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Beauhurst: Record Year for Equity Investments in UK

10£ Queen Elizabeth British Pounds

According to research firm Beauhurst, United Kingdom equity investment has been growing at around 25% per year for over three years now – an impressive pace.  At least part of this growth is due to the liberal approach taken by UK regulators regarding new methods of capital formation such as crowdfunding.    Beauhurst reports that… Read More

Federal Reserve: Peer to Peer Lending Poised to Grow

P2P loans are increasing as Traditional loans decline

Our friends at the Cleveland Federal Reserve have published a report on the Peer to Peer lending industry (P2P).  They  have come to the conclusion of just about everyone else but have incorporated some interesting data points.  P2P lending is expected to grow and will be filling gaps left by the traditional lending industry.  The… Read More

Research: Women Raise More Funds Than Men on Crowdfunding Platforms

Crowdfunding SeedUps

Assistant Professor of Management at New York University, Jason Greenberg and Assistant Professor at the Wharton Business School at University of Pennsylvania, Ethan Mollick recently released research titled, “Leaning In or Leaning On? Gender, Homophily, and Activism in Crowdfunding,” that revealed evidence that women are turning to crowdfunding platforms more than men. According to the abstract… Read More

Academics Discuss Crowdfunding: What the Ivory Tower Has to Say

Plato and Aristotle Talk Crowdfunding

Emerging issues in Crowdfunding Research Are Topic of Discussion as Crowdfunding is Dissected at Leading Academic Conference. How far we have come! Two years ago crowdfunding was seen as little more than an interesting phenomenon, not particularly worthy of study. At this year’s Academy of Management Conference (for those of you outside of academia – this… Read More

Report: Only 1/3 of Executives at Smaller Middle-Market Companies Claim to be Familiar with Key Elements of JOBS Act

Jobs Act 2012 statement red

According to research commissioned by CohnReznick, an accounting and advisory firm targeting middle market companies, only one-third of executives at smaller middle-market companies claimed to be familiar with the key elements of the JOBS Act legislation that could benefit their organization. CohnReznick states; “The JOBS Act is a remarkable piece of legislation, but unless the smaller… Read More

Harvard Business School: CrowdWisdom or CrowdMadness?

Herd of Sheep Stampede

This study, authored by Ethan Mollick of Wharton and Ramana Nanda of Harvard Business School, has recently been making the rounds.  Entitled; Wisdom or Madness? Comparing Crowds with Expert Evaluation in Funding the Arts, the polemic addresses the question of crowdwisdom or herd mentality.  This has been a common discussion within the crowdfunding world something both academics and… Read More

Crowdnetic and UC Berkeley to partner on Crowdfunding Research


Over a year ago, Crowdnetic and UC Berkeley began collaborating on the launch of UC Berkeley’s Program for Innovation in Entrepreneurial and Social Finance, headed by Dr. Richard Swart, who serves as its Director of Research at the Coleman Fung Institute for Engineering Leadership. Through this role, Dr. Swart heads efforts to study policies, best… Read More

Crowdfund Capital Advisors Report: Crowdfunding is Powerful Tool for Women & Minorities

ROI investment graph

Women & Minorites Traditionally Shunned by Private Capital Markets See Huge Potential for Investment Crowdfunding and Access to Capital. Crowdfund Capital Advisors has published a report to highlight crowdfund investing as a powerful new tool to fuel the underserved women and minority markets.  The document is titled; “Crowdfunding’s Potential for Minority and Women Owned Enterprises” The research… Read More

FCA: “Most savers don’t shop around, allowing providers on average to pay lower interest rates”

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The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has published an interim report on domestic cash savings market. This is part of a broader study that commenced in October 2013 under their “competition objective focused on the cash savings market”.  The FCA wants to assure that competition is working for consumers (as opposed to protecting entrenched interests…).  It… Read More

Paul Niederer: Wisdom Gained from $11.4 Million in Equity Crowdfunding

Paul Niederer in singapore

Crowdfunding champion Paul Niederer, the founder of ASSOB – one of the earliest equity crowdfunding platforms around, recently shared some insight into his experience with investment crowdfunding.  ASSOB or the Australian Small Scale Offerings Board.  He has incorporated some actual empirical data regarding this new form of capital formation – and it involves non-accredited investors too.  (One… Read More

Research Seminar Held on Crowdfunding in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Business School Crowdfunding Seminar

  What is certainly true about the relatively new phenomenon of crowdfunding is that theory trails behind the practice. Should you happen to work with the former, it is difficult to be aware of other academic and research projects on the topic of crowdfunding, since many are ongoing and yet to be published. In this… Read More

Crowdfunding: Where is it Going? (Infographic)

the crowd crowdfunding

Here is a pretty cool infographic from the team at BusinessProfiles (a global corporate registration database).  They have compiled a solid number of data points pertaining to the global crowdfunding industry – both for rewards/donation and investment based campaigns. A few key points from their research: Crowdfunding expanded at an annual compound interest rate of 63%… Read More

Researchers Study Indiegogo’s Flexible or Fixed Crowdfunding

A Crowd of $100 Benjamin Franklin

Every day, entrepreneurs have turned to crowdfunding to fund their new business or product and are given two types of options for the campaign, all-or-nothing and flexible funding, also known as keep-it-all. Both possess great perks, but the key question for each campaign would be which option should it go with? According to Inc., Toronto’s… Read More

Disrupted: European Banking Model Under Siege


A recent report from global consulting firm Deloitte declares the European banking model is under assault as technological advances are attacking the fortress of retail banking giants. The report – ‘Banking disrupted: How technology is threatening the traditional European retail banking model’ – highlights how the competitive advantages of European banks are threatened by shifting… Read More

Does Crowdfunding Create Crowd Euphoria?

Herd of Sheep Stampede

Esteemed global banking group, Deutsche Bank, recently posed this very question:  Does crowd euphoria impair risk consciousness? The question comes as many countries legalize investment crowdfunding and the US plods towards allowing greater access to capital via participation of the crowd.  This is an important – and interesting polemic.  Herd mentality occurs in many situations…. Read More

Berkeley Preps for 2nd Annual Symposium on Crowdfunding

Fung Institute

Issues Call for Research Papers. The 2nd Annual Symposium on Crowdfunding sponsored by the Coleman Fung Insitute for Engineering Leadership, UC Berkeley College of Engineering, is scheduled to take place on September 11th and 12th, 2014.  This symposium will take a global look at the developing phenomena of social finance for SMEs and Innovation  –… Read More

Record Breaking May in UK for Companies Being Funded


Data company Beauhurst has published a report on United Kingdom equity investment activity for the month of May and apparently it is a record breaker.  For this past month, 74 deals valued at over £270 million has “surpassed all records for recent years”. Beauhurst, which began keeping records only in 2010, believes that Q2 will… Read More

Finland Ministry of Finance Publishes Report on Crowdfunding

Finish Ministry of Finance Finland

The Finnish Ministry of Finance has published a report addressing the emerging crowdfunding industry and it’s impact on Finland. The document was authored by Aki Kallio and Vatteri Vento at the Ministry.  The report includes a small, high level survey from respondents involved in the industry. Finland is a relatively small economy and correspondingly crowdfunding… Read More

Perspective: Why Should We Crowdfund Research?

Boulder Colorado Crowdfunding

Its no secret: the University of Colorado receives hundreds of millions of dollars in federal funds that sponsor our research. My lab alone racks up expenditures of $800,000 a year to pay for post-doc and graduate student salary, tuition, materials and travel. Isn’t it preposterous to now ask the public for some more of their… Read More

UK Report: Crowdfunding in the Beginning of a Consolidation Phase

Crowdfunding Growth UK Knowledge Peers

Crowdfunding Continues Dramatic Growth. Knowledge Peers, a UK based research and networking firm that covers the investment crowdfunding space,  has released another sector forecast on UK crowdfunding. Their process includes sourcing data directly from equity crowdfunding platforms, peer to peer lending sites and other associated investment  crowdfunding platforms.  The report states that in 2014 the… Read More