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German Agenda Targets Digital Growth But Finance Ministry Contradicts with Draft Law on Small Investors

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This past week German cabinet ministers voiced their support on a digital future by approving a “Digital Agenda 2014-2017” plan that intends on boosting digital technology and utilization in the economic engine of Europe. Interestingly Germany places 13th in internet connectivity behind both Belgium and the Netherlands.  The plan hopes to increase the number of… Read More

StartEngine’s CEO Urges Crowdfunding Leaders to Push SEC to Release Title III Rules

Mary Jo White 865 days and Counting

On Wednesday (August 20th), more than 40 participants from the crowdfunding industry gathered on a call to discuss key topics about the industry’s future. Those on the call were urged to join the #VoteOnCF movement, a campaign that urges the SEC to vote on the proposed rules of Title III.  In a recent article on… Read More

Perspective: Investors and Markets Could Benefit from Revising the Accredited Investor Definition

Accredited Investor Qualifcations featured

When Congress passed the JOBS Act lifting the ban on general solicitation in offerings under Rule 506 of Regulation D, it turned these so-called “private” offerings into potentially very public ones.  Since Reg D offerings involving general solicitation can only be sold to “accredited” investors, it also amplified the already central role that the accredited… Read More

Seedmatch Responds to German Equity Crowdfunding Regulations


The young German equity crowdfunding industry is under threat of excessive regulations under the guise of investor protection.  Earlier this month we reported on the proposed regulatory approach that crowdfunding platform Companisto described as; “… it is clear that the draft law significantly threatens the continued existence of crowdinvesting in Germany. The provisions of the bill… Read More

StartEngine CEO Schedules Open Call to Push Title III, Retail Crowdfunding Forward

Ron Miller

Following the example of the 28 members of Congress who forwarded a letter to the SEC urging them to publish the proposed rules on Title  III of the JOBS Act, some in the crowdfunding industry are taking action and looking to the crowd to join them. This Wednesday, August 20, 2014, StartEngine CEO Ron Miller,… Read More

28 Members of Congress Urge SEC To Move Forward on Title III Equity Crowdfunding

Wanted SEC That Provides Crowdfunding Regulations Mary Jo White

As the days turn into months, and the months turn into years, the JOBS Act, signed into law in 2012, remains an under-utilized piece of legislation due to missing final rules from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).  While the debate continues as to what the final rules should entail – with ongoing questions about… Read More

Brief: Proposed Rules For Crowdfunding in D.C.


Regulators in Washington D.C. are proposing a new set of rules for crowdfunding that will allow the district’s businesses to raise up to $2 million a year.  A new twist in the intrastate crowdfunding movement as this would be “intra-district”. Washington Business Journal reports Department of Insurance, Securities, and Banking (DISB) issued the proposal that… Read More

FCA Consultation on Social Media Use Met with Trepidation

Beware of Twitter Social Media

The Financial Conduct Authority has just released their guidance consultation on social media use within the financial industry and some crowdfunding industry followers remain concerned about the direction the document is taking. Sharon Flaherty, founder of boutique content marketing consultancy BrandContent, shared her opinion on the FCA guidance publication; “As predicted, the long-awaited social media… Read More

Financial Conduct Authority Releases Guidance Consultation on Social Media Use

Social Media

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has published their much anticipated guidance consultation on usage of social media by the financial industry.  Specifically in regards to promotion of services and offerings.  The publication is open for comments by interested parties until November 6, 2014.  The regulatory agency is attempting to manage the fast growing communication space… Read More

SEC Annual Forum on Small Business Capital Formation: Ground Hog Day for Small Biz?

Ground Hog Small Business Forum SEC

Many of us are wondering when, if and how the SEC will finally roll out final regulations to implement major provisions of the JOBS Act of 2012, including Title III (investment crowdfunding) and Title IV (Regulation A+). So too were a group of Congressmen, gathered in the Halls of Congress in Washington, D.C. on July… Read More

North Carolina Equity Crowdfunding Bill Waylaid in Legislative Wrangling

North Carolina State Legislative Building (Wikipedia)

Crowdfunding legislation that was on the docket for discussion this past week in the state of North Carolina has been at least temporarily sidelined as the bill got caught up in some political posturing.  The economic development package now is uncertain to make it through the summer session according to several reports that described the… Read More

SEC CorpFin Director Talks JOBS Act on the Hill During Financial Services Committee Hearing

Keith Higgins Featured

Last Thursday (July 24) Keith Higgins, Director of the Division of Corporation Finance, gave his testimony on the Division’s recent “activities and responsibilities” to the House of Representatives Committee on Financial Services’ Capital Markets Subcommittee. Among the topics addressed by Mr. Higgins during his testimony were the Division’s activities and responsibilities in relation to JOBS… Read More

Snowball Effect Receives First Equity Crowdfunding License in New Zealand


In what may be the very first equity crowdfunding license offered to a funding portal in New Zealand, Snowball effect has announced they received notices from the Financial Market Authority they have been granted their license effective today (July 30, 2014).  The announcement was not unexpected as the investment crowdfunding was recently legalized in the… Read More

The Wrong Step: Increasing Accredited Investor Thresholds (Infographic)

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The team at Crowdentials have been on a creative roll these past two weeks. Perhaps they should add investment crowdfunding advocates to their mission of compliance solutions for equity crowdfunding sites.  Crowdentials has now put together a very informative infographic on what will happen if the regulatory Mandarins decide to make it more difficult to… Read More

The Definitive Guide: Proposed Intrastate Crowdfunding Exemptions

States with proposed investment crowdfunding exemptions July 2014

As promised, and I know you have all been waiting, is our comparative chart of crowdfunding regulations proposed by certain states. These regulations are not in effect yet and thus subject to changes and further amendments, but at this time this is how the states are shaking out. It is great to see some of… Read More

Equitise is Ready for Australian Equity Crowdfunding

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Equitise has signaled their confidence the Australian government will move forward with the recommendations by the CAMAC report that advocates streamlining capital formation for small business.  Equitise is an equity crowdfunding platform that is already accepting registrants from both investors and entrepreneurs in anticipation of new regulations allowing investment crowdfunding. In May, the Corporations and… Read More

If It Ain’t Broke … SEC Investor Advisory Committee Tackles Non-Problem

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On July 10, thanks to the Dodd-Frank Act which mandated its reinstitution, the revived SEC Investor Advisory Committee met in a public forum to discuss certain securities law issues, including a subcommittee’s initial proposals on the definition of “accredited investor” (as defined in Section 501(a) of Regulation D under the Securities Act of 1933, as… Read More

The Misplaced Logic of Dodd-Frank: Protecting the Ordinary Investor by Redefining the Accredited Investor

Dodd Frank

Many of you are still reeling from the impact of the worldwide collapse of the financial markets in 2008. And most of us have rightfully observed that following one of the greatest debacles in financial history, no one has gone to jail – no one has been prosecuted. Meanwhile, rather than look back at the… Read More

SEC Commissioner Daniel Gallagher Talks JOBS Act; Advocates Needs of Small Business

Daniel Gallagher Champion of Small Business

At a recent meeting of the Securities Reform Project, organized by David Burton of the Heritage Foundation, attendees had the unique opportunity to hear from SEC Commissioner Daniel Gallagher. Gallagher was appointed as Commissioner in 2011 but he is a longtime veteran of the SEC having joined the staff in 2006 as Counsel to then… Read More

SEC Investor Advisory Committee Meeting (Video)

Barbara Investors Committee SEC

The Investor Advisory Committee (IAC) of the SEC met last week to tackle several pressing issues that are on the agenda at the Commission today.  One of the items on the agenda was the definition of an “accredited investor”.  For most people this is an arcane issue that merits little attention, but once you dig… Read More