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SEC Chair Mary Jo White: “Small Businesses Play a Crucial Role in the Growth of Our Nation’s Economy & the Creation of New Jobs for Americans”

SEC Commissioners Mary Jo White

The week of November 17th should be officially designated “SME Regulatory Week” due to the number of events that occurred in our nation’s Capitol over several days.  The primary draw was the SEC Government-Business Forum on Small Business Capital Formation. In contrast to past years, each SEC Commissioner made an appearance (Aguilar phoned in from… Read More

Dear Congress: Please Help Our Small Businesses

Dea Congress Please Help

My friend Dan Lear and I wrote the attached letter to Congress to try to encapsulate in one place our various public policy suggestions to help startups. What you will find in the letter are 13 very specific and detailed public policy initiatives that Congress could act on today. I know, we haven’t talked about… Read More

On SEC Proposed Regulation A+: Has Commissioner Stein Succumbed to the NASAA Kool-Aid?

Kara Stein testifying

Though SEC Commissioners Daniel M. Gallagher and Kara Stein may have travelled on the same plane on the way to the Los Angeles County Bar Association Annual Securities Regulation Conference to address a room of securities industry professionals on October 24, judging by their public remarks they were certainly not on the same page –… Read More

Every US Politician & SEC Regulator Should Watch this Video

Richard Swart

Dr. Richard Swart, of UC Berkeley and Crowdfund Capital Advisors,  recently addressed the Deep Impact Conference in the UK via video to address the hot topic of crowdfunding and regulation.  Swart is a frequent speaker on crowdfunding and is a highly respected researcher on the new form of finance. Dr. Swart answers the question regarding… Read More

The Big Boys Say Crowdfunding is a Drop in the Ocean: And They’re Right

A Drop in the Ocean of Finance 2

Crowdfunding ­is ‘hot & happening’. So ‘hot & happening’ in fact, that a lot of valid criticism, however badly formulated at times, is discarded. One of the points made that is taken as an outright insult, is the mention that “Crowdfunding is just a drop in the ocean” in terms of funding. Often heard from… Read More

Illinois Intrastate Crowdfunding Exemption: The Reasoning Behind The Bill

Crowdfunding regulatory environment philosophy

As noted in my prior post, “Draft Bill: Illinois Intrastate Crowdfunding Exemption,” an official draft of my proposed Illinois Intrastate Crowdfunding Exemption was recently finished. To my surprise, people actually read it and I have been getting a lot of questions as to why I choose to make my bill so different than those of… Read More

Small Business SEC Regulatory Reform in Washington, DC: “All in on Red” on Election Day 2014

Election Day 2104 US Capitol

The place was Washington, D.C. The occasion was the Annual Meeting of the Angel Capital Association at the Hilton Hotel in March 2014. Hundreds of attendees were gathered for lunch in the main Ballroom, the largest in the City. The lineup of luncheon speakers was impressive, including Keith Higgins, Director of the SEC Division of… Read More

Ron Suber’s Guide to Improve the Crowdfunding Industry

Ron Suber Advice for the Crowdfunding Industry

Recently I participated in the Third Annual Global Crowdfunding Convention and Bootcamp in Las Vegas and Ron Suber, President of Prosper Marketplace, a peer to peer or “marketplace lending” platform, spoke about the nine actions or initiatives that the marketplace lending industry in general and Prosper specifically undertook which led to the booming growth and… Read More

An Open Letter to Chair White: It’s time to Lead the Crowd (funding)

Mary Jo White A Time for Leadershp

  The place: Washington, D.C. – the occasion: the swearing in of a new federal agency head – one charged in part with regulating the flow of capital to small businesses.  President Obama and others listened with a hopeful ear. Her words were inspiring, especially to small businesses and budding entrepreneurs: This country was founded… Read More

Convertible Loans as a Band-Aid Solution to the Valuation Problem in Equity Crowdfunding

100 dollar bill band aid money

What’s happening: the industry wants equity It’s ironic that crowdfunding makes it possible to set up companies that otherwise never would’ve come into existence, only to ruin them later by postponing the valuation issues that any start up will have to solve sooner or later. Might the positive start of crowdfunding come to a halt… Read More

Crowdfunding Industry Advocates Respond to IAC Recommendations on Accredited Investor Definition

Accredited Investor Definition

Last week the Investor Advisory Committee met at the Securities and Exchange Commission to review and make recommendations on several issues regarding investors.  At the top of the list was the hot polemic on how an accredited investor should be defined. As it stands today an individual must earn $200,00 or more per year to… Read More

Perspective: Permanent Crowdfunding and Sustainable Growth

Indiegogo Perpetual

Indiegogo recently announced the launch of a new pilot program called Forever Funding  that will allow campaigners to raise money indefinitely, a sort of never ending crowdfunding round. If the rewards campaign closes with a successful result the platform gives the organizer the opportunity to open a second everlasting round, with the possibility of asking… Read More

Paul Niederer: Investing from the Crowd Starts with Friends and Family

Paul-Niederer asks questions

Paul Niederer and his investment crowdfunding platform, The Australian Small Scale Offerings Board (ASSOB), started doing equity crowdfunding before the term was even coined.  The entire global crowdfunding industry has looked towards Australia for their experience garnered from years of actual practice.  ASSOB has raised over $140 million for 310 businesses since their laws were… Read More

Tribune Op-Ed: Bring Equity Crowdfunding to Illinois

Chicago Tribune Opinion

As retail investment crowdfunding has stalled in regulatory limbo at the federal level, many states have moved foreword with homegrown initiatives to bring investment crowdfunding to companies operating within their state borders.  The old media maven Chicago Tribune has shown they are interested in bringing the same to their home state by advocating equity crowdfunding in… Read More

Seedrs: Equity Crowdfunding Makes Sense for Publicly Traded Companies

international money europe euros

Seedrs recently chalked up another first by offering shares of Chapel Down in an equity crowdfunding campaign on their platform.  Chapel Down is a publicly traded company listed on the ISDX growth market in the UK.  The funding closes on October 1st but stands at over £4 million today. The funding for Chapel Down is part… Read More

Harvard: Prodigy Network is Democratizing Real Estate Investment

Rodrigo Nino

Last month Harvard Business School published a case study on the real estate crowdfunding platform Prodigy Network and its founder Rodrigo Niño.  Authors Karim Lakhani, Katja Hutter and Greta Priar, reviewed the dramatic rise of Prodigy Network and the vision of Niño that “crowdfunding will disrupt the status quo of traditional equity investment in real… Read More

Equity vs. Debt Crowdfunding

ROI investment graph

There is a lot of media focus on crowdfunding, but sometimes the types of crowdfunding are not properly distinguished. You hear a lot about the Kickstarter’s and Indiegogo’s of the world and people are confusing these with actual investments in companies. To understand debt (lending) vs. equity based crowdfunding you must first know the four… Read More

KPMG: Banks Wonder if Crowdfunding is Friend or Foe

Bank of England Charter 1694

Global tax and advisory firm KPMG recently commented on the crowdfunding industry and how traditional banks are sizing up the new, innovative form of finance. As we all know the finance industry is absolutely enormous.  Crowdfunding, along with peer to peer lending, is still quite small. But those involved in the crowdfunding industry are watching… Read More

Investor Protection: Why You May Want to Reconsider Your Real Estate Crowdfunding Investment

No Guarantees in Real Estate Investing

Do you remember that scene from the movie Tommy Boy where the store manager rants about the importance of having a guarantee on the product box “calling out, I’ll never let you down, but if I do I’m gonna make things ALL better.” I can’t help but be reminded of that scene whenever I see… Read More

Release Title III: Securities Based Crowdfunding Rules – The New Investing Model

This Train is Late

Some Issues in Title III Crowdfunding Regulations Require Modification. Recently, there has been a renewed call for action on Title III (Regulation Crowdfunding) to go-live. And there are some proponents in the industry that just want the rules to go live ‘as-is’. However, the Crowdfunding Intermediary Regulatory Advocates (CFIRA), the first advocacy and lobbying trade… Read More