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Peet to Peer Lending & Investment

Making P2P a successful part of your investment portfolio The UK alternative finance market grew by 91 per cent from £492 million in 2012 to £939 million in 2013 and is predicted to grow to £1.6 billion in 2014. The peer to peer finance industry is growing exponentially, and the opportunities within it are vast…. Read More

P2P Lending & Investing Summit

P2P-Lendind and Investing Conference

P2P Lending & Investing Summit Taking place October 6-7 at the Sheraton New York Times Squares, a community event, bringing together the operators of online lending platforms, hedge funds, institutional investors and wealth managers looking to invest in P2P and nontraditional originated loans; and bankers. Get an opportunity to understand, and perhaps capitalize on, this growing… Read More

French Crowdfunding Platform KissKissBankBank Moves Into Peer to Peer Lending with Lendopolis


KissKissBankBank a prominent French crowdfunding platform announced today they are moving into the peer to peer lending space with the launch of Lendopolis.  Lendopolis is described as a financement participatif (crowdfunding) platform that allows small to medium enterprises borrow funds.  For the investor who chooses to lend money via the platform, Lendopolis expects to generate… Read More

Harmoney Lends $2 Million in First Weeks (Video)

Harmoney Everbody is Happy

Kiwi peer to peer lending platform Harmoney has not wasted any time in getting the loans moving.  Having officially launched on September 10th, the P2P lender has shared they have quickly lent about $2 million.  On top of that – they are rejecting between 70-80% of loan applications so it is safe to assume there… Read More

The Outlook for Peer to Peer Lending in China

Peer to Peer Lending in China

With the explosive growth over the past seven years, China has become the biggest peer to peer (P2P) lending market in the world. After introducing the four stage evolution in the previous article “The Evolution of Peer to Peer Lending in China”, we will now share the trends we discovered in the development of P2P… Read More

Peer to Peer Lender CircleBack & Jeffries Agree to Facilitate Sale & Securitization of Up To $500 Million in Loans

Photography by: ©Michael B. Lloyd

Boca Raton based CircleBack Lending has entered into a partnership with Jeffries according to a release by the company.  The agreement is to facilitate the sale and securitization of up to $500 million aggregate principle amount of consumer loans. CircleBack was founded in 2013 and states they have originated over $4 million in loans to… Read More

Ten Reasons to Add Peer to Peer Lending Assets to Your Portfolio


Peer to peer lending is all the rage these days – as it should be.  The borrower gets access to much needed capital within days at lower rates than possible via some “other” methods AND there is no trip necessary to your local bank branch.  When is the last time you were excited to visit… Read More

Traditional Lenders Move in on Higher Interest Rate Personal Loans

One Thousand Dollars in Hundred Dollar Bills

Apparently traditional banks are moving into higher rate and thus higher risk personal loans.  This strategic shift is driven, at least in part, by growing competition from peer to peer (P2P) lending platforms. The banking industry, while incredibly important in the US, is one of the most regulated industries around.  Banks face an ever-growing amount… Read More

Capgemini: We Will See Acquisitions of P2P Lending Platforms By Banks Soon

Peer to Peer Blue

Capgemini recently posed the question;  ”To what extent is crowdfunding a problem for our traditional bank manager? And what, if any, pressure does this bring to our big banks?” We think this is an astute question to ask – especially in the UK where peer to peer lending is experiencing dramatic growth.  Meanwhile traditional banks…… Read More

Brief: AssetAvenue Fully Funds Austin Retail Building Loan


Peer to peer (P2P) real estate lender AssetAvenue has announced funding of a retail building loan in Austin, Texas. “The Austin loan satisfied each of our four pillars of value: Market Location, Property Condition, Borrower Strength and Loan Structure,” said Kevin Arrabaca, President of Real Estate at AssetAvenue. “Austin is one of the hottest job… Read More

Fast Growing P2P Platform Lendico Enters Dutch Market

Lendico Team Enters Netherlands

Fast growing peer to peer lender Lendico has moved into a new market, this time targeting the Netherlands.  Lendico was founded in Germany at the end of 2013 but the young platform has quickly moved to expand into regions beyond the German market.  The new operation in Holland joins Spain, Poland, Austria and South Africa… Read More

Crowd for Angels Lists Crypto Currency Offer on Crowdfunding Platform


Hybrid investment crowdfunding platform  Crowd of Angels has announced an opportunity to invest in a crypto-currency.  LXCCoin is described as the “worlds first asset based crypto-currency.  The company states it has “both 100% real asset value and inbuilt profitability”,  The expected annual rate of return is predicted to be 12%-15%.  LXCCoin is seeking to raise up to £250,000 at a valuation… Read More

Bondora Sees Huge Opportunity in European Peer to Peer Lending

Bondora Featured

Although you may not have heard of Bondora, if you follow the peer-to-peer (P2P) lending industry, you most likely will soon. Bondora is one of the fastest growing peer-to-peer lenders in the world and they are operating in a market with few competitors. Bondora is based in Estonia, making loans in Spain, Slovakia, Estonia and… Read More

UK Peer to Peer Lending Passes £2 Billion. Onward & Upward.

Rocket Sqare

For followers of the peer to peer lending industry this should come as no surprise.  P2P lending in the UK has no passed the £2 billion mark as it continues to surge forward as more consumers, and more investors, take advantage of the more effective and efficient form of lending.  In a brief by AltFi,… Read More

The Evolution of Peer to Peer Lending in China

China the largest Peer to Peer Lending Market P2P

China, like much of the world, has uncovered the power of the crowd to finance many different things. Peer to peer (P2P) lending may have started, in its current online form in the UK, but is now firmly established in China and is the largest P2P market in the world.  While there are many challenges… Read More

Fitch: P2P Lending Could Be Disruptive Force for Banking Industry


Fitch Ratings director Brendan Sheehy addresses the emerging peer to peer (P2P) lending industry in a brief video presentation.  Sheehy, believes that P2P lending could be a disruptive force within the banking industry – just like so many others. He notes that since 2009, P2P loan originations have expanded at an “annual growth rate of… Read More

Chinese Peer to Peer Lender Jimubox Raises Hefty $37 Million in Series B

Jimubox B Round

  China based peer to peer (P2P) lending site Jimubox announced today during a press conference in Beijing they had secured a substantial $37,190,000 investment in a Series B round.  The funding was said to be “competitive” and was led by Xiaomi and Shunwei Capital Invesment.  The company launched in August of 2013 and has… Read More

Kiwi P2P Platform Launches with $100 Million in Capital Funding

Kiwi New Zealand

The first peer to peer lending platform in New Zealand “Harmoney” officially launched earlier today stated it had commitments for $100 million in capital funding mainly from four investors.  Earlier this week it was reported that established bank Heartland had taken a significant equity stake in the startup company. The P2P lender is matching borrowers… Read More

Former BlackRock Executive Shifts to P2P Investor Blue Elephant

Blue Elephant Capital Management

The investment opportunity generated by new, innovative peer to peer lending platforms is becoming more and more apparent to mainstream finance.  Today Blue Elephant Capital Management has announced that Brian Weinstein, a former head of fixed income at BlackRock, has joined their firm as a Managing Partner. Blue Elephant has created a “Consumer Fund” that… Read More

Brief: P2P Lending Could Add £32 Billion to UK Economy


In a conversation about peer to peer lending in the United Kingdom with Cormac Leech, the financial analyst was quoted saying that,  “It [P2P lending] would redeploy resources equivalent to £32 billion into the wider economy. People would have more disposable cash. Everyone would have £10 to spend on other stuff.” In a report from… Read More