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Nesta: Alternative Finance More than Doubles for 2014

Average Growth of Crowdfunding by sector 2014

Nesta, a  UK based innovation charity and staunch proponent of entrepreneurship and creativity, has published an update on the alternative finance industry in the United Kingdom.  The report is a joint effort between Nesta and the University of Cambridge.  The report notes this new financial sector, that includes crowdfunding, peer to peer (P2P) lending, and… Read More

Wamda Research: Funding is Growing for Startups in Middle East & North Africa

Middle East Door MENA

Wamda, a platform to empower entrepreneurs in the Middle East / North Africa (MENA), has published an excellent study on the funding / entrepreneur eco-system in the region.  The very good news is that startup funding is growing in the MENA countries with growth expected to accelerate in coming years.  In fact this study, compared to… Read More

Research: P2P Lending Goes to £40 Billion in 2016

One Trillion Dollars

Research and Markets have announced a new report they have published on the fast growing peer to peer (P2P) lending industry.  Their numbers state the global market will top £40 billion (over $64 billion USD) by 2016.  They break that out stating the UK will account for £5 billion of that amount with the US… Read More

PWC & ULI Publish Report on Emerging Trends in Real Estate

real estate monopoly

It would be hard to publish a market perspective on real estate today with tackling the emerging industry of real estate crowdfunding. This new approach of raising capital for real estate projects is one the leading segments of the investment crowdfunding industry.  Investors have the opportunity to invest in a lower risk vehicle that may… Read More

Growth Stage Companies Raise Record Amount in UK for Q3

Tower Bridge London (Wikipedia)

UK data trackers Beauhurst recently shared their numbers showing solid growth for early stage companies seeking capital.  Their numbers gist with the recent release by London Mayor  Boris Johnson depicting rapid growth for London tech sector as over $1 Billion has been raised for 2014.  Beauhurst states that “summer was fruitful” for businesses going after… Read More

The Crowdfunding Centre Publishes State of Crowdfunding Nation Report

audience crowd

Publication of the second State of the Crowdfunding Nation report reveals the massive progress that has been made since the first report quarterly report, according to the Crowdfunding Centre.  Not only does crowdfunding continue to grow at prodigious rates but it’s viral spread across the globe too.  Crowdfunding now reaches more than 90% of the… Read More

SEC Study: Market Quality for Small Cap Equities

SEC logo

The Securities and Exchange Commission has published a report on markets for small capitalization equities as part of the requirement of the JOBS Act to study decimalization and trading of small cap companies.  Questions of liquidity and market efficacy have been ruminating at the SEC and market participant for years. In 2001 the SEC ordered… Read More

The Outlook for Peer to Peer Lending in China

Peer to Peer Lending in China

With the explosive growth over the past seven years, China has become the biggest peer to peer (P2P) lending market in the world. After introducing the four stage evolution in the previous article “The Evolution of Peer to Peer Lending in China”, we will now share the trends we discovered in the development of P2P… Read More

Harvard: Prodigy Network is Democratizing Real Estate Investment

Rodrigo Nino

Last month Harvard Business School published a case study on the real estate crowdfunding platform Prodigy Network and its founder Rodrigo Niño.  Authors Karim Lakhani, Katja Hutter and Greta Priar, reviewed the dramatic rise of Prodigy Network and the vision of Niño that “crowdfunding will disrupt the status quo of traditional equity investment in real… Read More

Women in Crowdfunding (Infographic)

women in crowdfunding

UK based crowdfunding platform provider Hubbub recently had their creative team cook up an infographic that shares some interesting information regarding women in crowdfunding. There has been much discussion pertaining to the power of crowdfunding to “democratize” access to capital for underserved geographies and demographics.  Streamlining the process of access to capital in an online… Read More

Crowdfunding Thought Leaders Gather in Berkeley to Discuss Future of Financial Innovation

Panel Berkeley Academic Summit

For a second year in a row, government policy makers, finance experts and online entrepreneurs gathered at UC Berkeley for the Fung Institute’s academic symposium on crowdfunding.  The event was organized by Dr. Richard Swart – a well known authority and frequent commenter on crowdfunding and alternative forms of finance. If attendees came away with… Read More

Nesta Reports on the Collaborative Economy

Nesta Collaborative Economy

Nesta, an “innovation charity” that also produces some pretty interesting research reports, recently published a document addressing the UK collaborative economy.  Of course the document encompasses a good part of crowdfunding because crowdfunding is all about collaboration.  Nesta publishes some pretty solid data and perspective.  Crowdfund Insider regularly refers to their research on the new… Read More

NACFB: UK SME Lending Jumps 20%

British Pounds Sterling

According to a report from the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers (NACFB) small business lending via NACFB brokers has increased 20% to £12.7 billion from July 2013 to July 2014.  The data was published as part of the annual broker survey that showed the year over year boost.  The results show the largest increase… Read More

Bruegel Publishes Research Report on Equity Crowdfunding


Brussels based Bruegel has published an in-depth report on equity crowdfunding.Bruegal is a European think tank that focuses on economic issues and have a stated mission to provide impartial fact based research and analysis.  With investment crowdfunding a hot topic around the world as entrepreneurs see opportunity to raise capital and some politicians see a… Read More

Nesta Conducts “Largest Crowdfunding Survey Ever”

NESTA and Cambridge

Innovation charity Nesta has partnered with Cambridge University to launch the largest study ever on crowdfunding and other new forms of alternative finance.  Their research also includes the rewards based variant like Indiegogo, Kickstarter and Crowdfunder.  Nesta has the backing of Parliament, the UKCFA and Parliament – so pretty much everyone is in on this one. Nesta, an… Read More

Research: P2P Lending Should Focus on Partners, New Opportunities and Security

P2P Lending rate approval

A recent study published by Cognizant addressing the fast growing peer to peer lending space in the United States.  The report calls the market “maturing” and makes recommendations for participants to maintain growth.  Prosper and Lending Club, the two largest P2P lenders in the space domestically, generated over $2.4 billion in loans during 2013.  This… Read More

Beauhurst: Record Year for Equity Investments in UK

10£ Queen Elizabeth British Pounds

According to research firm Beauhurst, United Kingdom equity investment has been growing at around 25% per year for over three years now – an impressive pace.  At least part of this growth is due to the liberal approach taken by UK regulators regarding new methods of capital formation such as crowdfunding.    Beauhurst reports that… Read More

Federal Reserve: Peer to Peer Lending Poised to Grow

P2P loans are increasing as Traditional loans decline

Our friends at the Cleveland Federal Reserve have published a report on the Peer to Peer lending industry (P2P).  They  have come to the conclusion of just about everyone else but have incorporated some interesting data points.  P2P lending is expected to grow and will be filling gaps left by the traditional lending industry.  The… Read More

Research: Women More Successful Than Men on Crowdfunding Platforms

Crowdfunding SeedUps

Assistant Professor of Management at New York University, Jason Greenberg and Assistant Professor at the Wharton Business School at University of Pennsylvania, Ethan Mollick recently released research titled, “Leaning In or Leaning On? Gender, Homophily, and Activism in Crowdfunding,” that revealed evidence that women are turning to crowdfunding platforms more than men. According to the abstract… Read More

Academics Discuss Crowdfunding: What the Ivory Tower Has to Say

Plato and Aristotle Talk Crowdfunding

Emerging issues in Crowdfunding Research Are Topic of Discussion as Crowdfunding is Dissected at Leading Academic Conference. How far we have come! Two years ago crowdfunding was seen as little more than an interesting phenomenon, not particularly worthy of study. At this year’s Academy of Management Conference (for those of you outside of academia – this… Read More