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Social Network For Health “HealthUnlocked” Quickly Raises £1M on Crowdcube

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HealthUnlocked, a social network for health, has recently launched a Crowdcube campaign to raise nearly £1.5 million as it plans to expand its team. The website reportedly raised £3.5 million from London and Silicon Valley investors before making its way to the equity crowdfunding platform…. Read More

Supporters of CNN Dubbed “Real Fault in Our Stars” Couple Launch GoFundMe For Them to See One Another


Supporters of Katie and Dalton Prager, the dubbed real “Fault in Our Stars” couple by CNN, have launched a crowdfunding campaign on GoFundMe to raise $15,000 so that Dalton may be able to see Katie before she passes away from cystic fibrosis. Both husband and… Read More

London Doctors Clinic to Finish Crowdcube Run With Over £800,000

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Set to finish its Crowdcube campaign today, London Doctors Clinic has successfully secured over £800,000 from nearly 350 investors. The clinic took to the equity crowdfunding platform last month to raise a minimum of £600,000. The clinic currently offers 15-minute consultations to London’s residents starting at a low… Read More

Brief: London Doctor Clinic Surpasses £600,000 Funding Goal on Crowdcube

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With less than 48 hours until its Crowdcube campaign is set to close, the London Doctors Clinic has successfully secured its initial £600,000 funding goal thanks to nearly 250 investors. The clinic launched the initiative earlier this summer. As previously reported, the London Doctors Clinic… Read More

Queen’s University Scientists Unveils Crowdfunding Platform Dedicated to Northern Ireland Cancer Research Projects

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A group of Queen’s University scientists announced this week the launch of their crowdfunding platform, ResearchFunderNI, which is dedicated to raising funds for various cancer research projects in Northern Ireland. ResearchFunderNi revealed it has partnered with cancer and medical research charities to collect funding for… Read More

Time For a Checkup: London Doctors Clinic Looks to Raise £600,000 on Crowdcube

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London Doctors Clinic has recently launched an equity crowdfunding initiative through Crowdcube with a mission to raise £600,000 as it prepares to expand its services throughout England’s capital. The clinic currently offers 15-minute consultations to the city’s residents starting at £55. Since its commercial debut in 2015,… Read More

Brief: Watsi Teams Up With Patientco to Fund Medical Procedures Throughout the World

Lightpoint Medical Surgery

This week, crowdfunding platform Watsi has formed a new partnership with healthcare payments technology company Patientco to fund medical procedures throughout the world. According to the new partners, Patientco will pay it forward by donating $5 to Watsi for every attendee badge scanned at its 2016 Annual National Institute of the… Read More

Humans of New York Seeks $1M on Generosity to Fight Pediatric Cancer

Dr. Richard O’Reilly

On Thursday, Humans of New York launched its 8th crowdfunding initiative through Indiegogo’s Generosity platform to raise $1 million for pediatric cancer research. The nonprofit organization teamed up with the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center for this new project.  Sharing details about the project, Humans of New… Read More

Former Apple Watch Developer Seeks Funds on Indiegogo For At-Home Blood Test Startup “Cor”

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Last week, former Apple Watch developer, Bob Messerschmidt, launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to raise $50,000 for his new at-home blood testing company, Cor. Cor reportedly measures consumer’s blood chemistry. It is described as a general wellness product that delivers personalized and customized health insights, while tracking… Read More

The American Cancer Society Seeks Funds on Crowdrise For Post-Doctoral Medical Research Grants

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The American Cancer Society, an organization dedicated to finding the cure for various cancers, has recently launched a funding initiative on Crowdrise to raise funds for post-doctoral research grants. The organization, which is will be looking to secure $200,000 for, stated: “Our CrowdRise initiative gives… Read More

Axol Bioscience Surpasses £600,000 on SyndicateRoom; Sought Funds For Expansion & Research

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Axol Bioscience, a UK-based startup that specializes in human cell culture, has captured £600,000 through its equity crowdfunding round on SyndicateRoom in just over four weeks. The company is raising funds to dramatically accelerate revenue growth and international expansion, as well as to support further product… Read More

Royal College of Surgeons to Deter Crowdfunding of Breast Implants

BBC Speaking on Breast Implants

Web sites such as MyFreeImplants may encounter a new challenge, at least in the UK. According to a report in the Sunday Times, doctors who perform surgery on women who have crowdfunded breast implants “could find themselves in front of the [ General Medical Council] GMC… Read More

Simon Fraser University Professor Jeremy Snyder on Crowdfunding Medical Bills: “It Ignores the Core Problem”

Jeremy Snyder

As more and more people continue to turn to crowdfunding for personal needs, professor of Health Sciences at Simon Fraser University, Jeremy Snyder, cautions those who use the funding method for medical bills. During a recent interview with CBC News, Snyder stated that rather than filling in… Read More

Brief: Healthcare Crowdfunding Platform Medstartr Announces Winners of the Momentum 2015 Conference

Alex Fair

On Tuesday, crowdfunding platform focused on Healthcare Innovation, MedStartr, announced the winners of the MedStartr Momentum 2015 Conference. More than 200 attended the conference held at NYC’s Microsoft Technology Center generating 12 million impressions on Twitter with hashtag #MedMo15. Speakers at the first full-day conference included:… Read More

Nonprofit Crowdfunding Platform Consano Launches “Honor Funds” Website For Medical Research

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Consano, the 501(c)(3) nonprofit crowdfunding platform that focuses on medical research campaigns, today announced the launch of Honor Funds, a new initiative that allows individuals and groups to create a dedicated online hub to raise funds for a specific research project. Consano developed the Honor… Read More

Give To Cure Launches Crowdfunding Nonprofit to Accelerate Drug Clinical Trials (Infographic)

Medical Trials

This week, Give To Cure announced the launch of its nonprofit platform that accelerates drug development through “cure-funding,” or funding promising clinical trials directly and transparently by harnessing the power of the crowd. Lou Reese, co-founder of Give To Cure, stated: “We’ve created a science-driven community that… Read More

Crowdrise Teams Up With TV Personality Nicole Myint to Launch Fourth 24 Hour Impact Project

Nicole Myint

Earlier this week, crowdfunding platform Crowdrise initiated its fourth 24 Hour Impact Project. This campaign was created to help change lives of certain individuals within 24 hours. According to News Medical, Crowdrise flew Saturday night personality, Nicole Myint, to El Campo, Honduras with the goal of helping… Read More

Electrospinning Company Seeks £450,000 on SyndicateRoom For Synthetic Corneal Epithelial Transplant


Electrospinning Company, a UK SME that was established in 2010 to develop products utilizing the world-class electrospinning platform, has launched an crowdfunding campaign on SyndicateRoom to raise £450,000 for what it believes to the world’s first synthetic corneal epithelial transplant. The company noted that corneal blindness affects around… Read More

Rare Genomics Institute’s Ana Sanfilippo Reveals Details About New Crowdfunding Campaigns With Indiegogo


Earlier this week, Rare Genomics Institute (RG), announced that the launching of ten separate crowdfunding campaigns to help patients with rare diseases pinpoint the causes of their illnesses. All amounts raised will go towards exome sequencing, which is a method of partial genome sequencing to find… Read More

Indiegogo Life Debuts New Medical Fundraising Page

Indiegogo Life

On Wednesday,  Indiegogo announced a new feature on its other platform, Indiegogo Life: A fundraising page dedicated to medical projects. The global crowdfunding platform declared: “Though the uninsured rate among US adults has dropped more than 4 percentage points since passage of the Affordable Care… Read More