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Federal Reserve Publishes New Research on Fintech Monitoring


Earlier this week, the Federal Reserve published a research paper on fintech monitoring. According to the organization, this new paper refers the technology as a combination of components such as peer-to-peer networking, distribution data storage, and cryptography. The Federal Reserve revealed in the document: “Digital… Read More

Societe Generale Pens Agreement with Singapore’s Smartkarma: Expect New Equity Research Soon


Societe Generale today announced a new agreement with Smartkarma, an informational online investment platform which focuses on the Asian markets. Under this global agreement, Societe Generale will provide its institutional clients access to a new form of equity research based on demand driven and customised… Read More

EY Publishes Fintech Australia Census: A Tier One Fintech Nation

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EY has published the first Fintech Australia Census.  The report is designed to be the “most detailed and comprehensive analysis of the Australian Fintech ecosystem.” The document was produced in concert with Fintech Australia, the advocacy group created to help boost utilization and awareness of Fintech…. Read More

SyndicateRoom: £7 Billion in Wealth Creation for Investors in Early Stage Companies in 2017


SyndicateRoom has released research that indicates up to £7 billion in wealth creation will occur in 2017 for individuals investing in early stage companies – undeterred by Brexit fallout. Of course past results are no guarantee of future returns but the findings are positive for… Read More

German Finance Ministry Publishes Report on Fintech: Very High Growth in Recent Years


The German Federal Ministry of Finance or Bundesministerium der Finanzen, has published a report on the emerging Fintech sector. The document, authored by Prof. Dr. Gregor Dorfleitner and Jun.-Prof. Dr. Lars Hornuf (with the assistance of Matthias Schmitt & Martina Weber), quantifies the emergence of disruptive… Read More

China: WeiyangX Fintech Review


AliPay Offers New Functions for Single Users. Earlier this month, some AliPay users discovered a new online dating function on home page of  the AliPay app (Above 9.9 Version). According to some reports, users received invitation for this beta function. The users will have to… Read More

Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance Will Soon Publish Report on Africa & Middle East. Will Partner with FSD Africa on Regulatory Review


The Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance (CCAF) says the Africa & Middle East Alternative Finance Report is scheduled to be published this December. The project was originally announced in June 2016. Alongside this report, CCAF will be working with FSD Africa ( a financial sector… Read More

AltFi Publishes Report on UK Crowdfunded Companies: “Where They Are Now 2016”

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In their second installmant of “Where They Are Now?”, alternative finance research firm AltFi has published an update on the status of crowdfunded companies since 2011. According to AltFi’s report; “A high proportion of crowdfunded companies remain active – 73.60% of the capital raised in… Read More

Singapore vs. London: Who Wins the Fintech Title?

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According to the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), Singapore is not far from surpassing London to claim the title of top fintech hub of the world.  The ACCA’s September report noted that the world should “keep an eye on Asia” as red tape and Brexit weigh on… Read More

Report: UK P2P Property Lending Delivers Returns from 2.25% to 12.7%


Independent ratings agency 4thWay is out with an interesting report on the peer to peer property lending market in the UK.  This sector of alternative finance has been very popular due to the asset class and the solid returns. Even in light of Brexit turmoil,… Read More

Beauhurst: UK Crowdfunding Platforms Experience “Record Drop” of 20% in Q3


UK research firm Beauhurst is out with their Q3 report on equity investment  in non-listed UK firms. The authoris state that equity funding rounds continues to fall delivering three consecutive quarters of decline. According to the Deal report, there are three different reasons for the… Read More

Nesta: Sharing Economy Meets Societal, Not Just Consumer Needs


New research released by Nesta indicates the sharing economy is woefully untapped. Nesta states this disconnect is quite pronounced when it comes to social objectives. In a nationwide survey conducted by TNS Global, just 9% of British adults indicated they used a collaborative economy platform… Read More

The Development of Internet Finance in China

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Wangdaizhijia (or wdzj.com), an alternative finance news and data platform in China, has published two interesting reports on the state of internet finance in the largest altfi market in the world. The first document focuses on peer to peer lending. The second publication is on… Read More

The Rise of Equity Crowdfunding: Report by CrowdfundingHub

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    The CrowdfundingHub has published a report on the rise of equity crowdfunding across Europe. The  document provides a snapshot perspective on sector growth noting that more evolved markets have gained investor trust but risks remain. Pointing to data provided by the Cambridge Centre… Read More

Report: Title II Crowdfunding Data on Three Year Anniversary Tops $1.47 Billion

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Crowdnetic has published its annual  Crowdwatch report on Title II investment crowdfunding as enacted under the JOBS Act of 2012. Title II, or Reg D 506(c), allows issuers the option to “generally solicit” or to promote their securities online to accredited investors. According to their… Read More

UK Investors are Turning to Alternative Finance in Low Interest Rate World


A report published by IW Capital, that researched 2000 UK consumers and citizens, stated that 30% of respondents are looking towards EIS investments in this historically low-interest rate environment.  The Bank of England pegged interest rates at 0.25% following Brexit, the lowest level in British… Read More

Igniting a Microbiome Revolution: Era7 Bioinformatics Syncs with Capital Cell


This Capital Cell crowfunding campaign is a unique opportunity to co-invest with an undisclosed VC firm in Era7 Bioinformatics, a Spanish company focused on the revolution of the Microbiome and providing new solutions to address the problem of antibiotic resistance. Era7 Bioinformatics uses its own algorithms… Read More

Report: Blockchain to Help Consumers Save Billions of Dollars


Capgemini is out with a report on Blockchain that predicts consumers are poised to save “$16 billion dollars” on banking and insurance fees. Their premise is that “smart-contracts” for retail and investment banking, alongside insurance, will eliminate the need for paper-based documentation saving everyone time and… Read More

Tech Coast Angels MIT / Harvard Report: Angel Returns Superior to VCs


Tech Coast Angels has enlisted the assistance of Josh Lerner from the Harvard Business School and Antoinette Schoar from MIT to research angel investing and the overall impact on the companies they fund.  The report (embedded below) indicates that angel networks have a demonstrably positive… Read More

NextGen Reports on Reg A+ Market: Reviews Early Data on 131 Filings

Richard Swart

A new report from NextGen Crowdfunding, authored by NextGen Chief Strategy Officer Richard Swart, reviews all Reg A+ filed since June 2015 up until June of 2016.  NextGen analyzed 131 companies that have taken advantage of updated rules established by the JOBS Act of 2012…. Read More