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Domino’s Pizza Teams Up with Kickstarter-Success Pebble to Put Its Pizza Tracker On Your Wrist

Dominos 1

When Domino’s Pizza (NYSE: DPZ), the recognized world leader in pizza delivery, launched its fan-favorite Domino’s Tracker nearly seven years ago, smartwatch technology was likely never a part of the plan. It is now. The pizza tracker, which allows customers to trace their order from the time it is taken, baked and out for delivery, will now be available on… Read More

Kickstarter Shares Coolest Cooler Stats

Coolest Cooler Crowned Most Funded Kickstarter Campaign

As most everyone knows by now, the Coolest Cooler crowdfunding campaign now reigns as the most funded project on Kickstarter ever at $13.3 million.  An incredible amount of backers came together to overthrow the mighty Pebble Smartwatch from the crowdfunding throne.  And who would have thought that a new approach on the common cooler would have… Read More

A Kickstarter History of Most Funded Projects

Coolest Cooler Crowned Most Funded Kickstarter Campaign

As we reported earlier this week, Coolest Cooler became the most funded project ever on global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter having cruised past Pebble Watch.   Coolest still has a few hours to go as it hovers around the $12 million mark as about 57000 have backed the project.  Pretty impressive if you ask me.  But… Read More

Coolest Cooler: 2nd Most Funded Kickstarter Campaign Ever

Coolest Cooler all the swag

Sometime last night the Coolest Cooler strolled past the Ouya video game console to become the 2nd biggest crowdfunding campaign ever on Kickstarter.  Only the Pebble smartwatch stands in Coolest Cooler’s path to become the most funded campaign of all time on the Kickstarter platform.  Pebble has held the champion title for over two years… Read More

“Reading Rainbow” Breaks Kickstarter Record For Most Backers

Reading Rainbow

With less than 24 hours until its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter comes to a close, “Reading Rainbow” has broken the all-time record of backers on the crowdfunding giant’s platform.  On Tuesday, the campaign reached over $4.8 million and has a total of 98,298 backers, which beats out the 91,585 investors who funded the “Veronica Mars” movie in… Read More

“Reading Rainbow” Receives Funds From Kickstarter All-Stars

Reading Rainbow

LeVar Burton’s “Reading Rainbow” crowdfunding campaign is now in the top five most successful Kickstarter projects of all time. The project is receiving the latest round of support from unexpected sources – the top four highest earning campaigns ever.  Pebble, OUYA, Pono and “Veronica Mars” announced that they would each offer rewards from their projects, created specifically for… Read More

Two Crowdfunded Products Come Together: Misfit Shine & Pebble Join on Activity Tracker

Misfit Pebble iPhone

Misfit Shine, the popular activity tracker, raised over $840,000 on Indiegogo in 2013 – placing the campaign in the top ten campaigns on Indiegogo that year.  Pebble Watch raised over $10 million way back in 2012 on Kickstarter (the Jurassic period in rewards based crowdfunding) and became the poster child hardware crowdfunding.  Both devices have captured… Read More

Smarter, Faster, Cheaper: Crowdfunding

Glazed Featured Eric Migicovsky Redg Snodgrass

  I recently attended the Glazed conference on wearable technology in San Francisco – a relatively new event – but even though it is only a couple of years old over 1300 people signed up to attend. This plays to the excitement and dramatic growth of wearable tech. From the Pebble smartwatch to the vapor… Read More

Pono Music Player Climbing Kickstarter’s Rankings, Now 4th Behind Veronica Mars

Three Pono's

The Pono Music campaign continues to ascend Kickstarter’s all-time most funded list. The “end-to-end ecosystem for music lovers” has garnered nearly 15,000 backers at the time of writing and had raised just short of $5 million. Thanks everyone for all of your support. It has been and continues to be gratifying to me to see… Read More

Brief: Pebble Expects Big Growth In 2014, Leaks Sales Figures

Pebble Watch Email Alerts

Pebble still holds the record for the biggest Kickstarter campaign of all time. So, did crowdfunding success translate into big numbers in the world of retail? The figures suggest that Pebble has certainly found their niche. The company has generated a napkin math estimate of $60 million in revenue and sold somewhere in the neighborhood… Read More

Pebble Watch Continues to Add Partners

Pebble Steel 3x

Pebble Smartwatch, a crowdfunding superstar, continues to grow and expand their product and offerings. Earlier this year during CES, Pebble announced their new version smartwatch the Pebble Steel.  The company recently launched their own, native app store – filling a void in the wearable tech market as corporate giant Samsung has stumbled with their products… Read More

Could “The Dash” Headphones Threaten Pebble’s Kickstarter Record?

Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 8.49.18 AM

Last updated Tuesday, February 18 @ 10:42 AM EST When I came across The Dash on Kickstarter, I thought it was a mistake. $2 million raised with 41 days to go? That is impressive even by Kickstarter’s standards. Munich, Germany-based Bragi LLC has raised this impressive sum in just over one week for their forthcoming… Read More

Crowdfunded Fashion for Men

Gustin Trucker Jacket

Dressing in crowdfunded culture is even easier for men. There are many, many options; highlighted below include successful kickstarter campaigns, most of which morphed into dynamic product lines. [*Full pretail/retail disclosure: some items are still in production, and hence, untested. Others’ crowdfunding campaigns have successfully transitioned to e-boutiques.] Wool T-Shirts & Button-downs: Mac Bishop, Mike… Read More

After Brief Delay, Pebble App Store Goes Live

Pebble App Store iOS

Pebble, the device that started the smartwatch craze, has finally released their much anticipated app store with iOS support. While some Pebble owners were disappointed the Android version did not ship simultaneously with the iOS version, the Android version in beta for developers was announced a short while later.  Now any Pebble owner, from the… Read More

The Pebble Smartwatch Gets Its Own Appstore

Bill Murray Watch Face on Pebble Watch

Pebble recently made some headlines (including here)for the release of a metal-encased version of their popular smartwatch. However, another recent development with the ubiquitous device stands to benefit new and current users alike: Pebble is going to launch their own Appstore. There are reportedly thousands of apps ready to go in the store. The limited hardware… Read More

Pebble Does Not Disappoint with New Version Smartwatch: Pebble Steel

Pebble Steel 3x

Announced today during a special briefing at CES, Eric Migicovsky Pebble CEO and founder, revealed their 2nd version of the famous smartwatch.  The Pebble Steel, their premium version watch,  may be ordered today for $249.00 (ships in three weeks from today).  Simultaneously Pebble announced their very own App store. The Steel, as one would assume,… Read More

Pebble Watch Promises “Big Things” at CES Reveal

Eric Migicovsky

Crowdfunding super-star Pebble Watch, the smartwatch that started it all, has tipped their hat to more tech coolness which they are gearing up to share at CES, on Monday, January 6, 2014 at 11AM PT (2PM EST).  Team Pebble has been kind enough to allow those of us not able to attend the Las Vegas… Read More

Smartwatch Crowdfunding Campaigns: The Top Six

Six Hot Smartwatches from Crowdfunding

For many reasons crowdfunding smartwatches has been a hot crowdfunding category for 2012 – 2013.  Wearable technology is going to be huge and everyone knows it.  While Samsung has released their Galaxy Watch to much fanfare, the Samsung smartwatch was widely panned by the technorati.  It is widely accepted that Apple has been beavering away… Read More

Kreyos Smartwatch Misses November Ship Date, Announces Showing At CES

Kreyos Smartwatch Activity Tracker

The Kreyos Meteor, the “Only smart watch with voice & gesture control”, originally had a rewards ship date of November 2013.  With November long gone and 2104 fast approaching some backers of the hot tech crowdfunding campaign have become frustrated by the delay. Back in August, Kreyos had a big crowdfunding hit on Indiegogo having… Read More

#Crowdfunding News Roundup: December 9, 2013


Quartz | 2014 is the year of the internet of things—no, seriously, we mean it this time The “Internet of Things” movement is alive and growing and Quartz predicts that things will really take off in 2014. Of course, crowdfunding stands to be front and center as consumers seek out cool connected gadgets to fund and… Read More