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Ai Weiwei Secretly Shot A Sci-Fi Film And It’s Funding On Kickstarter


Chinese artist and cultural activist Ai Weiwei is at the center of a currently-running Kickstarter campaign seeking funding for an upcoming sci-fi film. Shot in secret, The Sand Storm has already met a goal of $33,000 and seems set to eclipse that by orders of magnitude as funding continues for the better part of the… Read More

Crowdfunding Campaign Launched to Battle New Jersey Tesla Ban

Ban Tesla Sales New Jersey

A crowdfunding campaign has been launched on FundElevator to raise donations to battle the State of New Jersey’s ban on Tesla sales. Money raised will be designated for a lobbying effort to fight against the odd ban.  The  group behind the campaign has labeled themselves the “People’s PAC”, claims that the only reason this ban… Read More

Indiegogo Campaign Seeks Funding For Satanic Monument Alongside Ten Commandments At Oklahoma Capitol


The separation of church and state is a contentious topic here in the United States, and a crowdfunding campaign launched by a spokesperson for the Satanic Temple seeks to prove a point by crowdfunding a monument to go alongside an existing Ten Commandments monument in Oklahoma. The story begins late last year with the erection… Read More

Turkish Democracy in Action Crowdfunding Campaign Set to Unveil Non Profit October 18th

Water Cannon Turkey

Back in June of this year, the protests for Turkish Democracy were heating up.  Prime Minister Recep Erdogen had taken a heavy handed, autocratic approach to a small band of protesters who were against a project to change a public park to a shopping development.  That quickly backfired and exploded into protest. As part of… Read More

Crowdsourcing + Crowdfunding Lobbying Platform iLobby Unveils Beta Site


Menlo Park, California based iLobby has released a beta version of its grassroots-lobbying platform. The site describes their application as a  “Political Persuasion Platform”.   Founded in 2012, the site intends on catering to small businesses and trade associations. It offers an open community debate platform and constituent mapping to make it easy for users… Read More

WATCH: “Citizen Koch” Approaches 200% Of Goal On Kickstarter

Citizen Koch on Kickstarter

A documentary about the interplay of private funds and politics is approaching $150,000 in funding, which would double the original goal of $75,000. We first reported on Citizen Koch earlier this month when the campaign had just surpassed the stated goal. Kickstarter has stepped in as a funding source for the politically-charged documentary after PBS funding was… Read More

Crowdtilt, Crowdfunding Take Center Stage For Political Campaign

bryan parker oakland mayoral candidate

Bryan Parker has launched a campaign on CrowdTilt, appropriately entitled “Tilting Oakland Forward,” to seek funding for his 2014 campaign for Mayor of the city of Oakland. This may be just the beginning of a long, wonderful relationship between crowdfunding platforms and political campaigns. Parker is the current Port Commissioner for the city and wants… Read More

Thiel fellow James Schuler plans crowdfunding platform

James Schuler

The $100,000 Thiel Foundation fellowship James Schuler just won allows young entrepreneurs to drop out of college to pursue their business ideas – except he never got there in the first place. Before graduating from Byram Hills High School in Armonk, N.Y., last year, the 19-year-old co-founded a health care transaction smartphone application and website…. Read More

Teen wins fellowship to build site, skip college

james schuler fundelevator

ARMONK, N.Y. — The $100,000 Thiel Foundation fellowship James Schuler just won allows young entrepreneurs to drop out of college to pursue their business ideas — except he never got there in the first place. Before graduating from Byram Hills High School in Armonk, N.Y., last year, the 19-year-old co-founded a healthcare transaction smartphone application and website…. Read More

Rally to Take Political Platform and Crowdfund

Start Your Rally

Coming from the pages of Campaigns and Elections is a report regarding Rally.org and their initiative to migrate their political fund raising platform and migrate to a crowdfunding venture.  During the 2012 election cycle, the Rally application was utilized by the national campaigns for Mitt Romney as well as Elizabeth Warren – then a Senate… Read More

Equity crowdfunding waits on the SEC


Crowdfunding mechanisms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo have revolutionized how artists and creative ventures raise money. By enabling users to pitch an idea online and then hype it relentlessly through social media, the average fundraiser can reach far beyond his personal network. Filmmakers, musicians and even technology companies have used crowdfunding to raise impressive sums, sometimes into six… Read More

The Ultimate Crowdfunding Campaign: POTUS

Mitt Romney Loves his Followers

Crowdfunding is really just another moniker for funding projects. Really. In the Internet era of Social klout and a mobile populace, technology is available to leverage social / mobile into funding for whatever the imagination can capture and sell to the virtual masses. Efficiencies have leveled the information playing field and now (or soon) everyone… Read More

How Politics Influences Crowdfunding Behavior


“A house divided against itself cannot stand.” — Abraham Lincoln Every four years, the country is split into Red States and Blue States, and a small handful of states become political battlegrounds collectively known as Swing States. Here at Indiegogo, we wanted to investigate these political divides in the context of crowdfunding. Specifically, what similarities… Read More

Opinion: The Next Generation of Entrepreneurs Need Crowdfunding


Since the early days of the first stock exchanges -  investors, governments and businesses have looked for ways to facilitate investment, mitigate risk and accommodate diversification. Early banks managing debts of local farmers were the first “brokers”.  ”Bourses” -informal gatherings of commodity traders – started the concept of exchanges which quickly blossomed around Flanders creating… Read More

“When Crowdfunding reaches its limits Delays, technical failures and random reimbursements” / Quand le crowdfunding atteint ses limites *Délais, échecs techniques et remboursement aléatoire

Par *Bastien Morel* , le vendredi 07 septembre 2012 à 15:57:25 *Le financement participatif a souvent attiré l’attention de notre rédaction. Livres, appareils de haute technologie, films, ce système a permis de mettre en contact des créateurs en manque d’investissement et des internautes conquis par leurs projets. Dans une application économique typique du 2.0, chacun… Read More