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New Mexico Proposes Investment Crowdfunding Rules

New Mexico Land of Enchantment

In a letter from the New Mexico Regulation and Licensing Department, Securities Division, Director Alan Wilson has summarized the objectives of proposed regulations to remove restrictions an allow equity crowdfunding in the state. Wilson’s missive notes the problem of raising adequate capital for startup businesses.  ”The combination of oppressive securities laws and geographic tendency of… Read More

SC Malaysia Shares Public Response to Proposed Equity Crowdfunding Framework

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Coming off a highly successful crowdfunding and angel investing conference, Securities Commission Malaysia has released the public comments on the proposed regulatory framework for equity crowdfunding.  The consultation outlining the regulations was released this past August and since being published SC has received comments from a diverse group of individuals including VC firms, entrepreneurs, financial… Read More

Paul Niederer: Proposed Rules on Investment Crowdfunding “Totally Unworkable”

Niederer Featured ASSOB CAMAC

Paul Niederer, a crowdfunding trailblazer, has been a consistent champion of the power and potential of investment crowdfunding.  The Australian Small Scale Offerings Board or ASSOB – has been regularly referenced for its knowhow and success in raising capital for small companies.  ASSOB has raised over $140 million so they posses the wisdom born of… Read More

General Solicitation for Private Placements is One Year Old Today (Infographic)

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Oh how time flies.  On September 23, 2013 the over 80 year old ban on general solicitation (advertising / promotion) for certain private placement offers was lifted.  This was enacted by Title II of the JOBS Act and a profound change for our securities industry.  Uptake has been slow – but expectations are for a… Read More

Brief: Securities Commission Malaysia Expected to Release Comments on Equity Crowdfunding Regulations this Week

Datuk Ranjit Ajit Singh

The Securities Commission Malaysia (SC) is expected to release comments on their proposed equity crowdfunding regulations sometime this week.  The public release of feedback comes on the heels of the SC’s successful crowdfunding and angel investing conference held last week at the SC offices in Kuala Lumpur. A consultation paper outlining proposed regulations for Southeast… Read More

How do Asian Crowdfunding platforms compare to their Western counterparts?

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Crowdfunding is a burgeoning field in many parts of Asia. In comparison, crowdfunding in places like the United States has been around for a longer time. While the United States relaxed regulations on investment-based crowdfunding in 2012 (via the JOBS Act), rewards- based sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo have been around since the late 2000s…. Read More

SEC Commissioner Gallagher Tackles Profound Need to Aid Small Business Capital Formation

SEC Commissioner Daniel Gallagher

Earlier today (September 17th), during a presentation delivered at the Heritage Foundation in Washington, DC, SEC Commissioner Daniel Gallagher gave a thoughtful, concise and concerned speech regarding the incredibly important needs of small business in the United States.  Recognizing that “small business is the lifeblood of our economy”, Gallagher tackled many hot button issues including… Read More

Equity Crowdfunding in Texas Expected to be Live this November

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The Lone Star state is nearing the date when equity crowdfunding will be legalized.  The proposed rules, which hit the state register site this past May, were announced earlier this Spring. Initially the expectations were for the intrastate exemption to go live in August but now it is predicted to be an available option for businesses… Read More

Securities Commission Malaysia Prepares for Conference to Build Awareness of Crowdfunding

SCxSC Forum Speakers Malaysia Securities Commission

Malaysia is preparing to launch investment crowdfunding and the Securities regulators are leading the way.  Securities Commission Malaysia (Suruhanjaya Sekuriti) has scheduled a two day conference held at the commission to raise awareness of the future potential of equity crowdfunding as an alternative method to raise capital for small businesses. Synergy & Crowdfunding Forum (SCxSC),… Read More

Companisto: Proposed German Law a Contradiction That Threatens Crowdfunding

Blasting Investment Featured

Recently there have been rumblings from the German crowdfunding industry regarding proposed rules pertaining to investor protection that may impact the growing investment crowdfunding industry.  The German government has a stated objective of fostering digital and tech growth.  Of course streamlining access to capital, via equity crowdfunding, can help this objective.  While engendering an environment… Read More

Equity Crowdfunding Nears Reality in State of Washington

Seal State of Washington

Washington State passed legislation legalizing equity crowdfunding way back in March of this year and given the title of “the Washington Jobs Act of 2014 (not very original).  Washington is one of a number of states that have moved forward with their own state crowdfunding exemption while federal rules for both Title IV and Title… Read More

Release Title III: Securities Based Crowdfunding Rules – The New Investing Model

This Train is Late

Some Issues in Title III Crowdfunding Regulations Require Modification. Recently, there has been a renewed call for action on Title III (Regulation Crowdfunding) to go-live. And there are some proponents in the industry that just want the rules to go live ‘as-is’. However, the Crowdfunding Intermediary Regulatory Advocates (CFIRA), the first advocacy and lobbying trade… Read More

Investment Crowdfunding: The Most Significant Innovation for Entrepreneurship in a Generation (Deck)

Mary Jo White SEC Chair

Kickercon, a crowdfunding conference took place this past week in Texas.  At one of the sessions Ron Miller,  CEO of StartEngine and hopeful  crowdfuning portal operator, took to the podium to pound the table on Title III retail crowdfunding. In a presentation titled:  Investment Crowdfunding – The Most Significant Innovation for Entrepreneurship in a Generation,… Read More

RateSetter CEO: London Can Be the Center of FinTech

Disruptive Innovation

RateSetter CEO and founder Rhydian Lewis recently posted his views on the status of London in the emerging world of financial innovation.  RateSetter is one of the fastest growing P2P platforms in the UK and is expanding into Australia. First it must be acknowledged that London (and the UK) has been the leader in the… Read More

Malaysia Proposes Regulatory Approach for Equity Crowdfunding

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Malaysia, a country that has the 3rd largest economy in Southeast Asia and 29th largest economy in the world, released last week a consultation paper on equity crowdfunding.  The document has been entered for discussion and is accepting comments until September 5th.  The authors have reviewed the status and process of countries around the world… Read More

CFIRA Takes Vocal Stand on “Accredited Investor” Definition

CFIRA Balancing Wealth and Wisdom

The Crowdfund Intermediary Regulatory Advocates (CFIRA) has taken a firm and concise stand on the debate enveloping the definition of an “Accredited Investor”.  CFIRA has been at the forefront in advocating for financial innovation and investment crowdfunding.  The group promotes the interests of issuers AND investors while promoting good business practices.  The letter (posted below)… Read More

StartEngine’s CEO Continues To Urge SEC To Implement Title III

Crowdfunding Card Title III Regulations

Grassroots momentum is rising in the crowdfunding industry, as potential investors, capital-seeking companies and funding option’s platforms urge the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to implement the proposed rules, as amended during the comment period, legalizing true investment crowdfunding and giving more businesses the ability to create jobs. With the Commission scheduled to convene… Read More

Wisconsin Crowdfunding Law Hits Hurdle as Bank Provision Adds Challenge

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Winsconin’s crowdfunding law went into effect this past June, signed into law by Governor Scott Walker. The state crowdfunding exemption allows entrepreneurs to raise up to $2 million via an online investment platform ($1 million without an audit).  The law was unique in their approach to the definition of an accredited investor.  Recognizing regional differences… Read More

Crowdfunding Continues to Expand in China

Lijiang River China

Crowdfunding remains small proportionally in one of the worlds largest economies – but it is growing quickly. Recent reports have stated that China generated 188 million yuan (over $30 million USD) from January to June.   This was the result of 1,423 crowdfunding campaigns.  This growth is occurring while local venture capitalists lack the funding… Read More

German Agenda Targets Digital Growth But Finance Ministry Contradicts with Draft Law on Small Investors

Thousands of Euros 500

This past week German cabinet ministers voiced their support on a digital future by approving a “Digital Agenda 2014-2017” plan that intends on boosting digital technology and utilization in the economic engine of Europe. Interestingly Germany places 13th in internet connectivity behind both Belgium and the Netherlands.  The plan hopes to increase the number of… Read More