crowdfunding offerings run through their platform.  Recently they launched a campaign to raise capital for Time for Medicine which has quickly jumped to over 50% funded.  Now they have announced that Apta Biosciences will be closing their crowdfunding round this Sunday having… Read More

MidAmerica Healthcare Venture Forum To Include In-Depth Crowdfunding Discussion


Can crowdfunding consistently deliver the money medical devices and drugs need to make it a key part of healthcare investing? That question will take center stage at this year’s MidAmerica Healthcare Venture Forum. Representatives from Crowdfund Insider and Med City News will lead a series of four 20-minute panel discussions featuring the following experts… Alex Fair (@alexbfair), chief… Read More

angelMD Invests in Seattle Based Kineta


angelMD has announced their platform’s first investment.  Seattle based Kineta was the beneficiary of angelMD’s investment, terms were not disclosed. Kineta, founded in 2008 by experienced entrepreneurs Drs. Charles Magness and Shawn Iadonato, has a five compound pipeline with their lead drug being ShK-186 in Phase 1B clinical trial for psoriatic arthritis.  Kineta is also the… Read More

Medical Investment Crowdfunding Platform angelMD Lists 100th Startup


100th medical startup company to go live on angelMD is: Constellation from Cambridge. angelMD, a crowdfunding platform that connects physicians and leading medical startups, has stated the number of medical startups with live profiles on the site  now exceeds 100. Startups listed on the site must be a medical product or product enabled service, must… Read More

Final Stretch: Sarah Mabrouk’s Documentary “The Food Cure” Surpasses Stretch Goal, Exceeds $102K in Funding

sarah marie and sarah mabrouk

With less than 60 hours to go, Sarah Mabrouk, Amy Thomasson and their Upwind Pictures team has exceeded their stretch goal and raised over $102,232 for their documentary “The Food Cure.” To date, 1,336 backers have supported their documentary.  Their  Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, highlighted two weeks ago in Crowdfund Insider, raised nearly $30,000 in the last… Read More

Health Care Innovator Time for Medicine is Raising Capital on SyndicateRoom

Time for Medicine

Time for Medicine, a small company originating from the University Hospital of Wales, is crowdfunding on SyndicateRoom where they are looking to raise £300,000 to grow their innovative business. The company is addressing one of society’s most challenging issues; meeting the growing demand for quality healthcare while mitigating the ever increasing cost to provide the… Read More

Canadian Man Weighing 600 Pounds Crowdfunding Weight Loss Surgery On GoFundMe


A Saskatoon man weighing about 600 pounds has a crowdfunding campaign on GoFundMe launched in his name. The campaign is seeking $30,000 to fund a weight loss surgery that he says could save his life. In an interview with Metronews.ca, 21 year old Luke Deitner explained the stakes. “For so long now, it seems the world has… Read More

Glow Offers Crowdfunding Program for Fertility Treatments

Glow for Enterprise

Crowdfunding Program Helps Alleviate the Cost of Fertility Treatments. Glow, a data science company that focuses on women’s reproductive health and education, is launching Glow for Enterprise – a program looking to redefine the standard for employee health benefits. In competitive hiring markets, companies are continually in search of the newest and most compelling benefits…. Read More

“The Food Cure”: Crowdfunding on Kickstarter

The Food Cure

Documentary on Nutritional Therapy for Cancer Beats Crowdfunding Goal. With 14 days to go, Sarah Mabrouk, Amy Thomasson and their Upwind Pictures team raised over $75,000 on their kickstarter campaign, surpassing their $68,000 minimum, to fund their film’s post-production costs.  The project met their goal on February 14th – a very nice Valentine’s day gift.  Their $98,000… Read More

CEO of MedTech Crowdfunding site angelMD to Present at Texas Life Science Venture Forum

Tobin Arthur

  Tobin Arthur, CEO of angelMD, will be participating on a crowdfunding panel as part of the Texas Life Science Venture Forum.  The event is hosted by BioHouston, Rice Alliance for Technology and Entrepreneurship, and the Texas Healthcare and Bioscience Institute. angelMD is a crowdfunding  platform that connects physicians and medical startups in the field of… Read More

Crowdfunding Playing A Role In Effort To Develop HIV Vaccine


Every day, 4,000 people die from AIDS. 35 million people around the world are currently living with HIV. It’s one of the great tragedies of our time. Now a group of scientists have gathered under the Immunity Project in hopes of eradicating the disease by developing a vaccine that they hope can be distributed globally… Read More

angelMD Equity Crowdfunding Platform Boosts Staff

AngelMD invest in what you know

angelMD, a private equity firm plus equity crowdfunding platform, has recently added to staff having announced the addition of 3 leading clinicians to its senior management team. Based in San Francisco, California and Seattle, Washington, angelMD is a firm leveraging a crowdfunding platform that connects physician investors with innovative medical startups seeking capital investments, advisors,… Read More

QuantuMDx Looks to Crowdfunding to Fund Handheld Medical Lab


British biotech firm QuantuMDx is prepping to launch a crowdfunding campaign to support development and clinical trials of our handheld DNA sequencer described as a handheld lab. This device is said to diagnose infectious disease in under 15 minutes, tell a healthworker exactly which drug will tackle that strain of disease, and save millions of… Read More

Crowdfunding on Indiegogo, PlushCare Connects Real Doctors to Your Medical Questions

waiting room

Concierge Health for the Masses, PlushCare Looks to Innovate Primary Medical Care. Ryan McQuaid, a former head of product at AT&T mHealth, is launching a company to allow anyone to consult with Stanford trained Medical Doctors by mobile video, email or phone.  PlushCare wants to  offer only the best physicians from wherever you are located…. Read More

DNA Health Monitoring Campaign on Indiegogo Raises $20K in First Days

DNA Damage

Berkeley-based startup, Exogen Biotechnology, has launched a first of its kind “citizen science” crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo for its new laboratory test to measure DNA breaks, which are the most lethal type of DNA damage and a potentially key indicator for overall health conditions. Launched this past Saturday the project has raised over $20,000 on… Read More

Skulpt Aim Closes at Over $384,000 on Indiegogo

Skulpt Aim Logo

After receiving some stellar recognition at CES by winning the Last Gadget Standing competition and being an Awards Honoree for Innovations and Design.  Skulpt Aim ended their Indiegogo crowdfunding round by raising $384,509 – almost four times their stated goal.  This amount raised places Skulpt in the top twenty successfully funded technology campaigns on Indiegogo. Skulpt Aim… Read More