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Landbay: From Prelaunch to Established Platform, How Crowdfunding Fueled Business Growth

Progress at Landbay 2

  John Goodall and Gray Stern launched their company, Landbay, with the help of Seedrs.  Before their website was even live, Goodall and Stern were raising seed capital on the crowdfunding platform for their vision of mortgage finance.  Their first funding round was for only £50,000… Read More

Property Partner Takes Cautious Approach Post Brexit

footway closed UK london

The reverberations of Brexit aftershocks will be felt for months to come. So many unknown variables create market uncertainty and thus added risk. One of the most immediately impacted sectors of finance was real estate. London has been one of the hottest property markets in… Read More

Brief: RealtyShares Investors Raise $2.6M For Arlington, Texas Multi-Family Complex Purchase

Brian Esquivel

Real estate crowdfunding platform RealtyShares announced on Thursday investors on its website have raised a total of $2.6 million for Parkside Townhomes, a 144-unit multifamily complex in Arlington, Texas. It was revealed a 98 accredited investors participated in the equity offering, averaging more than $25,000 per investment…. Read More

iFunding Raises $6.2M in Total Financing For New Jersey Apartment Recapitalization & Condo Conversion

Asbury Park

On Thursday, real estate crowdfunding platform iFunding announced it has secured $6.2 million in total financing for the recapitalization and renovation of a 26-unit, 6-story residential building in Asbury Park, New Jersey over the past nine months. iFunding revealed it originally provided acquisition financing totaling $2.85… Read More

Fundrise Co-Founder Dan Miller Provides Update & Insight into Future Projects

Dan Miller sketch copy

Fundrise deserves much credit for being a trailblazer in the real estate crowdfunding sector of finance. Officially launched in 2012, the concept of Fundrise was crafted before the JOBS Act even existed. Entrepreneurs and brothers, Ben and Dan Miller, conceived a plan to allow residents… Read More

Brief: Australian Fractional Investment Platform DomaCom Readies for ASX Listing

arthur naoumidis

Australia-based crowdfunding platform DomaCom submitted a prospectus with ASIC and subsequently made a formal listing application with the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). Applications to invest are also now open, according to SMSF Advisor.  An AUS  $10 million target has been set for the raise, the minimum… Read More

RealtyMogul.com Closes Another $8.49M in Transactions


RealtyMogul.com announced on Tuesday the closing of six recent transactions, including equity investments in commercial properties, mezzanine financing for an industrial conversion project and equity raises for two real estate funds.  Jilliene Helman, CEO of RealtyMogul.com, stated: “Our mission has always been to give regular… Read More

Mara Poling Posts Fund on RealCrowd Seeking $20 Million for Real Estate Investment

House Real Estate Fix

RealCrowd, a real estate crowdfunding platform, has listed a new offer by real estate investment firm Mara Poling. The “Mara Poling Total Return Fund”, hopes to raise $20 million to acquire $50 million in multi-family property assets. The offer is for accredited investors only. Mara… Read More

Asian Banks Push Pause on UK Real Estate as Brexit Turmoil Impacts Foreign Buyers

Beware London UK Horses Guard

According to a report by BBC, United Overseas Bank (UOB) based in Singapore has suspended real estate loans for property in the UK. The UK property market has been one of the hottest markets in the world for the past few years.  Asian investors from… Read More

June Described as Prodigy Network’s Most Successful Month (Infographic)

rodrigo niño

Real estate crowdfunding platform Prodigy Network had a great June. In a communication to investors, Prodigy said June was one of the most successful in their history having completed the acquisition of The Assemblage / 25 street – their fourth New York City project.  They… Read More

iFunding Secures Funds For Florida’s Dania Beach Apartment Acquisition & Renovation

Florida beach

Real estate crowdfunding platform iFunding announced on Friday it has secured $700,000 for the acquisition and renovation of a 40-unit multifamily community located in Dania Beach, Florida, which is located between Miami and Fort Lauderdale. The sponsor of the project, KVR Properties, is known an experienced multifamily… Read More

Patch of Land CEO Paul Deitch Talks Transition, Real Estate Marketplace

Patch of Land Change

    Patch of Land is one of the best known real estate crowdfunding platforms in the sector.  Launched soon after the signing of the JOBS Act of 2012, Patch has leveraged Title II, or accredited crowdfunding, to provide unique access to real estate investments… Read More

Nationwide House Price Index Reports 0.2% Raise in June; LendInvest Co-Founder Responds

Ian Thomas

Despite the recent news that the UK has voted to depart from the European Union (EU), the National House Price Index announced the house prices have raised up by 0.2% this month, with an annual house growth now standing at 5.1% (average price £204,968). LendInvest’s co-founder… Read More

RealtyShares Releases Data on Crowdfunding Projects Throughout Florida (Infographic)


On Tuesday, RealtyShares unveiled interesting data on crowdfunding projects that originate from the state of Florida. The website reports that it has leveraged its network of 20,000 investors to help fund more than 200 properties in Florida for $28.1 million. Mark Masterson, director of investments… Read More

Forrester: Digital & Customer-Facing Talent Will Migrate Out of the UK

Battered EU Flag Europe Brexit

Research consultancy Forrester is making some pretty dire predictions regarding Brexit collateral damage. In a blog post this weekend, Forrester stated; “Digital and customer-facing talent will migrate out of the UK,” and “Product and delivery innovation will slow”. Forrester cautions that a “customer-focused agenda is… Read More

Property Partner on UK Brexit Decision

Daniel Gandesha

As the world continues to wonder what exactly the Brexit means for the UK and global economies, alternative finance leaders are jumping in with their perspective. Property  Partner, a prominent real estate crowdfunding platform, is circulating a note on the decision to depart Europe. Daniel Gandesha,… Read More

Caliber Companies is Testing the Waters Using Reg A+ for a $15 Million IPO

Chris Loeffler

Caliber Companies, a diversified real estate investment firm, is Testing the Waters (TTW) under Regulation A”.  Caliber has enlisted Merriman Holdings (OTCQB: MERR) as an advisor in anticipation of a $15 million mini-IPO. Jon Merriman, CEO of Merriman Holdings, said that today’s IPO markets are… Read More

PeerStreet Milestones: Funds Over $75M in Real Estate Loan Investments & Returns $25M to Investors

Brett Crosby

Real estate crowdfunding platform PeerStreet announced on Wednesday that it has reached several major growth milestones. The funding portal shared it has funded more than $75 million, with thousands of investors now active on its site, and returned $25 million to investors with zero losses to… Read More

Fundrise Allows Early Redemption for Investors in Growth eREIT

Real Estate Construction Manhattan New York

Real estate crowdfunding platform Fundrise has recently launched multiple “eREITs”, under Regulation A+, to provide broad access to all investors in a diversified portfolio of real estate. In a recent update to registered investors, Fundrise announced the launch of new feature that allows investors to redeem… Read More