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Taiwan: Report on Crowdfunding

Taiwan money 2

Below is a report that was forwarded to Crowdfund Insider a few weeks back outlining the crowdfunding market in Taiwan.  As we published recently, investment crowdfunding has been slow to take off but rewards based crowdfunding has apparently generated decent traction. If the regulators get… Read More

Ethan Mollick: Kickstarter Crowdfunding Projects Have Created Over 5000 Full Time Jobs, Over 160,000 Temporary Positions

Ethan Mollick

Ethan Mollick, a professor and researcher at Wharton, recently published new research on Kickstarter. Mollick focuses on entrepreneurship and innovation and is one of a few academians focusing their attention on alternative finance. His most recent research, entitled “Containing Multitudes: The Many Impacts of Kickstarter… Read More

Queen’s University Scientists Unveils Crowdfunding Platform Dedicated to Northern Ireland Cancer Research Projects

medical cancer research project stealth

A group of Queen’s University scientists announced this week the launch of their crowdfunding platform, ResearchFunderNI, which is dedicated to raising funds for various cancer research projects in Northern Ireland. ResearchFunderNi revealed it has partnered with cancer and medical research charities to collect funding for… Read More

Global Entrepreneurship Monitor: Obtaining Finance is Particularly Difficult for SMEs

GEM Report

The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) report on Entrepreneurial Financing was published earlier this month. The document is a global snapshot on the state of entrepreneurial endeavors around the world. Produced by a team of researchers from Babson, Oxford and the University of South Africa, Capetown,… Read More

A Case of Regulatory Evolution: A Review of the UK Financial Conduct Authority’s Approach to Crowdfunding

The UK Britain Market Fruit

  Across Europe, crowdfunding is quickly moving from a fringe funding instrument to becoming a mainstream – finance channel, connecting “crowds” to fund businesses, projects and individuals. In its recently published Report on Crowdfunding in the EU Capital Markets Union, the European Commission details the… Read More

Global Fintech Investment Growth (Infographic)

UK Queen Elizabeth Money

Below is an infographic created in conjunction with London Fintech Week which commences next Monday (July 18).  The research compiled on Fintech growth is quite interesting showing a dramatic increase in the Asia Pacific region and slowing growth in the UK.  China has overtaken Europe,… Read More

Progress Report: Looking at Regulation A+ One Year Later

Distribution of Reg A+ by State

Regulation A+, which revamped the old Regulation A, became effective on June 19, 2015—just over a year ago. Here’s what we’ve seen during the past year of utilization: Statistics: Approximately 105 publicly-filed Regulation A+ filings to date, with approximately 44 of those filings qualified by… Read More

Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance Launches First Industry Study for Middle East & Africa

Cambridge CCAF Middle East Africa Study

  Inaugural Middle East & Africa Alternative Finance Benchmarking Study. The Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance at the University of Cambridge Judge Business School is launching its first Middle East & Africa Alternative Finance Benchmarking Study. This study on alternative finance follows the successful publication of… Read More

Forrester: Digital & Customer-Facing Talent Will Migrate Out of the UK

Battered EU Flag Europe Brexit

Research consultancy Forrester is making some pretty dire predictions regarding Brexit collateral damage. In a blog post this weekend, Forrester stated; “Digital and customer-facing talent will migrate out of the UK,” and “Product and delivery innovation will slow”. Forrester cautions that a “customer-focused agenda is… Read More

Study: Small Businesses Still Struggle to Access Growth Capital Even with New Funding Methods Available

Private Capital Report Pepperdine 2016-infographic

Study by Pepperdine University and Dun & Bradstreet Indicates Small Business still dependent on Personal Resources, Friends & Family. Even while new forms of finance are on the rise, small business still struggles to find capital necessary to fund growth.  While SME access to traditional… Read More

Milken Report Profiles Dramatic Growth of Online “Non-Bank” Finance

Milken Online Lending Report Mueller

In 2011, an average of 8,000 small and micro businesses were denied funding each day from traditional banks. This statement is not from some fanatical Fintech entrepreneur but our current Secretary of the Treasury, Jack Lew.  It is this profound gap between demand, and supply,… Read More

Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance Extends European Deadline to June 24th

Euros Money 200

The Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance (CCAF) has extended its deadline for respondents regarding the 2016 European survey.  In a discussion with Crowdfund Insider, CCAF explained they are well over the number of participating platforms from their previous European survey but they wanted to allow… Read More