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Watch Imogen Heap Demo The Crazy Mi.Mu Musical Glove Now Crowdfunding On Kickstarter


Grammy-winning recording artist Imogen Heap has toured the world and released several hits, known for her melding of airy vocals and digital soundscapes. Now she’s taking that latter bit to a pretty incredible conclusion via a new music making device and, appropriately, a currently-running Kickstarter campaign. The device is called the Mi.Mu Glove (Pronounced me-mu,… Read More

Pono Surpasses $5 Million as Neil Young Shares Message

Yellow Pono in hand

The Pono Music team must be elated.  Their crowdfunding campaign that was set to raise $800,000 – not a small amount – has not surpassed $5,000,000 in crowdfunding.  Almost 15,000 supporters have backed this crowdfunding project on Kickstarter – and as we recently reported – now stands at 4th place in the rankings of largest… Read More

Update: PonoMusic Crushes Goal, Closes in on Kickstarter Record

Team Pono

PonoPlayer in Top Ten Most Funded on Kickstarter. The Pono digital music player, created by rock star Neil Young and an experienced team of professionals, has crushed their crowdfunding goal of raising $800,000.  If you blinked you missed it, as they hit that target almost immediately.  The campaign that was launched only this past Tuesday… Read More

Neil Young’s PonoMusic to Launch on Kickstarter This Week

Yellow Pono in hand

Perpetual rock musician Neil Young recently announced his new music device and service Pono.  He is presenting tonight at SXSW to share his vision for the future of high fidelity streaming music.  Young has been vocal about current streaming music services and their inferior audio quality. Young has decided that instead of just moaning about… Read More

PledgeMusic Rethinks Crowdfunding Approach For Musicians With New Redesign


PledgeMusic has released a major redesign of their crowdfunding platform for musicians, but there is more to the redesign than just a facelift. This represents a big strategic shift for the platform, and one that says quite a bit about crowdfunding strategy for musicians and PledgeMusic’s place in the narrative. For a look into how… Read More

EarlyShares Offers Rewards, Equity in Singer / Songwriter Erika Cole

Erika Cole

Country artist Erika Cole is launching  a unique crowdfunding campaign on EarlyShares.  Erika, managed by Capri Nashville, has announced a hybrid funding campaign for both equity in her business and rewards for her fans. Erika is an acclaimed songwriter and vocalist, formally trained at Berklee College of Music, who was discovered by Grammy award winning… Read More

Indiegogo, Island Records Form Partnership with “Fan Republic”

Fan Republic

Island Records and Indiegogo have announced a partnership that will provide a new place to discover emerging artists on a global basis.   “Fan Republic” is being marketed as the first collaboration of its kind between a music label and a crowdfunding platform. Fan Republic will be a crowdfunding destination powered by “Indiegogo Outpost” and… Read More

Twelve Foot Ninja’s Pozible-Crowdfunded, Over The Top & NSFW Music Video

twelve foot ninja

Australian rock band Twelve Foot Ninja took to Australia-based crowdfunding platform Pozible in an effort to crowdfund a music video. The campaign ended in May of 2013 after raising $52,600 on a goal of $45,000. The big news at the time was that the campaign had broken Eskimo Joe’s record for a music act on… Read More

Grammy’s Include Two Indiegogo Alumni

Grammy Logo

The 56th Annual Grammy Awards will take place this Sunday (January 25) featuring all of today’s favorite performers and then some.  Well as far as I am concerned – it is not the fact that Madonna will be performing live at the event but the fact that crowdfunders from global platform Indiegogo have a pair… Read More

Pozible Partners with MGM’s Retail Subsidiary Waterfront Records

Pozible What How Who

Multifaceted crowdfunding platform Pozible is now offering musicians the opportunity to have their crowdfunded albums, singles (yes both physical and digital) plus merchandise orders fulfilled by MGM’s retail subsidiary, Waterfront Records.  As described by Pozible this allows music crowdfunders to: Fulfill the crowdfunding orders of your album, singles (physical and digital) and/or merchandise. Saving you the trouble of sending them out. Have your crowdfunded albums… Read More

WATCH: Two Rappers Used Kickstarter To Shoot A Music Video In North Korea


North Korea is known as the “hermit kingdom” in part for the regime’s general disdain for western culture. So, imagine my shock when I came across this music video from two Washington DC rappers shot in North Korea. How did they do it? It started with a $10,400 raise on Kickstarter that closed on September… Read More

Shackleton Banjo Creates New Jobs

shakelton banjo

Privately owned Great British Banjo Company, based in Norwich, Norfolk, UK, which crowdfunded on Kickstarter last year has announced their successful crowdfunding campaign has led to the creation of several new jobs.  The company claims to be the ”first affordable banjo to be manufactured in Britain for more than 60 years”. The company has appointed a full… Read More

On Indiegogo: Charitable Donations Land Special “Warped Tour” Experiences


The Vans Warped Tour is a yearly music and extreme sports festival that takes place every summer as it has for the past 18 years. Hundreds of bands have played the tour since inception, which aims to give kids access to over 80 bands in one day with one low ticket price. It’s touted as… Read More

WATCH: Outerloop Management Shares Crowdfunding Tips, Best Practices For Bands & Musicians


Mike Mowery and Nikhil Potdar are with Outerloop Management, a company specializing in the management of bands, specifically hardcore and metal bands. Both have helped clients launch a handful of successful crowdfunding campaigns. They’ve increasingly been using Indiegogo as their platform of choice lately, which spurred John T. Trigonis to interview the duo seeking insights… Read More

HiddenRadio Returns to Kickstarter 2 Years Later, Blows Out Goal Immediately

HiddenRadio2 Black

HiddenRadio2 Crushes Goal in Under 5 Hours. HiddenRadio originally successfully crowdfunded on Kickstarter a bit over two years ago.  Product creators John VDN and Vitor Santa Maria have spent the past two years listening to feedback from backers and customers.  After the extended hiatus they returned to the crowdfunding platform which aided in their original… Read More

#Crowdfunding News Roundup: November 25, 2013


Inman News | Real estate crowdfunding: why it’s a big deal Real estate is a nice vertical in the crowdfunding space, and I’m particularly excited about the opportunities the niche brings to non-accredited investors who may not have the means to invest in real estate without being in a pool of fellow regular joes. This… Read More

On Pledgemusic: The Hold Steady, Sevendust Crowdfund New Albums


Niche crowdfunding platforms are growing in popularity as some realize that a one-size-fits-all approach to crowdfunding isn’t always best. Pledgemusic is one such platform. The site launched in 2009 in an effort to cut the middlemen out of the music experience for the fan, allowing bands and artists to solicit their fans directly for support… Read More

Landfill Harmonic Featured on 60 Minutes (Video)

60 Minutes Landfill Harmonic

Landfill Harmonic a heartwarming story about children using recycled trash to create instruments and make beautiful music in the barrios of Paraguay, was featured on news magazine 60 Minutes last night.  This incredible story only came to popular attention when their was a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds for a film and recycled… Read More

On Indiegogo: Light Harmonic’s “Geek Pulse” Is Their Second Successful Crowdfunding Campaign


Light Harmonic has done this crowdfunding thing before. Specifically, they completed a campaign to the tune of $303,000+ on Kickstarter in September of this year for the Geek Out, a digital-to-analog converter for laptops that aimed to pump up the tunes coming out of a headphone jack. Now the same team has taken to Indiegogo… Read More