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Re-Introduced Innovation Act May Stop Patent Trolls From Targeting Crowdfunding Startups

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Venture Beat recently reported that on Thursday (February 5th), House Judiciary Chairman, Bob Goodlatte re-introduced the Innovative Act, which is considered a bipartisan bill that may stop “patent trolls” in their tracks. The Electronic Freedom Frontier describes a troll as; “A patent troll uses patents as legal weapons, instead of actually creating any new products or coming… Read More

Krowdster Launches New Revenue Stream Program for Crowdfunding Professionals

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  Crowdfunding analytics, optimization and promotional tool, Krowdster, recently launched an affiliate program for crowdfunding consultants and publishers. The new project reportedly capitalizes on Krowdster’s explosive growth. Since opening for business nine weeks ago, the unique Krowdster web app has racked up more than 2000 active users. App users have access to a range of cloud based… Read More

Details Emerge on Patent Lawsuit Against Multiple Crowdfunding Platforms

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It was revealed earlier this week that a patent infringement lawsuit was filed against Indiegogo, CircleUp, GoFundMe, Kickstarter, Gust, RocketHub & Innovational Funding  by Alphacap Ventures LLC for a trial by jury in the Eastern District Court of Texas. Alphacap Ventures is based in California but the suit was filed in Texas as the “Defendant because… Read More

Updated: ISEE-3 Reboot Team Discovers Probe Propulsion System Issues


Last week, the ISEE-3 probe made headlines after its engines were turned on for the first time since 1987, thanks to the funds that were raised during the ISEE-3 Reboot Project’s crowdfunding campaign on Rockethub. Unfortunately, the project has encountered a major snag. As previously reported, the project’s team took to their blog to share… Read More

Scientists Use Crowdfunding To Communicate With Spacecraft ISEE-3


Aiming to bring a forgotten space probe back to life, masterminds of the Orbiter Image Recovery project Dennis Wingo and Keith Cowing have launched a new crowdfunding project on RocketHub called ISEE-3 Reboot Project. Skycorp, along with Space College and SpaceRef are asking investors to donate $125,000 so they can bring back the space probe… Read More

Canadian Microbiologist Looks to Crowdfunding to Aid New Cancer Therapy

Elizabeth Bent

Canadian microbiologist Elizabeth Bent has an idea that just might transform cancer therapy and she is looking for help by crowdfunding on RocketHub. About five months ago, Bent came across an intriguing study showing that certain types of bacteria in the human gut can reduce the risk of diseases like lymphoma. She contacted the study’s… Read More

Spelt Right Foods Wins Next Big Food Thing Contest on RocketHub

Spelt Right Bread

Brooklyn based Spelt Right Foods has won the Grand Prize in FreshDirect’s Next Big Food Thing contest, a crowdfunding contest launched by FreshDirect in collaboration with RocketHub to “find the next food idea, product or innovation that could change the food world.”   Spelt Right produces bagels, breads, pizza dough and snacks with spelt flour. As the… Read More

Guantanamo Detainees Float Crowdfunding For Business Proposal


In the Miami Herald it was recently revealed that a handful of Guantanamo detainees have generated a business plan for an agricultural venture in Yemen. Called “Yemen Milk & Honey Farms Ltd,” the proposal outlines a “self-sufficient agricultural business west of Yemen’s capital, Sana’a.” The 75 page proposal was created shortly before a hunger strike took… Read More

Watch: RocketHub’s Brian Meece On How He Saw Crowdfunding Evolve In The Arts Scene

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Did you know Brian Meece was a mean ukelele player? RocketHub co-founder and CEO Meece sat down with AlleyWire as part of their “Where I’ve Been” series and briefly discussed how some of the fundraising techniques in the world of liberal arts helped him and his co-founders to come up with the model for RocketHub…. Read More

Penn State Team Taps RocketHub To Crowdfund Lunar Mission, Seeks Google Lunar XPRIZE


The United States, The Soviet Union, China and… Penn State University? If one crowdfunding campaign can find funding, the above statement might become the list of entities that have made it to the moon. Only three of them would have had a standing army. (Nittany Lion football fans don’t count.) A RocketHub campaign is seeking… Read More

AARP Magazine Runs Crowdfunding Feature, Cites Cautionary Letter


AARP The Magazine recently ran an article on crowdfunding dealing with the possibilities (and perils) of the evolving means of capital formation. Kickstarter, RocketHub and EarlyShares all get mention in the piece alongside Sherwood Neiss of Crowdfund Capital Advisors. Rockethub’s Alon Hillel-Tuch and EarlyShares’s Heather Schwarz-Lopes are both quoted in the article. Neiss predicts that the… Read More

RocketHub & FreshDirect’s “Next Big Food Thing” Ends, Over $70,000 Raised

FreshDirect Next Big Thing

RocketHub teamed with FreshDirect to launch the FreshDirect “Next Big Food Thing.” The initiative encouraged entrepreneurs and project creators with great ideas in the world of food to launch crowdfunding projects for a chance to win prizes of up to $10,000. The initiative just ended, and over $70,000 was pledged to 14 participating campaigns. A… Read More

#Crowdfunding News Roundup: December 2, 2013


Polygon | How devs manage the energy of their crowdfunding communities Managing crowds during crowdfunding campaigns can be tricky business. Polygon explores that reality in this piece by interviewing a dozen game developers who successfully raised money on Kickstarter, focusing specifically on their experiences in trying to manage hundreds or thousands of voices in the… Read More

Finalists for FreshDirect’s Next Big Food Thing Crowdfund on RocketHub

Next Big Food Thing RocketHub

Online Grocer FreshDirect and crowdfunding platform RocketHub have selected the finalists to their Next Big Food Thing.  The winner of the competition will receive $10,000 plus the opportunity to partner with FreshDirect with their product.  Second and third place contestants will each received $2500 for their business.  The online grocer  teamed up with RocketHub to… Read More

#Crowdfunding News Roundup: November 14, 2013


Entrepreneur | Crowdfunding Without Kickstarter Entrepreneur’s Michelle Goodman interviews Cameron Robertson, co-founder of Lockitron and one of the men behind the decision to open-source Selfstarter for other companies looking to crowdfund. He explains some of the benefits of using Selfstarter over other rewards-based crowdfunding solutions. edSurge | How to Get the Most Bang for Your… Read More

#EdSpark: One Spark To Include Competition For Funding In Education


At this year’s One Spark Festival in Jacksonville, Florida, a section of the grounds will focus on innovation in education, giving teachers and students alike the chance to compete for a slice of the $300,000 slated to be awarded to participants. One Spark is a crowdfunding-focused event that takes place over five days. Call it… Read More

WATCH: RocketHub’s Alon Hillel-Tuch On Crowdfunding At TEDx Navesink

alon hillel-tuch rockethub

Alon Hillel-Tuch is a co-founder and the Chief Financial Officer of RocketHub. In a recent talk at TEDxNavesink, he outlines the ethos of the crowdfunding space as a disruptive technology based on a need in the market. He says that “some of the ebst innovations and ideas happen at the grassroots level.” He says that… Read More

Indiegogo VS RocketHub: Which Crowdfunding Site Should You Choose?


Entrepreneurs who want a flexible crowdfunding site where they can keep any money they raise usually choose one of two platforms: Indiegogo and RocketHub. Both of these platforms allow anybody to post projects and their fee structures are similar. So which site is a better choice? The comparison tool at CrowdsUnite allows you to see… Read More

One Spark Festival Raises $70K, Selected For A&E Project Startup


One Spark, a “five-day festival for creators” with a heavy crowdfunding presence, recently closed a $70,556 crowdfunding campaign on RocketHub in order to supplement their already-impressive funding roster for next year’s event. Sponsors for the 2014 event include the City of Jacksonville, the KYN accelerator, and RocketHub themselves, among many others. The event will take… Read More

Prezi Partners with RocketHub, Announces Fuel for Ideas Challenge

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Prezi reinvented the art of presentations and now crowdfunding platform RocketHub is taking advantage of this tool.  RocketHub is the first platform of its kind to integrate Prezi into the crowdfunding equation. With a simple click, you can now embed prezis on your RocketHub project page, making it easier than ever to impress and engage… Read More