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Assetz Capital Celebrates 2 Years of P2P Lending

stuart law at lendit

Assetz Capital hopes to run £ 1 billion in loans by the end of 2016 and they have a good start in getting their. The peer to peer lender launched in April of 2013 and has funded over £70 million in secured lending and states not a single investor has lost a penny to date…. Read More

P2P Lender Lufax Valued at $10 Billion as Ping An’s Stake Declines

Greg Gibb Lufax

Peer to peer lender Lufax raised equity late last month. Crowdfund Insider reported the China based direct lender raised approximately $483 million or 3 billion yuan. Now a report in WSJ.com places a valuation of the P2P lender at nearly $10 billion making it one of the most valuable online lenders in the world.  China… Read More

LendKey CEO Comments on $1 Billion in Backing from Apollo (Video)

Vince Passione Apollo one billion

Vince Passione, LendKey CEO, cemented a $1 billion deal to re-finance student loans as he positions his company to challenge marketplace lending platforms like SoFi and CommonBond. This may be the biggest funding deal to date and is just further evidence of the intense interest by institutional investors to push into the p2p lending space…. Read More

Ron Suber on Marketplace Lending : Soon You Will Not Be Able to Live Without Us (Deck)

Ron Suber Great Idea

  Prosper President Ron Suber delivered an extremely well received keynote address at the LendIt conference held in Manhattan this past week.  Over 2400 attendees converged from around the globe to discuss the future of finance, one where banks are on the decline and peer to peer, or marketplace lending, is taking over. Sure the traditional… Read More

Lending Platform China Rapid Finance Reaches New Milestone With 800,000 Loans To Chinese Borrowers


China Rapid Finance, a Chinese marketplace that specializes in lending and credit decisioning, announced that it has reached a new milestone – in the first two months since it launched the service, the company has provided more than 800,000 loans to Chinese borrowers over its marketplace lending mobile platform. In February of this year, China… Read More

European Peer to Peer Lending: Has it Gone Mainstream or is the Opportunity Still There?

Thousands of Euros 500 Money

Earlier this year the Centre for Alternative Finance at Cambridge Judge Business School, in co-operation with professional services firm E&Y, released a pan-European study of the alternative finance market. The study, titled “Moving Mainstream”, can be considered the most comprehensive study on the subject released to date. The researchers studied the peer-to-peer consumer lending sector (a… Read More

Larry Summers: Conventional Finance Has Let Us Down

Larry Summers Signature Keynote

“Regulators should allow new firms to operate, generate data on the outcomes created by novel business models before writing new rules.” Larry Summers, former Secretary of the Treasury under President Clinton and Director of the National Economic Council under President Obama, delivered a rousing speech at the LendIt conference held in Manhattan this past week…. Read More

Professor Oliver Rui Talks P2P Lending in China (Video)

Oliver Rui

China is the largest peer to peer lending market in the world today and is home to the largest platforms in the world as well.  While exact estimates vary, most followers put the number of China based P2P lending platforms at an incredible number of 1500 or more. Unregulated and thus risky, P2P has been… Read More

GLI Invests in Spanish P2P Lending Platform MyTripleA

Jorge Anton MytripleA and Geoff Miller GLI

GLI, a UK based firm that is heavily invested in alternative finance, has invested in the first regulated peer to peer lending platform in Spain – MytripleA.  According to a company release, GLI lead a € 1 Million funding round, kicking in € 445,500 for a 9.9% ownership stake in the young firm. GLI has also committed… Read More

Funding Wonder Launches with $5 Million Pipeline for Small Business

one dollar money

Funding Wonder is the latest entrant into the peer to peer lending space. The company reports it soft-launched in September of 2014 and since that time has built a “qualified small business loan pipeline of over $5 million.  The company expects that number to grow to over $50 million in the next 12 months. According… Read More

A Guide to Peer to Peer Investing

I love Peer to Peer Lending P2P

This peer to peer lending guide (embedded below) is designed to introduce financial advisors, and those more financially sophisticated types, to the world of peer to peer investing. Peer to peer investing is the new hotness in the financial world. The efficiency of allocation generated by applying technology to the lending process has delivered compelling results… Read More

P2P Lending Platforms: Big Money Investors Looking For Piece Of The Pie

Tarte Tartin Pie

It is clear that peer-to-peer (P2P) lending is here to stay but long gone are the days of actual “peers” lending to “peers.” Today Wall Street firms, hedge funds and other “big money investors”, make up the overwhelming bulk of the funds being lent through P2P lending platforms thus the migration to the label “marketplace… Read More

Lending Club CEO Renaud Laplanche Visits Mad Money to Talk P2P Lending (Video)

Renaud Laplanche and Jim Cramer

Equity guru Jim Cramer invited one of the leading innovators in the peer to peer, or marketplace lending, space to swing by his Mad Money studio this week.  Renaud Laplanche, CEO and founder of Lending Club (NYSE:LC), the largest peer to peer lender in the US, stopped by after a rousing speech at the Lendit… Read More

Orchard Platform Launches New Investment Manager Database for Institutions

Matt Burton Orchard

Orchard, an investment and analytics firm that supports the global marketplace lending industry, has released Orchard Manager Database described as a” comprehensive resource for institutional investors to identify and evaluate the funds of marketplace (P2P) lending investment managers”. This new application is designed to provides large investors an ability to research a wide spectrum of investment managers. The database… Read More

LendKey Receives “Largest” Institutional Commitment for Student Loans

Money US Dollars

LendKey, an online lending platform that connects local banks to borrowers, announced it has received a “conditional” commitment of up to $1 billion for student loan consolidation originated on the LendKey site.  The financing was from MidCap Financial, managed by a subsidiary of Apollo Global Management. LendKey stated, “this marks the largest ever institutional financing… Read More

Money360 Secures $110M for P2P Commercial Real Estate Loans

Commercial Real Estate Loans

Money360, Inc., an online marketplace and peer-to-peer (P2P) lending platform that directly connects commercial real estate borrowers with accredited investors, today announced that is has secured $110 million to originate/purchase loans to borrowers through its online lending platform. The funds were secured through a $100 million loan purchase agreement and partnership with a leading New York investment firm that has pioneered… Read More

The Escape Velocity of Online Marketplaces for Credit

Rocket Launch Escape Velocity

In the world of finance, the traditional banking industry is the big celestial body at the center of things. Circling that orbit are the spheres of money transfer, payments, wealth management, banking and marketplace lending (also called peer-to-peer finance). Disruption to financial services has been slow to date. But now there’s a sea change happening… Read More

Citigroup Exec Joins Fast Growing Lender CommonBond

Standard & Poors Vinayak Gurjar

Former Citigroup executive Vinayak Gurjar has joined marketplace lender CommonBond as Chief Risk Officer.  Gurjar joins a growing number of traditional banking managers switching over to new, fast growing financial firms.  While the banking industry has suffered years of slow growth, crushing regulations and a hostile political environment, new forms of finance, such as peer… Read More

Here Comes the Sun: Sunlight (Not Shadow) Banking Heralds the Future

Marketplace Lending Brings Sunlight to Banking

  Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants…” Former US Supreme Court Judge Louis Brandeis The old guard is trying to define marketplace lending as part of a murky “shadow banking” industry.  Banking analyst Richard Bove concluded in a recent Rafferty Capital Markets research report on Kabbage that, “small banks are not growth… Read More

Lendit USA

LendIt USA is the world’s largest annual gathering of the online lending community. This year we will host the largest exhibition ever assembled in our industry with every major platform from around the world. LendIt USA is the must attend annual industry event. Last year’s event attracted almost 1,000 attendees. This year, we expect to… Read More