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Rick Chen from Pozible Considers Equity Crowdfunding

Team Pozible with Flags

Australia based Pozible has been on a roll the past few months.  Broadening their reach from their Aussie home base, the company has expanded into Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand and recently China. Not too long ago they invaded the shores of the United States spreading their unique approach to the crowdfunding movement. Pozible was born… Read More

Brief: Pozible Continues to Tout High Crowdfunding Success Rate


Australia based rewards crowdfunding platform Pozible continues to pound the table with their data that indicates they have an exceptionally high success rate for projects on their platform.  In a recent note, Pozible claimed that in Asia Pacific they boast a 56% success level for crowdfunding campaigns. This number represents four years of crowdfunding over… Read More

Pozible Presents “Stand Up, Stand Out” Live Pitch Event

Vivid Logo

Vivid Sydney is an annual event in Australia featuring some of the worlds most relevant creative industry forums.  There is music, ideas, lights and and plenty of others things for people to enjoy as art, technology and commerce all come together.  In fact it makes me want to move to Sydney. Hundreds of thousands of… Read More

Pozible Pushes Social for Crowdfunding

Pozible Big Logo

Pozible is introducing some new social tactics to help crowdfunders on their platform.  In a recent statement the Australia based company have asked all “past, present and future” crowdfunders to use the #PoziPics hashtag on instagram and twitter for campaign photographs. Each Friday Pozible will sort through the many photos and pick the most creative… Read More

Pozible Claims Title of Best Crowdfunding Success Rate

Australian Crocodile

Pozible Calls Out Other Crowdfunding Platforms to Share Numbers. According to publicly available information put together by Pozible, the Australian platform has the highest crowdfunding success rate in the USA at 45%.  Globally, Pozible’s campaign success rate is 56%.  With pledges of over $1million a month Pozible may be the third highest-grossing crowdfunding platform on… Read More

Pozible Now Crowdfunding in China

Pozible China

Australia based crowdfunding platform Pozible has opened their doors in the most populous country in the world.  Having recently launched country specific iterations of their crowdfunding portal in Singapore, Pozible has now launched a Mandarin version powered by an international team to support project creators in China.  Pozible hopes to facilitate engagement between Chinese based… Read More

Pozible Partners Again with Australia’s International Documentary Event


DocWeek, Australia’s international documentary film festival takes place in Adelaide, March  4-9, 2014.  The Aussie crowdfunding platform is once again slated to partner on the event with the Pozible Pitch. Four crowdfunded films have been selected by Pozible and DocWeek for the Pozible Pitch.  The four finalists will have the opportunity to pitch their film… Read More

Pozible Holds Screening of Crowdfunded Films

Pozible Shorts Film

Pozible just recently moved into their new offices in Melbourne where apparently they have quite a bit of extra space.  So what better way to put that space to work than screening some really cool films that were funded on the Pozible crowdfunding platform.  Pozible Shorts is a free event and open to the public…. Read More

Pozible, Arts Tasmania Offer Matched Funding

Crowbar Fund Matching

Australia based global crowdfunding platform Pozible has announced an interesting partnership with Arts Tasmania called Crowbar.  In this new relationship Arts Tasmania is offering approved campaigns an additional investment of up to 50% of the projects crowdfunding target – if successful.  These funds are topped out at $2000 but that is nothing to sneeze at…. Read More

Twelve Foot Ninja’s Pozible-Crowdfunded, Over The Top & NSFW Music Video

twelve foot ninja

Australian rock band Twelve Foot Ninja took to Australia-based crowdfunding platform Pozible in an effort to crowdfund a music video. The campaign ended in May of 2013 after raising $52,600 on a goal of $45,000. The big news at the time was that the campaign had broken Eskimo Joe’s record for a music act on… Read More

Looking for 5 Crowdfunding Campaigns for “The Pozible Residency”

Pozible Residency

If you are interested in launching a crowdfunding campaign and need a place to hang out while putting in those 20 hour days this could be for you.  Aussie crowdfunding platform Pozible has announced “The Pozible Residency” which is similar to doing a medical residency:  long hours, stressful work but in this situation you get… Read More

Pozible Partners with MGM’s Retail Subsidiary Waterfront Records

Pozible What How Who

Multifaceted crowdfunding platform Pozible is now offering musicians the opportunity to have their crowdfunded albums, singles (yes both physical and digital) plus merchandise orders fulfilled by MGM’s retail subsidiary, Waterfront Records.  As described by Pozible this allows music crowdfunders to: Fulfill the crowdfunding orders of your album, singles (physical and digital) and/or merchandise. Saving you the trouble of sending them out. Have your crowdfunded albums… Read More

Self Hosted Crowdfunding Now Live at Pozible

Pozible Self Hosted

Previously announced this past September, Australia based crowdfunding platform Pozible has announced their version of embeddable, self-hosted, crowdfunding is today live and available.  Pozible’s self-hosted approach is designed for users who have their own web presence, who want to use their own branding and who want to keep their audience on their own website. Pozible… Read More

Crowdfunding Platform Pozible Now Live in Malaysia, Singapore

Pozible in Malaysia and Singapore

Leading Australia based crowdfunding platform has announced they have “spread their wings” and hit the shores of both Malaysia and Singapore in Southeast Asia.  Crowdfunders in both of these countries are now able to crowd fund in their own currencies:  Malaysian Ringit and Singapore Dollars. While the expansion was not unexpected, Pozible has been working… Read More

Thundercloud Film Captures Surfing History, Crowdfunds on Pozible

Big Wave

Talon Clemlow is crowdfunding his independent surf documentary Thundercloud on Pozible and if you watch the trailers this film looks pretty awesome. Based around one of the most spectacular days in surfing history, June 8th 2012, when a swell of massive proportions arrived at Cloudbreak, (aka Thundercloud Reef) in Fiji, right in the middle of… Read More

Pozible Not Scared of Crowdfunding Giants Kickstarter, Indiegogo

Knock Out Punch

With Kickstarter preparing for their Australian invasion, home-grown and bootstrapped competitor Pozible is touting their Aussie roots along with their impressive success rate.  In a Halloween media release, Pozible pointedly clarified that out of the three biggest platforms globally Pozible’s project success rate is the worlds best. NO TRICKS, JUST TREATS: US GIANTS RATTLE CHAINS… Read More

Pozible Now Allowing Bitcoin for Crowdfunding Pledges


With Bitcoin virtual currency growing in popularity, global crowdfunding platform Pozible has become the first major crowdfunding platform to accept Bitcoin as pledges on their site.  One advantage of Bitcoin is the extremely low transaction costs, particularly suited to large pledges or international pledges otherwise attracting high currency conversion commissions. Crowdfunding project creators will need… Read More

Hyperlocal SF Film “The Typist” by Abraham Heisler Crowdfunding on Pozible

The Typist by Abraham Heisler

San Francisco filmmaker Abraham Heisler is crowdfunding a film which explores the realities of the tech obsessed world of San Francisco and he is raising funds on Pozible.  The Aussie crowdfunding platform recently landed on the shores of the US launching a yankee version of their platform. ‘The Typist’ follows a young man’s search for love… Read More

Subscription Crowdfunding Coming to Pozible

Subscription Crowdfunding on Pozible

Pozible, the leading Australian crowdfunding platform, recently landed on the shores of the United States – San Francisco to be exact.   Their strategic move is part of their effort to break into probably the most competitive of crowdfunding markets and they are planning some changes to help with the push. Pozible is planning on… Read More

Pozible Coming To The US With Subscription Model & Self-Hosted Solution


Australia-based Pozible is a big rewards-based crowdfunding platform on the global stage, having been in operation since 2010. Originally called “Fundbreak,” the platform was rebranded as Pozible in January of 2011. Now Pozible has set up shop in San Francisco and is set to start operating in the US market. Along with this announcement, the… Read More